Uncle Jesse spanks Angel’s Bubble Butt

Angel bends over and gets her bare bubble butt spanked by strict Uncle Jesse

When a hot chick gets sent to Uncle Jesse you can be sure that she’s in a lot of trouble! Luckily, Jesse knows just how to discipline these naughty babes and it always starts with flipping up their skirts and slapping their bubble butts with his open hand.

Here, a sexy babe called Angel is getting her cute, latina bubble butt spanked in this gallery.

Sexy babe Angel strips totally naked so Uncle Jesse can continue to spank her tight ass

See all the hard lessons Uncle Jesse dishes out to the hottest girls’ cute bubble butts at…

Bad Females

OTK for bratty glamour babe

OTK for bratty glamour babe

As the name of this site suggests, we enjoy seeing bratty, badgirls getting their comeuppance in the form of a good ol’ punishment on their naughty bottoms.

Today’s babe is called Rebecca and she looks like she is long overdue a good OTK session. Rebecca is a french maid but just by looking at her we can kinda tell that this stuck up brat has never lifted a finger in her life. Well, luckily for her, us, and the world, this gets rectified instantly with a good OTK spanking by her strict-looking lady employer in this lesbian spanking gallery.

I think it would be possible for the spanking to be a little harder but the sight of a spoilt brat in full makeup getting her bare bottom smacked as she howls is very hot. See a whole bunch more of this at…

Bad Females

Spanking Website Review: Bad Females

Blonde babe fondled OTK during her spanking

Bad Females has some nice sets but I have to warn you right off it’s mainly a photo site so you should enjoy seeing photos of spankings. If this is you then there are also some vids to get into but the photosets far outnumber the vids.

The theme of Bad Females is that it’s mainly M/F. The guys tend to be reasonably old and the girls tend to be in their early twenties although this is not always the case. So the general concept is that an old guy gets to discipline a younger babe. There is often wriggling involved and as the girl is stripped down he often fondles her sexy body and tender boobs, as above, or it even gets more sexy when the girl has her round bottom bared and he slides a finger or two into her pussy.

All-girl hard spanking

As the site is all about the photos they tend to be very good quality, some of the spankings don’t seem that hard but if you don’t need to see the girl’s ass get red the positions are great and all the girls are super hot. I liked this photo, for example…

Uncle Jesse spanks a sexy girl OTK

Bad Females is a cute site and has some nice spanking pics, with some vids thrown in for good measure. I give the Bad Females 7 out of 10.

Nearly Nude Hotties dragged OTK for a Spanking

Naughty latina babe getting spanked in a bra and thong

It’s always enjoyable to see a hot chick wearing almost nothing getting an OTK spanking like this babe spanked in her bra and panties gallery!

The hot chick is talking to her boyfriend on the sofa, she’s fooling around but her boyfriend is serious, he feels that she should be sorry after her recent behaviour. The naughty beauty is unrepentant and so is dragged across his lap for some spanking therapy. The way she’s sat with her legs dangling over him he has to completely flip her over across his knee with her tight ass pointing upwards and bare except for a tiny thong. It’s a really cute gallery and the video is just as much fun…

This next babe also finds herself in the wrong wearing hardly anything. This cute blonde is just wearing black stockings and slutty red heels. She had been wearing some black lace panties that covered much more of her cute bottom than a thong so, naturally, they had to be discarded before her medicine. A sound OTK hand spanking will do this naughty blonde a power of good. Check out the tasty OTK and diaper position spanking she gets at Bad Females!!

Naughty blonde babe gets an OTK spanking in just her stockings

Bad Females is the place to view disobeying wives, bad girlfriends, naughty neices and disgraceful daughters getting spanked on video… generally scantily clad and looking HOT!!!

Naughty Neice given an OTK bottom warming

Girl with pink hair gets bared and spanked OTK by olf man

Yesterday’s spanking vids were very sexual and the anal sex was the icing on the cake of a good, hard spanking. Today we have an old man and a beautiful young teen in this nude OTK gallery. The girl with pink hair has broken Uncle Jesse’s rules and as such is taken over his knee for a sound spanking. Jesse does what he does best and wrestles the naughty neice over his lap and smacks her naughty rump with an open hand. The girl is far from helpless and struggles with Jesse but at such a tender age she cannot match Jesse’s experience in such situations so it is she and her misbehaving ass that come off worse. Jesse yanks down those green shorts and continues to spank the naughty teen’s bare rear. When she struggles he continues to spank her, even when she is naked and upside down he holds her steady and continues to spack her unprotected ass with an experienced hand.

In Uncle Jesse’s Bad Females site he and his buddies find a fresh teen to punish for every update. Each cute teen has her panties pulled down and her naughty bottom spanked red in some very nice videos. Check out the Bad Females tour for more old men spanking their bad ass neices!