Hard Paddling Reactions

Ashley Thomas's Hard Paddling Reactions at Firm Hand Spanking

At the moment Firm Hand Spanking is all about Belinda Lawson and Helen Stephens. Those two ladies are two hot spanking models, but variety is the spice of life and it’s nice to see this old scene with Ashley Thomas and her hard paddling reactions to mix things up a little.

We asked our four editors for their favorite videos of all time. Says editor Maxine Wallace, “I was blown away by this first-timer taking a hard paddling, looking directly at the camera so you see every emotion as she struggles to take the sting of the paddle. AMAZING!” Stunning Ashley Thomas stars in a totally realistic 12-swat school paddling with Patrick Bateman, followed by Ashley’s interview about the shoot.

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Ashley is a glamorous looking brunette who kept her blue jeans on as she bent over for the hard wooden paddle. With the camera pointing directly at her pretty face we can see every slight variation in her expression as the large wooden paddle swings and lands on the seat of her pants. We have featured Ashley a few times on this blog, but another time is always welcome, especially when it’s such a nice reaction cam video.

Check out more of Ashley Thomas, plus the current updates feature a lot of the sexy UK duo of Helen Stephens and Belinda Lawson, at Firm Hand Spanking. You could say that the “reaction cam” is one of their specialties.

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75 with leather paddle for sexy sports student

Ashley Thomas is reprimanded for tardiness by her Life Coach

Here’s a nice scene with sexy, slim glasses-wearing brunette, Ashley Thomas. In “Life Coach” she plays a sexy sports student and looks great in her skimpy lycra sports outfit. However, just looking hot will not get you a graduation, there are classes, assignments and other responsibilities on the sports course. With a lot of work to do at university, even in a sports course, punctuality is very important. If everyone has showed up to play a game they can’t all wait ten minutes until the last student finally arrives. But sexy Ashley Thomas is late again! Life Coach, Patrick Bateman, tells her he’s going to give her “A very stern lesson about time management and responsibility.”

Life Coach spanks naughty Ashley Thomas's bare bottom with a leather paddle until it is red

Nervously, Ashley lies flat across a pool table for a 75-swat paddling. First she is punished over her tight shorts, then they come down and the paddle strikes her over her panties, and finally the punishment finishes with her red, bare bottom getting well-spanked by the stingy leather paddle.

Ashley's sore, red bottom and reactions are captured in this sexy spanking movie at Firm Hand Spanking

This scene has a Reaction Cam that captures every sexy squirm and facial expression from sexy Ashley, and there’s a slow-mo replay of the leather paddle hitting her delicious bottom!

See much more of bespectacled hottie, Ashley Thomas, and all the other sexy babes who end up getting themselves spanked again and again at Firm Hand Spanking!

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Paddled at School

Belinda Lawson knows what she is in for when she hands the long-handled brush to the teacher in detention

Belinda Lawson has been caught smoking at school, a sure-fire way to be punished by teacher, Mr Anderson, and so it proves. Belinda turns up to detention in her school uniform and is given a good 90-strokes with the bathbrush over her panties but this turns out to be just a warm-up. She is then strip searched for any more of the offending cigarettes she might have concealed on her person, then she bends over the teacher’s knee again for another dose of the bathbrush in the nude on her bare bottom…

After a strip search naughty Belinda Lawson is paddled in the nude by her teacher

It is the main event and Mr Anderson does not hold back with the paddling on Belinda’s nice, round bottom, he really lays into her already reddened cheeks. Belinda squirms deliciously over his lap as the solid, wooden paddle thuds down hard on her sore behind. Completely nude, her perky tits jiggle slightly resting against the teacher’s knee as he paddles her.

You can hear exactly what Belinda thinks of the brush and her spanking after the shoot…

Belinda Lawson discusses her feeling towards her punishment afterwards

With Belinda Lawson’s paddling hard and nude this was always going to be a good week on Firm Hand Spanking, but there is much more for fans of implements especially this scene with Ashley Thomas, also in a school uniform, getting her bare bottom spanked with a ping pong paddle in “Life Coach”.

Also, last week there was another smoking hot scene where Alison Miller spanks Allaura Shane with a riding crop. You can catch up with these three scenes as well as much more from all the naughty ladies involved, and plenty more, on Firm Hand Spanking.

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