New Girl Maggie Nude Spanking

New Girl Maggie Nude Spanking

It’s Maggie’s first day at the Girls Boarding School and already she’s getting into trouble. First she’s late, then she’s not wearing a bra, then she’s caught masturbating and she’s still not wearing a bra … and those are not regulation knickers she’s wearing. Things are not going well for Maggie as you’ll see in this spanking gallery.

Seeing Maggy naked is not unpleasant. She’s a curvy babe with great big boobs. She takes the spanking well which is hand-spanking and strapping, all bending over the sofa, the perfect position for a voluptuous curvy babe. There’s plenty of nudity and telling off in this movie as well as a very red bottom. Check out the full movie only at Girls Boarding School.

Girls Boarding School

Bad Teacher gets Spanked and Demoted

Bad Teacher gets Spanked and Demoted

When a British gym mistress gets caught picking on one of her pretty students it’s time for the Head Mistress of the Girl’s School to start the spankings and first of all she demotes the teacher to the level of her girls and makes her put on a gym uniform in these disciplinary spanking movies.

I like the way the students and the school nurse help the Headmistress out in the punishment. It’s a nice classroom scenario and a good english discipline. See the full scene at Pure Spanking.

Spanking Paris OTK

A hot blonde babe who looks like Paris Hilton gets spanked

She’s not really Paris Hilton but sexy Staci Thorn looks very like the famous heiress and she’s one of EIGHT girls who get spanked by three strict women in “Exclusive Education 2” that gets added to Girl Spanks Girl today!

Just imagine if instead of being sent to jail, Paris had been sent to a special institution where her behavior was altered by other means: spanking. In fact, there would be no better medicine for a spoilt brat that a good OTK spanking on public television. While it may not be public television this is the next best thing and would be an example for all the girls who want to be like the hot bratty blonde.

The naughty blonde babe is spanked at the front of the classroom, along with the other girls in detention, by strict Clare Fonda, hard-spanking Lana and busty Kayla Synz in the hottest girl-girl OTK scene of the year. The first part of this amazing spanking scene gets added to Girl Spanks Girl today!

Interracial Lesbian Spanking

Interracial Lesbian Spanking

The story behind these OTK spanking movies is that the ebony girl has turned up at a house where there is going to be a party with lots of show biz people, she’s just going to be serving drinks but she has aspirations to be a famous singer. The hostess of the party, a tall blonde lady, tells her that the people who will be arriving later like to give the waitresses a spanking so if she wants to please them and get a recording contract she’ll have to take a spanking that night. In addition, the hostess is a little unsure the girl will take her spanking properly in front of her guests so she insists on giving her a practice OTK session.

This is a really nice girl-girl spanking scene. The ebony chick has a great body with a nice big, round ass and she gets it well warmed by the white woman. I’m imagining the scene later that day at the party with her wearing a little french maid’s outfit and bending over for more of the same. Sounds hot!!

See this scene and plenty more full-length spanking DVDs at Calstar Spanking.

Exam Cheating earns a Hard Ass Spanking

Exam Cheating earns a Hard Ass Spanking for naughty girl

Ms Quinn is a strict teacher. Her strictness is only equalled by her sexy big boobs. When this sexy, busty redheaded teacher sees bad behaviour in HER classroom it is time for the spankings to begin. This time a naughty blonde girl has been caught writing the answers to the exam questions on her hand. This is cheating!! See how she is punished in these classroom spanking movies.

I have always been a fan of Kayla Quinn and her new role of being a sexy spanking MILF is her hottest yet. She ignores the naughty girl’s cries and yelps and spanks her pale buttocks hard with the large, leather paddle. Seeing a sexy girl getting spanked is nice but seeing a beautiful spanker and a beautiful spankee can make the temperature rise off the scale. Especially when the strict teacher spanks as hard as Ms Quinn does.

For a whole load of very busty teachers spanking naughty girls in the classroom check out Bad Tushy!!

Busty Big-Bottomed Paddling

Busty, big-bottomed babe is paddled for lateness

There are many ways to spank you lovely submissive girl. When this busty redhead is late the man lifts up her skirt and slides her across his knee in a cheerful manner and starts to spank her round ass, see these OTK paddling movies.

