Bad Mother: Briella Jaden

Briella Jaden gets spanked for being a bad mother

Sometimes spankings are for trivial events and sometimes they really matter; here Briella Jaden plays a “Bad Mother” who gets saved from doing something very dangerous…

Briella has gone out for the evening and left her son with her father for the night. When she comes home to pick up her son she is drunk out of her mind. No way will paul let his daughter drive his grandson. She keeps insisting that she needs to go and take her son. Paul has had it and spanks his drunk daughter til she can’t sit down again for a long time.

With her blonde hair, hot body, slutty outfit and smeared makeup Briella is very believable; her little bubble butt looks tiny when she first positions herself across Paul’s knee.

Briella Jaden gets spanked for being a bad mother

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