Exclusive Education: Girl Spankings

The original all-girl class of the Exclusive Education spanking movie

We’ve just found out that last year’s very popular “Exclusive Education” spanking movie (pictures above and below) on Girl Spanks Girl is being followed up in a few weeks by “Exclusive Education 2”.

The original movie was very long and saw eight naughty schoolgirls* go to the front of the class one-by-one for an OTK spanking by the School Principal (Lana). Every girl acts differently when she is dragged over the knee by a strong woman and these girls are no different. While some of them were quite submissive and took their spanking quietly, others, like the latina girl second from the right on the front row, made a huge fuss and continued to struggle and complain throughout the spanking.

Anastasia Pierce gets a naughty schoolgirl spanking in Exclusive Education

After each girl had her bottom properly warmed by Headmistress Lana’s strong hand the spankings continue as Lana and teacher, Clare Fonda, spank the girls two-at-a-time with the hairbrush. It’s a very hot movie with all the girls ending up with some very sore bottoms by the end. Can’t wait to see the sequel with all new girls on July 21st at Girl Spanks Girl!

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Girl’s Ass Spanked for Being in the Wrong Class

Girl Spanked for Being in the Wrong Class

When this babe starts speaking Spanish at the front of her English class her teacher has had enough! The girl deserves to be punished for not paying attention to where she is and what the time is and her teacher is more than capable of teaching her this hard lesson. Watch the classroom Spanking Movies.

One of the exciting things that makes each spanking movie different is the matchup between the spanker and spankee. In this case the spanker is a sexy and very petite teacher. She’s perfect in this all-girl spanking movie. What she lacks in size she gains in strictness. Pushing the naughty girl over her desk she grabs her hair and starts slapping her poor bottom with a stern hand. After a warm-up over the top of the skirt and white panties its time to pull those panties down as the strict teacher straps her pink cheeks hard and fast with the powerful punishment strap. Seeing the stunning student get her buns beaten by her mean but sexy teacher is quite a sight and the rhythm of the spanking with the strap makes this an incredible spanking movie.

See more of this strict teacher as she chastises her naughty female students at Bad Tushy

Girl Strapped and Paddled over the Sofa

Cute girl Strapped and Paddled over the Sofa

This strapping and paddling gallery is a series of the hottest spanking pictures there is. It is an example of how to capture the drama and emotion in a good spanking and I could look at the photos all day, especially the pics, like the one above, that shows the girls face at the moment of impact with her cute butt in the background. You can tell immediately that this is a HARD spanking, especially as the gorgeous babe is being spanked and strapped over her jeans.

This babe is simply perfect. She has long, curly dirty-blonde hair and reminds me a lot of Jennifer Aniston. She is certainly very hot and must have been very bad to get such a severe spanking on her pretty little behind.

The gallery starts with the spanking and then we focus on the girls beautiful face and her teary eyes as she is told off. Then the spanking continues on her sore, bare bottom with the wooden paddle and we see the aftermath of the girl’s red bubble butt as she tries to recover from her punishment. To see more of this spanking and movies and pictures of many other naughty girls getting punished check out Girls Boarding School!

Spanking Website Review: SIT Spanking / Spank Camp

SIT Spanking OTK slippering

Sit Spanking and Spank Camp are interesting because they come together. Both sites are very varied in terms of content. Both sites are all in English as far as I could tell and in the universal language of spankings both are very good and very mixed.

Sit Spanking tends to be domestic spanking scenes. Girls are often spanked by one or more men and struggle a lot as they are held OTK and their bare bottoms spanked. While I could not understand what they were saying it didn’t matter because with all the videos and photos is a text description of the scene in English. Navigation is simple, all the scenes are linked to from one page, and I liked the fact that they each had a thumbnail so I could see a little of the scene before I clicked.

A bad girl gets caned in Spank Camp

Spank Camp has a detention center feel to all the spankings. Some girls are spanked in the cells, others while playing pool or in one of the many rooms of the Camp. Whereas SIT is more about bare bottom OTK, Camp has some hand spanking but is more about the paddle, strap and cane. The misbehaving girls are rounded up and punished for their naughtiness, often by one or more wardens.

The mix of home spankings / corporal punishment is good and anyone liking one or both will have plenty to see. There are plenty of still photos of the spankings and there’s even cameo appearances from spankees such as Chistina. I liked both sites they are both good quality with regular updates and well-worth a look.

SIT Spanking OTK spanking

The SIT Spanking / Spank Camp combo has some great movies that you won’t find anywhere else and the spankings are all made by spanking-lovers and you can tell in the quality of the scenes. I’m going to give the 2 for 1 deal 7 out of 10!

Busty Asian Kara gets her hardest OTK Spanking

The New Kara gets her First Proper OTK Spanking

I’m very pleased to announce some excellent news today. Unique spanking soap-opera Kara Prepare Yourself is going from strength-to-strength as you can see from these photos. The actress to play the new Kara (Asia Berlin was the original Kara) was voted on by members of the site and Gianna Lynn came through to win. Until recently, Gianna had been spanked in her audition and a few other times on camera but this was her first official spanking in her new role.

