Samantha Woodley strapped on the Couch

Samantha Woodley is in trouble with the strict magazing boss in Editorial Judgement at Firm Hand Spanking

Firm Hand Spanking are posting quite a few classic movies that were unreleased when they were first produced. Watching these movies, it is clear that the quality of video recording equipment has improved somewhat in the past 10 years. These older movies from 2007 and 2008 may not be as crystal clear as we’re used to seeing these days. But, what they have that more modern spanking movies do not have are some of the big stars from back then. Samantha Woodley was probably the brightest spanking starlet at one point. The cute and bratty brunette seemed to be everywhere, but she was definitely a fixture on Firm Hand Spanking.

Here in “Editorial Judgement“, we see Samantha Woodley strapped on the couch by sexy blonde switch, Jacqueline Dubois (also known as Kirsten Gold) with her friend watching in the background. Miss Gold was another spanking model who was literally everywhere at around this time. The European blonde was particularly versatile because while she started off as a spankee, she quickly found that she made a hard-spanking and stern spanker too. The friend looks a bit like Abigail Whittaker, who was definitely getting spanked at Firm Hand Spanking at this time.

Samantha Woodley would usually wear her medium-length brown hair down, but here she has tied her hair up. With the glasses she is wearing she looks unusually bookish. Add to this her tight, white shirt and black heels and the lady who normally plays a young-looking brat has become a very professional-looking grown-up lady. However, even professionals need discipline and Samantha is always in need of a spanking. The strict blonde lets her keep her skirt on but makes her lie face down on the couch for a dose of the leather belt. Laying over some cushions her pert little ass looks amazing in that sexy skirt as she lays in position for her strapping…

Samantha Woodley lays face down and awaits the leather belt over her skirt

One of the reasons Samantha Woodley was so popular, was that as well as being very pretty she would always exhibit some amazing reactions. While she is generally a brat, she would generally stay in position and take her spankings like the pretty princess she is. This strapping shows off her reactions nicely, while also giving us a glimpse at her more grownup side…

Samantha Woodley strapped on the Couch over her pencil skirt

We recently saw Michaela McGowan in this post in another unreleased spanking movie. The “Houseguest From Hell” series was filmed at a similar time to Samantha’s strapping. The series proceeds with this wooden spoon beating on the bare bottom…

More trouble for Michaela McGowan in Houseguest from Hell at Firm Hand Spanking

As with Samantha’s spanking, Michaela is laying face down for her punishment. Michaela is lying across the kitchen counter, which it appears is the perfect size for the purpose. Cindy Wallace has grabbed a large wooden spoon and is using it to spank Michaela’s naughty bottom with. Like Samantha, Michaela was famous for her beauty and her reactions. The wooden spoon definitely brings out more lively reactions out of the pretty spanking model…

Michaela McGowan reacts to the wooden spoon paddling her bare bottom

These two older scenes both have two ladies who became mainly spankers but who also switched, spanking two incredibly cute spankees with some of the prettiest spanking reactions to ever been seen. Seeing both movies gives us another opportunity to see some very talented spanking models doing what they do best.

The theme at the moment on Firm Hand Spanking is definitely retrospective. Watch both these spanking movies in full with Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowan and many more from the archives at Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking

Snow Mercy spanked by her Niece

Snow Mercy spanked by her Niece, Amelie, on her bare bottom

We saw Amelie get an OTK spanking in her school uniform in this scene. She was spanked by the formidable Snow Mercy who was playing her teacher. The two were also together in a previous scene where Snow played an aunt who spanked her naughty niece at My Spanking Roommate. Now the aunt and niece are back but the roles are reversed as Aunt Snow Mercy gets spanked by her niece in “Aunt Snow’s Spanking“…

Amelie uses the wooden spoon to spank aunt, Snow Mercy's bare bottom

When Snow Mercy takes her niece Amelie’s car without asking, she has a chance to get a revenge spanking on her aunt. Amelie was so upset and worried that her car was stolen that she has plenty of pent-up anger that she can take out on her Aunt’s bottom, spanking her with hand and a wooden spoon.

