Samantha Woodley strapped on the Couch

Samantha Woodley is in trouble with the strict magazing boss in Editorial Judgement at Firm Hand Spanking

Firm Hand Spanking are posting quite a few classic movies that were unreleased when they were first produced. Watching these movies, it is clear that the quality of video recording equipment has improved somewhat in the past 10 years. These older movies from 2007 and 2008 may not be as crystal clear as we’re used to seeing these days. But, what they have that more modern spanking movies do not have are some of the big stars from back then. Samantha Woodley was probably the brightest spanking starlet at one point. The cute and bratty brunette seemed to be everywhere, but she was definitely a fixture on Firm Hand Spanking.

Here in “Editorial Judgement“, we see Samantha Woodley strapped on the couch by sexy blonde switch, Jacqueline Dubois (also known as Kirsten Gold) with her friend watching in the background. Miss Gold was another spanking model who was literally everywhere at around this time. The European blonde was particularly versatile because while she started off as a spankee, she quickly found that she made a hard-spanking and stern spanker too. The friend looks a bit like Abigail Whittaker, who was definitely getting spanked at Firm Hand Spanking at this time.

Samantha Woodley would usually wear her medium-length brown hair down, but here she has tied her hair up. With the glasses she is wearing she looks unusually bookish. Add to this her tight, white shirt and black heels and the lady who normally plays a young-looking brat has become a very professional-looking grown-up lady. However, even professionals need discipline and Samantha is always in need of a spanking. The strict blonde lets her keep her skirt on but makes her lie face down on the couch for a dose of the leather belt. Laying over some cushions her pert little ass looks amazing in that sexy skirt as she lays in position for her strapping…

Samantha Woodley lays face down and awaits the leather belt over her skirt

One of the reasons Samantha Woodley was so popular, was that as well as being very pretty she would always exhibit some amazing reactions. While she is generally a brat, she would generally stay in position and take her spankings like the pretty princess she is. This strapping shows off her reactions nicely, while also giving us a glimpse at her more grownup side…

Samantha Woodley strapped on the Couch over her pencil skirt

We recently saw Michaela McGowan in this post in another unreleased spanking movie. The “Houseguest From Hell” series was filmed at a similar time to Samantha’s strapping. The series proceeds with this wooden spoon beating on the bare bottom…

More trouble for Michaela McGowan in Houseguest from Hell at Firm Hand Spanking

As with Samantha’s spanking, Michaela is laying face down for her punishment. Michaela is lying across the kitchen counter, which it appears is the perfect size for the purpose. Cindy Wallace has grabbed a large wooden spoon and is using it to spank Michaela’s naughty bottom with. Like Samantha, Michaela was famous for her beauty and her reactions. The wooden spoon definitely brings out more lively reactions out of the pretty spanking model…

Michaela McGowan reacts to the wooden spoon paddling her bare bottom

These two older scenes both have two ladies who became mainly spankers but who also switched, spanking two incredibly cute spankees with some of the prettiest spanking reactions to ever been seen. Seeing both movies gives us another opportunity to see some very talented spanking models doing what they do best.

The theme at the moment on Firm Hand Spanking is definitely retrospective. Watch both these spanking movies in full with Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowan and many more from the archives at Firm Hand Spanking.

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Pretty newbie Jeri Patterson reddens up from her paddling

Stunning newbie Jeri Patterson reddens up from a 40-swat paddling

Pretty newcomer Jeri Patterson, with her huge eyes and bright pink hair, has always challenged authority. But it looks like this slim teen has met her match with Alison Miller and Abigail Whitaker, the trustees at the Reform School. Both ladies have been wild in the past, but they now have the right to punish new students! Jeri is held down with her panties round her knees to take 40 with a leather paddle, burning her insolent bubblebutt…

Stunning newbie Jeri Patterson reddens up from a 40-swat paddling

This gorgeous all-girl threesome is just one of this week’s triad of spanking updates at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Merry Spanking Xmas!!

Abigail Whitaker and Ashli Orion go OTK for a tandem christmas spanking

Christmas is almost here so here’s a festive gallery to keep you going over the festive season. It’s a Christmas scene from My Spanking Roommate. In the above photo Abigail Whitaker and Ashli Orion are getting spanked in tandem by Sarah Gregory and Clare Fonda.

