Sarah’s Sexy Adventures with Candle Boxxx

Naked Candle Boxxx gets her tits slapped with a riding crop

When Sarah Gregory and her beautiful girlfriend Candle Boxxx had some sexy adventures in a hotel room at Fetishcon they really did get wild. Having started off with some naked over the knee spanking the two naked ladies are warmed up for some nice cropping and leather paddling. Candle’s bottom is already bright red but her boobs are still white when Sarah begins to torment her with the riding crop. She also stings poor Candle’s box with the crop when she slaps it against her shaved pussy.

At this point Candle decides it’s Sarah turn so she gives Sarah a little taste of the paddle…

Candle Boxxx takes the opportunity to give Sarah Gregory a leather paddle spanking

…but it is not long before the action returns to Candle’s bright red bottom. With Candle pressing a magic wand against her horny pussy Sarah continues to slap her sore, red bottom… what follows is very hot indeed. The beautiful model orgasms three times from the dual sensations of being spanked on her bottom and the vibrations on her pussy, and when she cums she really cums!!

Sarah Gregory and Candle Boxxx’s Sexy Spanking Adventures continue…

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Sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah’s Secret

Ten Amorette discovers Sarah Gregory's secret when she finds all her spanking toys

Sarah Gregory has specifically told her roommate not to go through her things. It turns out that this was a mistake, all Sarah’s warning did was to alert her roommate, Ten Amorette, that she had something to hide. Knowing this there is no way Ten isn’t going to try and uncover Sarah’s secret. She sneaks into Sarah’s room and opens the draw in her bedside table. Bingo! Sarah has a whole drawer full of kinky, sex toys. No wonder she did not want her friend going through her stuff.

The Secret – gallery 1

At that moment Sarah arrives on the scene and catches Ten red-handed. But, in order to teach her a lesson Ten is about to get a red behind aswell…

Sarah punishes Ten with her spanking implements

Sarah is an experienced “player” and knows that any play session should always begin slowly, warming up the bottom’s bottom. So she starts off with some OTK hand spanking before working her way through her spanking toys…

The Secret – gallery 2

…of which she has quite a lot…

The Secret – gallery 3

The strap, paddles, the riding crop, the flogger and, of course, the cane. Sarah ends the session with a hard caning on Ten’s very warmed up bottom. Ten is bending over with her hands resting on the bed and her bottom high in the air. Sarah bends over slightly and swings the cane, leaving a white line across Ten’s sexy, red bottom.

Fans of Ten and Sarah will love this scene which in itself is very beautiful. The bedroom is purple, white and black, almost gothic. And the two ladies are smartly dressed, Ten has a sexy black dress on and Sarah is wearing a smart dress that really shows off her lovely cleavage as she leans in to punish her girlfriend. It’s the latest update at Sarah Gregory Spanking, where you can see a whole lot of Sarah on both ends of a good spanking with all her kinky spanko friends.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Cute Brittany gets spanked by all the Implements

Brittany gets handspanked and starts getting spanked by the implements

Brittany is a 19 year old French-Canadian with a kinky side. Sometimes this kinkiness takes the form of tickling, face-sitting, trampling or foot-fetish, but today she needs a spanking!

This has to be one of the most bizarre spanking movies in the world. Amateur fetish princess Brittany lies over the knee and is spanked by some very strange implements. Here’s the description…

Spanking lovers you are going to enjoy this video. After the spanker take place on is chair he requests Brittany to come over his knees and spanks her pretty ass with 9 different tools. She is going to get quite a sore bottom after the sandal, hairbrushes, screwdriver, tooth brush, spatula, eggs spatula, and much more. Enjoy watching her ass color change real quick!

Firstly, she gets a handspanking, then some of the first implements are the sandals and the electric toothbrush. He actually switches the electric toothbrush on so that it’s vibrating as it hits her perky bottom…

Brittany gets handspanked and starts getting spanked by the implements

As her spanking progresses we come to the spatula, then the knife handle. A knife handle doesn’t sound very safe so don’t try this at home!

Brittany's OTK implement spanking continues with the spatula

Brittany’s bottom gets quite pink as her implement spanking continues

This is a very unconventional spanking and these people are definitely not spankos but it’s fun and I think Brittany is quite cute, especially with her French accent and broken English. You can see more of her kinky fetish games at…

My Kinky Sister

Sophie’s Over the Desk Punishment

Sophie gets approached by her teacher in the classroom

Since we’ve been talking about the cane quite a bit recently I wanted to post about Spanked Cutie as they have some really amazing canings over there. The canings tend to be good and hard but they stop short of going completely over the top.

This movie features a couple of different scenes with Sophie in. Sophie’s big, round bottom is definitely a site favorite. She may have stopped getting spanked on camera these days, or certainly not as much as she used to, but her videos still make compelling viewing. Here, Sophie’s playing a naughty schoolgirl*, the glasses make her look very different but that bottom is still the same, especially when her white knickers are pulled down for a caning on her bare bum.

Bending over the desk for the cane on her white panties

A lot of Sophie’s spankings are much much harder than this one but this is a nice introduction to Sophie’s big, white booty.

There is lots of stuff I like about Sophie.. I like the fact that she not only takes but also gives out spankings (actually, very hard). I like her voice when she speaks (she doesn’t speak than much compared to some girls), she looks very normal and down-to-earth and I’ve talked about her rear already. Her general girl-next-door with sexy euro accent and the hard punishments all adds up to a mega spanking combo.

There’s a large archive of Sophie’s (sometimes very hard) spankings at..

Spanked Cutie

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Pixie gets the yardstick

Pixie gives a bad evaluation of Professor Pierson's class and feels the consequences

Thinking a lot about implements recently: paddles/hairbrushes, straps/belts and of course the cane. Another school-related implement is the wooden yardstick. Its almost a cross between the paddle and the cane. It certainly looks like it’s pretty painful in this Sample Movie.

The story behind this hard punishment is that Pixie has given Professor Pierson’s class a terrible evaluation. She claimed that it was useless and boring. Since the evaluations are obviously not anonymous Professor Pierson takes offence at Pixie’s opinions, especially as she was far from a model student. Professor Pierson decides a lesson in fairness and responsibility is in order for naughty Pixie, to help her increase her attendance for future classes. “This lesson may not be one that Pixie signed up for, but it is one that she’s been in sore need of.”

See much more of Pixie at…

Punished Brats

Jessica gets the Punishment Board

Jessica gets a Punishment Board paddling

If you ever wanted to see what a really hard paddling with a punishment board looks like then you should check out the photos in this paddling gallery!

This is corporal punishment of a young lady at it’s hardest. Jessica will be sore in the morning and for a while to come after a stern paddling from strict prefect Betty. You can see that Betty really lays into her, it’s kinda like the prefect has been paddled so much herself she can’t wait to get some authority and start making girl’s bottoms sore. Like revenge for all her own paddlings.

Knowing why Betty is so strict does not help our heroine, poor Jessica, as that large wooden board makes her pretty ass cheeks sorer and redder than ever. Her pert, round ass is very red, her panties are pulled down, ass beared and, for added humiliation, we can all see her pretty shaven pussy through her slim teen legs.

For loads more of this slender teen babe getting spanked hard check out her website: Spanking Teen Jessica!

Spanking Implements: the Paddle

Advertising Feature: Wooden Paddle

Heavy Wooden Paddle

This black wooden paddle with holes cut in a fraternity diamond formation is exactly what we need for naughty bottoms this christmas. A sturdy design, made from thick Baltic Birch wood with rounded edges so as to smack but not injure your loved one. You don’t even have to drill your own holes in it, this baby comes with air-resistance holes cut in a diamond formation so you can spank you favorite lady as hard and as quickly as you like.

Can’t wait to see her face when after asking for a spanking on christmas day she opens her present. Naughty girls beware, the new paddle might sting a little!

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