Kailee’s Reform School Caning

The principal discusses the missing money with Kailee

Kailee Robinson bows out of her Reform School series with a blistering 13-stroke caning, jeans and panties down! The school principal had given her some responsibility which involved access to some of the school cash but missing bucks in the academy fundraising account leads right back to naughty Kailee. Understandably displeased, the principal bends her over his large desk for that stinging cane!

13 painful strokes of the cane land on Kailee's reddening butt

13 painful strokes of the cane land on Kailee’s reddening butt as she pays for her misdemeanor..

Kailee shows off her red bottom after her caning

Kailee returns soon in a new role, punishing Abigail Whittaker at…

Firm Hand Spanking

Kailee takes the Blame!

Kailee has a note for Mr Ford

Kailee shows up to Mr Ford’s place with a note from her sister Madison Martin. It seems that she had a fight with her sister, giving her a concussion and had to take her to the hospital. So the note explains that teacher, Mr Ford, has Madison’s permission to spank Kailee for making her miss this photo assignment seeing as it was all her fault.

Kailee gives her side of the argument

Mr Ford can see Kailee’s guilt a mile off and nothing she can say can save her poor bottom in his house. Despite her protests, Kailee ends up over Mr Ford’s lap for a very hard spanking… and a VERY red bottom…

I hope you enjoy the photos. In my opinion Kailee is looking sexier than ever, she’s looking very thin and her body looks amazing but the best part is her very sexy, red bottom…

Nothing can stop Kailee from getting a very hard spanking this time

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My Spanking Roommate

Kailee is Right at Home!

Kailee is Right at Home!

Kailee looks right at home in this strict domestic discipline gallery. She looks great and her big, round bottom gets a very tasty red color as the very sexy cougar, Clare Fonda, lays into her bare ass with her over the knee. Clare is looking extremely trimmed and foxy in her little black dress but despite this petite look she still smacks very hard indeed as she makes badgirl Kailee squirm around on her lap.

The naughty gothic babe, whose name is pronounced the same as Kylie, certainly works well in Clare Fonda’s latest spank-o-thon “My Spanking Roommate” where main characters Madison Martin and Kay Richards are joined by other hotties, such as Kailee, aswell as plenty of cameos and appearances from all the other people in the girls’ lives (who, of course, all pull their panties down and spank their naughty little rumps).

My Spanking Roommate

Hard All-Girl Handspankings

Kailee gets her bare ass beat good by hard-spanking Lana

I probably like F/F and M/F spankings equally, one more than another depending on my mood. The main things I look for in a scene is some kind of a story, a good-looking babe and a hard punishment. If the plot is not there I look at the scenery and imagine what might have happened for the poor lady to get such hard treatment, maybe there’s an ashtray on the table or a broken glass on the floor as a clue. I’m not super-fussy when it comes to how beautiful the naughty ladies are but I like slim with a nice bottom. If it’s a hand spanking it has to be hard and make a nice sound as the hand really slaps into the girl’s tender bum, a pat really isn’t the same.

Here, in this all-girl hand-spanking and paddling gallery we have two very hot ladies, Madison Martin and Kailee, getting a good seeing to from one of the hardest spankers I have ever seen, Lana. It’s a good job both babes can take a lot of smacking. And as for plot, there are plenty of twists and turns in this storyline, as you’d expect from episodic hard-spanking soap opera…

My Spanking Roommate

Lana spanks Kailee and Madison really HARD!!!

Lana spanks Kailee and Madison really HARD!!!

Madison Martin visits her sister Kailee to borrow money, but Kailee’s sugar mamma Simone Wilson (played by Lana) catches them and gives Kailee a hard over the knee hand spanking. She then convinces Kailee to give Madison an over the knee spanking with hand and hair brush. Finally, Simone bends the two sisters over the sofa and gives them hard spanks with her hand, a brush and a leather paddle.

My Spanking Roommate

Topless Paddle Spanking for wearing a colored bra

Kailee spanked topless for wearing the wrong color bra

The rules in the Girl’s Boarding School are followed to the letter by the strict teachers. When a young lady breaks a rule she is punished, no matter how small or trivial the rule may seem. Christine (AKA Kailee) finds this out when she is doing her homework under her tutor’s watchful eye. Her tutor notices that there seems to be something under her school shirt, so he makes Christine unbutton her shirt for him, this reveals a non-regulation bra.

Christine is not impressed with this particular school rule and so cannot see what the problem is but her teacher knows that if he lets the naughty girl get away with breaking this rule she’ll be walking all over him next. There is only one thing for it, he instructs her to take off her shirt and remove the offending bra. Shirtless and braless, Christine is now topless with her pert teen breasts on display to her teacher. If the embarrassment of her teacher seeing her bare breasts wasn’t enough of a punishment, Christine will soon realize what is. He makes her bend over the table and he smacks her big ass over her regulation black trousers with a thick wooden paddle.

