Aunt Edna’s Bare Bottom Spanking

Aunt Edna's Bare Bottom Spanking

Aunt Edna is finally on the receiving end of a sound bare bottom spanking and paddling at the hands of her long suffering boyfriend. Yes, it seems we have some new spankers in Christina’s life and aswell as spanking Christina Lee, now Edna gets spanked for Christina’s naughtiness. For her inability to control her naughty neice, Aunt Edna gets a long overdue lesson!!

If you’ve ever seen Edna spanking Christina and noticed her big boobs and thought to yourself that she’s actually pretty cute this spanking is for you. The sexy older lady gets her big, round bottom well spanked before she kneels and bends over the sofa for some very hard paddling on her sore bottom. At the end the big, white bottom is a very red color and we get the feeling that Edna has not been as strict with Christina as she might have been… watch out Christina…

Aunt Edna gets spanked OTK in “She had it Coming!” clips

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Office Caning for Naughty Christina

Office Caning for Naughty Christina Lee

In “One Last Chance” Christina Lee has been driving her boss crazy by mis-filing and losing important papers at work. He has had to punish Christina several times before for sloppy and inaccurate work but the punishments have not improved Christina’s performance. He tells her sternly that it is “One Last Chance”!

The boss decides that a good hard spanking followed by some serious cane strokes should help his naughty employee to get the message and dramatically improve her work. Christina, looking nerdy in her work glasses, bends over the office desk then its skirt up and knickers down for the naughty secretary as her boss smacks her big, white bottom with his hand. When he’s done warming her ass cheeks with the hand-spanking it’s time to continue Christina’s richly deserved lesson, this time with the cane!!

See the sample clips here… “One Last Chance” spanking movies

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Latex babe gets her milky white Bottom Spanked

Latex babe gets her milky white Bottom Spanked

I’m not sure who the latex babe in these latex spanking movies at Spanking Pay Per View is, all I know is that she has a nice body and an absolutely amazing, big, white bottom.

When it comes to a lady’s behind I am a fan of various different shapes and sizes. Generally speaking a round bottom is the best but that can be small, tight and round or big, round and luxuriously curvy. This girl does not have a massive ass but when she bends right over and the Mistress pulls up that latex skirt there is definitely a nice soft, fleshiness to her buttocks.

It’s a little kinkier than we normally have round these parts but this all-girl bondage spanking is well worth checking out for that beautiful bottom, some pretty latex and other fun stuff…

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Moni spanks Hollie for being unfaithful

Moni Michaels spanking Hollie Stevens OTK on the bare bottom movies

Moni and Hollie are lesbian roomies! Hollie has left her boyfriend to be in a relationship with Moni so then why is she on the phone talking to her ex again? Jealous girlfriend, Moni Michaels, catches her red-handed and demands an explanation. When Hollie Stevens is unable to give a satisfactory answer there is only one thing for it: a delicious OTK spanking on the bare bottom!!

The two sexy pornstars look great. Hollie is wearing a tiny, red dress with fishnets and no underwear and Moni is just in her skimpy thong and corset. Both glamorous girls are wearing shiny, black high heels so when the action begins and Hollie is taken over the knee for her spanking there are plenty of long legs on display.

Hollie is no stranger to rough, lesbian sex and bondage so Moni is able to really lay into her bad tushy with a firm hand. The OTK spanking does actually get quite hard with plenty of stern words and warnings coming from the angry spanker. See the full spanking movie only at…

Bad Tushy

Naughty Babe Spanked on Bare for Playing Music Too Loud

Naughty Babe Spanked on Bare for Playing Music Too Loud

When this naughty girl plays her music too loud on the computer her Mom hands her the headphones and tells her to plug them in. Mischievously the bratty babe plugs them in for a second or two then turns her speakers back up to continue dancing away to her loud music. The redheaded Mom is less than impressed at her daughter’s disobedience and what follows is a hard bare-bottomed spanking!

It’s quite an unusual spanking in that it’s partly OTK and partly with the girl bending over the computer desk. The Over the Knee looks a little strange because instead of the girl lying across her Mom’s knee she’s actually kneeling on the floor and bending over. See what I mean in the sample spanking clips.

So, as far as spankings go, it looks different but the punishment itself is hard and leaves the naughty girl with a very red bottom. After an initial hand-spanking the girl’s panties are pulled down and her Mom produces a huge, black, leather strap with which she starts to teach the insolent little Madam a well-deserved lesson on her pretty bare bottom. Both mother and daughter are great in this very strict scene, check it out and…

Watch the Full Vid @ Bad Tushy

Spanking Auditions

Cute brunette stripped and spanked for dressing like a whore and swearing

An audition is a nice spanking scenario. You have a cute girl who wants to impress and get the job who is asked to bend over the desk for a series of stern tests with the palm of the interviewer’s hand. In these sample movie clips the girl is told to remove her little nightgown and panties for a nude spanking in which she is lectured on looking like a slut and swearing like a sailor. “The other people who use that word are sailors, young ladies do not use that word!”

So, the beautiful brunette bends over the desk completely naked to continue her punishment with some more nude hand-spanking and then a good dose of the large wooden paddle. The paddle is very big indeed, it is a good job it’s being used by an expert in the art of spanking. The strict female interviewer is firm but good humored and never misses an opportunity to make the girls beautiful white bottom a red color by firmly smacking her naughty ass.

Check out the full movie and many other spanking vids to view online and download at…

Spank Bad Ass P.P.V.

Tiffany Jones in Little Red Apples

Two naughty ladies steal apples in tennis outfits in Little Red Apples

Another spanking heroine is Tiffany Jones. While it seems that some spanking girls start off on the web and do some spanking DVDs afterwards, everything (or most) of what I have seen of Tiffany has been on DVD.

In “Little Red Apples” the naughty blonde, above, is put up to steal some apples from the farmer by Tiffany. When the blonde, Barbie Mel, gets caught red-handed she is taken by the farmer into his shed where she is given a bare bottom spanking. On the way she is still carrying the apples in her tennis skirt, so her white panties are exposed and he spanks her every step of the way…

Sexy blonde gets caught stealing apples in Little Red Apples

When they get to the woodshed the farmer relieves the thief of the apples and gives her a very hard OTK hand spanking. Tiffany Jones is overcome by curiosity and cannot prevent herself from sneaking outside to watch her girlfriend getting punished, then she too is caught and taken by the farmer into his woodshed for a spanking. He spanks her over her white panties before yanking them down and spanking her bare bottom…

Sexy Spanking model Tiffany Jones in Little Red Apples

The movie starts off with Tiffany playing her girlfriend at tennis. Both are wearing the tennis uniform of short pleated skirts and tight, white panties that get pulled down often for good, sweet spankings. They finish their game and start fooling around and play-spanking on the tennis court before one of them runs off into a field with long grass in it. They chase each other through the long grass before one catches the other and yanks her panties down for some OTK spanking in the great outdoors.

In another scene the two girls have gone to a private pool and are swimming in their tennis outfits when they are caught being where they shouldn’t be and are dragged off, still wet, by a man who sternly lectures each girl as he spanks her naughty bottom. What follows is a very hot scene which involves both girls getting spanked in a bedroom with a nice firm caning, followed by a nice sex scene to celebrate.

Little Red Apples preview movie here.

Tiffany Jones spanked and caned in the nude in Little Red Apples

While it is the blonde who trespasses and gets caught, Tiffany Jones is definitely the instigator and main protagonist of the naughtiness in this movie. These scenes are very real and you get a bit of everything.. girl-girl spanking, M/F spanking, OTK spanking, smacked legs and caning. “Little Red Apples” is a classic spanking movie!! There are other scenes including one where they are stealing the “Little Red Apples” and have to be punished and a nice snooker table caning! The full movie can be watched now at Spanking TV!

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