Celebrating My Spanking Roommate

Elori Stix and Kay richards spank Stevie Rose

Today we are celebrating My Spanking Roommate. Since we haven’t ever done an official review for the website we’re making up for it today by taking a quick look at some nice posts from a while back with a bit of chat.

First of all, the photo above comes from a recent post with Elori Stix and Kay Richards spanking Stevie Rose. There were actually two movies with the same three ladies, in the first movie police officer Stevie spanked the other two. The two movies complimented each other and all three ladies have become spanking superstars so they were very good movies to watch.

The website tends to have anything from one lady in an M/F spanking to an F/F scene, perhaps with both ladies switching. Three ladies in one scene is about the maximum. Because of this simplicity, and the homeliness of the scenarios there is a very fun but kinda laid back feel to the movies. Sometimes all the ladies are famous spanking models, other times you get one or more ladies who are not known for spankings.

A nice example of an F/F scene with both ladies switching and where neither model is particularly known for their spanking films is below. Yasmine DeLeon is spanking Chanell Heart. They are both ebony pornstars but they made a very nice spanking scene together. This movie was originally in this post but the GIF is new…

Yasmine Deleon spanking Chanell Heart OTK - gif

Two of the “things” My Spanking Roommate is best known for are the two main characters Madison Martin and Kay Richards. Here is Kay again, this time with another pornstar but a pornstar who has done plenty of spanking scenes on top and bottom, Dani Daniels. We liked the scenes between Dani and Kay a lot. Even when they are not both naked together the movies with them spanking each other are very nice indeed. The episode below was described in this post. I particularly like the booty ripple in this GIF…

Dani Daniels and Kay Richards OTK spanking gif

This was just a quick look at one of our favorite websites, My Spanking Roommate. Of course, it is just one of the websites on Clare Fonda Pass.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Spanking 101

Congratulations to Paul “Tubaman” Rogers on the launch of his new website… Spanking 101: The Videos!

Paul has extensive knowledge and experience of spanking, and spankos may know him from his involvement in various Texas-based spanking parties. Paul has also appeared as a top in many of Sarah Gregory’s M/F spanking scenes. His new website is finally here and it’s looking good so far.

In the content that has been added already there are some familiar faces (Sarah Gregory, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Stevie Rose, Pandora Blake, Kat St James, Danielle Hunt, Ten Amorette, Nikki Rouge…) as well as some names that might not be so familiar (Aiden Kelly, Orias Bastet, Sasha). These models and more are already added with many more in the pipeline. Whereas until now these models may have been mainly seen on certain websites, now with Spanking 101: The Videos you can see scenes from many different websites all in one place.

Spanking 101: The Videos

Looking forward to many more updates from Spanking 101: The Videos! Sign up today and see for yourself!

Website Review: Punished Brats

Pixie gets paddled on the bare by Paul Wilson

It’s been ages since the last website review and Punished Brats is long overdue so there’s plenty of photos today, including the above photo of spanking star Pixie getting her lovely buns beaten by Paul Wilson with a long, wooden brush. As the pics here are not screencaps you probably don’t get the full drama of the scene so watching the movies is the only real way to fully enjoy the spankings..

Veronica spanks naughty Beverly Bacci OTK

Even if you have not heard of some of the girls at Punished Brats you will know or have heard of the main characters Pixie and David Pierson. You will also know some of the other “tops” such as Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda. And, you may know some of the many girls including Beverly Bacci (switch), Chloe Elise, Sarah Gregory, Morgan Mae, Juliet Valentina, Charlie Skye and Erica Corvina.

So, there’s an allstar cast with some amazingly cute bottoms getting spanked but what’s the action like? It’s actually really good. I liked all the movies I watched. I saw a couple of scenes with Veronica and Clare Fonda where they really gave some girls some very sore bottoms. Veronica in particular is very strict and no-nonsense in her disciplinary techniques. It’s mainly OTK but there’s plenty of implements being used aswell such as the belt, hairbrush and yardstick.

David Pierson spanks the ever-naughty Chloe Elise

Each movie is a spanking mini-drama of it’s own: we see how the girl has gotten herself into trouble then after she’s spanked there is generally a little skit at the end where extra humiliation or further spankings are hinted at. While I loved all the spanking vids I watched because of the action and the girls, I’d rather they just finished by doing some cornertime or walking up to their rooms instead of the skit at the end, but that’s just my personal opinion, they are kinda cute.

Some of the scenes were very imaginative. The spanking instructional video was fun and they have some classic scenarios all done in the Punished Brats style.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Erica Corvina

The site is run and webmastered by Pixie who is a real-life spank-o so what you get here is the real deal. The title of the site “Punished Brats” hints at a lot of backchatting and brattiness which is exactly what you get, with some well-deserved spankings. The site is well organized, you can list the movies by top/spanker, date or by the girl who’s getting spanked. I liked the navigation and the extra scene info was pretty useful too. I like Punished Brats! See for yourself at..

Punished Brats

New Site from Clare Fonda.. this time FEMDOM!

If you read the “About” section the opening line reads.. “This blog contains descriptions and visual imagery relating to the spanking of adult females”. Well, this may well be our only non-female-getting-spanked post and it’s to celebrate Clare Fonda’s brand new site…

Clare Spanks Men

Clare Fonda and her sites are awesome! My personal favorite used to be Girl Spanks Girl but now the recent My Spanking Roommate (MSR) has burst onto the scene and is an amazing site with smokin’ hot girl-on-girl spankings. Hardly anyone is exempt from a spanking in MSR and there are plenty of double spankings and plots with twists and turns with the likes of Madison Martin, Kailee, Kay Richards and Harmony among others.

Now, with Clare Spanks Men many of the girls you’ll recognise from Clare’s spanking sites are getting even with some guys that maybe need a lesson or two in their lives. Clare Fonda herself is one of the main disciplinary forces here and she’ll happily admit that she loves beating guys’ asses. If you’ve seen Clare’s Kara Prepare Yourself it was the first site to really weave storylines into each spanking and even the actual website itself. At the start Asia Berlin was the main character and now she’s back with a paddle in hand. Joining Clare and Asia are Harmony, Lana, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Jewell Marceau, Sophie Dee and you can bet all the hottest ladies are lining up for this one and from what I’ve seen so far the men really get a hard time. See for yourself…

Clare Spanks Men Screenshot

Clare Spanks Men

(back to girls getting spanked next time!)

Spanking Server

Naughty girl arrested for a spanking

We’ve been around for a while now without mentioning Spanking Server… so here’s a short preview.

Spanking Server is a nice site. In a nutshell, they have plenty of updates of hot babes getting spanked and whipped. Yup, there’s spanking, caning, strapping and whipping of girls’ pussies and backs with floggers. From what I’ve seen the action is pretty no-nonsense without too much of an intro and minimal talk. A lot of the times the girls are tied down to a bench, fixed into stocks or tied standing up for a flogging. And that’s pretty much it other than to say the girls tend to be HOT and the punishments are HARD!!

While it’s hard it tends to be more of a short, sharp shock from what I’ve seen. Here’s a nice post-caning bottom shot..

Girl's caned cheeks close-up

For more check out Spanking Server!

Spanking Website Review: SIT Spanking / Spank Camp

SIT Spanking OTK slippering

Sit Spanking and Spank Camp are interesting because they come together. Both sites are very varied in terms of content. Both sites are all in English as far as I could tell and in the universal language of spankings both are very good and very mixed.

Sit Spanking tends to be domestic spanking scenes. Girls are often spanked by one or more men and struggle a lot as they are held OTK and their bare bottoms spanked. While I could not understand what they were saying it didn’t matter because with all the videos and photos is a text description of the scene in English. Navigation is simple, all the scenes are linked to from one page, and I liked the fact that they each had a thumbnail so I could see a little of the scene before I clicked.

A bad girl gets caned in Spank Camp

Spank Camp has a detention center feel to all the spankings. Some girls are spanked in the cells, others while playing pool or in one of the many rooms of the Camp. Whereas SIT is more about bare bottom OTK, Camp has some hand spanking but is more about the paddle, strap and cane. The misbehaving girls are rounded up and punished for their naughtiness, often by one or more wardens.

The mix of home spankings / corporal punishment is good and anyone liking one or both will have plenty to see. There are plenty of still photos of the spankings and there’s even cameo appearances from spankees such as Chistina. I liked both sites they are both good quality with regular updates and well-worth a look.

SIT Spanking OTK spanking

The SIT Spanking / Spank Camp combo has some great movies that you won’t find anywhere else and the spankings are all made by spanking-lovers and you can tell in the quality of the scenes. I’m going to give the 2 for 1 deal 7 out of 10!

Spanking Website Review: Spank Christina

Christina is spanked and paddled OTK in the Office

Spank Christina is the spanking website of curvy, brunette, Christina. Christina is English and is the definition of a girl-next-door, a nice amateur babe. What surprised me was how eager she is to get into a confrontation with the women in her life. Instead of talking her way out of a spanking, Christina shouts back and argues, often making things worse for herself and her naughty bottom.

