Sarah Gregory gets herself into trouble with her aunt, Dana Specht

Sarah Gregory is one of those spanking models who gets better with age. I’m not saying she wasn’t very good at the beginning, but to me she looks better than ever right now and her scenes are electric!

You will have seen Sarah all over the place in spanking scenes on websites such as Clare Fonda’s websites, Punished Brats and Bad Tushy. To celebrate her sexiness and love of spanking Sarah has opened her own website where she is both spanked and gets to spank her sexy girlfriends.

The photo above comes from the “Sarah’s Summer Spankings” episode where Sarah stays with her aunt, Dana Specht. There are also scenes with some amazing tops who really give Sarah what she deserves on her round bottom, not to mention other sexy ladies such as new spanking starlet Katherine St. James.

The episodes of Sarah’s spanking world are hotter than ever! The website is fairly new but with regular updates and already some amazing scenes to download, Sarah is set to take the spanking world by storm.

Check out the new website here: SarahGregorySpanking.com!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Lana gets a Spanking

Lana gets a Spanking

One of the sexiest things in the world of spanking has to be the sight of a dominant lady getting unstuck and being forced to submit and take a spanking herself. Lana is a very dominant, hard-spanking lady and I know I am not alone in hoping that she would get spanked again on film. And now, finally, she is finally getting upended and her dominant bottom smacked into submission only at My Spanking Roommate

Lana gets a Spanked Hard by Madison – gallery

Madison Martin has gone to visit her sister Kailee to show off her fancy dress outfit for that evening. Lana thinks that the skimpy batgirl outfit is slutty and unsuitable to wear outside the house. This is as good a reason as any for Lana and she soon has the naughty white girl with the big bottom upended over her knee for a hard Lana-style spanking. After her OTK session, Madison is smarting in more than one way from the humiliating punishment in front of her sister, so she decides that the two of them can teach Lana a lesson. Madison convinces Kailee to overpower Lana and the two sisters give Lana a taste of her own medicine as she struggles across Madison’s knee.

While Madison gets Lana’s firm hand landing on her bare buttocks, Lana keeps the modesty of her summer dress in this spanking. But even with this thin layer of protection you can still see Lana’s firm, African-American booty bounce deliciously with each hard smack from the two sisters.

Watch this amazing switch spanking scene and stay tuned for much more of Lana and the sexy babes in more girl-on-girl OTK punishment movie in full only at My Spanking Roommate!

( rumour has it that there will be more punishment for Lana in the pipeline 🙂 )

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

My Spanking Roommate, episode 49

Kay gets a very erotic OTK spanking from sexy tattooed Nikki

My Spanking Roommate presents Kay Richards, one of the stars of this website which is a spanking soap opera, reality TV style. In this scene she is spanked by a tough and sexy top played by Nikki, a red hot tattoo model. Nikki can take a sound spanking herself but right now it is Kay wiggling and bratting over her knee. Kay’s bottom always speckles so nicely and that is what makes her one of the hottest girls in spanking and why she is featured on all our sites. We first brought her into the business 7 years ago as a Never Been Spanked Girl model, a special feature, and now she is the main girl on this spanking soap opera site. Tune in and you will see why – a beautiful girl who can take hard spanking from a pretty yet venegeful top in the F/f spanking scene. Kay is a very reactive model and her moans and cries match the bare bottom beating she is known for taking.

Kay gets a very erotic OTK spanking from sexy tattooed Nikki – gallery

Watch this girl-on-girl OTK punishment movie in full only at My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Sasha’s Kinky Fantasy

Sasha's Kinky Fantasy

Spanked Sweeties presents Sasha and her very Kinky fantasy. Spanked Sweeties interviews Sasha about the spanking she has always wanted and then gets an excellent male top, James Mitchell, to play the spanker. Sasha is a busty redhead with a juicy bottom and in her school girl uniform this is very hot age play for spankos. Sasha has been wearing her skirt too short and gets herself in a bad situation bent over the father’s desk and takes smacks until she is both genuinely sorry but enjoying all the attention. As you can see, James is playing a fictional member of the clergy who uses his role of authority to discipline naughty Sasha.

Sasha’s kinky spanking fantasy gallery

Spanked Sweeties likes to find sexy spanko girls and give them a chance to live out the hottest spanking secrets they have played over again and again in their minds. Sasha has a red bottom to match her hair but at the end of her spanking she knows that father knows best!

Spanked Sweeties is the place for lots of interviews with spanking models, spanko’s and pornstars who all talk about their real life experiences and feelings before going over the knee. They often act out their real life spankings, or like Sasha does here, act out a very kinky fantasy. It’s great to hear what the ladies like and dislike about being spanked in their own words, and see their cute little bottoms get redder and redder. Sometimes the girls have never been spanked so they get their first ever spanking on the website…

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

Desiree’s Back to School spanking, Part 2

Desiree's Back to School spanking, part 2

In part 2 of “Desiree’s Back to School spanking” (part one is here) Desiree needs to focus on getting out of college and her aunt has looked up Lana, a principal who “life coaches” girls on the side with good old fashioned spankings. Bright young Desiree is not a bad girl, just distracted although she seems to find focus very quickly over Lana’s knee, submitting to her hard hand taking several hard spankings that almost seem to have a military style to them. Lana is one of the best mistresses in spanking and not just due to her hard hand but her stern lectures. Desiree is a new model and this was a tough shoot for her the first time out but we would very much like to see her cute round bum, pigtails and midwestern look of surprise back OTK sometimes soon!