The New Kara gets her First Proper OTK Spanking

And what an arrival it is! Naughty Kara is confronted by her ever patient Aunt Gwen in the livingroom when on a hot day she starts to undress right there and then. Aunt Gwen (played by Clare Fonda) is agast that her naughty asian neice has decided to act in such a manner and so has no choice but to drag the busty asian girl over her knee for a hard OTK handspanking on the sofa. It really was a very hot day and Aunt Gwen, in an irritable mood gives the poor Kara a very hard spanking across her knee.

The New Kara gets her First Proper OTK Spanking

To see the ongoing spanking saga of poor Kara and see some of the best asian girls getting spanked join Kara and Aunt Gwen at Kara Prepare Yourself!!

Naughty Girl Spanked for Phonecall in Class

Naughty Girl Spanked for Phonecall in Class

Ms Quinn is a strict lecturer at University. She does not take any nonsense from her students, especially not taking phonecalls in class when they should be studying. Nicole breaks this rule and soon finds the cellphone yanked from her hands and watches in horror as her teacher tells her friend that “Nicole can’t talk any more she’s about to get her bum spanked“.

Already humiliated by the strict teacher Nicole is bent over the desk and her skirt is lifted up so that she can slap her tender, white cheeks. There is a hard spanking in store for the babe who doesn’t take college seriously. When Ms Quinn has had enough of spanking her with her hand she reaches for the strap and slaps the thick strap across her sore ass until she squeals, and even then the punishment is not over for this little minx, the strapping continues, this time over the knee of her powerful, dominant, busty teacher!

Ms Quinn does not take any nonsense from the girl in this movie, which is exactly how it should be. Watch the whole movie and many more school spankings at Bad Tushy!

Old-fashioned mother paddles her daughter

Old-fashioned mother paddles her daughter

There was a time in America where all the women wore long skirts and were well-behaved or they knew to expect a hard spanking. Today, we go back in time to that bygone era and meet a hard-working woman who having lost her husband has brought her daughter up on her own in these hard and unforgiving times. She has tried to raise her daughter well and instill American values into her from an early age, but somehow she has failed because her daughter is now a grown woman and has just been sent home following a spanking for cheating in her teacher’s exam! The mother knows that a lady’s reputation means everything so is understandably outraged at her daughter’s behavior and has no choice but to paddle her on her already sore bottom in these hot spanking movies.

The Schoolmaster’s Revenge” is one of the best spanking movies you’ll ever see. The one case of cheating leads to two girls getting a thorough spanking by the headmaster, then one girl gets an additional spanking by her mother before the mother runs into the headmaster who has lusted after her for many years and finally gets the opportunity to show her that he is a good, firm and strict man as he flips up her petticoat and canes the mother’s bare ass by the open fire.

Watch this spanking movie and many more at Spanking Pay Per View.

Spanking Website Review: Spank Christina

Christina is spanked and paddled OTK in the Office

Spank Christina is the spanking website of curvy, brunette, Christina. Christina is English and is the definition of a girl-next-door, a nice amateur babe. What surprised me was how eager she is to get into a confrontation with the women in her life. Instead of talking her way out of a spanking, Christina shouts back and argues, often making things worse for herself and her naughty bottom.

Like Rosaleen Young, Christina is an uber-brat. Even after she’s been arrested and has spent the night in the cells she’s still got the audacity to demand to go to bed when she gets home in one of my favorite scenes. There’s also the scene where Christina goes shopping with her aunt Edna and is so rude on the way home that she gets her bottom spanked on top of the railway bridge on the way home. Outdoor spankings are great!

Christina and friends all get a good spanking. There are some scenes where Christina is spanked along with another girl, in these scenes Christina takes most of the spanks out of the two girls. There are also scenes with other girls where the spankings tend to not be as hard as the spankings Christina takes. There’s a nice mix, mainly F/F but there’s some M/F and an extremely hot lesbian shower-scene spanking!!!

Naughty Christina is spanked in the Classroom

In terms of quality of video and navigation both are good. The vids are great and you can download them part by part or all at once in the full download. The navigation is an update list with links to the latest updates and then unordered pages of clips with 3 spanking sets on each page. It might have been nicer to have it ordered in some way but I guess it would be hard to put the scenes into sections as there are often multiple positions and implements used in each scene. The overall presentation of the site is very good and makes me feel happy and want to come back.

So, Spank Christina is an excellent spanking site, in English with the main spankee having an English accent. While quite a lot of the scenes do not feature Christina there are plenty of our heroine and all come with stills, multipart downloads and full-downloads. Spankings include OTK, caning, paddling and the strap.

We give Spank Christina 8 out of 10, if the chronological navigation doesn’t bother you then score the site higher.

Taking Shampoo earns Ebony Babe a Juicy Spanking

Naughty ebony babe spanked for stealing shampoo

I love seeing all kinds of girls bend over for a good thrashing but sometimes I get a craving for a good ebony spanking. Today, I’m in one of those moods so I’m glad I found this ebony babe gets spanked movies.

The girl in question has been using her roommates shampoo without permission and her sexy french roomie decides that enough is enough and now is time for payback… on that big, round, chocolate butt. This african-american girl gets her big, brown booty smacked good by the uptight french girl. But what is a sore and painful experience for the hot ebony babe is a joy for us to watch. She sums up everything that is good about ebony chicks, especially when she bends over and displays her big, round ass. I could watch that big, brown butt getting slapped all day long. Very HOT!!!

See the whole of this spanking movie and plenty more conflicts resolved the hard way at Bad Tushy!