I never need an excuse to see Ashli Orion in action but seeing the sexy pornstar go over the knee in her red, santa’s outfit is very enjoyable. The naughty teen with the all-over tan has a lovely bottom and seeing it go from it’s lovely golden colour to blushed pink from spanking has got to be seen! many times as possible.

Also in this scene are the fantastic spanking models Abigail Whitaker and Sarah Gregory… each girl gets spanked hard over her panties and on her bare bottom by the other girls and Clare, herself. It’s a lot of fun in this christmas spanking wonderland.

Watch this full Xmas Spanking scene only at My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Double Trouble

Abigail Whittaker and spanking newbie Ashli Orion get into Double Trouble with Mr Ford

You know sometimes you see something so perfect that you cannot find any words to describe it. You’re speechless! Well, just take a look at these double spanking photos and you’ll know what I mean. Everyone knows, or should know, Abigail Whittaker, but cute teen pornstar Ashli Orion is a spanking newbie. Here they go over Mr Ford’s knee in “Double Trouble” in the latest episode of My Spanking Roommate

Abigail Whittaker and spanking newbie Ashli Orion get into “Double Trouble” with Mr Ford

Abigail Whittaker is very cute and is definitely leaping up my list of top spanking models every day, you can see why she’s one of the brightest stars in the spanking world. Ashli Orion is a star in her own right in hardcore porn, the cute and sexy teen with the all-over tan gets really nasty. Seeing girl-next-door, Abi, and spoilt princess, Ashli, both get spanked is hot enough. But bother over the knee at the same time, bottoms lined up and just waiting to be spanked one by one, is a dream come true.

It’s definitely a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

Anyway, for someone who’s speechless I’ve not done too bad. 🙂 Fans of Abi Whittaker and anyone who hasn’t seen Ashli before needs to check out her beautiful bottom as she gets a hard, hand spanking in the latest installment of My Spanking Roommate

My Spanking Roommate

Triple Trouble

Alison Miller bends over holdiong her ankles for a hand spanking

Today’s star-studded update features some of the brightest talents in spanking, in Alison Miller’s case you could say that she has the brightest hair aswell. In the above photo we can see just how bright her dyed red hair is as she bends over holding her ankles for a hard bum slapping from Cindy Wallace..

“I was spanked until my hands were sweaty!” complains Lindsay Lohan look-a-like Alison Miller, after her latest hot spanking. Bikini bottom pulled down, holding her ankles, Alison grits her teeth and proves she’s up there with girls such as Amy Denison for taking a fast and furious spanking. Her ass cheeks bounce crimson as she learns that keeping Ms Wallace waiting is a very bad thing!!

It’s always good to see a hot chick in a tiny bikini get dragged inside for a hard spanking on her bronzed buttocks, especially when the gorgeous lady has a body like Alison does.

And, if you liked update one, you’ll love two and three. In the second installment Kailee Robinson gives Abigail Whittaker a “punishment shower” and over the knee spanking in the bathroom for bringing lots of strangers back to the house to do who knows what.. and Number three sees the always lovely Samantha Woodley, this time getting a hard dose of the cane as the finale of her “Hell’s Kitchen” series. She bends over in her sexy pink panties for 12 sharp, stinging swats from the cane on her beautiful, round bottom.. mmmmm…

Alison Miller, Abigail Whittaker and Samantha Woodley get chatised gallery

These updates are the three updates a week, with more updates every week at…

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Case Study: The Switch…

Seeing as it is the weekend here is another look at the very sexy girl/girl spanking movie “The Long Weekend“. In particular, I really like seeing a strict lady getting her comeuppance so here is a very nice example of a strict redhead (Aunt Helen) being very firm and spanking her nieces (Sarah Gregory and Jackie) before their Mom returns and gets her own revenge on her naughty sister…

What is it about switches that are so hot? I think from a fantasy point of view a lady who is in control of a naughty girl enough that she is able to give her a long, hard spanking is powerful, strong and dominant.. so while spanking a submissive girl is fun, but not exactly challenging, spanking a non-submissive girl is more of a challenge and spanking a lady who is not only non-submissive but is actually dominant is possibly the highest prize we can get as spanking-lovers.

