Big Boobs Dominated

Submissive Sapphire Blue shows her amazing big boobs

Today’s mini-update sees sexy British blonde with big boobs, Sapphire Blue, dominated by Paige in a very sexy lesbian fetish movie. The buxom blonde plays the submissive sex slave when she brings her mistress some cigarettes. Mistress Paige smokes, blowing smoke into the pretty girl’s face then torments her luscious big boobs with a riding crop. But this is just the beginning for poor Sapphire, she is soon bending over the stool as her mistress smacks her milky white bottom with her hand and the riding crop. And, of course, those delicious big breasts get teased and punished with clothes pegs…

Sapphire gets her tits, ass and pussy dominated by busty Paige

Finally, the sexy submissive with those amazing tits gets on her knees to suck Mistress’s strap-on and with the dildo nice and lubricated the naughty slavegirl bends over and gets pounded by her dominant mistress!

Paige dominates submissive Sapphire and spanks her milky bottom movies

This is a nice and sexy scene for those with like big boobs and lesbian domination. Sapphire Blue is a gorgeous beauty and she gets firmly dealt-with by equally sexy Paige. You can watch the full movie plus many more kinky fetish movies with the hottest euro babes at House of Taboo.

House of Taboo

Leia Ann Woods and Lady Sonia

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked OTK by Lady Sonia

More British spanking from the extremely strict mistress, Lady Sonia and it looks like Leia Ann Woods has gotten into trouble AGAIN!!

This time the naked lady gets spanked over Lady Sonia’s knee before sitting back-to-front on a straight-backed chair while her lovely round bare bottom gets whipped with the riding crop….

Leia Ann Woods gets spanked OTK by Lady Sonia movies

Lady Sonia is a fantastic top! Two things jump out at you, the first being that she is a very strict looking English MILF – perfect for the role of a spanker! The other thing that I like is that she has big breasts which look fantastic as they are revealed in tight tops or revealing dresses, as here, with the naughty babe over her knee. If you are an anglophile or just like strict girl-on-girl spanking check out Lady Sonia’s website where the spanking is mixed in with some very hot hardcore sex, handjobs and other kinky fetish…

Lady Sonia

Jamie Lee gets her beautiful bottom punished

Jamie Lee gets her beautiful bottom punished with a riding crop

These spanking movies come from the DVD: A Compendium Of His Most Graphic Scenes 2 at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View. It’s what I would call fetish or BDSM spanking as opposed to a punishment spanking but if you’re into submissive girls getting toyed with then it’s a pretty nice scene.

The setting is just a normal-looking living room but what’s inside is anything but normal. The guy in a leather thong and various chains has the naked girl, Jamie Lee, kneeling down and bending over with her arms behind her back so that he can slap her beautiful bottom with his hands and a painful-looking riding crop. The spanking is slow and thoughtful with some action from the chain as well as it rubs against her pussy as her ass is slapped. I also like the start where he’s playing and pulling her nipples and slapping her lovely, pert breasts.

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Spanking Pay Per View

Smokin’ Hot Miss Vixen spanks naughty Lucy

Smokin' Hot Miss Vixen spanks naughty Lucy

This spanking scene pretty much just needs the title to sum things up! Miss Vixen is, with no word of a lie at all, a very hot babe.. slim, blonde and tanned with some lovely pert breasts. She is petite and sooo beautiful that it is a pleasure to see her show her strict side to deal with her maid, naughty Lucy. Whats more, both ladies are British..

Smokin’ Hot Miss Vixen spanks naughty Lucy gallery

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Spanked Cheeks

Kylie Exam Cheating

Naughty student spanked with a riding crop for cheating in a school test

There is more trouble at Bad Tushy School! This time cute student, Kylie, has been caught reading her notes in the middle of a test. Her teacher is furious. Not only did she tell all her students the rules but she also took the time to write them on the blackboard. Right away you know that Kylie is in for a painful time in these classroom spanking movies

As soon as the sexy teacher realises that Kylie is hiding a piece of paper she rushes over to her desk, pulls up her top and searches over her body for the exidence. She finds the evidence she’s looking for near Kylie’s teen boobs but there is no time for modesty at Bad Tushy when you’ve just been caught breaking the rules and the class is treated to a perfect view of her lovely tits before she is heaved over the teachers desk for her spanking. The riding crop over the denim skirt is kinda nice but the hand spanking is the best thing here as naughty Kylie’s panties are yanked down and her angry teacher raises her hand and spanks that ass with medium to hard force.. over and over. A very nice disciplinary spanking..

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