Taking Shampoo earns Ebony Babe a Juicy Spanking

Naughty ebony babe spanked for stealing shampoo

I love seeing all kinds of girls bend over for a good thrashing but sometimes I get a craving for a good ebony spanking. Today, I’m in one of those moods so I’m glad I found this ebony babe gets spanked movies.

The girl in question has been using her roommates shampoo without permission and her sexy french roomie decides that enough is enough and now is time for payback… on that big, round, chocolate butt. This african-american girl gets her big, brown booty smacked good by the uptight french girl. But what is a sore and painful experience for the hot ebony babe is a joy for us to watch. She sums up everything that is good about ebony chicks, especially when she bends over and displays her big, round ass. I could watch that big, brown butt getting slapped all day long. Very HOT!!!

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Kayla Synz spanks naughty Anastasia Pierce OTK

Kayla Synz spanks naughty Anastasia Pierce OTK

Sometimes naughty girls just have to be spanked, no matter what they’re wearing… it just so happens that Anastasia Pierce is perfectly dressed for a spanking because she’s in easy-to-pull-down pyjamas. And thats just what happens because Anastasia is too naughty and used to being spanked so she has to be spanked on the bare to make her punishment truly effective. Kayla spanks her naughty butt expertly and hard. Anastasia is a loud spankee, she protests and screams when she’s getting her butt whacked. The harder the spanking the louder she is. Unfortunately you can’t hear the smacks or yells from a photo but the movie is exclusive to our favorite F/F spanking site: Girl Spanks Girl!

OTK hand-spanking for Sexy Girls

Sexy redhead Vixen takes Darling OTK for a hand-spanking

When two gorgeous babes have an argument over a dildo that ends up in a delicious hand-spanking. As you can see in the above photo, fiery redhead, Vixen, has the blonde Darling over her knee in the smoking hot Girl Spanks Girl website.

Darling’s face as she is yanked over her friend’s knee is priceless, its a kind of shock, surprise and disgust. Vixen, on the other hand, is focused sternly on the spanking at hand, a delicate hand in the center of the back to steady herself and keep the naughty girl still and her other hand is free to spank her naughty bare bottom.

Vixen is smoking hot, she has a cute face and lovely red hair and I just like her a lot. She’s normally the one to be facing the floor with her bottom in the air but this time she shows that she can be a strict spanker too but do not fear, the girls in this site usually get their bums spanked.. and Vixen is no exception is this scintillating spanking scene. Both cute girls get their bums spanked rosy red in their underwear. Their panties are yanked down and their lovely, creamy ass cheeks are spanked hard til they turn bright red.

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Naughty schoolgirls spanked and caned

Naughty schoolgirls spanked and caned

Miss Kelly and Miss Daisa are American teachers who have been invited to London to help out the Headmaster of a Girls’ Academy. When two English girls misbehave they waste no time in bringing them to the front for a severe schoolgirl spanking. First of all the two ladies take each girl, one-by-one, over her lap for a sound hand spanking, first on the white panties, then bare bottom, then with the stinging tawse. The two teachers take turns in teaching the students a lesson OTK in non-stop spanking action.

After all this it looks like the two strict teachers need to discipline the girls some more… “Each one still has an attitude and it is decided they need to be brought to tears. So they both get a severe paddling on their bare-bottoms. They cry so hard they lose their breath.” But that is not all, to finish off the punishment the two girls are bent over the desk and caned one-by-one on their sore, red bottoms, making them count each stroke aloud.

The highlight of these spankings for me was the busty brunette teacher in the tight, red top, black miniskirt and knee-high boots, she manages to look slutty and sexy while spanking the two girls very hard, especially with the large, wooden paddle. With both girls bent over the desk baring their naked bottoms she swings back the paddle, showing us her lovely bosom, then in an instant smacks the paddle across the girls sore ass, following through so as to cause maximum effect. Hot hot hot!!! Stream or download the full spanking movie, “American Substitute in London” from Spanking Pay Per View!

Spanked on the bed for calling her girlfriend’s man

Spanked on the bed for calling her girlfriend's man

This gallery is not the hardest spanking in the world but its a cute girl girl spanking movie.

When two roommates are chilling on a bed the one girl finds out that the other has been calling her boyfriend behind her back. She is furious that her friend has been making secret phonecalls to her boyfriend so decides to flip her over and give her pretty ass a spanking. The naughty spankee wails continuously throughout the spanking and could definitely do with having something in her mouth to quieten her down a bit but its a good spanking.

Both girls are smoking hot, I especially like the girl doing the spanking. While she’s kneeling on the bed dishing out smacks to her friend’s ass her tight denim miniskirt rides up her thighs and you can clearly see her white, cotton panties. Very nice indeed.

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Strict Lady spanks a naughty Employee

I like hard OTK spanking and I like girl/girl spanking. In this OTK spanking movie at Spanking Pay Per View I get all this plus I also get to see the strict employer spank her naughty employee in one of the most no-nonsense and direct ways I’ve ever seen.

