Painful Reunion Spanking

Sexy asian babe goes back to visit her former teacher and is told off again with a good old-fashioned spanking with the wooden spoon as her punishment

After we leave school or college we often have strong feelings for the institution and teachers who have taught us every day and given us the gift of knowledge. However, this foxy asian chick found out that reunions can be painful, especially when her former teacher finds that her bad habits have not improved since she graduated. The sexy japanese babe is told off for not paying attention and daydreaming, the same as she was told off in class. The punishment is also the same as her teacher has no patience for a girl of hers staring into space, after all, this behavior reflects badly on her as the teacher.

The dreamy ex-student is brought back into the real world with a snap. And there is more reviving to do as her strict teacher yanks down her cotton panties and slaps her bubble butt with a firm, hard hand. The hand spanking gets her sexy bottom a bright pink color but her teacher has not finished yet. Her former pupil should really know better by now so to help her remember she brings out a long wooden spoon with big round end to spank the naughty girl’s ass with.

This is a great old-fashioned punishment spanking, the hot asian babe’s ass gets very hot and sore as her beautiful round globes are spanked in a beautiful setting.

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Spanking Underwear: Spanked Sweeties

Madison Yound gets spanked OTK with her lacy panties around her knees

I’ve been thinking recently about the underwear a naughty girl is wearing when she is spanked. Do girls tend to be better behaved in certain types of panties? How about if they’re not wearing panties at all? Not wearing panties is cause for a spanking in itself!

The girls of Spanked Sweeties are spanked in the domestic home environment, they are nice girls who go to a nice school but whose behavior and attitude often gets them in trouble.

In the photo above, Madison Young is being sternly spanked by Clare Fonda. I can see 3 things from this one spanking photo.

Firstly, Madison is very neatly dressed, she’s wearing some gorgeous, lacy panties that have been pulled down and are around her knees. It’s possible that today’s spanking is just another spanking for Madison but those panties suggest that it is a special occasion.

Secondly, Madison’s face shows obvious discomfort and it is not the look of a girl who is about to stand up. Madison is only part way in to her hand spanking. Her wince shows that she is expecting some hard smacks to her pretty butt.

Thirdly, Madison is being spanked in her bedroom. Perhaps there are guests in the house and Madison has been brought upstairs so as not to disturb dinner. Maybe she is being spanked instead of eating with the others as a punishment for her naughty behaviour.

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Topless Paddle Spanking for wearing a colored bra

Kailee spanked topless for wearing the wrong color bra

The rules in the Girl’s Boarding School are followed to the letter by the strict teachers. When a young lady breaks a rule she is punished, no matter how small or trivial the rule may seem. Christine (AKA Kailee) finds this out when she is doing her homework under her tutor’s watchful eye. Her tutor notices that there seems to be something under her school shirt, so he makes Christine unbutton her shirt for him, this reveals a non-regulation bra.

Christine is not impressed with this particular school rule and so cannot see what the problem is but her teacher knows that if he lets the naughty girl get away with breaking this rule she’ll be walking all over him next. There is only one thing for it, he instructs her to take off her shirt and remove the offending bra. Shirtless and braless, Christine is now topless with her pert teen breasts on display to her teacher. If the embarrassment of her teacher seeing her bare breasts wasn’t enough of a punishment, Christine will soon realize what is. He makes her bend over the table and he smacks her big ass over her regulation black trousers with a thick wooden paddle.

The first swat from the paddle is always a shock, even over trousers, and it lets the naughty girl know exactly what she has let herself in for. The subsequent spanks are less of a surprise but more painful as the pain from each blow makes tears well up in the naughty girl’s eyes. After a good many smacks of the paddle tearful Christine starts to sob freely as her tail continues to be smacked with the hard paddle.

When he believes she has had enough her teacher stops and asks Christine to remove her trousers. It’s often hard to know how effective a spanking has been when you can’t see the redness of the girl’s backside. It is a skilled spanker who knows how much to punish each girl for each offence, especially through trousers, and this teacher is one of the best. Christine’s bare rear proves that she has had just enough spanking to leave her ass red and very sore… and now she has the added humiliation of being fully naked in front of her teacher!

To finish the punishment he makes her face him with her hands on her head as he lectures her about her uniform. He talks about her choice of bra whilst she displays her bare breasts for his eyes to browse at will. Her blushes are almost as red as her bottom. Finally, she is told to turn around and face the wall and cool off with some cornertime, bright red ass on display for the world to see.

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Spanked OTK for smoking and drinking (movies)

Spanked OTK for smoking and drinking

Here is another set of vocal spanking clips – this girl gets lectured all the time as she’s spanked for drinking and smoking! Again, the interaction between the teacher and naughty student is great as the strict teacher lectures and asks questions to the girl over his knee. When the flustered girl gets her words mixed up or answers vaguely, there is only one answer and that is a further spanking.

