Alexis Grace Spanks Ash Hollywood

Babysitter Alexis Grace uses her superior size to overpower tiny Ash Hollywood

Sometimes for whatever reason, a spanking scene does not get added when it is first filmed, sometimes it gets added to a website after quite a long period of time. Well, today we have that exact thing happening on Girl Spanks Girl. “Ash Gets Spanked by Her Babysitter” is probably one of the first spanking movies that Alexis Grace appeared in. You can see that it’s quite similar to Jealous lesbian lover spanking. In the movie, Alexis Grace spanks Ash Hollywood, another name we haven’t heard of for a while.

The movie makes a big deal of the difference in size between the two ladies. Alexis Grace is a very tall brunette who plays the babysitter and Ash Hollywood is a tiny, petite blonde pornstar who is the naughty brat. Alexis certainly seems to be well able to dominate the diminutive brat and it is not long before the blonde beauty is being dragged firmly over Alexis’s knee…

Alexis Grace spanks Ash Hollywood over her tight white shorts OTK

We never did see that much of pornstar Ash Hollywood in spanking scenes, so this is another very welcome opportunity on Girl Spanks Girl. The sexy little pixie is very spankable. While she is tiny and petite she has a juicy bottom that Alexis lays into right away. To begin with, Alexis spanks her over her little, white shorts. The shorts appear to be both thin and tight, meaning that they do not offer Ash much protection from the spanking. she certainly seems to be feeling the spanking judging by her reactions…

Ash Hollywood reacts to the OTK hand spanking

But, Alexis is not in the mood to stop and she continues to spank the naughty brat’s bare bottom…

Alexis Grace spanks tiny Ash's bare bottom over the knee

For the first time on a membership site, this short but very sweet scene with young Ash Hollywood as the major brat who has Alexis Grace as her babysitter. Ash may be tiny, but she is spunky and when she decides to go out for the night against the commands of Alexis, she is bent over for some hard whacks on her bottom, over her shorts. She says she is too old for a spanking, and even pulls the hair of her much taller babysitter. Big mistake. Alexis puts Ash over her knee and gives Ash a bare bottom spanking, making her count out 50 spanks, speckling her bottom!

Petite Ash Hollywood shows off her spanked and speckled bare bottom

Alexis Grace and Ash Hollywood are two blasts from the past but this scene compliments their earlier scene together quite nicely. You can find both this scene and the previous scene together at Girl Spanks Girl. For more of Alexis and many many more spanking models check out all five websites of Clare Fonda Pass!

Girl Spanks Girl

Superheroine Spank-Off

Catgirl battles Ultra Red in a Superheroine Spank-Off

Girl Spanks Girl seems to be the place for cosplay spankings at the moment! What with Clare Fonda and Snow Mercy donning superheroine outfits and spanking each other, and now this, they are really loving the fun and colorful spankings!

This time it is Alexis Grace and… who is this?? She looks a little familiar behind that mask but it’s been a while since we’ve seen her. It’s Mary Jane!! I’m not sure if it’s the mask or the outfit or the fact that Alexis is quite tall but Mary Jane looks smaller than I remember her. Anyway, she definitely matches up well with Alexis in this superheroine spank-off! Alexis Grace plays Catgirl with her ray gun and Mary Jane plays Ultra Red with a bright red leotard and a sword. Both ladies look particularly sexy in their skimpy outfits, and we almost didn’t recognise Mary Jane in that red mask.

Mary Jane spanks Alexis Grace OTK with a plastic sword

That is until the spanking starts… Catgirl is the first to get spanked and Ultra Red spanks her with that sword over the knee. Then powerful Alexis manages to overpower Mary Jane and struggles with her on the floor, getting her in a vice-like grip with her legs while spanking her with that same sword.

Alexis overpowers Mary Jane and spanks her on the floor gripping her in a powerful leg grip

It’s good to see Mary Jane again and scenes with Alexis are always very good. Unfortuately, this isn’t a bare bottom punishment but it’s still a lot of fun and worthwhile checking out if you like either or both ladies and/or cosplay…

Is this a comeback? Has Mary Jane returned to spanking for good? Or is it just a flash in the pan? Has this stunning vixen spanked her last bare bottom on our computer screens? Find out in the next thrilling episode of Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl

Spy Domination

Snow Mercy punishes Alexis Grace in Spy Domination

This is a quick post to direct your attentions to the latest feature on Girl Spanks Girl! It’s called “Spy Domination” and it features sexy Snow Mercy, who is absolutely terrifying as she torments gorgeous Alexis Grace. She’s suspected of spying, and Snow is pretty certain of her instincts, she just needs to extract the code her. Alexis is tied to the ceiling so that she is stood with her hands above her head, feet tied together, naked in the middle of the room. She also has a ballgag, and drools aplenty, as you can see in the above photo. What happens next is that Snow tries various punishments to extract the truth from Alexis… spanking, whipping and caning. Alexis thinks she can fool Snow by giving her some false information but that only ends badly for her as Snow intensifies her efforts. Finally, after a hard and stinging standing-up caning Alexis breaks and offers up the true code. Sore, marked and tearful Alexis Grace curls up on the floor after being freed from her restraints. Then Snow shows her dominance further by placing one black high heel on the side of her face as she lies on the floor…

Snow Mercy dominates Alexis Grace in Spy Domination

Watch this rough BDSM/spanking scene and many more scenes that are more related to F/F spanking including the classroom dramas of “Exclusive Education” at Girl Spanks Girl.

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Alexis Grace and Niki Lee Young spank each other!

Alexis Grace spanks Niki Lee Young over her striped skirt OTK

Normally when we see a brand new spankee (or in this case a switch) we’d be raving about here, but this time we’re very pleased to see Niki Lee Young but her counterpart in this scene is continuing to drive us wild. Alexis Grace is back to dominate another lady, and this time she gets spanked aswell. That is probably a little harsh on Niki who makes an admirable debut. Niki is a sexy, blonde glamour model with a lovely body who’s nice, tanned bottom gets a good workout over Alexis’s lap. She even makes Alexis’s bottom go a lovely blushed pink when the roles are reversed…

Niki gets her own back and spanks Alexis Grace with a hairbrush

Alexis Grace was supposed to mentor Niki Lee Young, who has dressed like a church girl. So Alexis decides she must put Niki over her knee and teach her the slutty ways with a sound spanking. But Alexis was not supposed to mark Niki, who uses this opportunity to give Alexis an even harder spanking, using the hairbrush in addition to her hand.

Alexis Grace and Niki Lee Young spanking each other – gallery

…But it is brunette Alexis who is shooting fast to the top of our favorites list. She has a lovely big bottom when she’s going over the knee and receiving a spanking, and when she is on top she looks incredibly hot. The combination of her good looks, long brown hair and big breasts squeezed into a tight, low-cut pink dress make her a sight for sore eyes…

Big-boobed Alexis Grace looks amazing when she spanks a naughty bottom

For sexy girl-on-girl and some M/F spankings with some of the hottest porn stars that are always very sexy and sometimes quite hard, check out Spanked Call Girls! You can see plenty more of sexy Alexis Grace at several of the websites that can be purchased with the great-value Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Callgirls

Don’t Mess with Alexis!!

Alexis is unhappy that Bradley hasn't tidied the house

Readers will know we don’t have too much Femdom in these parts but this scene on
Clare Spanks Men looks great! Maybe it’s because I like switching brunettes and the star of the show, Alexis Grace is a stunning, tall and curvy brunette who is particularly imposing, especially in her high heels. She can, of course, top females but here it’s her boyfriend, Bradley who gets the benefit of her discipline.

Alexis Grace spanks boyfriend Brad with a spatula in the kitchen

If the house looks a bit messy from the photos it’s because Brad hasn’t tidied up, despite not having a job and lazing around all day. Looks like Alexis needs to teach him a lesson. In her tight pink top, sexy little white denim skirt and black heels she’s in no mood to beat around the bush, so she beats Bradley’s buns…

Alexis Trains Boyfriend Bradley

Alexis gives Brad a thorough bare bottom spanking

Alexis is beautiful, and it is Bradley’s first spanking scene so he gets quite an introduction!

To see more of Alexis and lots of beautiful ladies topping naughty men check out Clare Spanks Men!

Clare Spanks Men

Logan spanked by Girlfriend and Big Sister (Femdom)

Alexis Grace and Brandi spank lazy boyfriend, Logan

Logan has been a deadbeat boyfriend to Brandi. So when Brandi’s big sister, Alexis, visits she suggests a way to get Logan in line. The big sister spanks Logan in the kitchen, with her hand and then a wooden spoon, while little Brandi watches in awe. She then tells her little sister do the same, so Brandi bends her boyfriend over a kitchen stool and spanks him with a wooden spatula. Eventually, after getting well spanked by the two gorgeous ladies Logan agrees to start pulling his weight.

Alexis Grace looks tall when you see her alongside female models, but plenty of female pornstars and spanking models are petite and tiny. But when you see her in a scene with a man the statuesque 6 ft tall beauty really does look big! And she uses her height to good effect as she dominates Logan in this nice two-on-one scene.

Alexis Grace and Brandi spank lazy boyfriend, Logan – Femdom gallery

Not only is Alexis tall but she is also very pretty with an amazing body. She, along with Brandi, are also scantily clad in this kitchen scene and they bring the pain wearing nothing but tiny bikini tops and just as small denim hotpants. If you like Femdom spanking this is a must-see! You can watch this scene and plenty more Femdom spanking, with plenty of strict ladies sorting out some ill-disciplined men at Clare Spanks Men!!

Clare Spanks Men

Tutor Alexis spanks Alyssa Branch

Naughty tutor, Alexis Grace, spanks naughty Alyssa Branch for being late for a meeting

An exciting development on Girl Spanks Girl is the new “Naughty Tutor” series. The tutor herself is played by Alexis Grace and each episode sees her with a different student where she punishes the babe in the usual fashion before humiliating her further by instructing her to masturbate in front of her. The first episode (Day One) featured pornstar Layden Sinn as the pupil, now we have Day Two where another sexy pornstar has misbehaved…

This time it is very cute and sexy Alyssa Branch who has broken the tutor’s strict rules by turning up to a meeting late. Tiny Alyssa is taken over amazonian Alexis’s lap and spanked. The perky pornstar has some amazing reactions as she screws her pretty face up…

Naughty tutor, Alexis Grace, spanks naughty Alyssa Branch for being late for a meeting

So far it seems that Alexis Grace is a natural when it comes to playing a perverted and sadistic tutor of pretty ladies. She has the stature (Alexis is six foot tall) and has the ability to be strict and teach her pupils a lesson. As she is also a pornstar we also see the nasty side of Alexis here with plenty of masturbation and girl-on-girl action.

Alyssa Branch is a cute as a button, it’s the first time we’ve seen her getting spanked so is worth watching for that reason alone. But this is a very sexy lesbian scene which follows on perfectly from the previous scene with Layden.

You can watch all the Naughty Tutor episodes as they arrive by joining Girl Spanks Girl…. and as always you can join Girl Spanks Girl as part of the great-value Clare Fonda Pass!!

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The Naughty Tutor

Naughty Tutor Alexis Grace spanks her student Layden Sinn OTK

A new series on Girl Spanks Girl sees busty brunette Alexis Grace starring as the Naughty Tutor. She spanks girls hard and then teaches them her own twisted version of sex education.

The series starts out with Alexis spanking sexy blonde Layden Sinn, who is one of the most stunning models to ever be used in a spanking scene. With both ladies wearing cute, little denim shorts Alexis takes her student over her knee and spanks her lovely bottom over the tight denim before she pulls down the shorts and spanks her bare bottom. With these two ladies being schmokin’ hot pornstars in skimpy outfits this scene is incredibly sexy but the sexiness levels go off the scale as the lesson ends with a supervised masturbation session.

While spanking newbie, Layden Sinn, is very beautiful with her long blonde hair, glamour model looks and tight body, but Alexis really steps up to the plate as a top in this scene. Wearing daisy dukes and a tight, white t-shirt the busty brunette looks amazing as she strictly deals with her pretty pupil. As you can see Alexis’ big breasts in the tight, thin t-shirt are eye-popping…

The Naughty Tutor Alexis Grace spanks Layden Sinn gallery

You can watch this scene now on Girl Spanks Girl where it is the first part of a spanking series that certainly looks like it’s going to be very sexy indeed!

Girl Spanks Girl

Double Bubblebutt

Today we have the latest episode from My Spanking Roommate. As you may have learned to expect from this website, the storylines can intertwine so there are sometimes revenge spankings, and often one spanking leads to another. That is what happens here, in what is episode 103. This episode is in two parts with four gorgeous ladies, one of whom I haven’t seen before (Miss Claw) and two delightful bubblebutts…

Alexis Grace tells Veronica Ricci she must be her new roommate

Alexis Grace tells Veronica Ricci she MUST take her in as a roommate, but she already has a new roommate, Missy. Alexis spanks Veronica until she calls Missy Rhodes to let her know she can’t be her roommate anymore.

Alexis spanks Veronica until she calls Missy to tell her the bad news

Missy gets the call while taking acting lessons from Miss Claw.

Missy Rhodes hears the news that she can't move in with Veronica during her acting class

This gives Claw an idea. Missy is forced to practice her acting while she is over Claw’s knee getting spanked…

Miss Claw decides to let Missy finish the rest of her acting class over her knee

Missy’s bubblebutt looks amazing in that tight skirt that clings to her round bottom. But the scene gets even hotter then the skirt is flipped up and she is spanked on her bare bottom. All four ladies here are very beautiful, and the two spankees are particularly stunning as they react to their bottoms getting redder and sorer…

Pretty Missy Rhodes gets spanked hard over the teacher's knee

As you can see not only are there two very sexy spankings here but there is an intriguing storyline aswell. What will be next for these ladies? You can grab this scene as it comes out on My Spanking Roommate, you can also join as part of Clare Fonda’s 3, 4 or 5-site spanking pass.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Jealous Lesbian Lover Spanking

Ash Hollywood and Alexis Grace do some sexy, lesbian erotic spanking

Alexis Grace is a jealous lesbian who calls petite blond Ash Hollywood over to her place and confronts her about sleeping with her girl. Alexis, at 5’11” manhandles tiny blond Ash and spanks the hell out of her bare rear end, then spreads her legs in her pretty face and has Ash pleasure her with anal and vaginal toys. Ready for more after getting off. Alexis, whose just a very naughty lady, let’s Ash give her a few swats in a this horny girl/girl spanking video.

Ash Hollywood and Alexis Grace do some sexy, lesbian erotic spanking

Ash Hollywood and Alexis Grace do some sexy, lesbian erotic spanking

This very sexy update comes from the “Erotic Spanking” section of the Girl Spanks Girl website.

Girl Spanks Girl