Kay Richards and Addie Juniper

Naked Kay Richards tells roommate Addie Juniper to strip naked

Today we have a recent movie from My Spanking Roommate that has some of our favorite spanking elements. The scene is called “Nude Spanking in the Dining Room” and of course, we enjoy watching two naked ladies spanking each other. In this movie, there is also the fact that the two spanking models are the wonderful Kay Richards and Addie Juniper.

Addie Juniper gets a nude spanking from Kay Richards

Kay Richards walks into the dining room buck naked and finds her friend Addie Juniper wearing all of her clothes, which she borrowed without asking. So Kay strips Addie naked, puts her over her knee and teaches her a valuable lesson about borrowing without permission.

Unusually, Kay is stark naked at the beginning of this movie. When she makes Addie strip they two spanking models are both nude. So not only is Addie naked for her spanking, but Kay is naked giving the spanking. Both ladies being completely naked definitely has the most flesh on display of any type of spanking. It’s particularly nice in an over the knee spanking, like this, because you get to see the spanker’s breasts at the same time as the spankee’s bare bottom…

Addie Juniper's big bare bottom gets spanked OTK

This is a nice nude spanking video but the spanking action is raised to another level by the sassy banter between the two spanking models.

Kay Richards and Addie Juniper are two currently active spanking models who are enjoying relatively long spanking careers. Both models appeared in Exclusive Education 2 way back in 2007. Both ladies have done other glamour and fetish but both are well-known for their spanking movies over the years. Kay along with Madison Martin is the face of My Spanking Roommate so she has really dominated that website with her personality, wit and spanking hand for a long time. She in particular has appeared across the Clare Fonda Pass, but you’ll also find more scenes with Addie too.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Young mom Addie Juniper spanks Aysel Zeeling

Young mom Addie Juniper and Aysel Zeeling at Momma Spankings

We’ve not seen Addie Juniper on these pages for a while so we’re glad she’s back, and looking slightly more mature in this role at Momma Spankings. In “Naughty Aysel“, young mom Addie Juniper spanks her daughter, Aysel Zeeling, when she does not get herself ready for bed and answers her back.

Spanking model Aysel Zeeling has done other scenes, but surprisingly we’ve not written about her on here until now. She is a sexy model who is either a “dirty blonde”, a “practically-brunette blonde” or a brunette, depending on your definitions of blonde and/or brunette. She has actually appeared on Momma Spankings before so we know that she plays a naughty daughter really well. She has a very laid back style, and does not have the in-your-face style of other more bratty brats. But, there is plenty of backchat in this scene which continues when Addie takes her over the knee and starts to slap her lovely, round bottom.

Young mom Addie Juniper spanks Aysel Zeeling OTK on the bed

Aysel has been told to get ready for bed and she is instead playing with her stuffed bears. When mom comes in to check on her, she is rude and disobedient. This only earns her a scolding and a trip over a very upset mommy’s lap for a spanking.


Aysel Zeeling gets an over the knee bare bottom spanking at Momma Spankings

Aysel is very pretty and has a very nice bottom that is extremely spankable. Even in panties her cheeks wobble slightly with each smack from mom. The mom, Addie, does a great job at spanking but this is definitely not the hardest spanking you’ll ever see. It’s a nice, sexy-looking F/F scene with some ageplay and two beautiful spanking models.

Watch this naughty blonde/brunette Aysel Zeeling get spanked by her young mom Addie Juniper plus many more maternal-style discipline scenes at Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Spanking and Sex

Addie Juniper gets spanked naked in Spanking and Sex

Here’s a quick catch-up with two very sexy scenes on Shadow Lane’s. Both scenes contain some familiar faces.

The most familiar face is that of sexy fetish model Addie Juniper who goes even further than we’ve seen before in “Spanking and Sex”… a nude spanking leads to both spanker and spankee being complete naked and horny…

Both male spanker and female spankee are naked

The disciplinary foreplay leads to finger banging, oral sex going both ways and sex. And more spanking and a paddling while both are nude. Adorable Addie gets head until orgasm as a reward for taking her paddling so nicely. This smart, sexy natural beauty and her cute chosen dude are a real life couple.

Horny spanker fucks naughty Addie Juniper

Then, “Sorority Hellion – Eve In Charge” has famous spanker and spanking fiction author, Eve Howard, disciplining beautiful porn star Casey Calvert when she’s caught masturbating.

Eve Howard spanks and paddles nude Casey Calvert for masturbating

For even more from Casey, Addie, Eve, Snow Mercy and many more famous spanking stars see for yourself the latest updates at Shadow Lane’s!

Shadow Lane

Chelsea Spanks and is Spanked…

Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles Stevie Rose's bare bottom with an uncompromising wooden paddle
Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles Stevie Rose on the bare bottom with an uncompromising wooden paddle

Often it’s the top, as well as the sexy bottom that makes a spanking scene. Depending on what you look for in a spanking it may be the quality of the top that is more important.

If you care about who’s doing the spanking then there are a limited number of really good spanking tops out there who you’ll find in movies. It should be very easy, all you have to do is slap a beautiful bare bottom, but there is much more to it than that. While you want to respect the spanking model’s limits you also want to give a good spanking. While it’s technically about strictness and discipline, there can also be humor and compassion from the top. To some extents it can be a balancing act. And, as it’s a visual media it helps if both top and bottom are nice to look at.

One lady who I’d count as one of a handful of the best “tops” out there is Chelsea Pfeiffer. While a top is often only as good as the bottom they are dealing with, the combination of a good top such as Chelsea and a girl who can take a very hard spanking is electric! Here we have a few examples from Chelsea’s Good Spanking

Addie Juniper gets the crop whilst she's naked in the diaper position
Addie Juniper gets the crop whilst she’s naked in the diaper position

One thing that all of these recent episodes has in common is that each one features a name you’ll likely recognize as being a well-known spanking model. Another thing that links them all is that each scene has at least one pretty serious spanking implement in it. Whether it’s Addie’s riding crop, above, or the multitude of nasty-looking wooden paddles and hairbrushes all these ladies get a good workout from Chelsea…

Chelsea pushes Ten's limits with a hard wooden paddle OTK
Chelsea pushes Ten Amorette to her limits with a hard wooden paddle OTK

We get to see the wide shot of Chelsea spanking, then close-ups of either end of the spanking. From the bare bottom at one end, to the sexy but pained face at the other. With some of these hard spankings there are obviously some nice reactions from the girls, none better than Christy Cutie, below…

Christy Cutie's beautiful face close-up as she gets a hard OTK spanking
Christy Cutie’s beautiful face close-up as she gets a hard OTK spanking

And while all these ladies get a well-deserved (or at the very least well-justified) spanking, it is nice to see Chelsea get her comeuppance too, at the hands of Sarah Gregory

After spanking Sarah Gregory the tables are turned and it's Chelsea's turn to get spanked
After spanking Sarah Gregory the tables are turned and it’s Chelsea’s turn to get spanked

It seems like quite a while since we’ve had Chelsea on here but I hope this brief review of five recent scenes more than makes up for it. You can, of course, watch the full episodes at Good Spanking along with many many more.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

Addie gets spanked in Diapers

Addie Juniper gets spanked by Kay Richards with them both wearing diapers

This is a fun scene with Addie Juniper and Kay Richards. The two ladies are getting very kinky indeed in diapers and they have all kinds of “adult baby” equipment such as pacifiers and bibs. It’s not really a spanking scene but I liked this photo, Kay seems way too happy to be spanking her kinky girlfriend!

Addie Juniper gets spanked by Kay Richards with them both wearing diapers gallery

If you like this kinkier side of spanking, Naughty Diaper Girls, has lots of very fetishy diaper-training, age-play, insertions, masturbation and, of course, spankings.

Naughty Diaper Girls

Addie and Kendra

Kendra James inspects her well-spanked bottom

This is a sweet update from Spanked Sweeties with Addie Juniper and Kendra James. Both ladies are very sexy with reddish/brown hair and lovely, very spankable bottoms. We’ve seen both ladies before but it is always a pleasure to see them go OTK, especially is this gorgeous girl-on-girl scene.

It starts off with Kendra spanking Addie in Gallery 1.

Then Kendra gets her revenge in Gallery 2.

Both ladies have tight bodies and lovely rears. I’m not sure which gallery I like best. In the first one the combination of Kendra’s boobs and Addie’s bottom is pretty intoxicating, but revenge is certainly sweet.

Like every good fairytale there is a happy ending and it is hugs all round after two well-spanked bottoms…

Addie Juniper and Kendra James hug after they have both spanked each other

Watch this whole scene in the movies at Spanked Sweeties.

