Soundly Spanked by Friends Mom

Spanked for smoking and making too many phonecalls

When naughty Christine stays at her friends house she gets into trouble with her friend’s Mom when she makes a long, expensive phonecalls and smokes a cigarette out of the bedroom window. If she is to continue living with the generous family she will have to respect their rules and take the consequences. In this case Bad Ass Christine gets a firm spanking on those panties until they are briskly pulled down and the firm hand spanking continues on her bare bottom. Wriggling and trying to get out of her spanking the naughty girl cries out that she is sick but every mother knows to never trust a naughty girl when she makes such statements so Christine’s temperature is taken rectally as she lays over her surrogate mother’s lap. When the thermometer proves that she is not sick Christine knows that she is really going get a sore bottom for all her lies and bad behaviour… Watch the full movie at Bad Tushy Spanking

Long, Hard Spanking gives Teen a Cultural Lesson

Cute white girl with bubble butt learns what is good for her with a long spanking

While this black woman is proud that a white girl should listen to music of the world and embrace other cultures she is horrified when the naughty teen puts up a poster advertising an illegal activity. The beautiful ebony woman has no option but to let the teen know that this is unacceptable under her roof and decides to punish her severely to show her how silly smoking is. Straight away the strong black woman spanks the teen’s tight round bottom loudly with the palm of her big, hard hand. The force of the smacks soon make the delicate white rump a bright pink color, but the proud lady knows that for the lesson to do the arrogant teen any good she will have to first remove the girl’s last shred of diginty and yank those panties down. Once her ass is fully bared the smacks continue with the same force and intensity as before as the busty black woman tries to slap some sense into the girl. Next, she is stripped naked and strapped in the diaper position before finally finishing off with a long nude OTK session and corner time.

The girl contemplates a valuable lesson as she knees facing the corner. Maybe she will think twice before celebrating illegal activities. Watch the harsh bare bottom spanking movies here!

Spanking Models: Jasmine

Bi girl Jasmine gets a bare-bottom OTK Spanking

For her profile we’re posting Jasmine’s Bare bottom OTK gallery!

Here, Jasmine is obviously being told about the groundrules of the household and how she has broken them. I cannot be a very important rule that has been broken because she is only getting a hand spanking but it is a rule none-the-less and all rules are important..

Jasmine is a bubbly character at Bi Spankings and is one of our favorite spanking models. She also has a high threshold of pain. A long, hard paddling with a large punishment board on the bare will bring her to tears and will hurt her bottom but in her spanking movies she can obviously take a lot more spanking than some other girls. Her scenes with other cute spanking girls like Claire, Sarah and Kailee are always very hot and seeing her spanked to tears can be one of the sexiest things out there.

Bi Spankings is slightly unusal among spanking sites because it has more than the average lesbian action among the spanked girls, in fact the lesbian makeout sessions often are the reason for the spanking. If you love seeing naughty bi girls spanked this is the site for you!

There are tons of photos and movies of Jasmine making out with other girls and getting spanked by men and women at Bi Spankings!!

Spanking and Blame

Naughty schoolgirl spanked in detention

Naughty schoolgirls* are often not the only ones at fault for lack of discipline and late homework.

This cute Japanese “schoolgirl”, above, has gotten into trouble so has been kept after school for detention and told to lay her pretty self over the teachers lap for a sound spanking. The strict teacher first warms up her had and the girl’s naughty bottom by giving her a few dozen hard smacks over her short, pleated uniform skirt. Then, when both are properly warmed up, the skirt is flipped up onto her back and the errant teen is given a hard spanking on her bare ass cheeks.

This next bad girl, however, was found to not be alone in her need for punishment. The girl’s tutor was appalled at the student’s attitude and the lack of a role model in her mother. There is only one solution: both naughty girls must get the same punishment and learn from their mistakes. First, the mother’s pantyhose are rolled down, then the naughty teen’s regulation white panties are pulled down to her knees and both are given a firm slapping with the open palm of the strict tutor. Next, out comes the long, hard yardstick to help them learn quickly before the next lesson.

Errant schoolgirl and her mother are both spanked by the girl's tutor

More cute girls spanked in pictures and video at Cutie Spankee!!

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Spanking Models: Brandi

Teen Brandi gets into trouble

Like Kailee, Brandi started off at Realspankings at about the same time as Jessica.

Out of all the girls Brandi had a look that was both incredibly sexy, almost supermodel-like, and very naughty at the same time. The combination of having good looks and a killer ass have guaranteed her success as a spanking model and she is loved by thousands of fans on her Spanking Teen Brandi website.