This particular spanking is in two parts. The first part sees her get spanked clothed but with her panties pulled down, skirt flipped onto her back and bottom bared. By itself it is a nice hard OTK session. But then comes part two… the naughty girl has not only showed no improvement in her behaviour, she has acted directly against the spanking she has just received. The teacher decides that the only way this naughty lady will learn how to behave is with a fully naked OTK. With nothing for protection, not even shoes or socks, the punishment continues in the same place as it left off, only this time we see the naked girl squirming around, red, sore ass getting a mouth-watering spanking by the expert teacher.

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Naughty blonde gets bare ass OTK for smoking

Naughty blonde babe caught smoking in bathroom and gets her bare ass smacked

In contrast to yesterday’s vocal strapping of a naughty drunk girl, today’s spanking clips have no talking in them what-so-ever.

What has happened is that a naughty blonde at the Girl’s Boarding School has decided to break school rules by smuggling cigarettes into the school. She knows that she has to be careful when smoking them, she couldn’t smoke in her bedroom and outside is too dangerous so the only place is the bathroom. At a quiet time of day she sneaks into the bathroom, sits on the toilet and lights up. A few puffs into her cigarette she hears footsteps – someone has smelled the smoke and is investigating. Damn! Quickly she drops the cigarette in the toilet and tries to look innocent. When a tutor comes in and smells the strong tobacco smell he immediately confronts the guilty girl. She denies everything but her guilt is obvious. The teacher just needs a little more proof and he finds it with the cigarette floating in the toilet bowl. This blonde cutie has been found out!

What happens next is beautiful in its poetry and simplicity. The disobedient girl already has her panties down from pretending to pee in the toilet, she is simply flipped over the tutor’s knee and the slapping of her pretty bottom begins.

For this punishment both student and teacher know exactly what the spanking is for and the teacher decides that no other words are necessary and lets his hand do the talking as he smacks the hottie’s bare bottom. He holds her firmly with his left arm while swinging his right hand at her tender ass cheeks. Each smack is full force and stings her tail. The rhythm as steady but as her bare bottom OTK continues the speed and intensity of the spanks increases as her ass gets sorer and sorer.

Another pupil walking down the corridor might hear a sound and press her ear to the door of the bathroom. The only sound she would hear would be a steady slap slap slapping and a whimpering as the tearful girl sobs from the spanking. It would probably make that girl remember her own last spanking.. her pussy might even moisten thinking about it.

You can tell that this spanking, whilst just being a hand spanking, is still very hard. Look at her soft, white ass as the firm hand smacks into it. That momentary distortion is a true sign of a good honest spanking.

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Naughty Lisa given the belt on her bare ass

Naughty Lisa gets caught drinking wine and is given the belt on her bare ass

This multi-part spanking movie is awesome! Check out the four sample spanking clips here.

It’s great because…

  • The spanked girl, Lisa, is a babe with a great body and an awesome ass.
  • Lisa is wearing these tight, light blue hot pants which are literally aching to be spanked and pulled down.
  • The guy spanking her with the belt does a great job at spanking Lisa hard for her naughtiness.
  • Before, during and after the spanking Lisa is continually scolded. This makes the spanking that much hotter, especially when she has to be told off for turning round and mis-counts the number of the spankings.

There are beautiful moments in the brief spanking clips when the tutor asks the girl to “stay in position” and pull down her shorts. It’s a little hard for Lisa to do this as the position she’s in is bent across a chair, but she eventually uses both hands to push her tight shorts down below her ass cheeks. She’s wearing a tiny thong under the shorts and she’s told to pull them down aswell. When she resumes the count she skips the number nine and says that the next stroke will be number ten. The teacher questions her and she replies that she is sure… the next thing you see is the strict teacher take aim and let fly with an extra hard swat to her cute round ass that makes her react by jerking her head up instantly. Something tells me Lisa will get her math right eventually…

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Busty bare-breasted Spankings

Busty bare-breasted Spankings: Paddlings and Strappings

Today’s spanking gallery is a mixed gallery of three different hard spankings.

The first spanking is a hard paddling with the wooden punishment board on the bare. The cute redhead with curly hair bends over, leaning on a chair for support. The babe, Dana’s jeans are down, around her knees and her bottom is bared and defenseless against the hard wooden paddle. She gets a lot of hard swats on her sore bubble butt then signs the paddle afterwards to prove that it really did happen.

Next, a slender brunette is severely scolded before her jeans are pulled down for a dose of the belt, folded into two for extra force on impact, and the sturdy wooden hairbrush. Again, the hard paddling results in a very sore and colorful bottom for the cutie who has to cool off in some corner time.

Finally, we have a busty teen with a very nice body, having her T-shirt raised above her breasts so that she has the humiliation of being bare-breasted as Lady D spanks her cute bottom with the heavy leather strap. Lady D swings that strap expertly, striking the seat of the babe’s jeans. This time our spanked cutie is spared having her bottom bared until after her spankings when her jeans are pulled down so that Lady D can examine her sore bottom.

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Jessica gets the Punishment Board

Jessica gets a Punishment Board paddling

If you ever wanted to see what a really hard paddling with a punishment board looks like then you should check out the photos in this paddling gallery!

This is corporal punishment of a young lady at it’s hardest. Jessica will be sore in the morning and for a while to come after a stern paddling from strict prefect Betty. You can see that Betty really lays into her, it’s kinda like the prefect has been paddled so much herself she can’t wait to get some authority and start making girl’s bottoms sore. Like revenge for all her own paddlings.

Knowing why Betty is so strict does not help our heroine, poor Jessica, as that large wooden board makes her pretty ass cheeks sorer and redder than ever. Her pert, round ass is very red, her panties are pulled down, ass beared and, for added humiliation, we can all see her pretty shaven pussy through her slim teen legs.

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Tiffany Jones in Little Red Apples

Two naughty ladies steal apples in tennis outfits in Little Red Apples

Another spanking heroine is Tiffany Jones. While it seems that some spanking girls start off on the web and do some spanking DVDs afterwards, everything (or most) of what I have seen of Tiffany has been on DVD.

In “Little Red Apples” the naughty blonde, above, is put up to steal some apples from the farmer by Tiffany. When the blonde, Barbie Mel, gets caught red-handed she is taken by the farmer into his shed where she is given a bare bottom spanking. On the way she is still carrying the apples in her tennis skirt, so her white panties are exposed and he spanks her every step of the way…

Sexy blonde gets caught stealing apples in Little Red Apples

When they get to the woodshed the farmer relieves the thief of the apples and gives her a very hard OTK hand spanking. Tiffany Jones is overcome by curiosity and cannot prevent herself from sneaking outside to watch her girlfriend getting punished, then she too is caught and taken by the farmer into his woodshed for a spanking. He spanks her over her white panties before yanking them down and spanking her bare bottom…

Sexy Spanking model Tiffany Jones in Little Red Apples

The movie starts off with Tiffany playing her girlfriend at tennis. Both are wearing the tennis uniform of short pleated skirts and tight, white panties that get pulled down often for good, sweet spankings. They finish their game and start fooling around and play-spanking on the tennis court before one of them runs off into a field with long grass in it. They chase each other through the long grass before one catches the other and yanks her panties down for some OTK spanking in the great outdoors.

In another scene the two girls have gone to a private pool and are swimming in their tennis outfits when they are caught being where they shouldn’t be and are dragged off, still wet, by a man who sternly lectures each girl as he spanks her naughty bottom. What follows is a very hot scene which involves both girls getting spanked in a bedroom with a nice firm caning, followed by a nice sex scene to celebrate.

Little Red Apples preview movie here.

Tiffany Jones spanked and caned in the nude in Little Red Apples

While it is the blonde who trespasses and gets caught, Tiffany Jones is definitely the instigator and main protagonist of the naughtiness in this movie. These scenes are very real and you get a bit of everything.. girl-girl spanking, M/F spanking, OTK spanking, smacked legs and caning. “Little Red Apples” is a classic spanking movie!! There are other scenes including one where they are stealing the “Little Red Apples” and have to be punished and a nice snooker table caning! The full movie can be watched now at Spanking TV!

Spanking TV

Behind the Scenes at a Spanking Website…

Hot asian babe lies over a stern knee for some hard OTK spanking interview

One of the things I love about Kara Prepare Yourself is the way everything about the site is lovingly made. Every update features scenes featuring characters that you’ve grown to know from the previous updates so when Aunt Gwen spanks Kara and Lucy, not only do you get a smoking hot scene with amazing Clare Fonda spanking two sexy babes, you also get all the history of the 3 characters – its like a soap opera!!

So you have every spanking scene woven into a hot episode with a sexy spanking storyline or some anal probing or “diapertime”. There are a core of spanking models with some guest appearances by other cute babes who are worked into the plot of the story.. than spanked to tears!!

At the same time as they have the hottest girl-girl spankings, spanking scenarios and humiliations (anal probing, diapers, etc) they also involve us in their hot spankings by asking us to help them choose new characters. This babe is trying out for a role in the site…

Asian interviewee gets a painful sore ass

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