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

Diapers Update

Kendra puts Addie in a diaper then spanks her naughty bottom

Kendra James and Addie Juniper are two very hot fetish models. In this scene, Kendra decides she wants her submissive woman (Addie) to be a sexy diaper girl and spanks her into submission. Lots of naughty bottom play.

If you like diapers and spanking you can see more of this by going to Clare Fonda’s Naughty Diaper Girls. This is the only one of Clare’s spanking sites that isn’t on Clare Fonda Pass due to the kinky nature of hot grown-up babes in diapers..

Naughty Diaper Girls

“Back in the Day” Girl Spanking

Girls spanked in back in the day movies

Back in the day it didn’t matter what the situation was, if a girl was bad she deserved a spanking – wherever she was, whatever she was doing. As such, when three naughty girls get caught by Clare Fonda and Veronica Daniels in this old-fashioned movie we’re in for a girl-on-girl spank-fest.

This is a full length spanking feature and the story begins with Veronica volunteering to look after her two neices for a few days to teach them some discipline. We flash back to her spanking her own daughter for smoking and we know that there will be some very red bottoms… All three girls get a jolly good over the knee spanking on their bare bottoms. Both Clare and Veronica are hard spankers and on this day they must be particularly upset by the girls’ behavior because the girls get some very hard hand-spankings from the no-nonsense ladies. And, as you can see from the above photo, this is makes for quite a scene.

The three girls getting spanked here are Rosario Stone (getting spanked on the left), Addie Juniper (redhead being spanked on the right) and Kay Richards (brunette in pigtails watching the other two girls). Watch the full movie at…

Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

Hot Pants – Double Spanking

Addie Juniper spanks Natalia Love in Hot Pants at Girl Spanks Girl

Today we have Addie Juniper (who spank-o’s might remember from Clare Fonda’s “Exclusive Education 2”) spanking latina babe Natalia Love. In fact, Addie is getting Natalia back because her own bottom has already been well warmed! If you saw “Exclusive Education 2” you’ll know that Addie is very responsive to getting spanked, she has a very low pain tolerance so every smack makes her howl.. At first I thought that she was over-acting but after studying the movies she’s just very responsive.. and I did study those movies very carefully indeed (cough)!

When the tables are turned Addie seems far happier in administering a hard spanking to her girlfriend. She starts off hand-spanking over the hotpants, then the pants come down and Natalia’s bare bottom (bare except for a tiny thong) is spanked more and more.. then, is that a hairbrush I see on the bed???

Natalia's hotpants are pulled down and she is spanked on her bare ass cheeks

You can see “Hot Pants” and “Exclusive Education 2” only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl website!!

Download the Full Movie at Girl Spanks Girl

Exclusive Education 2 Preview

New Spanking Movie Exclusive Education 2 screenshot

The sequel to all-girl spanking movie “Exclusive Education” is coming soon to Girl Spanks Girl and here’s a sneak preview. The class of 2007 looks as good, if not better than the girls in the original movie and there is an extra spanker to discipline the girls*, Kayla Synz. The rollcall this time round is Staci Thorn (Paris Hilton look-a-like), Angelica Black (sweet-looking ebony babe), Addie Juniper (slender redhead), Amber “Pixie” Wells (famous spanking model), Kay Richards (one of my personal favorite girls), Rosario Stone (nice-looking brunette), Kaiya Lynn (cute asian babe) and Reagan Maddox (hot nerdy babe with flame red hair). Just from these short descriptions it sounds like an amazing scene. The girls I’m really looking forward to seeing over the knee are Staci Thorn the amazing, tall blonde with amazing boobs who looks exactly like Paris Hilton, redheaded Addie Juniper and adorable, asian Kaiya Lynn (below). But there is so much to look forward to including Pixie and Kay Richards… readers of this blog will know my feelings about Kay!!

Cute asian babe Kaiya Lynn gets an OTK spanking

I’m also really looking forward to the movie because of the spankers. Clare Fonda needs no introduction she has been in some of the hottest movies ever made as either a spanker, spankee or both. Lana is a very powerful African-American woman who spanks very hard and does not take any nonsense, she’s a relentless spanker and gets the most out of the girls’ bottoms. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing Kayla Synz spank some naughty schoolgirls, she’s an attractive lady and if she spanks half as hard as Lana this movie will be electric!!

See this hot new all-girl spankfest at Girl Spanks Girl from July 21st and the original “Exclusive Education” is one of the movies you can download straight away.

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.