Adrienne Black paddled over Jeans

Adrienne Black takes a trip to the Principal's office
Adrienne Black takes a trip to the Principal’s office

Texting and using profanity in class has cost senior Adrienne Black a bottom-reddening paddling from the Principal. The tall, elegant blonde reports to The Principal’s Office where she is about to have her bottom paddled in her tight blue jeans! She puts her hands on top of the Principal’s desk and bends over, making her jeans even tighter against her bottom. Bending over the principal’s desk, she grits her teeth as she waits nervously for the swats she’s been prescribed. The slim and glamorous model holds herself in position as he swings the school paddle twelve times at her fleshy rump.

Adrienne’s bottom is very red after a paddling over her tight jeans- mixed spanking gallery

Adrienne's bottom is very red after a paddling over her tight jeans
Adrienne’s bottom is very red after a paddling over her tight jeans

Adrienne Black is very beautiful. She has pretty blonde hair, good looks and a perfect, slim body with large bottom. These attributes make her the perfect spanking model!

Adrienne is fairly typical of the ladies you’ll find getting spanked at Firm Hand Spanking, they tend to go for slim and pretty models with a glamorous look.

Firm Hand Spanking

Three times three

Intern Tara Somerville bends over and leans against the wall for a bare bottom strapping

Over-the-knee (OTK) spankings are very popular, with good reason, due to the closeness between spanker and spankee giving a lot of control to the spanker and much humiliation to the spankee. But there are other positions too!

Firm Hand Spanking is perhaps the one spanking website that is least reliant on the traditional OTK position as displayed by the three beautiful blondes in this gallery all bending over for their punishments in a non-OTK fashion.

All three ladies are tall, slim blonds and are all very glamorous. Tara Somerville, above, bends over slightly leaning against the wall for her strapping with the leather tawse. Amelia Jane Rutherford bends over the back of a chair for her session with the strap. And also, gorgeous Adrienne Black bends over with her bottom in the air with her hands supporting herself on the white couch for a stinging encounter with a riding crop. Three different blondes, three different positions, three nice scenes!

Firm Hand Spanking


Katherine St James and Samantha Woodley pose after their canings

This is a “Mid March” update for some of the scenes on Firm Hand Spanking this month. There are some nice updates with some sexy ladies, including the two usual suspects, above, Katherine St James (blond) and Samantha Woodley (brunette). These two cuties each get a bare bottomed caning when they get caught stripping for money instead of studying for college.

Another beauty is sexy glamour model and pornstar, Dani Daniels, who has made a seamless transition from being easy on the eye to being hard on naughty girls’ bottoms. She is one of the newer tops and is quite unique in that I can’t remember seeing her actually getting a spanking herself, which is unusual for such a sexy lady (although she has been tied up and punished in lesbian BDSM on Whipped Ass.)

Here Dani is breaking in another newbie with the help of a leather tawse, the spankee is called Stephanie Murray. Dani plays the principal and Stephanie plays a naughty student in this school-themed bare-bottom strapping. Compared to Dani’s very glamorous looks Stephanie is the typical girl-next-door in what seems to be one of her first ever scenes…

Principal Dani Daniels observes naughty student Stephanie Murray after her punishment with the leather tawse

Another sexy lady who is in for a hard time is gorgeous blond, Adrienne Black who is looking hotter than ever in this scene…

Attitude, short spandex shorts and a skimpy top in the office earn Adrienne Black an ass strapping to remember: 80 swats with a wide leather strap from boss Jonny Stockton. He’s mad as hell with her attitude in Problem PA. See her cheeks ripple in slow motion!

Adrienne Black looking smoking hot in tight black hotpants before she is strapped

Another newbie is Jodi Biltmore, who like Stephanie, is also in a school uniform and is also an amateur, girl-next-door type. Jodi plays a student with a very long list of misdemeanors to her name. Her correction at the Reform Academy starts off with a nice OTK hand spanking on her bare bottom…

Jodi Biltmore gets an OTK hand spanking in a school uniform

Finally for this mid-March 2014 update there is the caning of Belinda Lawson, below. Belinda has reached the end of her “Executive Privilege” punishment and Earl Grey finishes off by giving her an 18-stroke caning on her bare bottom. What makes this particular scene even better is that Belinda must bend over and touch her toes for the caning. Very nice!

Belinda Lawson shows off her striped bare bottom after her caning

And, we didn’t even mention that Amelia Jane Rutherford also gets punished with a leather paddle in another scene. That’s a lot of strapping and caning and a nice OTK spanking, there are fan favorites and newbies, M/F and F/F. With the mixture of very glamorous ladies and the two new girl-next-door models we think there’s probably something for everyone at Firm Hand Spanking at the moment!

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A Few Nice Things

Legs high above her head, Adrienne Black’s bare bottom is spanked 167 times

Here are a few nice things from Firm Hand Spanking

First up, in a continuation of the air stewardess scenario, flight attendant, Adrienne Black, is in trouble again. This time she is soundly spanked for making out with rock band members on a flight when she’s supposed to be working. With her long legs stretched high in the air and bare cheeks presented for punishment, the smoking hot blonde is given 167 smacks by her superior. The diaper-position spanking turns her quivering bottom a deep, satisfying red colour.

Jennifer Torrance’s beautiful bubble-butt spanked as a dare by Tanya

Next up is a College Girl Discipline dare with Tanya Carter and Jennifer Torrance. The two college freshmen are looking for evidence that teacher Mr Anderson has a fetish about spanking, they sneak into his office and since they’re there, how about a little spanking roleplay in his office… Jennifer Torrance’s juicy bare bottom is spanked and paddled over the knee to jiggling perfection by sexy Tanya.

Tanya Carter spanked bare bottom by hot sorority sister Jennifer Torrance

Then, the two girls return when beautiful Jennifer gets her own back on round-bottomed sorority sister Tanya Carter in the next installment of the college series. Jennifer pretends to be their kinky teacher as she spanks her girlfriend in his office. She soon has Tanya’s bare bottom bouncing and red, like her own bottom was, until they’re caught!!

For more sexy spanking with pretty girls and bubble butts check out Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Flight Attendant’s Strapping

Beautiful flight attendant Adrienne Black gets told off by her boss

Very tall and sexy blonde Adrienne Black wears a Halloween flight attendant costume instead of her uniform, so the airline owner decides to spank this bratty blonde over his knee. The six foot beauty gets 190 smacks with his hand plus 37 with a strap that set her lovely buns bouncing red.

Tall blonde Adrienne Black goes over Kyle's knee for a bare bottom spanking

This is a nice firm spanking with some nice hard strapping at the end. If you like uniforms and glamorous models Adrienne Black looks very sexy in her flight attendant’s outfit. There’s also some slo-mo footage of her wonderful round bottom jiggling.

Adrienne Black shows off her well-spanked bottom after a hard punishment

The other Firm Hand Spanking updates this week are with ebony twins Clarissa and Marissa Berkeley getting paddled with a huge punishment board, and Samantha Woodley watching Kat St.James getting a very hard OTK hand spanking from Kyle but Samantha is next.

Firm Hand Spanking

Hand, Strap and Slipper

Today’s three updates from Firm Hand Spanking contain some schoolgirl and classroom themes but, as always, everyone here is over the age of 18…

Wannabe model Adrienne Black gets spanked for neglecting her studies

First of all, Adrienne Black gets spanked OTK with the hand in all-new “Catwalk Attitude” series. Adrienne is a senior who is spanked for focusing on modeling career, not school work, and letting her grades slide. The hot blonde senior is put across the school principal’s knee for an OTK spanking. Adrienne’s long legs topped by white panties kick out as she gets 155 smacks of the principal’s hand. With her white panties wedgied inbetween her jiggling ass cheeks her stinging bottom gets bright red!

Allaura Shane straps Alison Miller and Samantha Woodley in Miss Tushys Burlesque Club

When burlesque dancer, Alison Miller, gets drunk at work she earns herself a 68-stroke bare strapping! Few bottoms bounce as beautifully as Alison Miller’s – especially when she’s face down on a table with nothing but a tiny pink thong to protect her bottom. Allaura Shane sends a painful message to the naughty dancer by giving her 68 strokes of the strap across her unprotected, bare cheeks. Samantha Woodley lies next to Alison on the table, awaiting her turn to be punished at “Miss Tushy’s Burlesque Club”.

Rhianna Parsons gets her bare ebony bottom spanked by Mr Anderson's slipper

When sexy mocha “schoolgirl” Rhianna Parsons (aka Danielle Hunt) is caught swearing in school she is given an after school detention with Mr Anderson. 36 stinging smacks with a slipper across her curvy ebony bottom is her penalty for profanity. Each whack across her bare, black bottom is hard and effective as Rhianna bends over the back of a chair with her big bottom in the air. The teacher gives the naughty lady quite a slippering, but is it enough for Rhianna to dish the dirt and get another student in trouble?

To watch these three sexy updates go to Firm Hand Spanking where there is also a lot more of these sexy ladies, and many more, getting their beautiful bottoms dealt with.

Firm Hand Spanking

Beautiful Blondes Spanked

Today we have two tall, slim, beautiful blondes in Adrienne Black and Amelia Jane Rutherford getting punished at Firm Hand Spanking!

In the first scene we have gorgeous secretary, Adrienne, who seems to have mislaid a very important file at work. She approaches her boss and confesses that she has done wrong and needs to be punished. Of course, her boss obliges and the sexy, blonde secretary gets a 165 smack, OTK hand-spanking…

Secretary Adrienne Black confesses she's lost some important files to her boss

Next up is the spectacular finale to Amelia Rutherford’s “Definitive Guide to Corporal Punishment”. For this punishment the tall blonde is secured to an antique prison frame, which actually looks a bit like two diningroom chairs back to back with an attachment to hold her in place around her waist. Amelia is completely nude and you can see every slight movement as she reacts to each of the 24 strokes from the stingy cane.

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a naked caning

The frame may be old but it is the perfect device for showing off Amelia’s sexy body, including her lovely bottom…

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a naked caning

Two very lovely blondes and two very sexy updates with some fantastic reactions from both.

Firm Hand Spanking

Triple Update

Samantha Woodley gets spanked over the shoulder as she is marched upstairs for her punishment
Samantha Woodley gets spanked over the shoulder as she is marched upstairs for her punishment

This weeks’ three updates at Firm Hand Spanking see 3 beautiful ladies getting spanked in very different ways.

Firstly, above, we see eternally bratty Samantha Woodley in her school uniform get a traditional over the knee and hairbrush spanking. Seeing her getting spanked before she’s even OTK as she gets her bottom slapped when she’s being carried over Mr Strickman’s shoulder is a nice touch. Similar to a lady’s legs being slapped as she’s getting dragged by the wrist into position, the over-the-shoulder spanking is a nice twist in a very lively scene.

Gorgeous redhead Alison Miller keeps complaining even when she is holding her ankles and getting paddled with the punishment board
Gorgeous redhead Alison Miller keeps complaining even when she is holding her ankles and getting paddled with the punishment board

Then, we have two paddling scenes. The first sees Alison Miller bending over and holding her ankles for a large wooden paddle to be applied to that lovely bottom and then very tall Adrienne Black stands up and grabs a hold of the four-poster bedframe for her leather paddling.

Very tall Adrienne Black wears heels and reaches above her head as her bare bottom feels the leather paddle
Very tall Adrienne Black wears heels and reaches above her head as her bare bottom feels the leather paddle

All three ladies are very pretty indeed and they get a nice spanking. It may not be the hardest spanking in the world but these ladies are so pretty and the two paddlings are in very awkward and humiliating positions. There’s also some nice backchat from these bratty ladies, especially during their punishments.

If you like super-sexy models getting a good, firm punishment then you’ll want to see more of the updates at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Learning with Leather

Adrienne Black tastes the tawse on her bare bottom in school uniform
Adrienne Black tastes the tawse on her bare bottom in school uniform

Today we have an ode to leather from this week’s updates at Firm Hand Spanking. And what better way to see how lovely ladies react to some leather discipline than by observing the gorgeous duo of Adrienne Black and Samantha Woodley. Both ladies lie across the padded furniture in the livingroom with their pert bottoms bared, Adrienne gets the strap and Samantha gets the heavy, leather belt. As always, these two scenes are not only beautifully shot and sexy, but there is some very nice and firm punishment of these two lovely ladies…

Mocking Earl Grey by dressing in a provocative school uniform will only earn beautiful Adrienne Black extra swats with a smarting leather tawse! “I had to lie over a footstool,” explains Adrienne, “so at least my bottom wasn’t so stretched as bending over. But it still stung like hell!” See those panties come down as she submits to a well-deserved strapping in College Discipline!

Samantha Woodley's stinging attitude adjustment with a belt
Samantha Woodley’s stinging attitude adjustment with a belt on her beautiful bare bottom

The style and classiness of Samantha Woodley is something to savor, as her bare bottom is soundly strapped with a thick leather belt! Her style and energy is matched by Eric Strickman in her new series, Learning Curve. The heavy leather sizzles her butt enough to make even Samantha wince, and her facial reactions are absolutely priceless!

To watch all three of these updates plus the huge archive of pretty babes reaping the rewards of their constant bratting and bad behaviour, check out Firm Hand Spanking.

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Adrienne Black’s first-ever nude Punishment

Topless with her panties wedgied in her ass crack Adrienne Black gets the leather paddle
Topless with her panties wedgied in her ass crack Adrienne Black gets the leather paddle

Adrienne Black is a fairly new model on the spanking scene and she’s a very pretty, all-natural redhead. She looks very beautiful and glamourous, and looks a bit like porn model Faye Reagan. With a sexy lady who looks so sexy, we like her bottom but of course we want to see plenty more of her than just her bottom. So, it’s not before time that pretty Adrienne disrobes and does her first-ever fully nude spanking scene. And, wow… it’s HOT!

The scene begins with the stunning college’s girl, Adrienne, undressing infront of her bathroom mirror when she is startled by the unexpected arrival of Earl Grey. The Earl is responsible for all aspects of Adrienne’s welfare, overseeing her college activities and making sure she’s properly disciplined! It just so happens that it’s 5am and she’s just got home, she wasn’t expecting to be interrupted but her guardian is here already and he’s not best pleased with this naughty lady. Already all but undressed, she bends over for 20 with a leather paddle in nothing but her white panties and high heels. To begin with her panties are pushed into her crack so she’s wedgied with nice bare ass cheeks, then Adrienne is made to remove her panties and she is completely nude. Throughout this scene you’ll not be able to miss her pert breasts, and you love to see them jiggling as she bends over and feels the paddle kiss her bottom!

Adrienne Black faces the wall with hands on her head to show off her well-spanked bottom
Adrienne Black faces the wall with hands on her head to show off her well-spanked bottom

If you admire Adrienne Black as much as we do you’ll be pleased to hear that this update is just one of three in this trio of spanking updates at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking