Dominating their Slutty Boss

Gia DiMarco and Aaliyah Love dominating their slutty boss, Maya Kendrick, at Whipped Ass

We’ve seen pornstar Aaliyah Love many times over the years in mainly lesbian and spanking scenes before she did her first ever boy/girl scene and started to do hardcore scenes. She has always been a sugary sweet blonde princess with a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-the-mouth innocence to her. This makes the scenes where she gets really dirty all the hotter. Here are some of the best Aaliyah Love spanking movies from over the years. To begin with in her porno career she was definitely a teen-like pornstar, but now she does plenty of MILF scenes. Aaliyah has only just started doing scenes for Kink and in this scene at Whipped Ass she has completely abandoned her innocence and teamed up with Gia DiMarco to dominate their slutty boss.

Maya Kendrick gets her pussy and ass fingered close-up by lesbians Gia and Aaliyah

This movie is called “Gia DiMarco And Aaliyah Love Get Back At Their Slutty Boss” and the only thing that is left out of the title is that their boss is the hot redhead, Maya Kendrick. Maya starts off wearing a sexy santa outfit but then has her clothes roughly dragged off her as the two pornstars start to dominate the sexy redhead. Here they have taken her panties off and stuffed them in her mouth while they spank her bare ass from the side. Her pale ass cheeks jiggle enticingly in this very unusual spanking position…

Maya Kendrick gets spanked from the side with her panties stuffed in her mouth

Tis the season to be jolly, but after working all day long these two sexy present-wrappers are anything but. The hot and sexy Gia DiMarco and her coworker Aaliyah Love are tired of working late and taking orders from their hounding boss Maya Kendrick. Fed up with Maya barking orders and not helping with the workload, the two sexy disgruntled workers take Maya down and teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget. They strip her clothes off and take turns spanking and flogging her super hot booty. They put Maya on the floor and take turns making her lick their pussies.

Maya Kendrick gets spanked while she licks Aaliyah Love's pussy

After the sideways spanking, Maya gets on all fours for a more conventional position. She gets her bottom smacked while licking Aaliyah’s horny pussy. Gia continues to spank her ass, then even gives her some smacks from the riding crop…

Gia DiMarco punished Maya Kendrick's ass with a riding crop at Whipped Ass

But, this is just the warm-up! From here the action gets more sexual and Maya gets tied up and fucked with a strapon. There is even some strapon double penetration!

After giving her a good round of much-deserved punishment, Gia and Aaliyah take turns making Maya lick their pussies until they both cum. Now that they’ve taught their boss a lesson, they can wrap her up and call it a night. Another tale of holiday revenge.

Watch this rough lesbian scene with Maya Kendrick, Aaliyah Love and Gia DiMarco at Whipped Ass and you can also browse more scenes from all three ladies at the other Kink websites.

Whipped Ass

Ashley Rose

Aaliyah Love rubs lotion into Ashley Rose's big bottom

Ashley Rose has been on this site for a little while now, and despite her lond hair we’re starting to warm a lot more to the curvy spanking model. With her huge bottom, full curves and pretty face she has always been beautiful and well-spanked! From the scenes she’s in it looks like she has one of the biggest bottoms in spanking! Lovers of big bottoms will know that not only is there more to aim at but bigger bottoms also require more spanking due to there being a larger surface area.

It’s possible that some spanking models jump straight into your imagination, and others take a little longer to take hold. Ashley is the stereotypical PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl) and she really is very pretty! In fun three-girl scenes like this Ashley shows how much fun she can be. There is liberal use of the sorority paddle as the two newbies get schooled by experienced Veronica in the ways of the sorority. The three beauties together are very appealing indeed…

Ashley Rose looks like she's enjoying spanking naughty Veronica

Innocent Aaliyah Love and naive Ashley Rose are both beautiful blondes who are getting a tour of the sorority house from Veronica Ricci. All spanking Hell breaks loose and girls are picked up and spanked hard and often as this spankfest leaves big round bottoms red and in need of lotion, which gets rubbed in plenty. Lots of shiny hineys.

Ashley Rose, Veronica Ricci and Aaliyah Love spank each other in a three-way spank-fest

Ashley Rose and Aaliyah Love may be new to Spanking Sorority Girls, but sexy redhead Veronica has been one of the main characters on there. There is plenty more of all three spanking models at the other Clare Fonda spanking websites.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Veronica Avluv spanks Aaliyah Love…

Veronica Avluv spanks Aaliyah Love

Maybe it shouldn’t have been surprising to see sexy Aaliyah Love getting a spanking on a hardcore porn website after her recent arrival to the spanking world. Historically, Aaliyah Love was always a super-cute blonde glamour babe who would go as far as stripping naked, masturbation and be playing with other girls. However, fairly recently, she made the transformation into a fully fledged porn star by doing hardcore scenes, and it was not long after that that we saw her grace these pages with her blonde sexiness.

So, of course, we were pleased to see that she has brought some lesbian kink to a non-spanking porn website. It’s actually on the Hot and Mean site which specializes in lesbianism as you can see from their description…

The hottest bitches run together. Hot, mean lesbians love to fuck each other and hate each other for being so beautiful. These lesbo sluts can’t get enough pussy and love girl on girl action. Forget the dicks, these chicks don’t need ’em. You can watch though, they love that.