Desiree’s Back to School spanking, part 2

Download the full movies to part one and part two of this hard disciplinary spanking scene only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

Lavender Rayne gets Spanked Hard

Lavender Rayne gets spanked hard in Secretarial Discipline

In “Secretarial DisciplineVeronica Bound knows that she may get fired, but she won’t take another order from her spoiled brat of a boss, Lavender Rayne. Veronica takes the girl over her lap and gives her the spanking that is long overdue from all the orders she has been barking. First over her neat skirt, then over those red panties and finally on the bare bottom. Lavender gets to really feel how her unhappy employee feels on her pretty, plump ass. She gets quite a punishment, leaving those lovely cheeks a deep red by the end. As Veronica lets her boss Lavender up, she declares this to have been the best business meeting ever. But will they both be working together on Monday morning??

Lavender Rayne gets her bare bottom spanked by Veronica Bound

This is another lovely update from Punished Brats. Login to watch the full movie of this hard, bare bottom, office spanking..

Punished Brats

Ms Park deals with Carissa

Carissa gets spanked OTK by Miss Sandra Park
Carissa gets spanked OTK by Miss Sandra Park

Carissa thought she’d sent naughty photos of herself to her boyfriend, but she accidentally texted them to everyone on her contact list, including Dean Park. She is called into the school administrator’s office and spanked in the same sexy lingerie she wore for the photos. Carissa might not want to show her boyfriend her bare bottom after it is spanked to a glowing red by Ms Park.

Both the lovely, short-haired, blonde spankee, Carissa, and the strict domme in this scene, Sandra Park, are new to us. While new spankees are always much appreciated, it is also quite exciting to see a new top to add something new to the spanking scenes. Ms Park is very smart and strict-looking and deals with exhibitionist, Carissa, very firmly indeed. The sexy, black, lacy panties from the photos are pulled down as the strict teacher shows her student exactly what she thinks of lewd cellphone JPEGs.

This is another lovely update from Punished Brats. Login to watch the full movie of this glamourous and real spanking..

Punished Brats

Desiree’s Back to School spanking

Desiree's Back to School spanking

In “Back to School” college student, Desiree, goes to see lifecoach, Lana. She soon realizes that Lana takes discipline very seriously indeed and it is not long before she is sampling this discipline as she is upended and gets her round bottom spanked hard. She starts off in pigtails and a smart school uniform but Lana makes her remove her blouse and skirt before bending over her lap in only her vest, panties and long socks. As the spanking continues the panties get pulled down and Desiree has the humiliation of getting her bare bottom spanked til it’s red.

The story behind this video is that Clare Fonda’s friend Lana told her she had a new girl who wanted some work. Desiree was new to LA and certainly new to doing a two hour video in which Lana spanked her ass every which way including several grueling over the knee sessions and a caning leaving our new model hot, bothered and with a red raw bottom. Lana does not go easy on friends – infact, Clare Fonda can attest – she goes harder.

Desiree’s Back to School spanking gallery

See this update only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

Tina Tink and Lavender Rayne

Lavender Rayne spanks Tina Tink at her modeling interview

Today I am happy to announce two new additions to these pages: Tina Tink and Lavender Rayne! I haven’t seen either of these two ladies before, so it was a pleasant surprise to find them together in this lovely nude spanking scene on Girl Spanks Girl!

You may know that Girl Spanks Girl is split into three sections, with three different types of spankings: disciplinary, sensual and erotic. As you’d expect the disciplanry section contains some very strict no-nonsense spankings applied to naughty ladies’ bottoms (like the infamous classroom series: Exclusive Education), sensual is self-explanatory and erotic is a mixture of sexy girl-on-girl spanking and some lovely lesbian sex.

This update appears in the erotic section and begins with Tina Tink showing up to a modeling interview at Lavender’s house and explaining that she has done some spanking work before, then demonstrating to Lavender what has happened to her in the past by spanking her lightly over her short skirt and grabbing her hair as she slaps her butt. Tina has showed that she is adventurous, the interview is going well. Next she shows off her striptease skills as she slowly peels off her dress and panties. Then, Lavender tells her to wait while she goes to get her camera to take some test shots. She leaves but when she returns instead of using the camera, she is wearing a strapon and wants to see how well Tina can fuck. Lavender fucks Tina with her strapon until Tina cums all over it. But Tina has been exploited, thus begin the spankings…

Lavender Rayne spanks Tina Tink at her modeling interview gallery

… if you like seeing sexy girls spanking each other and getting it on before, during and afterwards this is the site for you! Download the full spanking scenes for this and may more updates at Girl Spanks Girl.

Girl Spanks Girl

The Chelsea Pfeiffer Method

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Elise Graves OTK

Acting coach, Chelsea Pfeiffer, is a little less than thrilled with Elise Graves’s interpretation of Lady Macbeth’s monologue from the Scottish play. Soon, Elise gets a good dose of “The Chelsea Pfeiffer Method” of learning to act! … and so the final part Elise’s punishment see’s Chelsea complete her hand-spanking and finish off her rosy red buttocks with a selection of implements…

Elise Graves gets the paddle on her bare bottom

Chelsea Pfeiffer is looking as hot as ever in this update. She has always been a very sexy top and combines that sexiness with a very hard and strict spanking-style. She punishes Elise Graves for her bad acting, who is looking equally fine. The sexy brunette bends over in her high-heels with her black panties around her ankles and her bottom bared for Chelsea’s paddle. And once her spanking is over she remains in position to rub those tender cheeks…

Elise rubs her very sore and rosy bottom

This update is one of the latest from Chelsea’s own spanking website where she makes sure the many hot babes are properly punished. The site, Good Spanking, comes together with Good Spanking Classics which features many of the best scenes from spanking movies you may have seen in the past… or if you, like me, were not lucky enough to catch them first time round, this archive is a must-have collection! Chelsea Pfeiffer is a very sexy top who is one of the most fearsome female spankers out there. Download more from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites