Stable Girls get a Proper Thrashing

Stable Girls get a Proper Thrashing

When two women apply for a job looking after horses in an English Stable they did not imagine what the interview would consist of, as you can see in these spanking movies, the two women ended up getting a lot more than they bargained for.

Their new English Boss is a country lady. She is as fit and strong from working with the horses as she is proper and strict. She knows that if they do their job to the very best level she must make sure they both have a high standard of discipline. After all, and girl who uses the riding crop in her work must expect to have her knickers pulled down for a good thrashing whenever she’s naughty – that’s the rule of the countryside!

Both women are fit and hard working but this strict stable-owner is about to find out how much they both want to work for her.

The first girl has long, blonde hair and a nice body with curvy hips. She bends over the knee and gets her lovely buttocks slapped pink by the strict Lady. Her colleague, also blonde with much shorter hair and a smaller, tighter butt, gets the same treatment on her pale bottom. Stage two of their English Punishment is a good spanking with the leather paddle. The two girl’s asses soon turn a rosy red color from the firm paddling and their strict Boss examines her work, admiringly. Lastly, the girls, now only wearing their bras for protection, are bent over and caned. The first stroke makes the slim girl with the tight butt jump up and rub her bottom but that only delays the next stroke for a second and her ass is soon striped with red welts from the stinging cane.

Now that both girls have sore, red asses they can start work and go for a gallop in the paddock. Bumping up and down on those leather saddles will finish the Lady’s work for her as the girls’ sore bottoms will remind them not to overuse the riding crop or they’ll be in the house for another thrashing.

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Spanking Models: Caning Christina

Christina's face close-up as she is caned

Christina is an English babe who is always getting spanked, in fact, most spankings turn into paddlings, strappings or canings. Even though Christina has a tender-looking bottom her threshold for pain is very high and she is often spanked to tears with a very red and sore bottom.

In this caning, the cute blonde girl spanks her butt until it is nice and red then holds poor Christina in place for a good, hard caning. The bottom warming in very sexy. The busty blonde babe is very cute and seeing Christina get spanked over her knee is awesome. It is not a light spanking though and leaves Christina’s bottom brightly colored. The initial OTK with the perky breasted girl smacking Christina’s big, round butt is a joy to watch. But then, with her bottom nice and pink and ready for the cane, the caning on her already sore behind makes complulsive viewing. Very very hot…

Held in place by a bratty blonde babe for a good caning

If the cute blonde, above, was Christina’s nemesis, in this next caning she has a friend with her. The problem for them is that they are both getting a caning by the sports teacher. The P.E. Instructor in her old-fashioned outfit and quirky English accent tells both girls off then lines them up side by side on the trestle for some warm-up strokes over the regulation knickers. Here, the girl looks on as it is Christina’s turn to get the cane on the bare. The angry teacher punishes her severely for misbehaving again.

Christina is caned in the gym hall over the trestle

If you like British Spanking Movies you’ll love Spanking Christina again and again!!

Asian babe gets a Good Spanking with the Ruler

Asian babe lies about having cigarettes and gets a good spanking when she's found out

If a cute japanese babe has cigarettes when she knows she shouldn’t have them she should probably own up to it and take her punishment. This sexy cutie tries to conceal the cigarettes and then lies about having them… Obviously her punishment is going to be more severe.

In detention the cute japanese babe bends over and gets her white panties spanked. The girl’s ass is amazing, the way those two round globes stretch the fabric is incredible. Her strict (and attractive) female teacher smacks her butt over her regulation panties, before finally pulling those panties down and spanking her with the hand on the bare butt.

But this naughty girl has not had enough yet. Smoking is a terrible thing for a girl to be doing.. and lying about it is even worse. The teacher has no option but to retrieve a wooden yardstick to make sure her lesson sinks in.

The wooden ruler is long, hard and powerful. In the hands of the sexy and strict teacher it is going to make this girl’s ass sting and become very sore. The no-nonsense teacher makes her student knee on the chair and bend over her desk. The girl’s round bottom is pointing deliciously upwards awaiting the punishing blows from the ruler. Her butt is already pink and sore from the hand spanking, the ruler will sting those delicate cheeks and help mold this rebellious girl into a woman.

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Babe Spanked and Caned for Wearing Ice Skates

Japanese babe spanked and Caned for wearing her ice skates in the wrong place

A recent update on Cutie Spankee showed what happens when a cute japanese babe, Fuka, decides to put on her ice skates at the wrong time and wrong place. Ice skates are strictly forbidden in the gym and Fuka should know better. She has broken the rules and she knows the penalty for that – a good spanking! As the skates are the reason for the spanking Fuka keeps them on as she is bent over a chair for a hand spanking.

Fuka is a hot asian babe with a very nice body. She’s wearing her ice skating outfit which consists of a pretty dress and decorative panties. As she bends over her sweet, round, asian tushy is fully on display and ready for the hand spanking.

Following the hand spanking comes a strict caning as Fuka is reprimanded for her behavior… See the full photo set and movie at Cutie Spankee!

