Whip Me, Spank Me

Ebony babe Cherokee D'Ass gets a strapping with a vibrator in her big booty

Here we have luscious big booty pornstar, Cherokee D’Ass, getting teased and punished with her crouching on all fours. Cherokee is a black pornstar who is more used to being in hardcore scenes than in spanking scenes but this is a nice amateur movie that I thought you might enjoy. It’s shot in a very amateur style with the camera fixed in position aimed at her lovely big butt as it gets played with…

Today i’ve got my favorite black lingerie on and I’m sitting here in anticipation of the spanking and whipping I’m about to get. I’ve been a naughty girl and I my ass must be punished. I confess though, I love getting punished. I love getting my ass spanked hard and fast.

Cherokee moans as her big ass gets rubbed and massaged and tickled with the flogger. There is plenty of slow and sexy butt massaging here but there is also some nice spanking with a leather strap and a flogger. If you like big, black booty then check out these sample movies!

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Cherokee D'Ass

Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom Spanked

Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom Spanked

All bottoms are not created equal and this girl’s beautiful round bottom was created more equal than many. Her big round rump looks so hot as she asks for her spanking and while there is a lot of talking here its a nice scene that is worth checking out for that Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom!!

When thinking of a bottom to spank there’s probably not one perfect size or shape. There are small pert bottoms and big round bottoms. I like a bottom that has a curviness in it. And this babe has all the curviness you need and not only that.. she loves getting spanked.

Knowing a lady with a nice big bottom who likes her buns being spanked hard and often is like winning the lottery. It can transform everyday, mundane situations into thrillingly sexy escapades. Imagine throwing a dinner party with this girl, the party is catered for but the hostess brings out the food and makes sure everyone’s glass is topped up. Imagine, in a room full of friends how one little slip could bring her next spanking forward and lead to her bottom being bared and slapped in front of all the guests. The spanking would be loud and hard and quite long but would really be for show and a kind of foreplay for the main spanking later that night.

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Exam Cheating earns a Hard Ass Spanking

Exam Cheating earns a Hard Ass Spanking for naughty girl

Ms Quinn is a strict teacher. Her strictness is only equalled by her sexy big boobs. When this sexy, busty redheaded teacher sees bad behaviour in HER classroom it is time for the spankings to begin. This time a naughty blonde girl has been caught writing the answers to the exam questions on her hand. This is cheating!! See how she is punished in these classroom spanking movies.

I have always been a fan of Kayla Quinn and her new role of being a sexy spanking MILF is her hottest yet. She ignores the naughty girl’s cries and yelps and spanks her pale buttocks hard with the large, leather paddle. Seeing a sexy girl getting spanked is nice but seeing a beautiful spanker and a beautiful spankee can make the temperature rise off the scale. Especially when the strict teacher spanks as hard as Ms Quinn does.

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