Clare beats some pretty buns with a Paddle

Clare beats some pretty buns with a Paddle

I’ve just been looking at some pretty tattoos on the internet so the first thing I noticed in the above photo, apart from the bright green paddle and Sarah Gregory’s pretty bottom, was Ashley Edmonds’ lovely Japanese tattoo just above her left ass cheek.

Yep, Ashley and Sarah are back in trouble with Clare Fonda and this time, like before, she’s in no mood to let the naughty girls off with a tongue-lashing. Instead the two girls are spanked over the knee then stripped down to be paddled on their bare bottoms…

Clare beats some pretty buns with a Paddle gallery

I like both babes and what is good by itself is always better together. Line those two bottoms up side-by-side and add strict Clare Fonda and you get a very enjoyable scene. Watch the movies at…

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Spanked by Jewell Marceau

Tigerr Benson gets spanked by Jewell Marceau

Busty Asian schoolgirl* Tigerr Benson is back and she’s been naughty again! Here’s she’s bending over the bar stool getting her cute bottom spanked by Jewell Marceau

In her black and white checked, pleated skirt, white knickers and long, white socks with a skimpy white shirt covering her huge boobs, Tigerr is spanked hard by the strict dominatrix. Then those regulation knickers are pulled down and she is spanked on the bare, with that juicy pussy exposed for a probing vibrator.

See more of curvy and sexy, busty Asian babe Tigerr Juggs at…

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* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Abigail Whittaker

Clare Fonda spanking Abigail Whittaker OTK with hand and hairbrush

Fans of Abigail Whittaker might be interested to know she’s made her debut on Clare Fonda’s network of spanking sites… she appears in the final episode of the Long Weekend movie on Girl Spanks Girl.

For those that haven’t seen the series so far, the story is…

Sarah and Jackie are staying with their Aunt Helen for a long weekend, and it turns out she is much stricter than their mom, Clare. The girls quickly find themselves over Aunt Helen’s knee, getting spanked with her hand and a hair brush, and Jackie has her mouth washed out with soap for cursing. When the girls finally see their mom again, she too spanks them, and then she spanks her sister Helen for not letting her know.

Now, the final part sees Clare Fonda giving Helen’s own daughter a hard spanking. Abigail plays the daughter and, as you can see, this is not any less severe than the previous spankings. Ms Whittaker gets a thorough spanking first from Clare’s strict hand, then with the dreaded hairbrush.

Download the full movie only from…

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Chloe Elise

Chloe Elise goes OTK for a spanking at Clare Fonda's brothel

Chloe Elise was so excited about all the money she made that she thought she could be a “Chatty Cathy” but Clare Fonda is in a bad mood – not to mention sometimes she’s a bit jealous of these young bitches. Chloe gets a hot bottom as she’s pulled OTK with her panties yanked down so her bare bottom can be spanked hard by Clare’s firm hand…

Chloe Elise goes OTK for a spanking at Clare’s brothel gallery

Watch the full movie only at Clare Fonda’s Spanked Callgirls

Spanked Callgirls

Soccer Moms

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Clare Fonda OTK with a hard hairbrush

I’ve mentioned this spanking before but it’s not had a whole post to itself so it’s high time we took a good look at this classic spanking featuring Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer switching and spanking each other HARD in the same scene.

The basic story is that Clare and Chelsea are soccermoms and one of their sons has been selected for the school team at the expense of the other. Thus they have coffee together and decide to settle things once and for all. Firstly Clare goes over the knee across the sofa and her pale while butt gets a very hard hand spanking then a brutal paddling with the hairbrush… I believe this is one of Clare’s first scenes, it’s certainly an early one, and those tears at the end are real!! But, that’s not all, a twist in the tale and now it’s Chelsea’s turn to get punished and Clare’s chance at revenge…

Clare Fonda gets her revenge and beats Chelsea's ass with the same hairbrush

I LOVE this scene. One of my all-time favorites! It has two spanking superstars in some very hard girl-on-girl spanking, then the spanker is spanked! Having a righteous lady spanking another, then herself getting her own comeuppance is very sexy indeed. Throughout both spankings the two ladies are constantly talking to each other, even when Clare is spanked to tears and she struggles to speak as she sobs. Clare really does seem to get the worst of this encounter but Chelsea gets a hard time too, maybe Clare’s pain tolerance is just a little lower. Very erotic anyways…

The classic “Soccermoms” movie is one of the latest additions to Clare Fonda’s girl-on-girl spanking website…

Girl Spanks Girl

Redheaded Olga takes the Switch

Redheaded Olga takes the Switch on the punishment bench

Olga is very good-looking and has a great figure, she’s very sexy but that red hair tells you that she also has a fiery personality. It looks like that’s what has gotten her into trouble again as she is tied to the bench and thrashed by a strict man in an army camouflage outfit and balaclava. The pretty babe wearing only a negligee with her pretty white pearl of a bottom bare and defenseless to the sting of the mean switch that is targeted upon her. The switch itself may not look very fearsome, it’s just a long, thin strip of wood, but when used correctly can inflict enormous pain upon it’s naughty recipient, as Olga ably demonstrates in these movies..

Redheaded Olga takes the Switch on the punishment bench movies

Watch the full movie and many more hot Euro babes getting thrashed in the dungeon at…

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Two sexy babes punished together on the bench

Busty babe thrashed while lying on the bench

In the dark underworlds of Eastern Europe things are a little different. While we might discipline our ladies with a brisk over the knee spanking, paddling or even a caning, the S&M clubs in the East prefer a good whipping across the bench.

Here, at the Rough Man Club two sexy girlfriends are being punished together. First they undress and show us their lovely bodies; one girl has a very pretty, small frame with little boobies, the other a more curvatious figure with great, big breasts. Then, one-by-one, they lie down on the bench with their bottoms in the air for the stinging pain of the whip! Watch these two sweethearts get punished together…

Two hot chicks get thrashed over the punishment bench gallery | movies

Established in 1993, the Rough Man Club has been paying attention to the needs of kinky females ever since. The Club is the ultimate place for such girls and women to share their deepest punishment fantasies. Before they are accepted, they have to pass through a special procedure which is always shot on video. Get in to see the highlights of the Club’s initiation scenes along with custom-made punishment videos reflecting the fantasies of individual club members, and more. This footage is exclusive to the Club and is not available anywhere else…

Rough Man Spank

Good hard hand spanking on naked buttocks..

Uncle Steve lays into Sharon's pretty bottom with the palm of his hand

Like the title says, this is exactly what you’re getting here.. there’s a cute babe in pigtails who is completely naked and kneeling over the sofa as she has her waist held and her buttocks smacked hard with the open hand. It’s Uncle Steve punishing his naughty niece, Sharon…

Good hard hand spanking on naked buttocks movie

The picture, above, doesn’t really do Sharon’s ass any justice. As she’s bent over, wriggling around on the sofa her bottom looks very pretty, and as her uncle gives her hard spanks with his open hand on her pink asscheeks her soft flesh ripples delightfully. Like I say, just a very nice and hard handspanking scene. Grab it all at…

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Kay turns Mean on her Man

Femdom Kay Richards in spanking Anthony photos

Today, Kay Richards is back! She’s never been away but it has been ages since she’s been on Spank Bad Ass, way too long! These days Kay is turning into a proper switch so naughty girls… and boys… need to watch out. Here, in fact she’s getting really mean in some femdom spanking of one of Clare Fonda’s favorite submissive guys, Anthony Rosano. Anthony has stepped out of line and Kay intends to put things right with a bang!!

Mafia Princess Kay Spanks Husband

Anthony Rosano has a tigress on his tail with Kay Richards spanking him then sending him after the hairbrush so she can get him in some humiliating positions and whack him into submission – maybe now he’ll do things the way she likes them done.

Mafia Princess Kay Spanks Husband gallery

We don’t normally have Femdom here but I like Kay so much I thought I’d make an exception for her… hopefully we’ll see the tables turned and Kay getting her white bottom spanked again soon…

This gallery is from the site Clare Spanks Men which you can also join as part of…

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Lesbian threesome spanking

Stunning Zafira, Cindy Hope & Lauryn May dildo fun and spanking movies

Today we have a special treat for those of us who like smoking hot European brunettes with amazing asses spanking each other… well, that’s me anyway. One person is happy!

Stunning Zafira, Cindy Hope & Lauryn May dildo fun and spanking movies

While I hadn’t heard of the other two girls Zafira is one of my favorite euro pornstars (she may even be my favorite but I don’t like to limit myself to just one) so I was very excited to find some vids with her in, if nothing else I knew I’d like her. It turns out that all three girls look very similar in that they all have long, straight, brown hair and the most perfect bubble butts in the world.

Seeing all three perfect bottoms together in one scene is just… very nice indeed. Especially when they are all lined up and naked on the fence in the first clip. But, things are about to get a whole lot better. One girl starts slapping the beautiful round bottoms of the other two girls with a huge dildo, then the girl in the middle gives the other girl (I think that’s Zafira on the right) some very hard smacks. Soon it has turned into a mini spank-fest with all three girls trying to not get outdone by spanking the other bare bottoms as hard as they can. Then we cut to the three crawling down the lawn away from us. Very pretty indeed! With two in front and one behind the girl at the back is in a perfect position to continue to score spanking points on her two girlfriends, which she does with glee.

This is a very tasty all-girl threesome with plenty of kinky spanking mixed in with the sexy lesbian kissing and dildoing. If you like this it’s well worth checking out all the other hot girl-on-girl action at…

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