Like Rosaleen Young, Christina is an uber-brat. Even after she’s been arrested and has spent the night in the cells she’s still got the audacity to demand to go to bed when she gets home in one of my favorite scenes. There’s also the scene where Christina goes shopping with her aunt Edna and is so rude on the way home that she gets her bottom spanked on top of the railway bridge on the way home. Outdoor spankings are great!

Christina and friends all get a good spanking. There are some scenes where Christina is spanked along with another girl, in these scenes Christina takes most of the spanks out of the two girls. There are also scenes with other girls where the spankings tend to not be as hard as the spankings Christina takes. There’s a nice mix, mainly F/F but there’s some M/F and an extremely hot lesbian shower-scene spanking!!!

Naughty Christina is spanked in the Classroom

In terms of quality of video and navigation both are good. The vids are great and you can download them part by part or all at once in the full download. The navigation is an update list with links to the latest updates and then unordered pages of clips with 3 spanking sets on each page. It might have been nicer to have it ordered in some way but I guess it would be hard to put the scenes into sections as there are often multiple positions and implements used in each scene. The overall presentation of the site is very good and makes me feel happy and want to come back.

So, Spank Christina is an excellent spanking site, in English with the main spankee having an English accent. While quite a lot of the scenes do not feature Christina there are plenty of our heroine and all come with stills, multipart downloads and full-downloads. Spankings include OTK, caning, paddling and the strap.

We give Spank Christina 8 out of 10, if the chronological navigation doesn’t bother you then score the site higher.

Spanking Website Review: Bad Females

Blonde babe fondled OTK during her spanking

Bad Females has some nice sets but I have to warn you right off it’s mainly a photo site so you should enjoy seeing photos of spankings. If this is you then there are also some vids to get into but the photosets far outnumber the vids.

The theme of Bad Females is that it’s mainly M/F. The guys tend to be reasonably old and the girls tend to be in their early twenties although this is not always the case. So the general concept is that an old guy gets to discipline a younger babe. There is often wriggling involved and as the girl is stripped down he often fondles her sexy body and tender boobs, as above, or it even gets more sexy when the girl has her round bottom bared and he slides a finger or two into her pussy.

All-girl hard spanking

As the site is all about the photos they tend to be very good quality, some of the spankings don’t seem that hard but if you don’t need to see the girl’s ass get red the positions are great and all the girls are super hot. I liked this photo, for example…

Uncle Jesse spanks a sexy girl OTK

Bad Females is a cute site and has some nice spanking pics, with some vids thrown in for good measure. I give the Bad Females 7 out of 10.

Spanking Website Review: Punished Girls

Brunette with a perfect body spanked OTK in this movie

Punished Girls is a movie-only site. There are no pics at all and I actually don’t mind it – I’d rather have big vids and quality spankings than photos.

So what do you get? Well, it’s basically a collection of really nice spanking videos burned into WMV video files and posted up on the site. The site presentation is simple, yet looks good and the vid title and the three big thumbs for each movie give a good idea of the movie you’re about to download. The movies are all able to be downloaded in full or downloaded in sections. The files are very big, mainly due to the scenes being the full length of the DVD. As such each movie will be anything up to about 600MB which is quite big but split into 10 parts is very manageable.

Sometimes the DVDs are one story from beginning to end and sometimes, like the picture above, there are two scenes on a similar theme. Above, a hot babe with amazing breasts is getting her bottom spanked OTK as the man sits on the sofa. She eventually takes off those knickers and bra and presents her naked body to us before her punishment continues. This girl is very beautiful and takes her punishments very well. She’s thoroughly hand-spanked then caned in this, the second part of a livingroom spanking double-header. The earlier part had two babes getting spanked and caned by a third girl.

Another all-girl spanking is this classroom spanking scene…

Another nice brunette gets her bottom punished

The girls have cheated in their exams so their teacher brings them to the headmistress, in the pink T-shirt, who lectures them and gets to work at disciplining their naughty bottoms. Despite the baggy pink T-shirt making this scene look a bit dated its a good scene and the two bad babes are pretty hot in different ways, one is thin with pigtails, the other is curvier but both have nice big, bottoms that are about to get bared spanked and caned. The strict headmistress is very vocal as she strips the girls down with her tongue then thrashes their rears. I like the OTK with the headmistress perched on a stoll with the girls over her knee and the teacher holding their arms out in front of them.

I like this site. The vids are all large in terms of screensize but having been converted from the original VHS the quality is not the best there is, but it was good enough for me and the scenes themselves were very nice. Most scenes see more than one girl get a spanking, often two or more unlucky babes get taken OTK in some nice scenarios. I give Punished Girls 8 out of 10.

User Rating: Rate Punished Girls…

Spanking Website Review: Clare Fonda Spanking Network

Sexy Pornstar Adele Stephens spanking a tattooed babe
Sexy big-boobed glamour model, Adele Stephens, spanking a tattooed babe

Please note, this review has been updated, see the update at the bottom.

Clare Fonda is one of the biggest names in girl girl spanking and with her 3 site spanking network she puts forward an impressive portfolio of sexy ladies getting well-deserved punishments.

One of the three sites is all-girl by definition (Girl Spanks Girl) and the other two sites are mainly F/F with a couple of M/F spankings thrown in for good measure but we’re mainly talking FF spankings here! There is definitely more of a home-baked flavor to Clare’s recipes, she has filled 3 spanking sites with her favorite girls who love to be spanked.

There is a great pseudo-drama when Kay Richards doesn’t return Clare’s phonecalls and goes AWOL so it’s down to another spanking babe, Madison Young, to teach the naughty brunette a lesson. All three sites are updated very regularly with Girl Spanks Girl being updated almost every day and I could not see any scenes that were duplicated on more than one site. Ok, so lets go through the network site by site…

Chelsea Pfeiffer has her hands full in this spanking movie

Spanked Sweeties focuses on the girls themselves. Clare shows us her sexy female friends with a nice bio, photo gallery and then the videos of their bare asses getting spanked. Very nice site, plenty of hot babes get spanked by Clare and there’s even a few galleries of Clare getting her ass spanked. Vast array of girls from amateurs to pornstars with everything in between.

Kare Prepare Yourself is a spanking soap opera of a site. The main character, naughty Kara, and her strict aunt Gwen (played by Clare Fonda) go about their daily lives and along the way plenty of spankings happen as well as some diaper training and anal punishments. There are some famous names among the spankers and spankees here with appearances from Mika Tan and Lyla Lei (asian porn stars), Anastasia Pierce, Asia Berlin and the current Kara, Gianna Lynn.

Girl Spanks Girl splits the spankings into sections, erotic spankings, sensual spankings and disciplinary spankings. This is probably my favorite site of the three. There are some fantastic scenes of the hottest girls spanking each other. Clare is the main spanker but she is joined by other strict ladies including Chelsea Pfeiffer and hard-spanking Lana. Excellent spanking scenes in easy-to-download chunks.

Comparing this network to other spanking networks one of the main differences is that there is no “Download Full Movie” option but the quality of the spankings is good enough and much different to other sites. Here you have plenty of strict ladies spanking naughty girls and the whole site has a very homely, feel to it. With the volume of updates, quality of the spanking and Clare’s own personal touch this is not only one of the very best spanking networks! We give Clare Fonda’s Spanking Network a hot 9 out of 10!!


Since this review was written there have been some very welcome upgrades to “Clare Fonda’s Spanking Network”, the main difference being that there are now 3-site, 4-site and 5-site options and they can all be found at Clare Fonda Pass. What is described in this review is the original 3-site option, with “Kara Prepare Yourself” having been replaced by Spanked Callgirls (there is an archive of the old Kara site on Spanked Callgirls but there are no longer diaper punishments on this website).

There are also 2 more spanking websites that Clare has to offer…

My Spanking Roommate is the extra site on the 4-site option and is also on the full 5-site option of Clare Fonda Pass. This website is basically a spanking soap opera. So, every scene has a storyline with one scene often leading to another. For example, a scene where one lady gets a spanking at her office leads to another spanking in the very same office, while meanwhile in the girls’ apartment there is always reason for someone or other to be turned over the knee. Some of the main personalities here are fan-favorites: Kay Richards, Madison Martin and Chloe Elise.

Clare Spanks Men is only on the 5-site option of Clare Fonda Pass, and as you can appreciate from the title, it’s a Femdom website. If you like to see men getting a whole can of whoop ass from some beautiful and strict ladies then this is the site for you! There are some POV spankings where the recipient is anonymous and there are also a few main offenders who cannot help but get into trouble. The ladies here are the likes of Clare Fonda, Lana and many of the sexy ladies you’ll have loved to see get a spanking of their own.

With the sheer number of updates across all these websites (there’s no duplicate content here) whichever option you take is amazing value for money. The spankings tend to be of a girl-next-door, OTK style. There are always new ladies on show here and with the sheer volume of scenes on offer on each website the rating has to improve from the original review so we’d have to say that Clare Fonda Pass now gets 10 out of 10!!

Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites