Jamie Foster Sex

MILF Jamie Foster wearing nothing but an apron in the kitchen

We occasionally look at hardcore scenes that have some spanking in them, but today we don’t have any spanking whatsoever. It’s because Jamie Foster (aka Clare Fonda) is going from strength-to-strength with her Jamie Foster Strips website. Having cut down on her spanking duties to focus more on stripping and fucking, Jamie is having the time of her life. She says she is “50, fit and funny” which is a very accurate description of the toned MILF, even if she says so herself. Jamie Foster sex is very different from the spanking we’re used to seeing her give and receive but she still has the same sense of humor and the same desire to be on camera.

It is surprising to think that Jamie or Clare is now 50 years of age. The sexy MILF is more toned than ever! One of her assets is definitely her ass, which even at 50 is looking hotter than ever. Definitely a spankable MILF…

Jamie Foster shows off her famous MILF ass

Her website began as an Embarrassed Naked Female (ENF) website where each week Jamie Foster would be put in situations where she was almost being forced to strip or was stripping reluctantly. Since the early days, Jamie has really gone to town and branched out into more glamour, masturbation and happy-to-strip stripteases.

Jamie Foster strips completely naked in the Kitchen Bitch movie

But, let’s see some more of that ass. Here’s a nice bikini ass wiggle from a recent update…

MILF Jamie Foster bikini ass wiggle gif

More recently, Jamie Foster has really stepped up the amount of hardcore and blowjob movies she does too. Over Christmas, Jamie did a very hot cuckolding scene, below…

Jamie Foster sex scene with step son cuckolding her husband at xmas

With all the new content it was high time that Jamie’s website, Jamie Foster Strips, had a redesign and that has just happened. Not only is the design more fun and more suited to the types of movies she’s making now, but it’s also mobile-friendly with movies that will work on any device. So now you can enjoy one of our favorite spanking models and pornstars from your computer or whichever phone or tablet you desire…

Jamie Foster Strips website redesign

Not only does Jamie have the usual videos and photos, she also does a live webcam show for her members most weeks. For much more stripping, masturbation and Jamie Foster sex check out the newly revamped Jamie Foster Strips!

Jamie Foster Strips

This Pornstar Looks Familiar…

MILF Jamie Foster in a sexy tight dress with her driver, Carlos

Jamie Foster is a brand new pornstar who is springing up all over the place as a hardcore MILF. Readers of this blog, however, may think that this pornstar looks familiar and that would be because she is also known as Clare Fonda and has been featured many times on these pages. It’s a big change for someone we’re used to seeing giving and receiving spankings, but it’s a chance for us to see another side of this sexy cougar.

This is one of her first scenes and it’s called “Hello, Jamie!” on amateur MILF hardcore website, 40 Something Mag. Here is the scene description…

Jamie Foster, a 48-year-old hottie and webcam model who was born in Florida and now lives in California, makes her worldwide sucking and fucking on-camera debut by taking on Carlos Rios’ big cock. It’s an impressive first time for a beautiful woman with a tight little body and nice, firm tits. If you prefer MILFs with the woman-next-door look, you’re going to love Jamie. And Jamie clearly loves Carlos’ cum. She eats it and swallows it. “I run around town doing errands in yoga pants, but otherwise I am a jeans and open-toe heels kind of chick with a tight top and some silver jewelry, especially rings,” Jamie said. “I like fitted clothes that show off my body and I wear more dresses than most.” She looks especially hot here in a tight dress. Carlos is her driver. At least she thinks he his. He’s actually driving her to our shooting location, where he’s going to be her fucker, too.

Jamie Foster hardcore gallery

MILF Jamie Foster gets fucked by driver, Carlos

Jamie Foster is looking hotter than ever at the moment and her body is pretty stunning as you can see from this scene. She is still returning to do spanking scenes, but it’s fewer scenes than before, and this is why. Perhaps one day we’ll see Jamie or Clare in a combined spanking and hardcore scene. Until that day, fans of Clare Fonda can find some of her first hardcore scenes at 40 Something Mag.

40 Something Mag

Spanking Clips – Pay Per View

Today, we have a selection of kinky spanking clips from Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View

The Best Of Bad Tushy 6

Sarah Gregory gets strapped standing up in The Best Of Bad Tushy 6

First of all, this first bottom looks remarkably like that belonging to Sarah Gregory. She has found herself in prison and is getting punished by the very mean-looking prison warden. She’s getting punished with the leather belt, first of all over the knee over her panties, then with panties pulled down and finally standing up against the wall getting her bare bottom strapped. Watch more at the… sample movie.

You can also see the DVD info page here… The Best Of Bad Tushy 6.


