Fitness Model Paddled Hard

Lorelei Lee dominates Ariel X at the gym at Everything Butt

Ariel X is back and taking a beating in this scene from Everything Butt! Ariel X is a fitness model paddled hard after Ariel X has beaten her opponent, Lorelei Lee, at Ultimate Surrender with all the humiliation and punishments that come with losing a bout of the brutal lesbian wrestling. Now, Lorelei is able to plan her revenge and get even with the powerful and dominant lady. “Revenge is a dish best Served off of Lorelei Lee’s Gaping Asshole” sees Ariel X get overpowered at the gym before being taken somewhere more private to be tied up, spanked, fucked, and spanked some more. Here she is naked and all tied up with her arms tied to her thighs…

Ariel X tied up in bondage with her arms tied to her thighs on the bed

Fitness model, Ariel X, is paddled really hard by peroxide blonde Lorelei Lee who adopts an unusual stance to paddle her adversary. She kneels, sitting on Ariels calves as she brings the paddle down on Ariel’s protruding bottom with both ladies naked…

Fitness model paddled hard by vengeful nerd in stockings

On Wednesday, Ariel X humiliated and destroyed Lorelei Lee in a wrestling Match on Ultimate Surrender Lorelei Lee figures out a way to finally out smart the jock. It’s Nerds vs jocks again, brain against braun. Lorelei tricks Ariel into using all her muscles in a work out, rendering her useless to fight back against Lorelei. Lorelei then ties up Ariel and has her way with Ariel’s butthole. Ariel is strapon fucked, gaped with toys, opened wide with a speculum and made to lick Lorelei’s gape and submits to a brutal paddle spanking.

Lorelei Lee dominating Ariel X gallery

Ariel X's bare bottom gets very red from the hard paddling

This is hard lesbian sex and BDSM as you’d expect from a website such as Everything Butt. It’s good to see more of Ariel X who looks more toned than we’ve ever seen her. And Lorelei Lee adds a touch of the alternative with her extensively tattooed body. Apart from the initial scene in the gym, after they have gone to the dungeon area everything is bare bones and plain so that we can focus on the action. The two sexy girls are almost opposites in terms of appearance, and with Ariel being a jock and Lorelei being a nerd this is a true battle of opposites.

Watch this scene now, plus much more from both ladies getting nasty in butt-related porn at Everything Butt!

Everything Butt

Wrestling and Spanking

Wrestling and Spanking goes hand-in-hand, or it probably should. Especially with the sexy kinky lesbian wrestling at Ultimate Surrender where lesbian sex is part of the rules. The good wrestlers use everything they can to get an advantage, generally speaking a good place to start is removing their opponent’s bikini, holding her in a humiliating position and fingering her pussy. That’s sure to get a lot of points and distract the opponent, putting her off her game. Sometimes the strategy depends on the position of the opponent relative to you. Another tactic if the girl you’re wrestling is facing away, or happens to have her bare bottom near you, is to give it a spank! And, of course, there is a punishment for losing which tends to be getting fucked with a strap-on in some hard, rough lesbian sex.

In this first featured scene, strong>Bella Rossi takes on Barbary Rose in “Red headed Battle for Orgasms“. As you can see there is plenty of opportunity for spanking…

Bella Rossi and Barbary Rose at Ultimate Surrender

Bella Rossi takes on her evil Twin, Barbary Rose in 100% real competitive erotic wrestling where the dominant wrestler tries to make her opponent cum on the mats against her will. When one wrestler fails to make her opponent cum on the mats during the wrestling, she is allowed to continue fingering after the match is over to make sure her opponent cums on the mats. Winner does a lift and carry standing 69, hairpulling, piledriver, hand gag and brutal pussy fucking to the loser.

Then, Izamar Gutierrez takes on the formidable, Ariel X, in “Champion vs Champion Winner takes Loser to Whipped ass“. The caveat here is that it sounds like one champion is disadvantaged from the beginning because the ref is unimpressed with her previous performance. It looks like the odds are stacked against her, and sure enough Ariel X beats her into submission. Here, she holds her head while spanking her ass…

Ariel X spanks Izamar Gutierrez at Ultimate Surrender

Izamar Gutierrez is the Interim Summer Vengeance Champion for Ultimate Surrender. However, After losing to Mistress Kara ( again) the ref in not impressed with Izamar. Ariel X decides to test Izamar in every way possible. Ariel and Izamar have a grueling match. Ariel attempts to teach Izamar moves to help her in her matches but Izamar fails and she must be punished. Ariel spanks Izamar hard, puts her in a back breaking lift and carry t-rack, fucks her hard in the pussy and ass and then drags Izamar to Whipped Ass to tie her up and break her some more.

