Punished for no homework

Punished for no homework

Mrs Pierce is another busty Bad Tushy teacher and one unlucky student has demonstrated to her that she has not done her homework, it looks like the naughty girl is in for some strict corporal discipline in these spanking movies!

The naughty senior girl is spanked with a yardstick and then is shocked to feel the strict teacher yanking the belt out of her slutty skirt. “What are you doing with my belt?” she gasps. But the girl already knows the answer and is given extra beatings with her own belt on her tight, round butt. When she tries to protect her rear it does her no good as the teacher continues to spank her hands and the hands quickly move out of the way.

She is a bad babe but her ass is smoking hot. The temperature rises when the flustered girl is then dragged across her teacher’s knee, her skirt raised and those blue panties are pulled down. Her blushes compliment her reddening bottom but there is no time for pride in this humiliating punishment. “You WILL learn in MY class!” yells the teacher as she grabs the girl’s pigtails, making her face the class, and smacks her bottom hard.

The struggling blonde babe’s pert breasts have popped out of her top. What could be more humiliating for a naughty girl than getting a bare bottom spanking with tears running down her face, breasts on display with her friends watching her and being forced to look at them the whole time?

Mrs Pierce is a strict lady! Knee-high black boots and a smart black dress suit give this teacher a very dominant look, especially with her hair scraped back in a bun. But this teacher is definitely kinky. Like most of the Bad Tushy Teachers she is bra-less. With the naughty student over her knee she wasn’t concerned with anything but disciplinging the girl and so her own big boobs have been almost flashing at the other students as she spanks at the front of the class…

See this fast-paced, full-blooded school spanking movie and find out if any other girls have been naughty today at Bad Tushy!

Sales rep asks for her Spanking

Sales rep asks for her spanking


When a female member of the sales team performs badly and gets worse results than even the newer members of the team she decides to ask for a spanking from her boss. See the results in these spanked at work movies.

This babe seems to enjoy geting her bare bum cheeks spanked and soon the temperature has risen to a point where she is jerking her boss off while he slaps her naughty bum. While she starts of counting the swats now she thanks him for each spank and even asks for him to hit her bottom harder. A nice spanking and sex movie.. looks like their employer/employee relationship may change from now on 😉

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Spanking and Strapping for Lateness

Spanking and strapping for lateness

At the Bad Tushy Girls’ School strict and busty teachers give valuable lessons to naughty and disrespectful girls*. This naughty girl, Cassie, is late for class… AGAIN! Her voluptuous teacher has had enough, if she isn’t on time to learn her school subjects she’ll have to learn another lesson… see it in this classroom spanking movie gallery.

This tardy babe gets a good lecturing as she’s over her teachers knee getting her ass spanked and strapped by the beautiful, strict teacher. Her teacher does not look that strict to begin with and I’m sure she can be very friendly and easy-going… but misbehave and break the rules and she turns into every schoolgirl’s worst nightmare. Imagine parents evening with this sexy teacher, looking as sexy as she does with those big tits she will be popular with the Dads. I like her a lot and seeing her punish rude and provocative senior girls is always a one-sided and extremely worthwhile.

Bad Tushy is an All-American spanking site that uses good ol’ fashioned English Discipline. All the female spankers are curvy, busty and strict. All the naughty babes are cute with round, little bubble butts and get them smacked red.

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Spanking News: Hot Updates at Bad Tushy

A recent Update at Bad Tushy

Things are changing at Bad Tushy! I have always liked their spanking site, they have some nice updates and the girls getting spanking are always very cute and now they have ramped up the quality with some very high movies and photos.

The spankings at Bad Tushy are M/F and F/F. They have spankings in a classroom, in prison, in the living room and in the bedroom. The movies are nice and big, clear and very high quality, especially if you like hard spankings and paddlings.

Spanking fans will know that there are different types of spankings. There are pretend spankings and real spankings.. in the movies I’ve seen at Bad Tushy they are all very real. When the babes get whacked with those big, wooden paddles you cannot fake the redness that appears in their tender butt cheeks. Very hot indeed. I also liked the story and banter as the rebellious girls get scolded, told off and dressed down throughout their punishments.

Take a look at the All-New Bad Tushy Tour!

Clare Fonda spanks Kay Richards hard OTK

Clare Fonda spanks Kay Richards hard OTK

This spanking photo from Spanked Sweeties has it all! It shows why Kay is one of my favorite spankees as she gets a good OTK spanking from the strict Clare Fonda.

Kay Richards is hot and the scenes she’s in are electric. I especially like the spanking movies she has done with Madison Young. There is one particular movie I’m thinking of where Madison is spanking Kay for not returning phone calls. It’s a hot scene and Kay is told to count the spanking but when she forgets which number she’s got up to the spanking has to start over again.

Anyway, back to today’s photo, its a hot picture of Kay getting a well-deserved spanking and has all the elements I like to see:

  • Stern spanker;
  • Spanked girl with an anguished face;
  • Nice position of the girl, in this case OTK;
  • Nice, red ass;
  • Spanking implements at hand for later.

