Spanking the Teen Fashion Model

Spanking Candice Mia the Teen Fashion Model

If there is one type of lady who maybe deserves a spanking it’s the glamour models of this world, well it can seem like that sometimes. They strut around in their high heels and their noses in the air looking down on everyone. So, when 18 year old model Candice Mia goes to claim her “free massage” she gets a whole lot more bang for her buck. The sexy eighteen year old strips naked and starts off by getting oiled up. The male masseuse pays particular attention to her boobs and little bubble butt rubbing and squeezing them firmly with his hands. The massage is going well and Candice is really enjoying it, but what’s she doing now? As the guys rubs her back the horny little teen model reaches down for his cock and feels him stiffening inside his jeans. It seems this horny teen wants to get fucked! The masseuse is more than happy to oblige but he also gives that tight little bubble butt a good spanking as he rams his cock into her tight, teen pussy. See how red her bottom gets…

Spanking and Fucking the teen fashion model movie

She certainly does get fucked hard and as well as slapping her cute little butt, her little boobs bounce wildly from the force as he rams his cock into her in all positions. This is one of mu favorite non-spanking sites and, as you can see from this scene, there is even some spanking in it. Hot stuff!! Check out more girls getting “massages” at…

Fucked Hard 18

Spanking in Hardcore…

Today for a change we have a hardcore sex scene that is pretty good and contains a hot, 18+ teen chick who gets spanked and then fucked. This movie is from Fucked Hard 18 which is probably one of my favorite non-spanking sites. If you like the general concept of a hot 18-year-old pornstar / pornstar-to-be going for a full body massage and getting her lovely bottom and tits massaged before she sucks the guy’s cock and gets fucked really hard then its an amazing site with some smoking hot girls. Audrianna Angel is in this movie and as it’s her birthday she gets a birthday spanking

Audrianna Angel’s Birthday spanking movie

Audrianna Angel's Birthday spanking movie

More conventional spankings next time!

Spanking during Sex

Teen Missy Stone gets her bum spanked til its nice and red during sex

Today we have something a lil different. I came across this hardcore gallery and all I could see was the color of the girl’s bottom… bright red. This was a case of exuberant spanking during sex!

The hot chick in question is teen pornstar Missy Stone. It’s kinda nice the way her behind matches her blushed cheeks and both are matched by her red lingerie. She’s just one of the many teen cuties who get really naughty at…

Innocent High

Camryn Kiss gets Dominated

Camryn Kiss gets Dominated

Before we go any further lets all agree to one thing.. generally speaking as long as it’s legal and everyone concerned is consenting adults then it can be a good thing. I mean, I may be way more into spanking than other fetishes but show me the very best of any other fetish and I’ll probably enjoy it as much as anyone.

Here, busty latina pornstar, Camryn Kiss, is all dressed up in the schoolgirl-style* but she’s definitely not in class, in fact that bald dude looks kinda mean. It’s not long before we are treated to this little latina’s curvy nude body as she’s tied up, whipped and spanked. There’s loads going on as she’s restrained as her pussy is caressed with a massager, she’s going to cum but no-one told her she was allowed to! Bad girl! What follows is electric as the guy totally dominates the horny babe, and she looks like she absolutely loves it… Camryn Kiss sex and submission movies

I can take or leave a lot of bondage but this stuff is amazing. Not seen a bad movie yet, and i seen a lot. This is a nice example of the really hot action but there are also a lot of really creative scenarios as a multitude of the hottest pornstars are dominated and fucked. See more at…

Sex and Submission

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Harmony Spanked Again…

Harmony Spanked Again

We’ve not had a Harmony spanking for a while and we realize that Harmony actually needs to be spanked. Here she’s feeling horny when her guy is watching television. She tries to distract him by stripping and putting her bare breasts in his mouth, this works in distracting him but he’s missing his program… of course, this leads to Harmony’s panties being pulled down so that her bare ass can be hand-spanked while he can still watch the TV. Of course, with sexy Harmony over his knee he’s able to feel her pretty pussy as he spanks her ass red… Harmony spanked OTK gallery

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Bad Tushy

Sexy Crystal Crown is spanked and caned then sucks dick

European Crystal Crown is spanked and caned then sucks dick

Another European slut getting her naughty bottom punished as Sexy Crystal Crown is spanked and caned by Titus Steel then sucks his dick.

One thing you have to say about euro porn, and euro spankings in particular, is that the girls are often very sexy indeed. Whether they be British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Scandinavian or Eastern European the babes can look almost perfect. Crystal Crown comes from Romania and she certainly follows this rule as she is cute, tanned with a tight body and very nice, natural breasts.

Luckily for us she’s nude for most of the time in this bondage-spanking movie. Crystal appears to be chained up while she’s bending over in an ornate bathtub getting spanked. Unusual and very stylish. She has an amazing body and just look at her perfect bubble butt as it goes a very appealing pink color. After the hand-spanking comes the caning and what better to finish with than deepthroating Titus Steel’s big cock?

A very polished euro sex and spanking movie, as you’d expect from…

House of Taboo

Amazing Ass Needs Another Spanking…

Girl gets a nice, hard reunion spanking

In these nice excerpts from the Real Spanking Video DVD called “Reunion Spanking” at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View we see the reunion of a spankee with a man who loves to spank her.

While spankings are very sexual they do not have to involve sex and both the girl and the guy may well be married to other people they just have one thing in common.. they love spanking. The girl loves the feeling she gets over the knee of a strong man as he spanks her bottom till it feels like its on fire. The guy loves her pretty little ass, he says it’s “irresistable” as she lies OTK and her pert bottom jiggles under her flimsy shorts.

She does have a lovely bottom! It looks great from the side as it sticks up in the air waiting for the next spank and it looks fine from the back as it jiggles under the force of every blow.

While this is a very hard hand spanking on the bare, she loves every second of it. In facts she was the one who “asked” for the spanking and while her bottom stings and hurts she loves a really hard spanking on her bare bottom because she’s such a bad girl. And remember, this is a reunion spanking, he hasn’t spanked her cute bottom for some time so he has a lot of naughtiness to correct her for. They both like it when he spanks her ass, so why has she been away so long? Whatever the reason he gives her a very good, hard spanking that she’ll not forget easily. It should remind her to come back and ask for her spanking again soon.

It’s another hard Real Spanking Video scene available on Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View.

Sales rep asks for her Spanking

Sales rep asks for her spanking


When a female member of the sales team performs badly and gets worse results than even the newer members of the team she decides to ask for a spanking from her boss. See the results in these spanked at work movies.

This babe seems to enjoy geting her bare bum cheeks spanked and soon the temperature has risen to a point where she is jerking her boss off while he slaps her naughty bum. While she starts of counting the swats now she thanks him for each spank and even asks for him to hit her bottom harder. A nice spanking and sex movie.. looks like their employer/employee relationship may change from now on 😉

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Glamourous Hottie spanked and fucked by husband

Hottie gets spanked, hairbrushed and fucked by her husband

Another new spanking site today as we bring you this hot new gallery of a beautiful, brunette trophy wife getting spanked and hairbrushed by her husband then gives him a blowjob with a messy facial.

The scene begins with the husband storming into the livingroom where his gorgeous wife is reclining on a chair. He’s angry at his wife at spending so much money on their credit card on clothes, perfume and beauty treatment. She tries to explain that she only wanted to make herself more beautiful for him but her words fall on deaf ears as she is soon flipped over onto the arm of the chair for a hand spanking.

When the angry husband sees that his wife’s butt cheeks are not getting red enough he soon reaches for the wooden hairbrush and beats her naked bottom with the cold, hard wood. But spanking her bare ass is turning him on and giving him wood so he tells the beauty to suck on his cock as he slaps her pretty ass. The sultry brunette obliges and soon has her husbands hard cock in her mouth as she tries hard to make up for her over-spending naughtiness.

If you like to see a “reality” style of spanking followed by hardcore sex then check out another site such as Far East Media. However, if you like to see photos and vids of stunning, glamourous beauties spanked and fucked in style House of Taboo is for you!

House of Taboo