Anyway, back to the matters in hand… It seems a fight has broken out on the glamour set. The two glamour models, Veronica Avluv and Aaliyah Love, have been bickering and fighting so much that the world-famous photographer has given up and left them for his next job. All alone, the two beauties start to work out their differences. First of all Veronica has to spank Aaliyah for her behavior, then the two horny babes have all the time they want with all the dildos and sex toys they’ve been left with. The acting here is very over the top and the spanking is light and playful, but then the girls get very intimate with some closeup shots of their pussies and asses being toyed, licked and fingered…

Veronica Avluv spanking Aaliyah Love movie

Glamour girls Aaliyah Love and Veronica Avluv posing together

To watch this scene in full with lots of different lesbian scenes go check out Hot and Mean, or for the full hardcore porn experience the website can be found on the Brazzers Network!

Brazzers Network

Hot, Blonde and Spanked!

Madison Martin points to where she wants Aaliyah to lie over her lap

This is the post where I finally concede that blondes can be just as hot as brunettes. While a good spanking scene is good no matter what hair color the lady, or ladies, have, there was something about certain brown-haired models that drove me wild. However, after today there is another spanking model who drives me crazy, and this time she’s a smokin’ hot blonde babe named Aaliyah Love…. There, I said it!

In this scene, Madison Martin revisits her strict, new boss, Aaliyah, who has already given her a spanking. This time the boss has a favor to ask of Madison but Madison has a price for this “above and beyond” request. Since she’s been spanked by her boss, it’s her turn to spank Aaliyah. So Madison spanks her over her knee with hand and hairbrush before bending her over the desk for some swats with a wooden clip board…

Pretty blonde Aaliyah Love looks amazingly sexy with her big brown eyes over Madison's knee

Aaliyah Love is a petite and perky glamour model who looks tiny over Madison’s knee. She has a lovely body, big, brown eyes and is just very cute indeed…

Nude Aaliyah Love gets spanked with a hairbrush

On top of all her sexy qualities, petite Aaliyah Love has an amazing ass! Especially after she has just had a good hard spanking over Madison’s knee. By the end of the spanking beautiful Aaliyah is completely naked with a bright red, rosy behind. OMG…

Madison gets revenge on her boss, Aaliyah Love, for an earlier spanking in Episode 137 of My Spanking Roommate

Aaliyah examines her curvy, well-spanked bottom

The office scenes with Aaliyah Love, Madison Martin and Ashley Rose are up now on the newly refurbished My Spanking Roommate. Follow Madison’s adventures at work with her new boss, and many other sexy spanking storylines featuring some of the best spanking models such as Missy Rhodes, Snow Mercy, Kay Richards and Mary Jane in this spanking soap opera!!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Sexy Aaliyah Love

Sexy Aaliyah Love holds up a clipboard

One of the most exciting prospects in spanking at the moment has to be sexy blonde Aaliyah Love! In the few spanking scenes I’ve seen her in so far she’s been every bit as good as you’d expect from a lady so beautiful.

Aaliyah, like Veronica Ricci, comes from glamour modeling and so has very sexy looks. The blonde babe has a strikingly beautiful face that is so perfect she almost looks like she’s a character in Anime/Hentai. Her long, blonde hair and small, round face with eyes that seem huge with her long, eye lashes.

But this sexy switch is not all about the looks, she also gets stuck into her scenes with gusto…

Aaliyah Love spanking Madison Martin in My Spanking Roommate

Here, we see Aaliyah in her role as Madison’s boss on My Spanking Roommate. On her first scene she gave sexy Madison Martin‘s big, round bottom a good spanking, and then in a more recent episode she’s turned her attention to Ashley Rose. Madison was spanked for being late, but the strict boss spanks Ashley for being a terrible worker.

Aaliyah spanks Ashley Rose OTK

Aaliyah looks like she’s tiny from her movies and photos. In a scene with Ashley Rose, who I believe is quite tall, she looks very small indeed. But, what the petite blonde lacks in stature she makes up with screen presence as the pretty babe spanks each girl with her hand, then implements such as the hairbrush, wooden ruler, and even a clipboard.

These scenes with beautiful Aaliyah are up now on the newly refurbished My Spanking Roommate. Recently the members’ area has been tidied up with improved navigation, but all the vast amounts of hot girl-on-girl spankings are still there as ever. Follow Madison’s adventures at work with her new boss, and many other sexy spanking storylines featuring some of the best spanking models such as Missy Rhodes, Snow Mercy and Mary Jane in this spanking soap opera!!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Madison’s Pinata Party

Veronica Ricci hangs up the pinata for Madison's birthday party

It is Madison Martin’s birthday and the brothel’s new Madam, Snow Mercy, has ordered Audrey Tate (played by Veronica Ricci) to throw a great party for her. The party goes bad from the start as Audrey has stuffed the pinata with tissue instead of candy because she thinks the girls butts are getting too big. Madison gets to spank each girl or she will tell Madam Snow. She also paddles them. This episode introduces three new models to the site, including beautiful, blond pornstar Aaliyah Love in the yellow hat and Scarlett who gets right into the swing of things with the paddle with Ashley Rose watching…

Ashley Rose watches Scarlett spanking Aaliyah Love with wooden paddle

When all the girls have been spanked upstairs they all gang up on birthday girl, Madison, and give her many, many birthday spankings. Ashley Rose is annoying them all, so they oil up her hiney and all spank her, too.

All five lovely ladies show off their butts as they pose on the stairs

This is a huge girl-on-girl orgy of a movie that is a very welcome addition to the many lovely pornstars and models who get spanked hard at Spanked Call Girls. As always you can also get access to the site via the super-value Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Callgirls