Aunt Edna’s Bare Bottom Spanking

Aunt Edna's Bare Bottom Spanking

Aunt Edna is finally on the receiving end of a sound bare bottom spanking and paddling at the hands of her long suffering boyfriend. Yes, it seems we have some new spankers in Christina’s life and aswell as spanking Christina Lee, now Edna gets spanked for Christina’s naughtiness. For her inability to control her naughty neice, Aunt Edna gets a long overdue lesson!!

If you’ve ever seen Edna spanking Christina and noticed her big boobs and thought to yourself that she’s actually pretty cute this spanking is for you. The sexy older lady gets her big, round bottom well spanked before she kneels and bends over the sofa for some very hard paddling on her sore bottom. At the end the big, white bottom is a very red color and we get the feeling that Edna has not been as strict with Christina as she might have been… watch out Christina…

Aunt Edna gets spanked OTK in “She had it Coming!” clips

Spank Christina

Stay-Out Babe Gets A Hard Punishment

Christina stays out all night and is punished very hard by her strict aunt

When naughty Christina stays out all night “causing disturbances” her aunt is forced to take matters very seriously. Some people have complained about her niece’s behavior so she has to be very strict with the errant girl and her hard hand turns Christina’s buttocks sore and pink in no time in these hard spanking movies.

But, naughty Christina is not finished with yet. After her panties are pulled all the way off her aunt gives her bare buttocks a full-force strapping. Aunt Edna does not mince her words as she straps some sense into the naughty girl. The strap stings Christina’s poor bottom and Christina moans and yelps. Christina’s reaction doesn’t deter her aunt, if anything the hard blows from the strap get harder as the unrelenting leather kisses her sore rear.

To make sure she has driven her lesson home and Christina remembers this lesson for a while to come Aunt Edna finishes the punishment with a good paddling. With Christina in the diaper position against the foot of the bed, she is held in position with bottom facing upwards for the big, wooden paddle to smack down on.

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