So this is a “To be continued…” with the result being posted on Whipped Ass where there is set to be more spanking, flogging and lesbian fucking with poor Izamar on the receiving end of the domination!

We’ve seen Ariel X in many spanking scenes but the powerful model really has found her niche in lesbian wrestling. She has always been toned but these days she has a more defined body, and obviously works out a lot. Being beautiful, athletic and muscular makes her perfect for this kind of wrestling, and you can see why she has become so successful and popular on Ultimate Surrender!

Ultimate Surrender

Ariel X gives Kay Richards a birthday spanking

Ariel X gives Kay Richards a birthday spanking

If anyone has ever watched a movie of Kay Richards getting spanked and having to count out the swats, you’ll have seen how bad she is at keeping count when she’s over the knee. I remember one time when she was spanked by Madison Young and the spanking had to start from scratch many times before she finally counted to the end. This week there is plenty more spanking with numbers as it is Kay’s 25th birthday… and even more trouble with numbers!

It’s Kay’s 25th birthday. Layla calls her into her office to give Kay 25 swats with a large yardstick. When Kay gets home, her ex-girlfriend Ashley (Ariel X) greets her for another birthday spanking. Ashley gives Kay plenty of spanks over her dress, panties, and bare. Her roomie Madison must work late, so she calls the maid, Rosario Stone, to have her give Kay more birthday spankings. Since the Maid has trouble with English, she loses count MANY times.

Ariel X gives Kay Richards a birthday spanking

Kay Richards is the birthday girl who is going to get a very red bottom. Kay has been a spanking model since she was the tender age of 18 and has had many birthday bun beatings. She has told people that it is her special day and they use this to get her sweet and fair skinned bottom, which gets oh so very red and speckled, over their knees and give her so many birthday spankings that she loses count. Kay confessed that she found it exciting being spanked by pretty girls on her birthday. She squealed and giggled, her pretty pussy got very wet, and when she was finally allowed to stand up and see just how blazing red her buns were- she let out a gasp! Kay Richards is one of the spanking models who likes it rough. Watch Kay get spanked by many hot ladies, girlfriends, co workers, even her maid! Ladies like to pass girls like Kay from one knee to another because they know she needs it, and deep in her heart – wants it!

See plenty more of willful spankee, Kay, and her girlfriends at My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Ariel gets her own back on Pixie

Ariel X makes sure Pixies panties are pulled down to her thighs

Ariel X has been taken to a party by Amber Pixie Wells and spanked for fun by horny lesbians. Now it is time for some blond on blond crime with Amber and her pert bubble butt OTK while Ariel calls the shots and with her toned bod and some help from the hairbrush spanks some wiggles and yelps out of the excellent Miss Wells. Amber has learned that just because she enjoys spanking so much – she must not assume all her friends want the same kind of play – and not all spankings are good ones, even for her. We think that Ariel has driven that lesson home.

Pixie gets a good spanking with the hairbrush by stern Ariel X

As Pixie rubs her bottom Ariel looks on holding the hairbrush

As we’ve mentioned before, Ariel X is a very sexy and stern-looking switch. She’s toned and very glamourous. Amber Pixie Wells is the stereotypical naughty blonde with an exquisite bottom that gets a good workout in this movie. You can watch the full girl-on-girl scene in this, the latest episode of the compelling spanking drama My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

How to Give a Good Spanking

Ariel X helps Chelsea Pfeiffer demonstrate How to Give a Good Spanking

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this but there is more than one way to give a spanking. Some spankings look light, others look hard… some are light and some are really hard. Here, at Spank Bad Ass we think the harder the better, especially for really naughty ladies.

In this scene, Chelsea Pfeiffer has taken it upon herself to demonstrate how to give a Good Spanking, with the aid of Ariel X.

Ariel is looking foxy with what looks like a new hairstyle in her little vest and tight, pretty shorts. Chelsea is also looking good and very strict with sexy Ariel over her knee.

This demonstration begins with the hand and continues onto the hairbrush and then a plethora of different implements. Ideal for anyone learning how to spank, or just connoisseurs of good spanking technique. You can see from the above photos that Ariel’s bottom is spanked very hard indeed until her buttocks are bright red.

You can download this full spanking scene only at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

Ariel X

I’ve been thinking recently about some of the newer spanking models on the scene. Ladies like Mary Jane, who we saw in the Bootylicious Big Butt Spankings post. Mary Jane is a lovely curvy brunette with small breasts, a tiny waist and a big bottom. If she were to look towards one of the more established ladies as a role model, she could do a lot worse than Ariel X!

Ariel has similar attributes: highlighted brown hair, small boobs and a lovely, firm, round bottom. She has a face that is both very beautiful and also quite strict-looking with her high cheekbones and angular bone structure. Her amazing looks and tight body mean that you’ll have seen Ariel X in many different fetish scenes including glamour, bondage, spanking, lesbian sex and masturbation. Wherever I’ve seen Ariel she’s looked like the ultimate professional.

Recently, she was on My Spanking Roommate where she was spanked alongside Pixie by Clare Fonda

Ariel X gets spanked by Clare Fonda on the sofa as Pixie looks on

A scene like this with three lovely ladies, two of whom get their fantastic bottoms spanked, is a thing of beauty. Ariel’s lovely bottom is shown off to good effect as she is spanked over Clare’s knee on the sofa as Pixie watches.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

But, not only does she take a good spanking but we can see that Ariel is no shrinking violet when she steps into the ring wearing only a tiny bikini…

Chloe Camilla vs Ariel X in lesbian wrestling at Ultimate Surrender

Here, Ariel X is about to take on Chloe Camilla in season eight of the lesbian wrestling website Ultimate Surrender.

While she may be tiny and petite, it is also obvious that Ariel is toned and in peak physical fitness. At 5’3″ she is often much smaller than her opponent but that does not stop her from winning more matches than she loses, and actually winning the whole tournament one year.

In this matchup her opponent is a newbie, Chloe Camilla AKA The Conqueror, who has never wrestled before. As you’d expect when an experienced pro takes on a pretty inexperienced opponent the result is like a lamb to the slaughter and Ariel X AKA The Assassin gives the newcomer a lesson in the art of lesbian wrestling.

It takes about 3 minutes for Chloe to realize she has no hope and is getting her ass thoroughly kicked! Ariel schools the rookie, she makes Chloe tap out and submit to crushing legs scissors. She uses figure four head lock and fingers a helpless and beaten Conqueror on the mat. Ariel face sits and rubs her wet pussy all over Chloe’s face, and she is helpless to stop her. Chloe is turned into rag doll as Ariel X pulls off hold after hold that Chloe cannot escape. After humiliating and beating the bigger girl, Ariel X strap-on fucks the pathetic loser in one of the most brutal round fours we have ever seen. Welcome to Ultimate Surrender, Chloe.

Ultimate Surrender

So, we know that Ariel has the will and ability to dominate and here she is on top again. This time there is a classroom setting for a nice OTK belt punishment for one naughty “schoolgirl” who is both late for class and chewing gum…

Teacher, Ariel X, punishes a hot blonde student for lateness with the leather belt

The other students* watch as the hot blonde gets her panties pulled down and the teacher, Ariel X, uses a belt on her amazing, juicy bubblebutt. While all eyes are on the naughty spankee in this OTK session check out Ariel in those smart trousers during the buildup to the punishment. Those tight, teacher’s trousers really show off her killer ass!!

Bad Tushy

So yes, Ariel is not only very attractive and very fit but she looks amazing whether she is on the receiving end of a spanking or if she is giving one.

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Corporal Punishment for Office Lateness

Busty boss spanks her tardy employee for failure to show up on time

When Ariel X shows up late for work again her boss has had enough! If she cannot rely on Ariel to show up on time she may as well go find herself a new job, one with more flexible working hours that are more suited towards someone with no sense of punctuality… But, that’s not exactly going to be easy to find these days so hapless Ariel almost begs for another solution to their mutual problem. Luckily, as it happens, her boss has the answer lying in her top drawer. She pulls it open and reaches for a heavy leather strap. If Ariel wants to continue to work for her then she’s going to have to learn to turn up to work on time the hard way. In no time she is seated and has pulled Ariel over her knee and is proceeding with the punishment…

Busty boss spanks her tardy employee for failure to show up on time

Ariel X is as hot as hell! She has the tightest body you are likely to see, and her bottom is beautiful. especially when her skirt is pulled off and her pantyhose have been pulled down for her bottom to be strapped with the brutal-looking leather belt.

See all the erotic spanking office-based spanking action and wonder why your politically-correct place of work isn’t like this at Bad Tushy!

Bad Tushy

Class of ’09 get Spanked!

The girls of Exclusive Education 4 line up

Following on from yesterday’s description of EE4, here are some more sample photos of the schoolgirl* spanking epic. The spanking story is here, now for the photos (this is a full-length spanking movie so it is very long and there is a lot of har spanking action)…

The action starts off with the seven naughty ladies getting handspanked two-by-two…

Exclusive Education 4: gallery one (handspanking)

Two bare bottoms get a hard OTK handspanking while two other bare bottoms look on

But, a twist in the tale sees the strict and beautiful teacher with milky-white skin getting a punishment her own… Exclusive Education 4: gallery two (Miss Snow)

And, there is yet more spanking for the naughty girls, this time with hairbrushes and paddles… Exclusive Education 4: gallery three (paddles and hairbrushes)

Exclusive Education gets better and better. Number four is threatening to be the best yet. Check it out now only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Exclusive Education 4 is Here!

Miss Snow and Principal Miller spanking the girls after they have misbehaved on an outing
Snow Mercy spanks Ashli Orion (left) and Lana spanks Ariel X

For each of the past 3 years Clare Fonda has launched a new “Exclusive Education” spanking movie.. each one was filled with cute babes getting spanked hard by the Principal and teachers of the school. With a different class of girls every year Exclusive Education 1, 2 and 3 have all been amazingly good, hard spanking fun… but now with EE4 we have the Class of ’09…

The story is that this group of girls has finished in last place of the spelling bee so to celebrate the school takes them on an outing. But, it is not long before an argument breaks out, there are no teachers around so the argument turns into a mass brawl. Miss Fonda and Principal Miller return to find Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) nowhere in sight and the ladies pulling each others’ hair out on the floor. In the great Exclusive Education tradition, Principal Miller (Lana) announces that the girls will all be spanked on their bare bottoms. The Principal and Miss Snow each take a seat in the center of the room and each girl is disrobed and her panties pulled down to lie across their laps. With Lana and Snow each spanking a girl at the same time in classic EE-style. After the first round of spankings the two girls then swap seats and get spanked by the other teacher… It is going to be a long, hard punishment for these girls, especially for Miss Fonda’s daughter (Sara Faye) who gets an extra spanking from her mother on top of her first two spankings. The seven girls get thoroughly spanked in whats left of their school uniforms before extra punishments are dished out with the hairbrush and paddle on deserving bottoms.

But, there is still the question of why Miss Snow abandoned her duties in the first place leading up to the girls’ fight (perhaps this snooty teacher deserves a spanking of her own in front of the class of girls). And, what happens later that evening when the girls need extra discipline slumber party-style in their pajamas…

Exclusive Education 4 is here at Girl Spanks Girl

If you like a classroom-style spanking scenario you need to check this out. There’s is plenty of good hard F/F discipline applied to the naughty girls’ bottoms. You may have seen Ashli Orion here before and she is definitely one of the highlights, along with Lily Anna, Ariel X and, of course, Madison Martin. But the real highlight has to be new teacher Miss Snow, looking all prim and proper in her tight blouse, she spanks the girls hard until she eventually has to lower her own panties for Principal Miller’s wooden paddle…

Exclusive Education gets better and better. Number four is threatening to be the best yet. Check it out now only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl

Kay spanks Ariel – Very Sexy!!!

Ariel X tells Kay Richards she is curious about spanking

Kay Richards looks hotter than ever in this latest update at My Spanking Roommate, she’s back and this time she’s spanking Ashley (Ariel X)…

Beautiful Kay Richards spanking Ariel X in this lesbian over the knee movie

Ashley is visiting Kay and she mentions how curious she is about Madison and Kay spanking each other. So Kay shows her what it’s like by putting Ashley over her knee and spanking her. When Ashley asks Kay to stop, she won’t – because she has issues with Ashley – who is Kay’s ex-girlfriend. So she spanks her harder, with hand and brush, teaching Ashley a lesson in love and pain…

I am a huge fan of Kay Richards and here she’s looking amazing. Ariel X is also very very hot, so if you like glamourous brunettes and hard spankings you are recommended to check this scene out only at…

My Spanking Roommate