The first swat from the paddle is always a shock, even over trousers, and it lets the naughty girl know exactly what she has let herself in for. The subsequent spanks are less of a surprise but more painful as the pain from each blow makes tears well up in the naughty girl’s eyes. After a good many smacks of the paddle tearful Christine starts to sob freely as her tail continues to be smacked with the hard paddle.

When he believes she has had enough her teacher stops and asks Christine to remove her trousers. It’s often hard to know how effective a spanking has been when you can’t see the redness of the girl’s backside. It is a skilled spanker who knows how much to punish each girl for each offence, especially through trousers, and this teacher is one of the best. Christine’s bare rear proves that she has had just enough spanking to leave her ass red and very sore… and now she has the added humiliation of being fully naked in front of her teacher!

To finish the punishment he makes her face him with her hands on her head as he lectures her about her uniform. He talks about her choice of bra whilst she displays her bare breasts for his eyes to browse at will. Her blushes are almost as red as her bottom. Finally, she is told to turn around and face the wall and cool off with some cornertime, bright red ass on display for the world to see.

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Spanking Models: Brandi

Teen Brandi gets into trouble

Like Kailee, Brandi started off at Realspankings at about the same time as Jessica.

Out of all the girls Brandi had a look that was both incredibly sexy, almost supermodel-like, and very naughty at the same time. The combination of having good looks and a killer ass have guaranteed her success as a spanking model and she is loved by thousands of fans on her Spanking Teen Brandi website.

This gallery of Brandi getting spanked with a wooden ruler is classic but there are much hotter photosets and videos on the site.

Whereas other girls, such as Kailee, have graduated from being a spankee to spanking other girls, Brandi has flirted with some nude “play spanking” but we will always want to see her be spanked. I can’t imagine Brandi giving a proper “punishment spanking” but I’m sure she does in Women Spanking Men. Luckily enough she continues to be naughty enough to merit hard strappings, especially when they are like this very painful strapping from Kailee…

Kailee punishment straps Brandi

Spanking Teen Brandi is updated with fresh new content very regularly and has a large members archive. Check out the sample spanking and nude pics and list of updates on the free tour of her spanking site..

Spanking Teen Brandi

More Spanking Trouble for Kailee and Friend

Babe given a nude hairbrushing

Following our recent profile of spanking model Kailee, today’s update features Kailee getting caned and paddled and also features another of the cute Real Spankings girls getting a fully naked hairbrushing that leaves her ass very red.

This is definitely an example of the no-nonsense Real Spanking approach that keeps their Bad Ass girls in order.

While just being a mixed spanking gallery you get a good feel of the kind of hard spankings that happen to naughty, disrespectful girls in the site, check out the Real Spankings Video Samples for some great sample vids, including Kailee getting naked spanked with her sister and mature lady, Elizabeth Burns, getting a severe paddling.


Spanking Model: Kailee

Kailee spanks herself watched by Elizabeth Burns at Realspankings

Like the subject of yesterday’s spanking review post for Cutie Spankee, Real Spankings has had a lot of models over the years. I forget the exact year but I first heard about the website when girls like Brandi and Jessica were causing mayhem – both went on to have their own spanking sites. The next wave of spanking models were girls like Jasmine and Betty. A couple of waves of models later and we have the spanking world’s Alt-Porn wildchild: Kailee.

The look of Kailee is very distinctive, when I first saw her I really wasn’t sure what to think. She looks kinda mean and gothic.. even a little evil. Thus, you can see why she was perfect to be a real spanking model.

Whereas a lot of spanking websites show a spanker and spankee going through the motions without inflicting any pain. Its all for show. That kind of site has nothing to do with Realspankings, their girls get a proper punishment for every update.

I like the fact that the site seems like a family and the characters grow up together. Older spankers like Elizabeth Burns and Cindy Baker (AKA Cindy Wallace) are given harsh paddlings as well as dishing out punishments. Younger spankees like Kailee and Betty were still getting punished when they had graduated to spanking other girls. It seems that the models who receive spankings spank other models harder than other spankers. Kailee has been in some great spanking scenes, giving and receiving, especially with her sister and the amazingly cute, blonde Sarah.

Like all good things Kailee has grown and has been spotted on other sites like My Spanking Roommate and Girls Boarding School. What next for this bratty spanking model? Solo site? Hardcore Porn? Hollywood?

See more of Kailee at Real Spankings and her profile at Spanking Models List!