Something that a woman has that men don’t really have when spanking is the ability to spank hard and fast even though the girl may be squealing, yelling or crying. If you want to know what I mean you really have to see this scene… It’s been a long, hard and fast spanking and the big, fat woman decides to take a break for a while. She pushes a finger into the girl’s sore, red bottom and when she removes her finger she watches as the skin changes from white back to red. It has been a good spanking and it looks like the punishment is over because the girl has tears pouring down her face and the employer has lightened her tone a little and says she has a “nicely, well-spanked girl”… but at that moment the calmness lifts as the hairbrush starts spanking her sore bottom again and fresh tears appear in the girl’s eyes.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is probably one of my favorite scenes, it’s a real spanking caught on film and the hardness of the smacks is plain to see and the stern words delivered throughout the spanking give the naughty babe much to think about. Watch and download the full movie, “Naughty Employee” at Spanking Pay Per View.

Naughty Girl Spanked for Stealing

Naughty Girl Spanked for Stealing

Anyone who’s ever had anything stolen would love to catch the thief in the act, unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often but in this spanking movie a cute, busty girl gets her revenge on the girl who she’s just found going through her purse.

The woman is outraged at such a violation in her own home and immediately bends the girl over and starts smacking her bottom. The girl has no excuse and has no option but to take her punishment, but what she might have thought would be a few gentle slaps over her denim skirt, turns into a hard spanking on her bare ass as the busty housewife takes her revenge on the poor girl’s butt. This is a very energetic spanking, the furious owner of the purse is slightly chubby and her big boobs hang down enticingly as she leans over to spank the naughty girl. Girl on girl spanking at its finest!!

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Spanking Models: Mistress Gemini

Mistress Gemini spanks two errant girls

Mistress Gemini is fearsome! Far from being a submissive, little spanking model, she is a petite but extremely strict spanker of young ladies. The photo above comes from a spanking movie on Spanking Pay Per View where she teaches two naughty college students, Gia and Regency, some hard discipline.

Gemini is a quite short and petite redhead but you do not know what you’re dealing with until you’ve met her in person. I had the pleasure to catch Mistress Gemini at a party last year. She was wearing a white latex dress and seemed to tower above everyone in her massive heels with her hair scraped up on top of her head. I’d say every bit as striking in real life as she is on film.

In this scene from “Rich Little Bitches” she’s looking more demure as a college teacher but when the two girls misbehave on her watch its time to teach them both a painful lesson. Skillfully she grabs one girl by the ear and pulls out a chair with the other hand. She gently places her bottom on the straight-backed chair and pulls the girl over her lap. We haven’t even begun the spanking yet and the scene is smoking hot already. The first girl to be spanked is dressed in a similar way to Gemini but there is one major difference: attitude! As she pulls her over the knee you almost feel like Gemini can see herself in the girl but seeing these bad habits makes her want to be even stricter and make sure the habits disappear with her bad attitude.

Mistress Gemini spanks a naughty girl

The resulting spanks more than live up to their billing. Mistress Gemini is a HARD spanker!!! Whether she is spanking the girls OTK on their white, cotton panties or is strapping their bare bottoms with a tawse each stroke is full-force and has the two ladies yelping. The OTK punishments are very hot, but its the paddling later that proves that Gemini is an expert spanker, as she spanks their bare bottoms with the small, wooden paddle the swat of the hard strokes echo round the room and she reminds them both that she still has the cane waiting for them.

In this scene Gemini brings everything I want from a girl on girl spanking scene: femininity and hard spanking. To stream or download the whole of this DVD in large, full-screen size and many more spanking movies go to Spanking Pay Per View

Spanking Website Review: Bad Females

Blonde babe fondled OTK during her spanking

Bad Females has some nice sets but I have to warn you right off it’s mainly a photo site so you should enjoy seeing photos of spankings. If this is you then there are also some vids to get into but the photosets far outnumber the vids.

The theme of Bad Females is that it’s mainly M/F. The guys tend to be reasonably old and the girls tend to be in their early twenties although this is not always the case. So the general concept is that an old guy gets to discipline a younger babe. There is often wriggling involved and as the girl is stripped down he often fondles her sexy body and tender boobs, as above, or it even gets more sexy when the girl has her round bottom bared and he slides a finger or two into her pussy.

All-girl hard spanking

As the site is all about the photos they tend to be very good quality, some of the spankings don’t seem that hard but if you don’t need to see the girl’s ass get red the positions are great and all the girls are super hot. I liked this photo, for example…

Uncle Jesse spanks a sexy girl OTK

Bad Females is a cute site and has some nice spanking pics, with some vids thrown in for good measure. I give the Bad Females 7 out of 10.

Spanked for Cheating in Class Movies

Spanked for Cheating in Class Movies

This strict teacher (Ms Lexi Bardot) feels she has a moral obligation towards one blonde student who has not done her homework again and has had to cheat. Ms Bardot suggests to the girl that if she hadn’t been sucking cock she could have done the classwork herself and to help her learn this lesson the blonde is spanked over the teacher’s desk in these movies.

There are some nice touches by stern and bossy Ms Bardot. To start with she feels that her naughty student is talking back a little too much so she puts a pencil in her mouth to keep her quiet (it seems the girl likes having things put in her mouth 😉 ).

It’s a great lesbian spanking movie. Ms Bardot is very strict and spanks hard. See the full movie and plenty of other sexy teachers spanking and caning their naughty female students at Bad Tushy!