October Sarah Updates

Sarah Gregory and her Therapist

Seeing as I’m just getting over teh swineflu today’s post is just gonna be a talk about some of the cool stuff I’ve been seeing from my sickbed (get well cards and comments welcome).

First off, I really like this gallery of Sarah Gregory getting her medicine (I have meds and getting well on the brain) at Spanked Sweeties in an episode entitled “Sarah and the Therapist”.

I really like these photos, congrats to the photographer, and, as Clare says, Sarah does fill out those blue jeans very well before they are yanked down. Sarah is looking foxier than ever and I never know what I want to do with Clare, she has mastered the sexy strictness so well, especially in this gallery. I like the look of the pics, they look very luxurious! I’m not a huge fan of striped panties but everything else here gets an A+, check it out…

Sarah Gregory and the Therapist gallery

Another sizzling update from THE place to get your interviews with the stars on their spanking fantasies: Spanked Sweeties. Which, at the moment is featuring interviews with the stars of “Exclusive Education 4″… if you don’t know how good EE4 is you gotta check it out on Girl Spanks Girl (the BEST EE so far!!!)

…also, on the theme of Sarah’s I’ve just been browsing my favorite English spanking website, Spanking Sarah, and I’m loving the updates!

What do I like about this Sarah..? I like her mischeivousness! She’s quite tall and might possibly be old enough to label as a MILF but she has a great body. From the videos she seems quite tall and very slim. She does not have the biggest butt in the world but as she’s kneeling on the wooden seat outdoors in the English countryside, with her bum sticking out she looks awesome… especially as you can see that lovely bottom getting redder and redder under those tiny, denim shorts. I like that update a lot, but then Sarah is awesome!

Anyway, thats enough from me….

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

Spanking Sarah

Clare Fonda spanks Chloe Elise

Looks like Chloe Elise is in trouble with Clare

This spanking scene is beautiful, the pinks and turquoises with the warm afternoon sunshine pouring in through the window brings a very sexy colorfulness to this girl-on-girl spanking. Sexy, blonde callgirl, Chloe Elise, is back in trouble with her brothel madam, Clare Fonda.

Clare Fonda spanks pretty callgirl Chloe Elise gallery

Chloe is very cute and her spanking over Clare’s strict knee is not only beautiful and sexy, but also pretty hard. Especially, when the dreaded hairbrush is used on her naughty, bare bottom…

Clare Fonda spanks pretty callgirl Chloe Elise with a hairbrush

Check out all the disciplinary spankings of disobedient hookers at Clare Fonda’s Spanked Callgirls.

Spanked Callgirls

Spanking Interviews

Spank Bad Ass is all about spanking fantasy.. looking and talking about some of the sexy spanking scenes that are available on the web. We started off in November 2006 and since then there have been 662 posts so far, so this will be post #663. So, it’s fun to write here and look at various aspects of spanking movies out there.

At the same time, I was thinking about looking more at what spanking models have to say about the spanking scene and how spankings affect them.

Enter Spank Place! A new blog where we’ll be posting spanking interviews with some famous names you may have seen and heard get spanked in their online scenes.

Interview #1 is with Masie Dee and there will soon be more interviews with some of the biggest names in spanking, as well as some spanking models you may not be so familiar with.

Spanking Interviews

Anyway, if you like spanking interviews the place to check out is Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties where the ladies talk about their spanking experiences then actually get spanked in some very sexy movies.

The vision for Spank Place is that it is more of a factual website. A spanking reference! Hopefully we’ll create something that will be informative and useful for spankers and spankees everywhere.

Masie’s interview is a lot of fun. Masie Dee is a very bubbly and happy person and her answers give a good insight into her own feelings and should be interesting for spank-os and people who are just interested in the kinky world of fetish!

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

Lilly Page gets Spanked at Work

Lilly Page gets spanked by her uncle OTK for messing up at his construction firm

In “Wrong Street“, Lilly Page’s carelessness and inattention at the office have led to costly error at her uncle Rad’s construction company. Rad Finch is a stern disciplinarian and hise naughty niece has cost him a lot of money with her blunder so there can be only one outcome for this negligent lady, especially since she is family… Firstly, she is spanked OTK over her smart office trousers. Then, in the movie clip below, she is asked to pull those tight-fitting trousers down, displaying her already crimson buttocks, and she is dragged once more over her uncle’s knee for a further hard spanking to teach her a much needed lesson in work discipline and accuracy.