Tiffany Jones in Little Red Apples

Two naughty ladies steal apples in tennis outfits in Little Red Apples

Another spanking heroine is Tiffany Jones. While it seems that some spanking girls start off on the web and do some spanking DVDs afterwards, everything (or most) of what I have seen of Tiffany has been on DVD.

In “Little Red Apples” the naughty blonde, above, is put up to steal some apples from the farmer by Tiffany. When the blonde, Barbie Mel, gets caught red-handed she is taken by the farmer into his shed where she is given a bare bottom spanking. On the way she is still carrying the apples in her tennis skirt, so her white panties are exposed and he spanks her every step of the way…

Sexy blonde gets caught stealing apples in Little Red Apples

When they get to the woodshed the farmer relieves the thief of the apples and gives her a very hard OTK hand spanking. Tiffany Jones is overcome by curiosity and cannot prevent herself from sneaking outside to watch her girlfriend getting punished, then she too is caught and taken by the farmer into his woodshed for a spanking. He spanks her over her white panties before yanking them down and spanking her bare bottom…

Sexy Spanking model Tiffany Jones in Little Red Apples

The movie starts off with Tiffany playing her girlfriend at tennis. Both are wearing the tennis uniform of short pleated skirts and tight, white panties that get pulled down often for good, sweet spankings. They finish their game and start fooling around and play-spanking on the tennis court before one of them runs off into a field with long grass in it. They chase each other through the long grass before one catches the other and yanks her panties down for some OTK spanking in the great outdoors.

In another scene the two girls have gone to a private pool and are swimming in their tennis outfits when they are caught being where they shouldn’t be and are dragged off, still wet, by a man who sternly lectures each girl as he spanks her naughty bottom. What follows is a very hot scene which involves both girls getting spanked in a bedroom with a nice firm caning, followed by a nice sex scene to celebrate.

Little Red Apples preview movie here.

Tiffany Jones spanked and caned in the nude in Little Red Apples

While it is the blonde who trespasses and gets caught, Tiffany Jones is definitely the instigator and main protagonist of the naughtiness in this movie. These scenes are very real and you get a bit of everything.. girl-girl spanking, M/F spanking, OTK spanking, smacked legs and caning. “Little Red Apples” is a classic spanking movie!! There are other scenes including one where they are stealing the “Little Red Apples” and have to be punished and a nice snooker table caning! The full movie can be watched now at Spanking TV!

Spanking TV

Bending Over a Chair: Real Hard Caning and Paddlings

Cute redhead bends over for a long, hard caning

When it comes to paddling cuties to tears and making their bottoms sore and red, Real Spankings do it like no other. This paddling and caning gallery gives a taster.

The paddle is a vicious spanking implement, especially when you have a long, flat wooden paddle like is used here. This kind of long paddle can be applied with full force on the beauty’s bare bottom or over her panties and jeans and is the only implement I’ve seen that is this effective even over a pair of jeans. Not even a cane can bring tears to a bad ass girl’s cheeks like this.. and it is one of the main implements at Real Spankings.

The punishment paddle is only used for very severe infringements but luckily for us these kind of things seem to happen a lot at the Real Spankings famliy. Whereas for less severe punishments an OTK bare bottom spanking may be sufficient, naughtier girls need harsher discipline in the shape of a hard wooden paddle.

Sometimes a paddling follows a hard OTK hand spanking. Either way you can bet that the girls at Real Spankings get what they deserve!!

Spanking Site: Cutie Spankee

Young Female Teacher Miku gets a well-deserved Caning

The japanese take education very seriously and in this update young female teacher, Miku, gets a severe caning for her classes poor marks in the assessments. With hair tied up and wearing a pin-striped blouse and tight, black skirt Miku looks very prim and proper. She certainly looks the part and is a welcome sight for all the fathers at parents day: discussing the progress of the students Miku’s tight blouses turn on the Dads so that they do not probe her too much about her teaching. She always turned up to school early and looked so professional, no-one suspected that her class would get such bad grades. With a little investigation it appears that Miku has not been firm enough with her students and they have gone unpunished for tardiness and not doing their homework. The principal has a talk with poor Miku but her youthful good looks and application to her job can never forgive the harm she has done to her students by not enforcing the school rules. She has let down her slacker students, their parents, the principal, the school and most importantly, herself. Miku’s dismissal would leave her next to no prospects to find another teaching job in Tokyo, she and the principal both know this. The principal remembers what it is like to be a young teacher and decides that Miku can continue teaching under closer supervision if she is first caned thoroughly for her mistakes… and so the pretty schoolteacher in her first year on the job has her skirt lifted and pretty ass caned with a sturdy rod, her cries fill the classroom as each stroke rips into her bottom. Next year she will improve or her close supervision will bring weekly visits from the senior cane.

All the cutie spankee girls are japanese and very hot. The spankings may not be as severe as other websites but the storylines, settings and beautiful asian girls make up for it. They update regularly with photos and videos and we love the presentation.

We give Cutie Spankee a 7.5 out of 10 for regular updates of japanese cuties getting a well-deserved spanking.