This gallery of Brandi getting spanked with a wooden ruler is classic but there are much hotter photosets and videos on the site.

Whereas other girls, such as Kailee, have graduated from being a spankee to spanking other girls, Brandi has flirted with some nude “play spanking” but we will always want to see her be spanked. I can’t imagine Brandi giving a proper “punishment spanking” but I’m sure she does in Women Spanking Men. Luckily enough she continues to be naughty enough to merit hard strappings, especially when they are like this very painful strapping from Kailee…

Kailee punishment straps Brandi

Spanking Teen Brandi is updated with fresh new content very regularly and has a large members archive. Check out the sample spanking and nude pics and list of updates on the free tour of her spanking site..

Spanking Teen Brandi

More Spanking Trouble for Kailee and Friend

Babe given a nude hairbrushing

Following our recent profile of spanking model Kailee, today’s update features Kailee getting caned and paddled and also features another of the cute Real Spankings girls getting a fully naked hairbrushing that leaves her ass very red.

This is definitely an example of the no-nonsense Real Spanking approach that keeps their Bad Ass girls in order.

While just being a mixed spanking gallery you get a good feel of the kind of hard spankings that happen to naughty, disrespectful girls in the site, check out the Real Spankings Video Samples for some great sample vids, including Kailee getting naked spanked with her sister and mature lady, Elizabeth Burns, getting a severe paddling.


Spanking for Naughty Girls who fake illness

Naughty girls lie that they're sick and get a good spanking when they're found out

The feisty Bad Tushy girls are always good value for a spanking. These two, Jessica and Karen, fake illness and try to stay in bed all day. When their Mom finds out she gets mad and turns each girl over for a bare bottom spanking. These sample spanking photos show the build-up, there is some nice spanking with panties squeezed together so that the ass is pretty much bared. As the punishment progresses the two naughty girls blushes get as red as their sore bottoms when their mother pulls their panties right off and spanks their naughty rears again and again with her strict, firm hand.

Each “Bad Ass” cutie looks so hot with her naked ass in the air getting slapped hard. Her firm butt and tight pussy is held in position as she squirms to avoid the relentless smacking that she richly deserves for trying to skip classes.

Aswell as some intense spankings of naughty “Bad Ass” girls, Bad Tushy also gives you the stories behind the spankings and has some great extras like anal thermometers for checking to see whether the girls are really sick or not. As it happens, most of the girls are lying and need a good OTK session with their panties down to make them learn their lesson.


Spanking Site: Cutie Spankee

Young Female Teacher Miku gets a well-deserved Caning

The japanese take education very seriously and in this update young female teacher, Miku, gets a severe caning for her classes poor marks in the assessments. With hair tied up and wearing a pin-striped blouse and tight, black skirt Miku looks very prim and proper. She certainly looks the part and is a welcome sight for all the fathers at parents day: discussing the progress of the students Miku’s tight blouses turn on the Dads so that they do not probe her too much about her teaching. She always turned up to school early and looked so professional, no-one suspected that her class would get such bad grades. With a little investigation it appears that Miku has not been firm enough with her students and they have gone unpunished for tardiness and not doing their homework. The principal has a talk with poor Miku but her youthful good looks and application to her job can never forgive the harm she has done to her students by not enforcing the school rules. She has let down her slacker students, their parents, the principal, the school and most importantly, herself. Miku’s dismissal would leave her next to no prospects to find another teaching job in Tokyo, she and the principal both know this. The principal remembers what it is like to be a young teacher and decides that Miku can continue teaching under closer supervision if she is first caned thoroughly for her mistakes… and so the pretty schoolteacher in her first year on the job has her skirt lifted and pretty ass caned with a sturdy rod, her cries fill the classroom as each stroke rips into her bottom. Next year she will improve or her close supervision will bring weekly visits from the senior cane.

All the cutie spankee girls are japanese and very hot. The spankings may not be as severe as other websites but the storylines, settings and beautiful asian girls make up for it. They update regularly with photos and videos and we love the presentation.

We give Cutie Spankee a 7.5 out of 10 for regular updates of japanese cuties getting a well-deserved spanking.

Spank Bad Ass

This blog, Spank Bad Ass, is dedicated to every wise-cracking, back-chatting and bitchy 18 and 19 year old girls. It seems that the hotter these girls are the worse they behave. This blog is for them. They’ll get bend over and thoroughly spanked, strapped, paddled, caned and whipped over the coming weeks and months. The 18 year olds will, in some cases, get a harsh introduction to corporal punishment, while the older hotties will quickly learn that no young lady is too old for some attitude adjustment.