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Updated July 11th, 2017.

Disclaimer / Warning / Legal

This blog contains descriptions and visual imagery relating to the spanking of adult women and men. We do not believe spanking children is right or an effective form of discipline. Please visit Positive Parenting for tips on disciplining children without spanking. If you are too young to view pornography or do not wish to continue please turn back and look for something more suitable!

Also, every spanking mentioned in this blog features consenting adults. Some scenes may be cosplay or involve ageplay fantasies but everybody is over 18 years old at the time of making the content. Each individual website has proof on record that all the cast are over 18. While there may be some age play scenarios or school uniforms, this blog is purely concerned with adult spanking fantasies between consenting adults. I may use the word “girl” but I use it in the ageless form, as in “my girlfriend” where she may be any age from 18 to 118. If there is a family relationship implied in the movies (for example, mother daughter) I’d also like to say that this is in the context of the spanking movie and is just a spanking fantasy.

Now, back to the spanking…

Spank Bad Ass Blog

Spank Bad Ass” is a play on words. On the one hand, if a lady is naughty you could say that her ass is naughty, or her ass is bad, so spank bad ass would be spanking a naughty bottom. The other possible meaning would be that the author of this blog is a spank “bad ass” because he is very good at what he does. I really couldn’t comment on this. The second meaning is purely coincidental, honest.

Everyone knows a “Bad Ass”… our definition of a “Bad Ass” girl is a cute 18+ lady who is both strong and independent but has somehow managed to get herself into a bad situation for herself which requires a consensual spanking to rectify the situation. There are many different spankees featured here and each one has a different personality and may even act differently from scene-to-scene. We mainly feature female spankees, but there are also some Femdom F/M scenes here.

One popular form of female naughtiness is to be a brat. Having a bad attitude is a quick indicator that a naughty spanko needs a spanking. In such situations, it may be the spankee through her brattiness that instigates the spanking. She may be able to keep up the bratty act at the start of her punishment but by the end, she is usually a reformed character and her unfortunate brattiness has been resolved.

Another popular type of spanking movie is to have a spankee who may not have intended to be naughty as such but has done something wrong, or has not done what she was supposed to do. In these kinds of scene the perpetrator may also be a brat, but not necessarily. It is perfectly possible that whatever occurred was as a result of brattiness, or it could be laziness or just bad fortune.

Perhaps the polar opposite of the brat is the good girl who gets spanked unfairly even though she has done nothing wrong and has not “asked” for a spanking. I say that she has not officially asked for a spanking but she is consenting to be spanked and does not dislike the idea of being spanked. This kind of spanking may be popular with submissive ladies who like to give up control and be thoroughly dominated.

This spanking blog discovers what it is like to come across this kind of “Bad Ass” lady and give her the treatment she deserves (and craves deep down, though she would never admit it!) Maybe she is a barmaid who flirts with all the guys, leading them on but never lets them near her. Maybe she is a nurse who is never polite to her patients. Maybe she is a traffic warden who hands out tickets for a giggle… you get the idea!

So, we look at spanking photos and videos and discuss each movie. Here is a handy reference for some of our favorite spanking models and spanking websites.

One of the best and most effective ways to discipline a “Bad Ass” babe is to pull down her panties and give her a naked or semi-nude over-the-knee (OTK) spanking but there are other ways. Particularly bad girls can expect the use of an implement on their bottoms and get a paddling, strapping or caning. Two other types of spanking we like are lesbian spanking and spanking and sex.

We hope you enjoy the topic of Spanking as much as we do!

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  1. I was wondering if I could e-mail Cindy Baker or just ask if she would submit to an OTK spanking over Ms.Burns knee wearing rubber panties with her rubber panties taken down and given a very hard wooden paddle spanking to tears.

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