Punish The Professor

Britney Amber and Jessica Ryan in Punish The Professor

This next scene is a femdom spanking and sex scene where two hot female students, Britney Amber and Jessica Ryan, dominate their professor. The busty, rich, co-eds get all A’s when they are through with the poor teacher who gets thoroughly dominated by the two beauties! This is a sex and spanking scene with both ladies taking it in turns to punish and humiliate him. Watch more in the sample movie.

You can see more movie info and the download options at the “Punish The Professor” page.


Tormenting Young Lylah

Lylah Ryder is a curvy blonde babe in a hot pink bikini, but Sally D’Angelo is set on punishing her, and that bikini soon gets stripped off. There is some nice scolding from the domme, who expertly uses two floggers at once, whipping the sexy girl as she kneels on all fours.

Introducing the new 20ish year old bombshell Lylah Ryder. Little did Lylah realize when Sally D’Angelo invited her over for some pool side fun and games that she would be the entertainment for the afternoon.

Sample “Tormenting Young Lylah” movie

There is more info at the movie download page… Tormenting Young Lylah



Control” features another familiar face! We’ve seen Skin Diamond in a spanking scene before, and you can certainly see why everyone wants to spank her perfect ebony bubble butt.

Skin and Alex have an arrangement. She does absolutely anything he asks, including cooking, cleaning, and, whenever Alex wishes it, bending over so he can cum in her.

While Alex does indeed spank Skin’s bubble butt, this is a very rough and nasty hardcore scene where slapping and spanking is just one part of it. Skin is wearing some very sexy black lingerie and gets treated extremely perversely while on all fours outside on the floor. It’s very kinky indeed.

Sample movie clip of Skin Diamond in “Control”

And, there is more info about this kinky hardcore movie all about sex and control, at the movie download page… Control.


Dominance And Submission

Skin Diamond also appears in the “Dominance And Submission” DVD, but this scene features busty, tattooed Anna Bell Peaks dominating sexy brunette, Adria Rae. After having already dominated the sexy beauty with her hands tied above her head, now Anna Bell ties her up so that she is suspended from her arms and legs. It almost looks like Adria is a human hammock! The big-boobed domme takes her time, slowly teasing the submissive with words before taking her to the next level of domination.

These girls are ready to surrender to their lovers’ every kinky desire. With restraints and complete submission, these girls are bound for unparalleled orgasms.

Watch the sample movie and download the full movie at the Dominance And Submission movie page.


This is a slightly different type of post to what we normally have, so I hope you enjoy these five clips. There are more spanking clip previews at the VOD tag or you can browse the full catalog of spanking, hardcore and other kinky movies at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View. There is the option of either buying minutes and only paying for what you see, or you can download the clip for life.

Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View

Spanking Them

19-year-old Julia gets topless for her punishment at Spanking Them
19-year-old Julia gets topless for her punishment at Spanking Them

This is our first look at Spanking Them, another one of those Eastern European spanking websites. Sometimes they can get very severe with brutal canings that leave the models very badly marked indeed, but this website doesn’t appear to go as far as this, which we’re pleased about. Instead, they get kinky with some BDSM elements and also some masturbation. There is OTK in most scenes and there is plenty of nudity, plus a good mixture of strap, whip and cane.

This scene features 19-year-old amateur Julia who is pretty and has a nice body. Right from the off she is wearing a school uniform and is asked to remove her blazer and blouse so that she is topless. Then her skirt is flipped up and panties lowered for the start of her punishment. Soon the sexy teen is completely naked and things start to really heat up with the strap…

Julia bends over the desk naked for a nude strapping
Julia bends over the desk naked for a nude strapping

There seems to be some kind of bondage or kink in most scenes, so not your typical OTK spankings. Here, Julia is made to wear a dog’s leash and gets on all fours with the handle of a flogger in her mouth to add to the humiliation. But the punishment continues with beautiful Julia completely naked and looking more and more disheveled…

Julia gets humiliated by wearing a leash and holding the whip in her mouth while she's punished
Julia gets humiliated by wearing a leash and holding the whip in her mouth while she’s punished

There is also some self-spanking and bits of lesbian sex on this website. There is a lot of amateur models in school uniforms, or sometimes they are called teachers, and secretaries are another favorite here, but there’s not a huge amount of variation in the settings or scenarios. It certainly makes a change though. See more at Spanking Them.

Spanking Them

Naughty Mormon MILF Dominates A Man

Elder Bowen has a crush on MILF, Sister Rose, and he pays her a visit

Elder Bowen is a missionary with a secret crush on the naughty Mormon MILF in his ward, Sister Rose. Whenever he bumps into her at church, he gets shy and can’t talk. He’s jealous of her husband, and sometimes he daydreams that they’re married instead, and he can play with her big Mormon tits and fuck her until she cums again and again. What he doesn’t know is that she wants his cock. She has always wanted to dominate a younger guys, and Elder Bowen seems like just the kind of submissive boy she can humiliate, spank and milk for a big load of cum.

The young missionary is planning to go door to door with Sister Rose’s husband one afternoon, but she makes sure that he’s out on an errand when the boy shows up at her door. She invites him in, and even though he’s not supposed to be alone with her, he gives in to the temptation and chats awkwardly with her while they wait. Being alone with her is what the boy has wanted for months, and now that it’s happening he can’t resist getting an erection. Sister Rose notices the outline of his hard dick and she grabs it. The boy is totally embarrassed, and as he blushes she gives him a disapproving look.

“Do I need to tell your mission president about this?” she asks.

Sister Rose grabs his hard dick

The boy pleads with her not to turn him in, and she agrees not to, on one condition: he has to take off all his clothes for her. He’s terrified now — afraid of being turned in, afraid of her seeing naked, and afraid to disobey her. So he does what she says, taking off his shirt and pants. He stands there in his secret Mormon underwear, and Sister Rose enjoys being completely clothed while he stands there exposed, vulnerable. His big, hard dick presses against his underwear, and she helps him out by dropping them to the floor and stroking his cock. The feeling is so intense that Elder Bowen’s eyes close and he moans.

Mormon MILF Sister Rose spanks his ass and touches his balls

“I’m not going to tell on you, but I still think you need to be punished,” she tells him. She takes his top off too, and orders him to get on his hands and knees, completely naked. He obeys her, and she winds up and spanks his ass hard. He yelps, but he doesn’t resist so she hits him again and again. His butt is bright red where she spanks him. He bites his lip and tries not to make a sound. His dick is dripping wet now, and he hopes she’ll put it in her mouth. Luckily, that’s exactly what she has in mind…

After spanking him Sister Rose sucks on Elder's hard cock

This is a scene from the mormon-themed porn website Mormon Girlz that has some very infrequent spanking and references to spanking but is a nice amateur website.

Mormon Girlz

Sexy Sex-Kitten Whipped

Sex kitten babe undressed and gets her bare bottom whipped her till her ass turns black-and-blue

In the Batman movies Catwoman has to be one of the best characters. She dresses in tight, black latex has a kinky cat mask and ears, and, best of all, wields a long bullwhip. The catwoman concept is erotic enough but when you get this sexy heroine/villain being played by the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry playing her, you know its going to be good.

Obviously they can’t do too much of this in Hollywood but fantasies involving Catwoman must include her strutting around in her skintight outfit and high heels terrorizing the community until she’s finally captured and the tables are turned. while she’s restrained the cat outfit can be unpeeled, maybe leaving the mask in place, maybe not. Then once the sex kitten is stretched out, her perfect body immobile, the long bullwhip can be used on that sexy naked body.

So, these Catwoman whipping clips are very erotic, even though she’s speaking in Czech the fact that she’s so submissive that she even obediently counts each stroke of the whip is very hot…

Sex kitten babe undressed and gets her bare bottom whipped her till her ass turns black-and-blue gallery

I think this could be done really well if the Catwoman was standing up in a star position with her ankles and wrists secured so that she’s slightly stretching. Then the woman would walk around her examining her perky breasts, smooth stomach and long legs whilst taking her buttocks and breasts from time to whip her from time to time… especially if she’s Michelle Pfeiffer… anyway…

This amateur Catwoman is lovely and takes her rough whipping very well indeed while being tied down to the bench with her bottom bared and exposed. You can see every stroke of her punishment whipping at…

Rough Man Spank

Spanking Sarah

English amateur housewife Sarah bends over the sofa for her caning

Spanking Sarah is a newish site I’ve just stumbled across. Sarah is…

A naughty secretary, a schoolgirl*, a lady who indulges herself in the seven sins as often as she can. Her reward? Relentless punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane and the strap.

Sarah is a tall brunette/blonde, depending on when you see her, who is English and is often getting herself into trouble, knowing that every time her misdemeanors will lead to a very firm punishment. She gets long, hard over the knee spankings and severe canings but mixed in with all the strict discipline Sarah gets down to some serious masturbation and cock-sucking.

Her website gives you a glimpse into Sarah’s naughty and fun lifestyle… where sex and spankings are never far away. You can even see her curb-crawling to pick up new guys to fuck.. until she repents and the vicar and nurse give her a thorough chastising punishment to clean her sins away.

See much more at…

Spanking Sarah

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.