Both ladies’ expressions are priceless and you can almost imagine the smack of Clare’s hard hand on Kay’s reddening ass cheeks. The one thing we can’t really see is Kay’s gorgeous bottom, but you get to see plenty of that in the movie, as well as her wriggling and struggling over Clare’s knee. Kay is always good value when she’s being spanked, she can be bratty, mischievous and rebellious, almost inciting the spanker to make her ass even sorer!

You can watch the whole of this spanking movie as well as tons of other sizzling hot spanking movies with Kay and other girls like Amber Peach, Madison Young and Ashley Fires at Spanked Sweeties!

Severe spanking of two babes in Tandem

Severe spanking of two babes

This is one of the most severe and best spanking movie galleries I’ve seen all day. When these two babes are naughty they do not get the usual OTK spanking. Oh no. These two girls start off with a touch-your-toes spanking, then their punishment gets harder and more inventive in these VERY HARD spanking movies.

After the hand-spanking over their panties the two girls get their hands smacked with a leather paddle. The paddle hits their hands and brings tears to their eyes. They must think that after the spanking and paddling they’ll have finished but as they get their hands slapped the canes and carpet beater arrives. Holding on to each other with their sore hands the girls are spanked alternately with the carpet beater. seeing them each yelp in turn is very hot as their bottoms are now extremely red from their punishments. But in this scene they save the best for last…

The two naked girls bend over on the floor as their two spankers circle them and find out which implements get the best results from their naughty bottoms. The girl on top has a nice pair of breasts that hang down and rest on her friend’s back until she gets a hard smack with the wooden spoon and jumps up for a second, but the spanking doesn’t stop and her friend is getting spanked with the paddle at the same time as she is. Two spankers working in tandem on these two beautiful babes. Very very hot ass spanking!!!

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Stable Girls get a Proper Thrashing

Stable Girls get a Proper Thrashing

When two women apply for a job looking after horses in an English Stable they did not imagine what the interview would consist of, as you can see in these spanking movies, the two women ended up getting a lot more than they bargained for.

Their new English Boss is a country lady. She is as fit and strong from working with the horses as she is proper and strict. She knows that if they do their job to the very best level she must make sure they both have a high standard of discipline. After all, and girl who uses the riding crop in her work must expect to have her knickers pulled down for a good thrashing whenever she’s naughty – that’s the rule of the countryside!

Both women are fit and hard working but this strict stable-owner is about to find out how much they both want to work for her.

The first girl has long, blonde hair and a nice body with curvy hips. She bends over the knee and gets her lovely buttocks slapped pink by the strict Lady. Her colleague, also blonde with much shorter hair and a smaller, tighter butt, gets the same treatment on her pale bottom. Stage two of their English Punishment is a good spanking with the leather paddle. The two girl’s asses soon turn a rosy red color from the firm paddling and their strict Boss examines her work, admiringly. Lastly, the girls, now only wearing their bras for protection, are bent over and caned. The first stroke makes the slim girl with the tight butt jump up and rub her bottom but that only delays the next stroke for a second and her ass is soon striped with red welts from the stinging cane.

Now that both girls have sore, red asses they can start work and go for a gallop in the paddock. Bumping up and down on those leather saddles will finish the Lady’s work for her as the girls’ sore bottoms will remind them not to overuse the riding crop or they’ll be in the house for another thrashing.

See the full spanking, paddling and caning movie at California Star Spanking!

Hot Asian Spanking Movies

Asian girl bends over for strict spanking on the sofa

It’s a sunny day in California. The sun is high in the sky. It’s a beautiful afternoon. Everything is peaceful and tranquil but behind closed doors the hot sun is shining through the window on a naked asian bottom as strict Clare Fonda spanks it.

It’s not just asian girls who get a good spanking in Kara Prepare Yourself but there are plenty of asian butts that get bared and spanked with Gianna Lynn, Asia Berlin, Mika Tan and Lyla Lei all among the spanking girls here.

The lead role of Kara used to be played by amazingly hot spanking model Asia Berlin, but now there is a new Kara played by sexy Gianna Lynn. Look forward to seeing her sexy asian ass get plenty of spankings over the coming weeks and months!

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OTK Strapping for Note Passing Girl

OTK Strapping for Note Passing Girl

We love bratty babes getting what they deserve. In this strapping movie gallery a girl who has disrupted the class by note passing gets found out and her teacher is in no mood to let her get off without a good punishment. Right from the start the sexy big bosomed teacher slaps her naughty rear with a large strap, first over the skirt, then over pink panties, then on the bare ass, then she’s taken over the knee for a delicious OTK strapping.

This movie is everything a spanking movie should be! It’s hard discipline. The teacher does not mess about, each hard smack of the strap counts, especially when her round tushy has been bared. The cute blonde girl with the round butt soon gets those tender cheeks spanked red by her bra-less teacher whose big breasts are just about contained by her sexy red dress.

It’s a very hot F/F spanking movie, watch the full scene and plenty more nice spanking vids at Bad Tushy