Snow Mercy rubs her sore bottom after her OTK spanking

Amelie plays the role of an angry, vengeful niece well and is more than convincing as she spanks Snow over her gray dress, then on her bare bottom. But, the spanking really heats up when the wooden implement comes out and the spanking continues with a wooden spoon. We always love watching scenes with Snow Mercy, and the chemistry between her and Amelie is really something in this mini-series of spankings.

The previous teacher/student scene with Amelie and Snow Mercy was on Spanking Sorority Girls, while the two aunt/niece scenes are on My Spanking Roommate. You can get access to both websites by choosing the 5-site option of Clare Fonda Pass.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Spatula Spanking

Dani Daniels doesn't want Kay Richards to drink all her wine at My Spanking Roommate

There is some much needed Spatula Spanking in the latest episode of My Spanking Roommate! It’s a nice OTK scene that starts off with some hand spanking then ends with a wooden spatula.

Episode 230 features two of my favorite spanking models of all time back together again. Dani Daniels and Kay Richards are at Dani’s house and Kay wants some booze, she goes straight for a bottle of wine starts to open it before Dani decides to teach her a lesson. That lesson has to be in the form of a spanking so Dani puts Kay across her knee and starts to spank her over those denim shorts.

Dani spanks Kay in the kitchen over her denim shorts

Both ladies are wearing their denim shorts from before. As always there are some great reactions from Kay, who gets a very hard spanking…

Kay's facial reactions to a hard OTK spanking

Kay Richards and Dani Daniels get back from a work out when Kay decides to have a drink. Dani needs to teach her to stay away from the booze and decides a sound spanking right there in the kitchen will do the trick. Dani turns Kay’s bottom red and speckled with her hand, and a hard wooden spoon.

When the wooden spoon, or spatula, finally comes out she gives Kay’s big round bottom quite a roasting, as you can see from her speckled cheeks.

Dani finishes Kay's punishment with a Spatula Spanking

It’s no wonder that Kay can’t sit down after this spanking. That is one very sore bottom!

This spanking with the wooden spatula along with the previous scene where Kay spanks Dani can be seen now at My Spanking Roommate.

This week, for lovers of Femdom spanking there is also a hard paddling and caning scene with Bella Bathory as the domme at Clare Spanks Men… and there’s another spatula spanking here!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Wooden Spoon on the Bare

Ulf Sayer lectures naughty girl scout, Kajira Bound, about pestering everyone in the neighborhood

This is an age play scene, while Kajira Bound is playing a girl scout and is wearing a girl scout uniform but she’s obviously over 18 years old.

In “Cookie Girl Correction”, the naughty girl scout in question has been pestering everyone in the neighborhood to buy her cookies. She’s been hassling them over and over, but when she knocks on Ulf’s door a second time he is less than impressed!

He tells her he has something for her and drags her inside where he takes her over his knee to give her some good old fashioned discipline.

Kajira whines and struggles from the first smack and soon has her panties pulled down and is getting her bare bottom spanked…

Kajira gets a bare bottom spanking for her naughty behavior

Once Kajira has been punished with a hand spanking she is shown a collection of wooden spoons for the next stage in the punishment…

Kajira is shown a collection of wooden spoons for the next stage in the punishment

Finally, the sexy redheaded girl scout gets spanked OTK with the wooden spoon on the bare bottom. She is spanked with various different spoons, each one brings some nice reactions from the naughty girl scout. Perhaps, this is the kind of lesson that will stop her from bothering the neighbors in future.

Kajira Bound spanked OTK in girl scout uniform gallery

Kajira gets the wooden spoon on the bare bottom OTK

Watch this full age play scene with sexy tattooed Kajira Bound and Ulf Sayer with plenty more age play, wooden spoon and uniform punishments at Sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Girl Spanks Girl’s new Redesign

Girl Spanks Girl's new Redesign

To celebrate Girl Spanks Girl’s new redesign we’re taking a look at the most recent update. It’s day 4 of the “Bad Plumber” series with busty duo: Amelea Dark and Angela Sommers.

Angela Sommers and Amelea Dark in Bad Plumber Day 4 at Girl Spanks Girl

Amelea has bright red hair in Day 3 but it seems even redder in this part. In fact, both ladies are dressed in very pretty and sexy outfits and the bright colors really pop out of the screen at you… and that’s before any bottoms get reddened! Angela is wearing a tightly-fitting blue thing that may well be a swimsuit, with the tiniest pair of shorts you’re likely to see for a while. Amelea is wearing a colorful dress that is equally tight-fitting around her large breasts but it much looser around her waist making it the perfect dress for revealing a bared bottom.

To celebrate Girl Spanks Girl’s new design we’re taking a look at the most recent update. It’s day 4 of the “Bad Plumber” series with busty duo: Amelea Dark and Angela Sommers.

Angela paddles Amelea OTK with a large wooden spoon

Amelea Dark is back to fix Angela Sommer’s pipes for free as promised. But when she can’t fix them, she gives up and also gives a bad attitude. Angela is not having any of it. She puts Amelea over her knee for a long, very hard spanking with her hand and a wooden spoon.

Angela Sommers spanks Amelea Dark on the re-designed Girl Spanks Girl website

Angela Sommers gives Amelea a bare bottom spanking in this erotic scene

This is a very fun scene taken from the website’s “erotic” section, so the severity of the discipline may not be that harsh but what it lacks hardness it more than makes up for in sexiness. In the three sections, there is everything from lesbian kissing and masturbation through to hard disciplinary spankings.

So, Girl Spanks Girl has a brand new look that is mobile-friendly, along with the full scenes and blooper videos having version for mobile it is perfect for viewing on tablets, phones and all mobile devices. The new design has all the content from the old site plus some stuff that may have been hidden away through the passing of time, so now a huge amount of spanking content with some of the biggest names from the past 10+ years is altogether in a package that looks great no matter what you are viewing it on. Here is a screenshot of it from a phone…

Girl Spanks Girl's new Redesign works on mobile devices and tablets

Of course, one of the best ways to experience this website is with the amazing value for money combo that is Clare Fonda Pass where you can choose from the 3-site, 4-site or 5-site varieties.

Girl Spanks Girl

Wooden Spoon Spanking in the Kitchen

Star Nine intimidates petite Alyssa Reece in the kitchen

Chaos in the Kitchen” features two spanking models who have become fan favorites over recent months. Star Nine is the strict brunette switch in the black shorts and Alyssa Reece is the shorter girl in the pink shorts and all-over tan. Both ladies are beautiful (Alyssa is also a glamour model), but there is nothing glamorous about going over the knee as Alyssa is starting to learn.

Star Nine returns to the sorority and is intimidating petite Alyssa Reece in the kitchen. She sits on a stool and puts Alyssa, the curvy bottomed pledge, over her knee. After a hand spanking her pink shorts are pulled down and she gets a further punishment on her bare bottom with the hand and the wooden spoon.

Spoons are similar to spatulas in that they are often the first thing that comes to hand in a kitchen spanking scene, but whereas a spatula is more flexible with a greater surface area, wooden spoons sometimes seem too small to give a proper spanking. There will be many people all over the land who can attest to their powers, though. Star soon has Alyssa’s bottom bouncing to the tune of the spoon as she gives the naughty sorority pledge a painful wooden spoon spanking…

Star Nine spanks Alyssa Reece over the knee with a wooden spoon

Alyssa’s bottom certainly looks very pretty after her wooden spoon spanking, especially with her hot pink shorts and panties emphasizing the redness of her buttocks.

Star Nine spanks Alyssa Reece with a wooden spoon in Chaos in the Kitchen – gallery

Alyssa Reece's bare bottom after the wooden spoon spanking

Watch this wooden spoon spanking scene with two very sexy models at Spanking Sorority Girls. And, you can always join as a five-site pass together with other spanking quality spanking sites at Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Dixie Comet

Loud and bratty Dixie Comet struggles as her her mom drags her across her lap

Sometimes you might watch a spanking movie and it can sometimes look like two spanking models who are acting together in a scene. This scene, however, looks very natural and it just seems right. Dixie Comet is the naughty lady and Genesis plays her mother. The chemistry between the two ladies is nice and Genesis is perfect as a curvy, spanking mother. She pulls Dixie over her knee and spanks her on the bare until her bottom gets very red indeed.

Dixie Comet gets a hard hand spanking over her mom's knee

Dixie is wearing a school uniform with a sexy little plaid skirt. Her mom looks very mom-ish and spanks her reassuringly hard. After she is spanked long and hard on her bare bottom, Dixie then stands up and her mother bends her over to spank her naughty bottom with a wooden spatula. A lovely scene…

Dixie Comet gets spanked by mom, Genesis, over the knee gallery

This scene re-enacts a part of Dixie’s real life. Dixie is a perky girl who got spanked by her mom up until her teen years. She was bratty and defiant – and loud – until her mom taught her the errors of her ways. You can see a number of different scenes with sexy brunette Dixie Comet and many more fresh spanking models at Spanked Sweeties.

Spanked Sweeties

Veronica’s Babysitter Spanking

Ten Amorette spanks Veronic Ricci over the knee

Gorgeous glamour model, Veronica Ricci, was a featured Spanked Sweeties earlier this year but here is an extra scene she shot with fetish model Ten Amorette playing her babysitter. Like many girls, Veronica was spanked by her babysitter when she was growing up. She describes it in her interview and then plays the scene with Ten.

Veronica is wearing what looks like a short dress over the top of some tiny little denim shorts. The short, tight shorts are quite a surprise under her dress so you can understand why Ten saves her hand and reaches for a wooden spatula to spank naughty Veronica with over her denim hotpants. But then finally the shorts and panties come down and Ten finishes off the punishment on Veronica’s beautiful bottom…

Veronica is a professional glamour model but it’s pleasing to see that she has a lovely full bottom that is very spankable indeed.

You can watch this scene, along with Veronica’s other interviews and spanking scenes at Spanked Sweeties, and for plenty more from both Ten and Veronica and many more beautiful models take a look at Clare Fonda Pass!

There’s actually another nice scene on Spanked Sweeties with Kat St James and Veronica Ricci at the moment where Kat re-enacts spankings that she and her sister used to get.

Clare Fonda's Spanking Websites

Chloe Elise moves House

Chloe Elise gets pulled into position

Here’s the brand new episode from the newly refurbished tour of My Spanking Roommate. The redesign is to showcase the 30 characters that are now a part of the spanking sopa opera. Each of the 38 episodes sees one of more of the sexy female characters getting herself into trouble with the inevitable outcome of getting her behind firmly dealt with.

Episode 38 sees Chloe Elise tries to move into her new apartment with Snow Mercy – who is not there – instead she finds Madison Martin, who orders that Chloe leave until Snow returns. When Chloe refuses, Madison spanks her – first with hand, then with a wooden spoon…

Madison gives Chloe a sound OTK spanking

This episode showcases two of the hottest spanking models out there. Madison is looking tanned and lovely as she sternly drags Chloe over her knee, and Chloe Elise is as sexy as ever, especially when her denim shorts and panties are pulled down and her bottom is bared for a very erotic girl-on-girl spanking.

See the full list of episodes to enjoy when you join the spanking fun at My Spanking Roommate!!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Busy Makeup Artist gets Spanked

Kay Richards spanks Nikki her makeup artist

In the spanking scene there are good girls, bratty girls and spoiled princesses – Kay is none of these. Kay is more of a slutty minx. You could say she’s a bad girl. Her love of nudity, tattoos, love of casual sex and loud mouth make her one of the most striking spanking models out there. Well-loved by her fans who want something a little different. Kay is certainly a little different and she is as entertaining spanking another girl as she is getting spanked herself. There’s generally some sort of counting involved which is a shame for her as Kay is not very good at math.

If you saw the tennis scene with Alanah Rae and Kay on My Spanking Roommate you may remember that at the end of the scene Kay gets the number of a make-up artist who is good and works fast at short notice. It seems that the make-up artist is Nikki, but there are complications…

When famed make-up artist Nikki informs Kay that she won’t have time to do her makeup for a photo shoot, Kay teaches Nikki a lesson with a hard hand spanking, punctuated by 2 different wooden spoons.

…luckily for us there is plenty of nudity in this one as Kay shows off her sexy body…

Kay spanks her makeup artist for not making enough time for her – gallery

And so life goes on in Kay and Madison’s spanking world. Download all the past, present and future episodes at..

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate