Girl’s Ass Spanked for Being in the Wrong Class

Girl Spanked for Being in the Wrong Class

When this babe starts speaking Spanish at the front of her English class her teacher has had enough! The girl deserves to be punished for not paying attention to where she is and what the time is and her teacher is more than capable of teaching her this hard lesson. Watch the classroom Spanking Movies.

One of the exciting things that makes each spanking movie different is the matchup between the spanker and spankee. In this case the spanker is a sexy and very petite teacher. She’s perfect in this all-girl spanking movie. What she lacks in size she gains in strictness. Pushing the naughty girl over her desk she grabs her hair and starts slapping her poor bottom with a stern hand. After a warm-up over the top of the skirt and white panties its time to pull those panties down as the strict teacher straps her pink cheeks hard and fast with the powerful punishment strap. Seeing the stunning student get her buns beaten by her mean but sexy teacher is quite a sight and the rhythm of the spanking with the strap makes this an incredible spanking movie.

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Taking Shampoo earns Ebony Babe a Juicy Spanking

Naughty ebony babe spanked for stealing shampoo

I love seeing all kinds of girls bend over for a good thrashing but sometimes I get a craving for a good ebony spanking. Today, I’m in one of those moods so I’m glad I found this ebony babe gets spanked movies.

The girl in question has been using her roommates shampoo without permission and her sexy french roomie decides that enough is enough and now is time for payback… on that big, round, chocolate butt. This african-american girl gets her big, brown booty smacked good by the uptight french girl. But what is a sore and painful experience for the hot ebony babe is a joy for us to watch. She sums up everything that is good about ebony chicks, especially when she bends over and displays her big, round ass. I could watch that big, brown butt getting slapped all day long. Very HOT!!!

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