Exclusive Education 11

Teacher, Bella Bathory, and naughty girls in nightwear have a slumber party in Exclusive Education 11

As I write this it’s the end of 2016, going into 2017. The days are getting longer, spring is around the corner and to make things even better “Exclusive Education 11” has arrived! We’re used to seeing the annual school-themed Exclusive Education movies in the summer during what would be school holidays, but this time the series starts off in winter to warm our hearts and these naughty bottoms…

You’ll recognize a lot of the faces this year, we’ve seen all of them before. Bella Bathory is the teacher and we start off with the class having a sleepover. If this installment had a subtitle it should be “boobs and bottoms” because in their sexy nightwear these ladies have curves in all the right places, and teacher Bella, also in a nightgown, is ready to spank them all. The ladies here are peroxide blonde cutie Stevie Rose, tall redhead Maddy Marks, pint-sized brunette beauty Elori Stix who gets “slut” written across her ass, busty babe with short blond hair Tori Avano and everyone should know stunning Angela Sommers by now.

Cute and curvy Elori Stix has slut written on her bare ass then spanked

It’s a slumber party and when a pillow fight breaks out each girl goes over teacher’s knee in turn for a bare bottom hand spanking and hairbrush paddling. But then the teacher leaves the room and the girls turn on teacher’s pet Angela with all the girls spanking her at once. But, Bella returns in time to catch them all red-handed…

When Bella leaves the room, the other girls start spanking Angela, lead by instigators Maddy Marks and Elori Stix. Bella decides to give each girl an over-the-knee spanking and lets Angela do the same. Bella uses the paddle on the instigators with lots of red sore buns in part 1 of this epic series.

Teacher supervises as teacher's pet Angela spanks Stevie Rose OTK

With all seven ladies in nightwear for part one of this feature-length spanking movie, things have got hot really quickly. The all-star cast are all looking very sexy and we’re loving the boobs and bottoms this year! Stevie Rose seems to be everywhere at once at the moment so of course she would also be in the centerpiece of Girl Spanks Girl too, it seems like she, Maddy Marks and Angela Sommers have been very busy with spanking scenes in 2016. Other ladies such as Elori Stix may not have been as prolific in terms of quantity of scenes, but the cute and curvy brunette is a real jewel in this spanking crown, among bigger names in spanking she really stands out and possibly steals the show. You decide!

Watch all of “Exclusive Education 11” as it gets added to Girl Spanks Girl bit by bit until very soon the full-feature-length movie will be available to download. You can also catch all ten previous movies only at Girl Spanks Girl!!

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Angela Sommers returns the Compliment

Angela Sommers shows busty MILF Christina Carter when to position herself

Last time around Christina Carter gave sexy Angela Sommers a nice OTK spanking, before Angela found a way to give Christina a spanking. Now, in “Girlfriend Battle: Day 2“, Angela Sommers returns the Compliment. She marches into Christina’s office and demands to give her an embarrassing spanking right there and then.

It’s a nice follow up to the first part, and is another chance to see these two busty beauties in a scorching hot scene at Girl Spanks Girl. Sexy MILF, Christina Carter is an amazing fetish diva who is best know for kinky bondage, but excels here in spanking scenes. Angela Sommers began her adult entertainment career in glamour modeling but has now added spanking to her repertoire to spectacular effect.

I particularly liked this photo, which has a classic feel to it that brings some nostalgia. A lady being spanked over her tight pencil skirt like this brings back memories of spanking magazines of the past…

Angela Sommers returns the compliment to Christina Carter by spanking her MILF ass

But, this nice scene has so many highlights. Such as the moment when busty Angela peels back Christina’s panties for the first time. Delicious.

Angela Sommers pulls Christina Carter's panties down over her big MILF ass

Angela Sommers is very upset with how things played out the first time she met Christina Carter so she pays her a visit at Christine’s office, where she proceeds to give her a painful and embarrassing spanking that anyone in the office might hear. She also uses a leather paddle. They two hot ladies end up making out after the spanking, though.

Angela uses the leather paddle to spank her girlfriend, Christina Carter

As with part one, there is some sexy lesbian action between the two busty beauties, before gorgeous brunette MILF Christina Carter returns to her desk and gingerly sits down.

Christina Carter and Angela Sommers are two beauties from porn, fetish and glamour modeling that have recently arrived at spanking. You can watch both scenes of them spanking each other and making out in a sexy lesbian encounter at Girl Spanks Girl.

Girl Spanks Girl

Christina Carter and Angela Sommers battle it out

Christina Carter and Angela Sommers in Girlfriend Battle

Girlfriend Battle features two very hot and busty ladies: Christina Carter and Angela Sommers.

We’ve not seen a huge amount of Christina Carter but what we have seen we’ve liked. The busty brunette MILF is famous for appearing in kinky scenes as wonder woman, and is now starting to show that she can do spanking aswell as bondage and hardcore. The curvy cougar has a hot body but it’s her opponent here we see the more of in this scene.

Glamour model, Angela Sommers, is unmistakeably beautiful and her lovely big breasts come out as the girl-on-girl scene gets sexual in a lesbian way. She gets spanked first for messing around with Christina’s girlfriend, before the two lesbians get it on a little bit. The two kiss and caress with each other’s big breasts in this sexy and erotic scene on Girl Spanks Girl.

Christina spanks Angela Sommers OTK

Christina Carter pays a visit to Angela Sommers because Amelea is Christina’s girlfriend and Angela has been messing around with Amelea. Christina puts Angela over her knee to teach her a lesson with a sound spanking. But their is some strange attraction and they end up kissing. Which then gives Angela her opportunity to give Christina a spanking.

Christina Carter and Angela Sommers in “Girlfriend Battle”

Topless Angela Sommers spanks busty MILF Christina Carter

This scene has everything apart from men. It has two stunning models (a blonde and a brunette) both with large and lovely breasts spanking each other and getting it on in an erotic way. Angela has quickly become a fan favorite with her amazing looks, stunning body and willingness to give and receive some hard spankings. And, Christina Carter is a lovely brunette MILF with an equally hot body and an even larger bust. Watching Angela get spanked is nice enough but when the tops come down and things really start to heat up the lid really does blow off this scene. Then, Angela spanks Christina with amazing breasts exposed in a very pretty spanking.

Christina Carter and Angela Sommers are two beauties from porn, fetish and glamour modeling that have recently arrived at spanking. The two sexy ladies together in a F/F scene was always going to be very attractive to watch, but this scene is in the erotic section of Girl Spanks Girl, and gets better and better as the scene progresses.

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Girl Spanks Girl’s new Redesign

Girl Spanks Girl's new Redesign

To celebrate Girl Spanks Girl’s new redesign we’re taking a look at the most recent update. It’s day 4 of the “Bad Plumber” series with busty duo: Amelea Dark and Angela Sommers.

Angela Sommers and Amelea Dark in Bad Plumber Day 4 at Girl Spanks Girl

Amelea has bright red hair in Day 3 but it seems even redder in this part. In fact, both ladies are dressed in very pretty and sexy outfits and the bright colors really pop out of the screen at you… and that’s before any bottoms get reddened! Angela is wearing a tightly-fitting blue thing that may well be a swimsuit, with the tiniest pair of shorts you’re likely to see for a while. Amelea is wearing a colorful dress that is equally tight-fitting around her large breasts but it much looser around her waist making it the perfect dress for revealing a bared bottom.

To celebrate Girl Spanks Girl’s new design we’re taking a look at the most recent update. It’s day 4 of the “Bad Plumber” series with busty duo: Amelea Dark and Angela Sommers.

Angela paddles Amelea OTK with a large wooden spoon

Amelea Dark is back to fix Angela Sommer’s pipes for free as promised. But when she can’t fix them, she gives up and also gives a bad attitude. Angela is not having any of it. She puts Amelea over her knee for a long, very hard spanking with her hand and a wooden spoon.

Angela Sommers spanks Amelea Dark on the re-designed Girl Spanks Girl website

Angela Sommers gives Amelea a bare bottom spanking in this erotic scene

This is a very fun scene taken from the website’s “erotic” section, so the severity of the discipline may not be that harsh but what it lacks hardness it more than makes up for in sexiness. In the three sections, there is everything from lesbian kissing and masturbation through to hard disciplinary spankings.

So, Girl Spanks Girl has a brand new look that is mobile-friendly, along with the full scenes and blooper videos having version for mobile it is perfect for viewing on tablets, phones and all mobile devices. The new design has all the content from the old site plus some stuff that may have been hidden away through the passing of time, so now a huge amount of spanking content with some of the biggest names from the past 10+ years is altogether in a package that looks great no matter what you are viewing it on. Here is a screenshot of it from a phone…

Girl Spanks Girl's new Redesign works on mobile devices and tablets

Of course, one of the best ways to experience this website is with the amazing value for money combo that is Clare Fonda Pass where you can choose from the 3-site, 4-site or 5-site varieties.

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Sexy Spanking Fantasies

Sarah Gregory spanks Christy Cutie and Casey Calvert side-by-side in white panties

Today we have two very sexy spanking fantasies from Sarah Gregory. The first scene is on Cheerleader Spankings and features Sarah spanking two sexy cheerleaders. In fact, all three ladies are in cheerleaders’ outfits. To begin with, as it’s her fantasy, Sarah gets Christy Cutie and Casey Calvert to kneel on all fours on the bed for a hand spanking over their white panties. Sarah spanks with her hand before lowering the cheerleaders’ panties and slapping their reddening rumps with a leather paddle.

Sarah’s personal fantasy was to spank them both side by side and enjoy the erotic sight of them both in their authentic cheergirl uniforms getting their bare bottoms reddened under their white panties.

This is a fun and sexy scene with three experienced spanking models so of course they get a bit creative. For the finale Casey bends over the top of Christy so that both bare bottoms are sticking out perpendicular to each other. Sarah continues to flaunt around them both swatting their delicious rears with her paddle in a scene that contains no OTK spanking whatsoever. In this pile of bottoms the two girls somehow manage to spank each other. There are more fun segments to this scene with two-on-one spankings in a nice cheerleader fantasy…

Casey Calvert lies over Christy Cutie and the two babes are spanked with a leather paddle on their bare bottoms

This scene is from Sarah’s newest website: Cheerleader Spankings that is fast becoming the go-to place for naughty cheerleaders.

Strangely, there is no OTK in this next equally sexy scene either. “My Little Toy” features gorgeous Angela Sommers who is stripped naked and on all fours ready for mistress Sarah to do whatever she wishes with her. We’re a big fan of Angela around these parts and what better than some sexy nudity with some kinky light spanking, implements, lesbian fondling and pussy rubbing. The spanking here may not be the hardest you’ve ever seen but it’s well worth a watch so see Angela’s exquisite nude body react to the array of sensations being forced on her by mischievous Sarah. She is even made to wear a ball gag!

Naked Angela Sommers gets spanked, teased and punished by Sarah

There are plenty more sexy spankings randing from light to much heavier, plus a lot of OTK, at Sarah’s main website: Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Exclusive Education 10

The naughty schoolgirls in part one of Exclusive Education 10

Readers will know about the Exclusive Education (EE) tradition that always happens once-a-year on Girl Spanks Girl. Well, normally it appears in the summer but this year (technically 2016, but it’s for 2015) the classroom spanking drama is a ray of sunshine to light up the wintertime. With it’s two parts and many of the hottest spanking models, “Exclusive Education 10” is one of the biggest ever!

There are two parts, with different models in each part, but for now we’ll focus on part one as that’s what you’ll see to begin with.

The teacher is Bella Bathory, who we’ve not seen a huge amount of so far, just a very severe BDSM scene, Top Domme, where she gets tied up and punished by Snow Mercy. In that scene she was a submissive, but here, as the teacher, she is definitely on top and takes no nonsense from the six naughty students. The students are: Angela Sommers, Maddy Marks and Stevie Rose (who you’ll recognise from these pages) plus Elori Stix, Tori Avano and Marie (who are new)!

First impressions are that Bella Bathory makes an amazing domme, Elori Stix looks like the pick of the newbies and Angela Sommers wins the prize for being most glamorous…

Teacher Bella Bathory spanks naughty schoolgirl Angela Sommers in Exclusive Education 10

So, even the first part of Exclusive Education 10 is huge. As with previous years the running time is way bigger than most spanking movies and has a cast much larger than most spanking scenes you’ll see. All the models here, as always, are over 18 but the classroom setting and school uniforms definitely adds an ageplay element to the action.

Stevie Rose spanks Maddy Marks OTK with Elori Stix and teacher Bella Bathory watching

It has been 10 years since we started sharing our annual big school girl shoot and EE10 is one of the best ever. Teacher Bella is leading detention with 6 naughty girls who are just begging for an over-the-knee hand spanking from this powerful (and beautiful) lady. They each get a firm hand spanking from from her, then she has the girls spank each other with a hairbrush. And finally, the instigator gets 15 with a large paddle from Miss Bella.

Part one of Exclusive Education 10 – gallery

Bella Bathory spanks the main culprit Elori Stix OTK with the punishment board

So, in this one huge part six naughty schoolgirls get spanked by teacher, then spank each other with the hairbrush and finally, ringleader Elori Stix gets paddled with the punishment board over the teacher’s knee. That’s a lot of spanking! As with every year, one of the things to look forward to is the lineup of spanked bottoms. This year the lineup looks very nice, especially with the sexy blonde teacher looking strict and sexy at the end holding the large paddle…

Exclusive Education 10: lineup of spanked bottoms

2016’s Exclusive Education 10 looks like it certainly keeps up the standard of previous years, and with part two yet to arrive there is plenty of variety aswell as scale. This year’s new teacher fits right in and adds some glamour, along with sexy student Angela Sommers. There is no Snow Mercy this year which is a shame but you can always re-watch the first 9 EE movies to see the likes of Snow, Clare Fonda, Sarah Gregory and Pixie in the cast. You can watch EE 1-9 and download the latest movie as it’s added at Girl Spanks Girl!

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Curvy Nude Spanking

Angela Sommers spanks a clothed Amelea Dark OTK

This scene is the next part of to this post and continues the “Bad Plumber” storyline between Angela Sommers and Amelea Dark. If you liked part one, you’ll love part two! These two very curvy ladies look great together in a normal OTK spanking scene but here they end up both getting naked for a wonderfully curvy nude spanking…

Amelea Dark makes Angela Sommers get naked too, then go over her knee

To recap, plumber Amelea did a bad job at the house that Angela rents. Angela spanks Amelea for her poor work, but Amelea is able to find something that Angela has not done with the house so is able to blackmail her and spank her too.

Now, for day two…

Amelea Dark is working in the office today when Angela Sommers storms in with her plumbing bill. She demands to have it torn up as she feels that she should not have to pay. When Amelea refuses, Angela spanks her and makes her tear it up. But Amelea then points out there is an electronic copy and Angela will be taken to collections unless she pays, or takes a naked spanking of her own.

Curvy Nude Spanking: Angela Sommers and Amelea Dark in day 2 of Bad Plumber gallery

Angela Sommers goes OTK in this curvy nude spanking

Angela Sommers has a wonderfully tight-yet-curvy busty hourglass figure, albeit with enhanced boobs. And, she has the perfect match with redhead, Amelea’s similarly curvy body and big boobs. The two combined look fantastic in a nice OTK spanking scene that gets sexy in a lesbian way. This is maybe not as hard and brutal as some spanking scenes can get but it’s a very nice scene. Perfect for those who like girl-on-girl spankings and not too much “marking” on a curvy bottom.

Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl

Angela Sommers spanked in Kitchen

Angela Sommers and Amela Dark in kitchen

It’s party season in Spanking Sorority Girls and Angela Sommers has been charged with getting everything ready for the party. The problem is that instead of doing her chore she’s just been stood in the kitchen eating the party snacks. That’s when sorority senior Amelea Dark walks in to check on the pledge.

Angela Sommers has her hair pulled while she's spanked OTK

This is not the first time we’ve seen Angela but this scene gives us another chance to take a look at this curvy beauty again. Amelea does not take any nonsense and gives the beautiful glamour model a nice, hard spanking over her knee. Not only does the humiliation come from getting spanked and having her beautiful ass bared, but it’s also happening downstairs in the sorority kitchen. Anyone could walk in at any time and see her getting her buns beaten by the strict redhead.

Amelea Dark gives Angela Sommers a bare bottom OTK spanking in the kitchen

Amelea shows Angela what happens to naughty girls who act like spoiled brats at this sorority – she puts her over her knee for a long, hard spanking, turning Angela’s curvy bottom bright red.

Amelea Dark spanks Angela Sommers in the kitchen gallery

Those with a keen eye will notice that Amelea is nicely color coordinated in this scene. Her fire engine red hair matches the red in her plaid skirt and also the red in her running shoes. Angela’s outfit is a tight blue vest and a pair of tiny denim hotpants with braces that look a bit like miniature overalls, but very sexy. Both ladies are slim and stacked, their large breasts bursting out of their tops and Angela’s bare bottom is wonderful to watch as it gradually glows brighter and brighter.

After the spanking it hurts for Angela Sommers to sit down

Watch Angela Sommers magically transform from bratty princess to a spanked and sore beauty in this nice OTK bare bottom spanking scene. There are far more naughty pledges in 89 episodes and counting of updates at Spanking Sorority Girls. And you can also join as a part of the Clare Fonda Pass multi-site deal for extra spanking value.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Bad Plumber spanked… and spanked!!

Angela Sommers is not impressed with the Bad Plumber, Amelea Dark's work

There is a new main feature on Girl Spanks Girl, it’s called “Bad Plumber” and stars a rising star of spanking, Amelea Dark, and the latest glamour model to have made the leap to spanking, Angela Sommers. Redheaded Amelea plays the plumber in question and she goes to fix the pipes in Angela’s kitchen. When she fails to fix what’s wrong under the basin Angela pulls up a chair and gives her curvy bottom a nice OTK spanking…

Glamorous Angela Sommers spanks Amelea Dark OTK

But, in this scene, the first scene of the series, Amelea threatens to tell the landlord that the pipes are bad. Thus, she’s able to give a revenge spanking right away and spank Angela’s gorgeous bottom…

Angela Sommers gets her panties pulled down and she's spanked OTK in her lingerie

In this scene Angela Sommers had been in nothing but her sexy lingerie, so she already had a patterned bottom from the wire mesh seat. Her wonderful ass is very much added to by Amelea who spanks some nice juicy red color into it. It’s in the “erotic” section of the website so there is plenty of lesbian kissing between the two ladies, even in the first part. After Amelea has left the building Angela is left bottom-less in her kitchen inspecting her rosy red bottom with the wire mesh imprints…

Angela Sommers' spanked ass with wire mesh imprint... wow!

Angela Sommers and Amelea Dark in part one of the Bad Plumber gallery

In later parts the spanking action gets heavier as the two beauties get completely naked and the lesbian action gets even hotter with one lady using her magic wand to get them both off. Watch more of this series, “Bad Plumber“, unfold now at Girl Spanks Girl!

Girl Spanks Girl