Ping Pong Teen Spanked!

Maya Bazin blows a bubble as she plays table tennis very badly
Maya Bazin blows a bubble as she plays table tennis very badly

This update is absolutely delicious! Sexy latina Maya Bazin is a brand new teen pornstar, and here she is playing table tennis in her bright pink outfit and white panties on her perfect, little bubblebutt…

She may be having an off day but that bubble butt is perfect
She may be having an off day but that bubble butt is perfect

Maya is actually a very good table tennis player but on this day her performance is awful so she has to pay for all her mistakes and bad attitude with a ping pong paddle spanking…

Naughty teen Maya gets spanked with the ping pong paddle for her terrible performance
Naughty teen Maya gets spanked with the ping pong paddle for her terrible performance

To go along with the spanking, Maya is also tied up in some crazy positions all over the table. With brightly coloured pegs clamping her nipples, a ball-gag and her arms bound up in purple bondage tape she could not be more humiliated, but then the coach feels like it’s time for her to learn another lesson…

Ping-Pong teen Maya Bazin spanked and fucked gallery

This is a very fun and sexy hardcore scene with some nice play spanking and a gorgeous girl in Maya Bazin. It’s another erotic update from Disgraced 18 where all the sexy and naughty, barely legal teens get properly punished and fucked.

Disgraced 18

Cherry Torn’s Dilemma

Cherry Torn's Dilemma

The beginning of Torn’s 90 day trial, during which she will be in full time service to the Upper Floor. A big investment is being made in Cherry Torn, and her will is tested members and a few quality guests. Just how much does she want to be a slave? Will she survive this initial test?

Cherry Torn’s Dilemma… BDSM movies

This awesome BDSM update comes from the everyone’s favorite top floor apartment, where the maid’s are submissive and made to tolerate the whims inflicted upon them by the guests and owners. Among the sadists are the sexy domme Maitresse Madeline. Some updates follow the training of the maids by other staff members, others see the maids stripped and bared for the riotous orgies that will see them humiliated, punished and fucked. Watch all the depraved scenes at The Upper Floor.

The Upper Floor

Head Mistress & the Anal Whore

Head Mistress & the Anal Whore

Everything Butt is a new-ish site from Kink, and, like a lot of their sites, I like it a lot!

As the title suggests, everything goes in those gorgeous butts.. dildos, strapons, enemas, fungers, cocks… plus, there is plenty of spanking, caning and whipping.

In this episode the Anal Whore, Carmen Stark, is being punished by Head Mistress, Maitresse Madeline. The sexy blonde teacher is prim, proper and strict with her hair tied back, the spectacles perched on the end of her nose and that mauve blouse buttoned up a little too tight, underneath her tight, black skirt she’s wearing stockings and a garter belt with some sexy heels to finish off her elegant look.

Her redheaded student, on the other hand, is an anal whore who requires discipline now. The punishment takes the form of a hard bare-bottomed paddling with the lexan paddle, followed by some extra services for Maitresse’s pleasure.

On top of the paddling, the highlight for me was seeing the Head Mistress bend over the desk in nothing but her stockings and heels while Carmen kneels between her open legs and polishes her button with her tongue. Depraved and very sexy.

Everything Butt

Amateur ladies Conchita and Sarah get spanked hard

Busty blond MILF Conchita gets a hard spanking with the leather paddle for making a porno film

British amateur MILF Sarah is a tall, thin lady who just loves to fuck strangers and get spanked.. often fucking leads to a spanking, or she is just spanked for another reason. Sarah films all the kinky episodes of her life and there is plenty to see as she and her girlfriends get very naughty and get dealt with very firmly indeed.

Here, Sarah has hired a busty European lady called Conchita to film a spanking scene for her website. Conchita shows up but there has been a mix-up with the dates and it looks like the guy who was going to spank her isn’t there. Sarah, Conchita and the cameraman think about what they can do instead. Sarah offers to hold the camera while the cameraman fucks the beautiful curvy MILF… and so the curvy blond lady with big boobs gets fucked on the sofa while Sarah looks on and captures every second for her website…

This leads us to part two. The guy who was supposed to spank Conchita for the scene shows up. He finds out that they have filmed the scene already, but it is the wrong kind of scene, it was supposed to be spanking not fucking. The result is a lovely double spanking as both Sarah and Conchita get their big bottoms spanked hard with the hand and leather paddle. Conchita has a luscious all-over tan and after the hard punishment her big bottom is very bright, dark red.

Naughty amateur MILFs Conchita and Sarah get spanked hard together for making a porno film

Spanking Sarah is fast turning into one of my favorite British spanking sites. The things I like in particular are that I haven’t seen Sarah or her friends elsewhere, the spankings are hard and there is some nice amateur sex. This update shows two older ladies getting properly punished but often Sarah brings her younger, cute girlfriends into the mix to talk about past real-life spankings and get a very red bottom…

Spanking Sarah

Busty Mom spanks Naughty Daughter

Busty mom Rachel Love spanking daughter Ally Ann photos

Just found this gem so thought I’d post it. If there was a fantasy scenario that comes closest to perfection for me, this is probably it… attractive, busty Mom spanking her cute and perky daughter. The hotpants are a bonus.

Rachel Love is the Mom and Ally Ann is playing her daughter, and while it’s a posed-for photo that is a prelude to a mother-daughter threesome the picture is beautiful and very sexy. I like the fact that it’s a very residential, suburban living room setting. The carpets, sofa and decor are neat and tidy while hinting at some luxury. The best thing for me is Rachel Milan, the busty lady is dressed in a casual, yet smart woollen sweater with a short, black skirt and just looks amazing. As does petite, teen pornstar Ally Ann whose little bubble butt is just made for being spanked in those bright pink hotpants.

From a spanking perspective I have to say that it’s not as thorough as you’d probably expect. But, as a spicy prelude to a hardcore threesome in which some lucky guy gets his way with both busty Mom and pretty daughter it’s not bad at all. Especially, as we get to marvel at Rachel Love’s big, natural breasts.


Rachel Love spanking Ally Ann photos / Hardcore 3some movies

Fuck My Mommy and Me

More MILF punishment…

Hot MILF Melanie Monroe fucked in bondage by her daughter's boyfriend

It’s not just 18 and 19 year olds who get in trouble. Sexy, busty MILF, Melanie Monroe, starts to flirt heavily with her daughter’s boyfriend. She’s all over him, rubbing his cock through his jeans. She’s turning him on, who wouldn’t be turned on by this hot momma? He’s horny and his girlfriend is out so it looks like this naughty older lady is going to get her wish. But wait… with pleasure comes pain… this horny MILF will get her wish but it will be on the younger guy’s terms as he treats her roughly, ties her up and pours wax all over her. The busty MILF loves it and especially loves it when he’s pounding her pussy at the same time.

Busty MILF Melanie Monroe gets fucked in bondage by her daughter’s boyfriend – hardcore gallery

Melanie certainly gives everyone a reason to be loving more experienced ladies. She is very attractive with long, blond hair and wonderful big boobs.

It’s another awesome kinky hardcore sex scene from the bondage experts at Sex and Submission.

Sex and Submission

Jordan Kingsley gets bondaged, spanked and fucked

Jordan Kingsley gets bondaged, spanked and fucked

Jordan Kingsley is a tall sexy blond with a hot body and large natural breasts. Derrick Pierce sprays her down with water while she’s chained standing. Soaking wet, she is whipped and made to cum while gagged tight. Then some endurance bondage makes her suffer as she sucks cock and cums again mixing pleasure with physical strain. Another challenging bondage position leaves her ass nicely exposed for spanking and hard fucking. Finally, Jordan gets a hard cock in immobilized bondage with legs spread and eyes, mouth and neck wrapped with rope.

Jordan Kingsley gets bondaged, spanked and fucked movie gallery

This is the harder / bondage end of spanking with some very erotic hardcore fucking thrown in to complete sexy Jordan’s total and utter submission. This is the best BDSM site on the web and covers all the bases from spanking thru suspension to hard fucking (including anal). See it all at…

Sex and Submission

Spanking Sarah

English amateur housewife Sarah bends over the sofa for her caning

Spanking Sarah is a newish site I’ve just stumbled across. Sarah is…

A naughty secretary, a schoolgirl*, a lady who indulges herself in the seven sins as often as she can. Her reward? Relentless punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane and the strap.

Sarah is a tall brunette/blonde, depending on when you see her, who is English and is often getting herself into trouble, knowing that every time her misdemeanors will lead to a very firm punishment. She gets long, hard over the knee spankings and severe canings but mixed in with all the strict discipline Sarah gets down to some serious masturbation and cock-sucking.

Her website gives you a glimpse into Sarah’s naughty and fun lifestyle… where sex and spankings are never far away. You can even see her curb-crawling to pick up new guys to fuck.. until she repents and the vicar and nurse give her a thorough chastising punishment to clean her sins away.

See much more at…

Spanking Sarah

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Lesbian threesome spanking

Stunning Zafira, Cindy Hope & Lauryn May dildo fun and spanking movies

Today we have a special treat for those of us who like smoking hot European brunettes with amazing asses spanking each other… well, that’s me anyway. One person is happy!

Stunning Zafira, Cindy Hope & Lauryn May dildo fun and spanking movies

While I hadn’t heard of the other two girls Zafira is one of my favorite euro pornstars (she may even be my favorite but I don’t like to limit myself to just one) so I was very excited to find some vids with her in, if nothing else I knew I’d like her. It turns out that all three girls look very similar in that they all have long, straight, brown hair and the most perfect bubble butts in the world.

Seeing all three perfect bottoms together in one scene is just… very nice indeed. Especially when they are all lined up and naked on the fence in the first clip. But, things are about to get a whole lot better. One girl starts slapping the beautiful round bottoms of the other two girls with a huge dildo, then the girl in the middle gives the other girl (I think that’s Zafira on the right) some very hard smacks. Soon it has turned into a mini spank-fest with all three girls trying to not get outdone by spanking the other bare bottoms as hard as they can. Then we cut to the three crawling down the lawn away from us. Very pretty indeed! With two in front and one behind the girl at the back is in a perfect position to continue to score spanking points on her two girlfriends, which she does with glee.

This is a very tasty all-girl threesome with plenty of kinky spanking mixed in with the sexy lesbian kissing and dildoing. If you like this it’s well worth checking out all the other hot girl-on-girl action at…

Clara G