Lilly Page gets spanked by her uncle OTK movie

See plenty more of Lilly Page and all the cute bratty babes at Punished Brats

Punished Brats

One Twin Spanks the Other

One Taylor Twin spanks the other

Just a quick post today, it’s the cute, 19-year-old Taylor Twins! I’m sorry that I don’t know which twin is bending over and which twin is spanking her with a ruler, but it’s either Mandee or Missy! It’s a nice photo with both girls in a tiny, plaid schoolgirls’ outfit* and high-heels. Very kinky and fetishy… and very cute. You’ve got to love the Taylor Twins! Check out the full set and plenty more of these smoking hot twins at…

Mandee and Missy Taylor: The Taylor Twins

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Exclusive Education 4 is Here!

Miss Snow and Principal Miller spanking the girls after they have misbehaved on an outing
Snow Mercy spanks Ashli Orion (left) and Lana spanks Ariel X

For each of the past 3 years Clare Fonda has launched a new “Exclusive Education” spanking movie.. each one was filled with cute babes getting spanked hard by the Principal and teachers of the school. With a different class of girls every year Exclusive Education 1, 2 and 3 have all been amazingly good, hard spanking fun… but now with EE4 we have the Class of ’09…

The story is that this group of girls has finished in last place of the spelling bee so to celebrate the school takes them on an outing. But, it is not long before an argument breaks out, there are no teachers around so the argument turns into a mass brawl. Miss Fonda and Principal Miller return to find Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) nowhere in sight and the ladies pulling each others’ hair out on the floor. In the great Exclusive Education tradition, Principal Miller (Lana) announces that the girls will all be spanked on their bare bottoms. The Principal and Miss Snow each take a seat in the center of the room and each girl is disrobed and her panties pulled down to lie across their laps. With Lana and Snow each spanking a girl at the same time in classic EE-style. After the first round of spankings the two girls then swap seats and get spanked by the other teacher… It is going to be a long, hard punishment for these girls, especially for Miss Fonda’s daughter (Sara Faye) who gets an extra spanking from her mother on top of her first two spankings. The seven girls get thoroughly spanked in whats left of their school uniforms before extra punishments are dished out with the hairbrush and paddle on deserving bottoms.

But, there is still the question of why Miss Snow abandoned her duties in the first place leading up to the girls’ fight (perhaps this snooty teacher deserves a spanking of her own in front of the class of girls). And, what happens later that evening when the girls need extra discipline slumber party-style in their pajamas…

Exclusive Education 4 is here at Girl Spanks Girl

If you like a classroom-style spanking scenario you need to check this out. There’s is plenty of good hard F/F discipline applied to the naughty girls’ bottoms. You may have seen Ashli Orion here before and she is definitely one of the highlights, along with Lily Anna, Ariel X and, of course, Madison Martin. But the real highlight has to be new teacher Miss Snow, looking all prim and proper in her tight blouse, she spanks the girls hard until she eventually has to lower her own panties for Principal Miller’s wooden paddle…

Exclusive Education gets better and better. Number four is threatening to be the best yet. Check it out now only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl

Danny spanks Madison – AGAIN!!

Danny pulls down Madison's panties so he can smack her rosy red cheeks with a paddle

This post is about a fantastic spanking that happened last year on My Spanking Roommate. It was among the first spankings on the website and it really did help to launch the site with a bang. The gorgeous and curvy Madison Martin got a farewell spanking from her boyfriend as she was about to split up with him… and it was not for the feint-hearted. The spanking is hard and very real! Madison can take a lot of spanking on that big, white bottom, but she really was spanked to tears even before the big, wooden punishment board gets brought out for the finale.. It really was a very hard spanking that you shouldn’t miss.

So now the couple have separated but Madison finds herself in trouble with no-one to turn to but her ex-lover… Madison Martin finds herself in jail with no-one to bail her out, eventually she gets bailed out by her ex-boyfriend, David (Danny Creighton), who is not very happy at the situation. She tries to convince him that it was all her boss’s fault that she was put in jail. But David is not taking any more of her lies and he sets about teaching her a lesson that is all about responsibility!

Madison Martin gets a hard “Responsibilities” punishment with Danny’s hand and leather paddle

Very very hot! Madison and Danny look like they could be lovers in real life, they go together well and the spanking scenes are electric!! Download the full movie only from My Spanking Roommate.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Samantha Woodley has panties pulled down for the Christmas Belt

Samantha Woodley is shown Daddy's leather belt

Samantha Woodley is sooo cute! She plays the bratty angel role very well.. and with every bratty angel comes a bratty spanking. This particular Christmas the spanking takes the form of many different spankings over the course of the whole day, getting Samantha’s perfect bottom very sore and red by bedtime. You may remember that she starts off being a little madam from the outset and getting a Christmas morning spanking while still in her nightie. But later in the day her behaviour has not improved so it is time for Samantha to bend over the wooden stool and raise her bottom high in the air for the leather belt…

Brattiness has no place during the festive season, as Samantha has already learned. Making demands instead of being a Christmas angel means spending an entire day confined to her bedroom. Now it’s time for “daddy’s” belt to be applied to her bare rear to ensure her behavior improves. It’s a bottom-reddening finale to Domestic Discipline!

Samantha Woodley gets her panties pulled down for her Christmas spanking finale gallery

With her bare bottom high in the air Samantha Woodley gets a very hard belt punishment

It’s yet another immaculate threesome of spankings from Firm Hand Spanking. Every spanking has the prettiest, brattiest girls getting dealt with very firmly indeed. Download all the sizzling spanking scenes at…

Firm Hand Spanking

Nyssa Nevers Breaks a Vase…

Miss Susan Spanks Nyssa Nevers

Miss Susan promises Nyssa Nevers won’t be punished for breaking the vase and gives her one last chance to admit to the accident. True to her word, Susan does not punish her for the vase, but immediately takes Nyssa over her knee for lying about it.

Ok, so even though she breaks the vase, that’s not the reason for her spanking! Naughty Nyssa! Will she ever learn? Here’s a sample movie of this OTK spanking (lovely red bottom!!).

See plenty more of sexy Nyssa, strict Susan, the other severe dommes and cute brats at Punished Brats

Punished Brats

Spanking Thoughts

After thinking about some of the different kinds of female spankee last time, I’ve been thinking a little more about this.

I guess spanking is different for everyone but for me it’s the ultimate in kind physical control.. i.e. its powerplay with contact that does not come close to leaving any permanent damage. There are other feelings and emotions such as humiliation and pain, but for me spanking is the ultimate form of dominance of one person over another. After all, this person is so much in control that they don’t even need restraints.

So, for me, this works best when the person on the bottom is not naturally submissive. This can mean FemDom when a tiny girl spanks a much bigger man, like on Clare Spanks Men.. but I prefer the strong, confident lady, who may well be a little bitchy, getting her comeuppance. She might be a switch, or better would be a dominant female who took a wrong turn and would not normally submit.

So, this situation where you have a kind of power struggle between the reluctant spankee and her spanker seems to add spice to the scene. After All, this isn’t just something that happens every day. The bitchy lady would generally be barking orders to everyone else and generally being dominant, so this new submission being forced on her makes her uncomfortable and angry until she gives in and takes her punishment submissively. It’s that transformation, the tipping of the scales, that is so appealing.

This is very similar to the attitude adjustment of a bratty 18 year old lady, as perfected by Samantha Woodley in this post.

The idea of a female teacher spanking a female pupil, then the principal having to dish out the same punishment on the teacher is just perfect. The bitchier and stricter the teacher, the better. There you would have not one but two adjustments, the second of which being the biggest transformation because we have already seen that she is dominant. This even works in a office where corporal punishment is commonplace for the naughty secretaries until the strict HR manageress takes it too far and needs her medicine.

But, it also works with two ladies who may be fighting with each other. The losing mom gets a spanking and then gets her revenge on the other, like in this post.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this is why I like sites like My Spanking Roommate. With that site you have plenty of twists and turns of strong, confident women getting spanked and spanking other ladies.. all wrapped up in a soap opera so there are subtle hints as to possible future spankings and each spanking means a little bit more because of everything that has happened up to that point.

For me if I don’t know why the spanking is happening, the reason for it, the spanking hardly matters at all. This can be through some kind of plot or even if it is just a photo from a spanking photo, like on Kane Magazine, for example, if there are clues in the clothing and/or other visual clues such as a broken vase or half-empty bottle of wine it makes it all make sense and I’m happy.

Anyway, back to more spanking next time…

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate