Samantha Woodley has panties pulled down for the Christmas Belt

Samantha Woodley is shown Daddy's leather belt

Samantha Woodley is sooo cute! She plays the bratty angel role very well.. and with every bratty angel comes a bratty spanking. This particular Christmas the spanking takes the form of many different spankings over the course of the whole day, getting Samantha’s perfect bottom very sore and red by bedtime. You may remember that she starts off being a little madam from the outset and getting a Christmas morning spanking while still in her nightie. But later in the day her behaviour has not improved so it is time for Samantha to bend over the wooden stool and raise her bottom high in the air for the leather belt…

Brattiness has no place during the festive season, as Samantha has already learned. Making demands instead of being a Christmas angel means spending an entire day confined to her bedroom. Now it’s time for “daddy’s” belt to be applied to her bare rear to ensure her behavior improves. It’s a bottom-reddening finale to Domestic Discipline!

Samantha Woodley gets her panties pulled down for her Christmas spanking finale gallery

With her bare bottom high in the air Samantha Woodley gets a very hard belt punishment

It’s yet another immaculate threesome of spankings from Firm Hand Spanking. Every spanking has the prettiest, brattiest girls getting dealt with very firmly indeed. Download all the sizzling spanking scenes at…

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Nyssa Nevers Breaks a Vase…

Miss Susan Spanks Nyssa Nevers

Miss Susan promises Nyssa Nevers won’t be punished for breaking the vase and gives her one last chance to admit to the accident. True to her word, Susan does not punish her for the vase, but immediately takes Nyssa over her knee for lying about it.

Ok, so even though she breaks the vase, that’s not the reason for her spanking! Naughty Nyssa! Will she ever learn? Here’s a sample movie of this OTK spanking (lovely red bottom!!).

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Punished Brats

Ashli Orion’s cute Bubble Butt gets special attention

Clare Fonda would like a moment of Ashli Orion's time

Ashli Orion is one of the hottest teen pornstars out there at the moment. She’s a sweet brunette with an all-over tan and tight body. Her little, perky tits and round bubble butt are amazing. Certainly one of my favorite pornstars. And now she’s being interviewed and spanked on her Spanked Sweeties debut.

Ashli Orion gets spanked by Clare Fonda on Spanked Sweeties – photo gallery

You can see that Clare is being very firm with her right from the beginning of her scene, above. And it is never too long before the pretty babe is lying face down with that delicious butt in the air for a hard “Clare Fonda” brand spanking. I like Clare’s look of concentration in the below photo…

Ashli Orion finds herself over the knee with her delicious butt in the air for a spanking

You may have already seen Ashli getting spanked on My Spanking Roommate or Spanked Callgirls (this site is particularly adept for such a naughty girl) so you can see a whole lot of cute sweetie Ashli Orion getting dealt with very firmly by Paige Richards and a very sexy double spanking where she and Abi both lie across the same lap for their spanking at the best value place for spanking movies on the internet… Clare Fonda Pass

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

Krissy Lynn gets Whipped

Today’s pictorial is a lesbian domination masterclass pictorial. Sexy, blond pornstar with big boobs, Krissy Lynn, is getting tormented by her photographer, Maitresse Madeline. This is more S&M than spanking but there is some great whipping action and the two girls are both very attractive…

Krissy Lynn is a young aspiring model who has her first photo shoot with LA photographer, Maitresse Madeline. Naive and star struck, she is persuaded into doing pornographic modeling and kinky lesbian sex. This is a super sexy update with great role play, ass licking and strap-on sex. Krissy is not only beautiful but she enjoys pushing her limits and taking hard punishment.


The photoshoot starts off with Krissy Lynn doing some pretty glamour shots

Krissy soon gets naked and tied up

Maitresse Madeline sits on Krissy's face

After getting her tits and ass whipped Krissy is fucked with a strap-on

Watch the full movie at Whipped Ass

Whipped Ass

Spanking Thoughts

After thinking about some of the different kinds of female spankee last time, I’ve been thinking a little more about this.

I guess spanking is different for everyone but for me it’s the ultimate in kind physical control.. i.e. its powerplay with contact that does not come close to leaving any permanent damage. There are other feelings and emotions such as humiliation and pain, but for me spanking is the ultimate form of dominance of one person over another. After all, this person is so much in control that they don’t even need restraints.

So, for me, this works best when the person on the bottom is not naturally submissive. This can mean FemDom when a tiny girl spanks a much bigger man, like on Clare Spanks Men.. but I prefer the strong, confident lady, who may well be a little bitchy, getting her comeuppance. She might be a switch, or better would be a dominant female who took a wrong turn and would not normally submit.

So, this situation where you have a kind of power struggle between the reluctant spankee and her spanker seems to add spice to the scene. After All, this isn’t just something that happens every day. The bitchy lady would generally be barking orders to everyone else and generally being dominant, so this new submission being forced on her makes her uncomfortable and angry until she gives in and takes her punishment submissively. It’s that transformation, the tipping of the scales, that is so appealing.

This is very similar to the attitude adjustment of a bratty 18 year old lady, as perfected by Samantha Woodley in this post.

The idea of a female teacher spanking a female pupil, then the principal having to dish out the same punishment on the teacher is just perfect. The bitchier and stricter the teacher, the better. There you would have not one but two adjustments, the second of which being the biggest transformation because we have already seen that she is dominant. This even works in a office where corporal punishment is commonplace for the naughty secretaries until the strict HR manageress takes it too far and needs her medicine.

But, it also works with two ladies who may be fighting with each other. The losing mom gets a spanking and then gets her revenge on the other, like in this post.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, this is why I like sites like My Spanking Roommate. With that site you have plenty of twists and turns of strong, confident women getting spanked and spanking other ladies.. all wrapped up in a soap opera so there are subtle hints as to possible future spankings and each spanking means a little bit more because of everything that has happened up to that point.

For me if I don’t know why the spanking is happening, the reason for it, the spanking hardly matters at all. This can be through some kind of plot or even if it is just a photo from a spanking photo, like on Kane Magazine, for example, if there are clues in the clothing and/or other visual clues such as a broken vase or half-empty bottle of wine it makes it all make sense and I’m happy.

Anyway, back to more spanking next time…

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Busy Makeup Artist gets Spanked

Kay Richards spanks Nikki her makeup artist

In the spanking scene there are good girls, bratty girls and spoiled princesses – Kay is none of these. Kay is more of a slutty minx. You could say she’s a bad girl. Her love of nudity, tattoos, love of casual sex and loud mouth make her one of the most striking spanking models out there. Well-loved by her fans who want something a little different. Kay is certainly a little different and she is as entertaining spanking another girl as she is getting spanked herself. There’s generally some sort of counting involved which is a shame for her as Kay is not very good at math.

If you saw the tennis scene with Alanah Rae and Kay on My Spanking Roommate you may remember that at the end of the scene Kay gets the number of a make-up artist who is good and works fast at short notice. It seems that the make-up artist is Nikki, but there are complications…

When famed make-up artist Nikki informs Kay that she won’t have time to do her makeup for a photo shoot, Kay teaches Nikki a lesson with a hard hand spanking, punctuated by 2 different wooden spoons.

…luckily for us there is plenty of nudity in this one as Kay shows off her sexy body…

Kay spanks her makeup artist for not making enough time for her – gallery

And so life goes on in Kay and Madison’s spanking world. Download all the past, present and future episodes at..

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Diapers Update

Kendra puts Addie in a diaper then spanks her naughty bottom

Kendra James and Addie Juniper are two very hot fetish models. In this scene, Kendra decides she wants her submissive woman (Addie) to be a sexy diaper girl and spanks her into submission. Lots of naughty bottom play.

If you like diapers and spanking you can see more of this by going to Clare Fonda’s Naughty Diaper Girls. This is the only one of Clare’s spanking sites that isn’t on Clare Fonda Pass due to the kinky nature of hot grown-up babes in diapers..

Naughty Diaper Girls

Lana warms up for Exclusive Education 4

Hard-spanking Lana is back!

School’s out for summer so it must be time for another Exclusive Education spanking movie from Clare Fonda… this one will be number 4! Word on the grapevine is that this one will be quite different from the first three but there are still similarities. Of course, Clare is joined by Lana (above) and a whole classroom full of naughty girls, but other than that we’re not entirely sure how this one’s going to be at the time of writing. I’ve heard some rumours about some of the naughty students for this installment and I can’t wait for it to be filmed and on my screen!!

Lana’s had a bit of a break from spanking, so it’s only fair that she get back into the swing of things with a mini warm-up session. This is mini only in terms of the number of girls being spanked compared to a classroom in Exclusive Education. There is nothing small about the behinds of the two black girls getting OTK spanked here, Sydnee Capri and Kandi Kream, but if anyone is up to the job it is Lana…

Lana gets to grips with Sydnee Capri and Kandi Kream in an all-ebony spanking movie

Yep, Lana fans (of which it seems there are many) will be pleased to know that hotpants or jeans are no match for Lana’s firm hand, and when those panties get tugged down those big, ebony butts can really get spanked very hard!

As I’ve said before, Lana is one of my favorite spankers because she is a sexy black cougar/MILF who spanks very hard indeed. One of the hardest female spankers out there!

I’ve also posted my love of switches in the past, I’d love to see more of Lana getting spanked herself, which I know she’d like. Anyone who’s seen the behind-the-scenes interviews on EE2 (or it might be 3) will have seen Lana’s eyes light up when she talked about getting spanked herself. I’ve seen bits of Lana getting spanked (an old scene in the kitchen filming a cookery show springs to mind) but someone needs to man/woman up and take Lana OTK. A scene with Lana disciplining some girls, then perhaps getting into trouble for not having gone through the right protocol and so has to be dealt with severely by her own superior…

On that note I need a break 😉 see much more of Lana on all of Clare Fonda’s sites and especially in the EE movies on Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl

Spanked Brat on Xmas Day

Bratty Samantha Woodley gets a Xmas morning spanking on her bare bottom

It’s Christmas morning and little miss brat has woken up and gone straight downstairs to see what presents she has been given. She hasn’t even bothered to get dressed, she’s still in her princess’s nightgown. She starts to open her presents but when they’re all open this little brat is less than satisfied.. she’d wanted so much more. She complains to Daddy but this time he has had enough of his spoilt daughter and rather than take her shopping this bratty princess is getting her panties pulled down for a Christmas morning spanking on her bare bottom.

Bratty Samantha Woodley gets a Xmas morning spanking on her bare bottom

Cute little teens with soft bottoms getting a stern spanking from their fathers is a favorite M/F fantasy of mine and Samantha Woodley plays the role of the bratty little princess very well indeed.

This is a nice OTK movie with some slight twists. Even though it’s technically over the knee the Dad is sat on the floor instead of being seated on a chair, like normally happens. There’s also an unusual hold in the movie, he seems to wrap his arm around his daughter’s neck while he spanks her beautiful bare bottom with the other.. I can’t recall seeing that before… it certainly seems to have the desired affect on poor Samantha.

See this week’s three new spanking movies at Firm Hand Spanking.

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