It’s nicely intimate in the bedroom. The busty woman’s blue knickers are soon squeezed between her ass cheeks and then removed so that the paddle and strap are striking her bare bottom. I like seeing this lady’s big boobs as they hang down when she’s on all fours with her big, red ass sticking out behind her. I also like the refreshingly relaxed tone of the movies and the way the girl’s underwear matches the guy’s robe.

See the full scene and many more lovely ladies getting their bottoms reddened at Pure Spankings.

Girl Spanked for not returning Clean Panties

Girl Spanked for not returning Clean Panties

Borrowing another girl’s panties and not bringing them back washed is a spankable offence. If it wasn’t before this girl has just added the rule to the rulebook when she confronts her roommate in the kitchen. How dare she borrow panties and not wash them afterwards. Her friend is furious, especially as she’s taking so much care in washing the dishes. Why could she not have washed them when she was finished with them?

To show her roomie how mad she is the girl bends her over the kitchen counter and starts slapping her butt. When the skirt starts to get in the way she first lifts it up and spanks underneath it, then tired of fiddling about, she whisks it off in one swift movement. While the girl is very apologetic it does not satisfy anyone. The apologies roll off her tongue a little too easily and it seems as if she’ll say anything to avoid a spanking. But just like the panties are unwashed, that behavior is not going to wash either and her girlfriend continues to lecture her on the rights and wrongs of what she has done… while still spanking her bottom.

As you can see from the photo, above, the spanking really hots up when those lacy red panties are pulled down and her red ass gets even redder. See the sample movies and watch all the full-length movies at Bad Tushy!

Exclusive Education 2 Preview

New Spanking Movie Exclusive Education 2 screenshot

The sequel to all-girl spanking movie “Exclusive Education” is coming soon to Girl Spanks Girl and here’s a sneak preview. The class of 2007 looks as good, if not better than the girls in the original movie and there is an extra spanker to discipline the girls*, Kayla Synz. The rollcall this time round is Staci Thorn (Paris Hilton look-a-like), Angelica Black (sweet-looking ebony babe), Addie Juniper (slender redhead), Amber “Pixie” Wells (famous spanking model), Kay Richards (one of my personal favorite girls), Rosario Stone (nice-looking brunette), Kaiya Lynn (cute asian babe) and Reagan Maddox (hot nerdy babe with flame red hair). Just from these short descriptions it sounds like an amazing scene. The girls I’m really looking forward to seeing over the knee are Staci Thorn the amazing, tall blonde with amazing boobs who looks exactly like Paris Hilton, redheaded Addie Juniper and adorable, asian Kaiya Lynn (below). But there is so much to look forward to including Pixie and Kay Richards… readers of this blog will know my feelings about Kay!!

Cute asian babe Kaiya Lynn gets an OTK spanking

I’m also really looking forward to the movie because of the spankers. Clare Fonda needs no introduction she has been in some of the hottest movies ever made as either a spanker, spankee or both. Lana is a very powerful African-American woman who spanks very hard and does not take any nonsense, she’s a relentless spanker and gets the most out of the girls’ bottoms. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing Kayla Synz spank some naughty schoolgirls, she’s an attractive lady and if she spanks half as hard as Lana this movie will be electric!!

See this hot new all-girl spankfest at Girl Spanks Girl from July 21st and the original “Exclusive Education” is one of the movies you can download straight away.

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Spanking Pizza Delivery Girl Hard OTK

Pizza Delivery Girl Spanked OTK

As the name of this blog suggests, I like girls with attitude getting spanked. I like cheeky, smart-ass girls talking back and talking themselves into a harder and harder spanking. This girl with attitude gets spanked because the pizza she’s delivering is wrong, late and cold. So her “couldn’t care less” expression in the above picture soon turns into a “ooowwww this really hurts” as she is given a very hard OTK hand spanking, below…

Pizza Delivery Girl Spanked OTK

I love seeing this smoking hot babe with plenty of sexy attitude get a good bottom spanking, you can tell from the photos that it’s a hard, lively spanking and I particularly enjoyed seeing her hand held behind her back. Watch the movie at Girls Boarding School!!

Girls Boarding School