Spanking Websites: Kara Prepare Yourself

Aunt Gwen watches Tracy spank naughty Kara

Kara Prepare Yourself is a totally unique spanking website, it is spanking with a plot, kinda like a spanking soap opera. The main character, Kara, is played by Asia Berlin and is seen above getting a spanking from her aunt’s friend, Tracy, who she has been rude to earlier that day. Aunt Gwen was very unhappy at Kara’s behavior so suggested that Tracy spank Kara to teach her niece some respect. Aunt Gwen went out to the store to get some groceries and on her return, she sees that everything has gone according to plan and naughty Kara is finally learning some manners.

Aunt Gwen, played by Clare Fonda, is one of the main characters in the spanking soap and she is often found spanking Kara and her friends and even her own friends and work colleagues. Here she has Anastasia over her knee…

Aunt Gwen spanks her work colleague Anastasia

Anastasia (Anastasia Pierce) gets revenge and is able to engineer a way to spank Aunt Gwen herself. No matter who is being spanked there is always a story involved and one spanking often leads to another. There are some great characters such as Cousin Lyla (Lyla Lei) and her Mom Lucy (Mika Tan) and as well as spanking and paddling there are also mouth-soapings, butt plugs, anal thermometers, diaper training and lots of other humiliations. We get to see Kara at home and at work, we also get to see the auditions for the next girl to play Kara after Asia Berlin.

Kara Prepare Yourself is a riot of spankings. I like the plots, revenge spankings and journals where Kara talks about the backgrounds to the spankings. It’s a great spanking site, especially if you want more than just bum smacking. I rate Kara Prepare Yourself 9 out of 10.

Kay and Amber’s Apartment Spankings

Kay Richards spanks Amber Peach in Kara Prepare Yourself

I’ve been talking about how you get plenty of boob and ass action in a girl/girl OTK spanking. Today’s post is a prime example of this! Above, beautiful, busty Kay Richards is spanking sexy Amber Peach as she bends over a stool. The two girls had been hanging around in the apartment trying to think of a way that they can avoid getting thrown out when Kay has the idea that maybe a spanking will help them. Amber is unsure if it will help but lets her roomie pull down her panties and give her a playful spanking. In the process we get an eyeful of Amber’s curvy bottom and Kay’s lovely breasts.

I love the above photo for so many reasons. One reason is my love for Kay Richards and her sexy body. Her low-cut top makes her boobs look amazing as she swings her hand at Amber’s round bottom.

The tables are soon turned when Amber decides that it is Kay’s turn to get over her lap and take a spanking. Then, the arrival of two guests see both girls stripped naked and spanked OTK. There is also the humiliation of a mouth soaping and a diaper training for the two poor girls to contend with as they are spanked in tandem over the knee. It’s a hot scene and I like the scenario of the two girls moaning about their landlord when he eventually turns up and hears all the words they’ve been calling him.

Find out whether the spankings save the apartment for them or whether the two girls make matters worse for themselves at Kara Prepare Yourself where this hot spanking movie is one of the most recent updates.

Spanking Update: Boobs and Ass at Spanked Sweeties

Two naughty girls, Daffodil and Kayla, get spanked by Clare Fonda and Lana

Spanked Sweeties has some of the hottest disciplinary spanking movies out there. I love the way a strict girl/girl spanking can often mean plenty of boobs and ass along with the hard smacks of the spanking. Above, Clare and Lana are spanking two very naughty girls OTK. Lana’s tight red top shows off her ample bosom as her firm hand spanks naughty Daffodil.

And then, if you like boobs and spanking you’ll love this shot of Kayla’s sexy cleavage in a tight white blouse that is open at the top and shows off her boobs as she spanks a naughty girl..

Kayla shows off her boobs as she spanks Daffodil

Dressing in a slutty manner can often lead to a spanking. In this movie Vixen’s boobs are shown off as she lays OTK in a low-cut top and her mascara runs down her face as she starts to cry. Those gorgeous breasts almost jump out of her top as she wiggles from the spanking..

Being spanked in a slutty low-cut top shows off Vixen's boobs

Spanked Sweeties has a good mix of spanked girls. Here is Christie Lee, naked and reflecting on her spanking as she looks in the mirror. Christie is hot and so is that ass. Mmmm mmmm..

Christie Lee looks at her naked body in the mirror after a spanking

Spanking Models: Kyanna Lei

Kyanna Lei

Kyanna is one of the cutest girls on Spanked Sweeties, here she’s debuting in the “Never Been Spanked” section, and she is a game girl. She was hired her not only as a she’d never been spanked on film so was ideal for the “Never Been Spanked” section, but she also auditioned to play the role of Kara in the spanking soap opera Kara Prepare Yourself.

This spanking started off with an interview with Clare Fonda and then we go straight into the spanking with an OTK warm up with Clare. For this first part of the spanking Kyanna is kind of tough and doesn’t react much, her bottom is very muscular as well and may be able to take quite a bit of spanking. She definitely got more reactive as Clare continued spanking and then, for the second part it’s the turn of the cameraman who slaps Kyanna’s sore, pink buttocks with hard, steady smacks. She ended up getting through it nervously and reactively but conceding it was a somewhat pleasurable experience. It is great stuff when she pops up in the cameraman’s lap, surprised at the impact of one of his hard spanks.

This was the first shoot at Clare’s new spanking location and they haven’t perfected the lighting yet on this shoot but Kyanna’s cuteness shines thru and is hot and sexy as her cute asian buns are spanked hard OTK. See more interviews and first-time spankings at Spanked Sweeties.

Spanking Models: Kay Richards

Madison Young spanks naughty babe Kay Richards

Readers of this spanking blog might should know that I like Kay Richards a lot, especially when she is spanking other girls and getting spanked. I mentioned her briefly in this spanking site review, but she’s back, this time on the Spanked Sweeties website.

So what do I like about Kay? Well, she’s hot. I like her natural, girl-next-door quality and her attitude. Her beautifully sculpted natural breasts and nice round ass are very sexy, especially when she’s being spanked for talking back.

Madison Young spanks naughty babe Kay Richards

In this scene Kay Richards is being spanked by the fantastic redhead Madison Young who has an enticing nipple ring, watching Madison’s natural breasts and nipple ring as she spanks Kay is almost hypnotic.. very very nice!!

Kay Richards was once again not so hot at keeping in touch with Momma Clare. We were impressed with how well top end switch Madison Young handled Ms. Richards and maybe the problem will be worked out now. Kay has never been that good at counting while she is getting spanked, and Madison called her out on it and made it an extended session with a lot of speckling on the bottom. Recently Kay has been more more prompt getting back to Clare so we will see how long this lasts.

You can download the entire scene in movies and photos at Spanked Sweeties where Kay appears in the “never been spanked” and “sweeties” sections. Not only are there plenty of photos and videos of her but I counted 8 interviews with her about spankings. The photo below is from “Kay Returns”…

Clare Fonda hand spanks Kay Richards nude OTK

Four beautiful babes lined up and caned

Four beautiful blondes are lined against the wall and caned

If you like seeing more than one girl given a school-themed discipline spanking at a time then you should take a look at these four sample caning and slippering movies.

These four cuties are hot. The blonde babe in the first clip has a killer ass that is literally screaming out to be spanked and when she does not get her panties down quick enough she gets a first, unexpected swat of the slipper across her naughty and shapely rump. It’s a great disciplinary set with some very nice spanking models who get a strict spanking as they bend over with their hands on their knees and wait for each stroke to lash their pretty buttocks.

Hot stuff from Pure Spankings!!

Girl Caned and Spanked After School

Girl Caned and Spanked After School

End of Term reports make all schoolgirls* nervous, and rightly so. These caning movies show what can happen when a girl does not do her best at school and gets a bad report card.

The girl is paddled over the desk, then caned. The paddling warms her bottom making the sting of the cane hurt even more. Especially when the odd stoke lands on the top of her thighs with painful results. Her ass gets a good punishment and is very sore after her caning but the punishment is not over for this bad student yet. She is treated to a cornertime with a difference. The difference is that her sore, red buttocks are hand spanked while she stands, ass beared and tender from the caning. While the naughty babe managed to act as ladylike as possible during the caning the hard smacks on her sore ass as she stands with her hands on her head soon bring the tears to her eyes. Sometimes bending over a desk gives a girl a little bit too much dignity during a punishment and she needs to be stood up straight and her legs and ass spanked to really drive the lesson home and get the tears flowing.

To see more spankings, paddlings and canings check out Pure Spankings!

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Sexy Pornstar Brea Bennett Spanked OTK

Sexy Brea Bennett in a sizzling HOT OTK Spanking Movie

We’ve had some japanese and british spanking s recently so today we take spankings back to the US and there can be nothing more american than hot porn starlet Brea Bennett. Brea is an all natural, all american girl. When I first saw this OTK scene with Genesis on the Girl Spanks Girl website I was surprised and very happy at the same time.

Girl Spanks Girl is a real spanking site – spankings leave the girls with a sore bottom – so I was a little surprised that a girl as delicate and, well, hot as Brea would be willing to get a hard OTK spanking.. but she does… and it is truly amazing.

Brea gets herself in trouble at college when the other girls have complained that she masturbates too loudly and too often. She ends up being interrogated by a female teacher in the office. Brea is not embarrassed at all at the accusations and is happy to demonstrate her masturbation technique to the teacher. The hot masturbation proves Brea’s guilt and is ordered over the teachers lap for a bare bottom OTK spanking.. in fact, it’s a naked OTK spanking!!!

Brea is feisty and bratty in this scene before and after the punishment. She’s so feisty that she finds a loophole to get the teacher to agree to be spanked by her.. with a hairbrush!!!

Very very hot and sexy spanking scene by an amazing porn starlet. She is given a very firm hand spanking and does not hold back when she gets Genesis over her lap with the dreaded hairbrush. The photoset and full movie are downloadable at Girl Spanks Girl!

Japanese Nurse gets a strict Spanking

Japanese Nurse gets a strict Spanking

When important documents are shredded by this careless nurse she is given a hard hand spanking by the strict doctor at Cutie Spankee. The sweet nurse wearing an all white uniform of a smart tunic, panties and stockings is bent over as the female doctor slaps her naughty rear for her sloppy mistake. Unfortunately for her this doctor does not stop at a mere hand spanking and the naughty nurse gets the hard, wooden paddle on her soft, round rear. Already nicely warmed by the spanking the nurse’s ass is primed and ready for the doctors paddle in this hot spanking movie. See the full scene at Cutie Spankee.

Two asian babes spanked and paddled

Two asian babes spanked and paddled

More hot Cutie Spankee news today is this great double spanking in a japanese tearoom. Both girls are made to bend over on their hands and knees for a hand-spanking. While they are both spanked long and hard, one girl’s bottom gets a lot redder than the others as the spanking turns her sexy ass cheeks a bright crimson. To follow the stern spanking the two naughty girls are spanked with a hard wooden spoon. The strict japanese teacher does not hold back on the paddling, striking each girl’s tender bottom sharply so that it makes a sharp crack before doing the same to her neighbor. A nice hard asian paddling movie from Cutie Spankee!