Of course, this is just my opinion and you may disagree. And, that is not to say that naughty submissive girls do not deserve spankings or look very erotic while they are getting their pretty bottoms smacked over the knee. One of my favorite spanking scenes recently was with Alanah Rae who is smoking hot and extremely submissive and her spanking was just electric!

I like the concept of one person being in charge and so the rest of the people (naughty girls) are disciplined with spankings. While the main person is away there has to be someone in charge, or girls continue to misbehave, so while this happens spankings take place with some of the more dominant girls punishing the others, but when the main person returns there is a whole lot of spanking to catch up on.. this is very sexy indeed and is the idea behind “The Long Weekend”…

Switch Aunt Helen gets spanked OTK by Clare Fonda

Clare Fonda plays the Mom and is in this case the head person in charge. She makes sure her sister, the Switch in this case (Aunt Helen), understands by spanking her behind, then has cause to spank her sister’s daughter aswell (Abigail Whittaker).

While this switch may not have the power of Clare Fonda in this case, she still has seniority over the two nieces so it is good to see her get back to work following her own punishment, with another good OTK session for the two naughty ladies.

Switch Aunt Helen gets back to work by spanking her two nieces again

It’s another epic Clare Fonda spanking movie that you can download at…

Girl Spanks Girl

Abigail Whittaker

Clare Fonda spanking Abigail Whittaker OTK with hand and hairbrush

Fans of Abigail Whittaker might be interested to know she’s made her debut on Clare Fonda’s network of spanking sites… she appears in the final episode of the Long Weekend movie on Girl Spanks Girl.

For those that haven’t seen the series so far, the story is…

Sarah and Jackie are staying with their Aunt Helen for a long weekend, and it turns out she is much stricter than their mom, Clare. The girls quickly find themselves over Aunt Helen’s knee, getting spanked with her hand and a hair brush, and Jackie has her mouth washed out with soap for cursing. When the girls finally see their mom again, she too spanks them, and then she spanks her sister Helen for not letting her know.

Now, the final part sees Clare Fonda giving Helen’s own daughter a hard spanking. Abigail plays the daughter and, as you can see, this is not any less severe than the previous spankings. Ms Whittaker gets a thorough spanking first from Clare’s strict hand, then with the dreaded hairbrush.

Download the full movie only from…

Girl Spanks Girl

Naughty Shoplifter gets a striped Bottom

Abi gets caned for shoplifting over her tight jeans

Abi got caught on the street shoplifting by Ms. Law She took her to prison so she could learn her lesson by spending a night in lock-up. Abi pleaded with Ms. Law to let her go home but Ms. Law didn’t really want to spend a whole night watching over her ass so she gave her some good news and some bad news. The good news was that she could leave without spending a night in the slammer, the bad news was that she’d have to endure a severe caning first…

The jeans come down and we can see her red bottom

Ms. Law does not mess around and starts to cane the naughty girl right from the off. First of all it is over her jeans, then she unbuttoned them and yanks them down so she can strike the cane against her pantie-clad ass. Finally, with her bottom already sore and red, the panties get pulled down too and the cane starts to really sting the naughty girl’s bottom. Abi got to go home early but she definitely slept on her stomach that night…

Finally Abi's panties come down too and she is caned on her bare bottom

Watch the full disciplinary caning scene only at…

Bad Tushy

Kailee spanks Abigail Whittaker

Abi is confronted by Kailee in the livingroom

The more I see of Kailee (or Kailee Robinson, as she’s also known), the more I like her. She has been around the spanking scene for a few years now. She used to look gothic, moody and almost had a permanent naughtiness in her eyes. Now she is a little older and more sophisticated. She is also growing into a force to be reckoned with for other naughty ladies as we see her more and more taking control in these situations. Here Abigail Whittaker (Abi) has crossed her and is swiftly up-ended by Kailee who looks amazing with her sleek hair and tight, black top. As you can see, she still has her black fingernails, so she is still hanging onto her gothic-ness…

Abigail Whittaker soon finds herself over the knee getting her bare bottom hand-spanked

This is just a beautiful gallery with the natural sunlight pouring into the open-plan room and one sexy female spanking another. Abigail is a very sexy hot teen on the spanking scene and Kailee lays into her lovely, bare bottom with venom. Very tasty!

Abi rubs her bottom after her spanking

Delicious! Hot action that is extremely easy on the eyes. Check out the rest of the photos and movies at…

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