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Spanking Model: Amelia Jane rutherford

Updated July 12th, 2017.

Here’s an list of some of the most popular spanking models we have on our pages at the moment. We love to see these ladies spanking and being spanked. Many of these ladies are spankees or switches, but some are spankers/dommes.

This is a list of some of the models who are regularly seen at Spank Bad Ass but there are many more kinky ladies featured in our many the posts over the years. Every year there are a new intake of naughty ladies who join the online spanking world. These ladies have all been spotted on our pages fairly recently. For the popular models who were featured several years ago you can use the search at the top of the page to find them.

These are all females, perhaps there will be a similar list of men some time. The list is alphabetical! Clicking a models name brings up the posts she’s been featured in.

For a more complete list of spanking models check out the Spanking Models List.

Spanking Model Sarah Gregory's website

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