Mistress Jemstone

Mistress Jemstone spanks a naughty submissive girl

Mistress Jemstone is a big, beautiful, British dominatrix. From what I’ve seen so far she either has bright dyed-red hair, or she wears brown wigs but whatever her hair looks like she’s always very curvy and very busty.

She is a Mistress and like the subtitle of her website says: “Payback’s a Bitch”. Jemstone does not care whether the submissive is male or female, she treats them all in the same way, very harshly! For the men she ties up and kicks their cocks and balls for added humiliation but that’s the only difference. With every sub she is very strict and stern, she sounds especially dominant with her sharp and deep British accent.

Here Mistress Jemstone is dealing with a cute blonde slavegirl with bunches. Jemstone is wearing a military outfit for added effect and you can see that the whole scene is colour co-ordinated as the red of the Mistress’s hair matches the red of the paddle and the red in her belt and the red of the naughty submissive’s outfit…

Mistress Jemstone spanks a naughty submissive girl – movies

The reason for Jemstone’s “Payback” is that she has worked in porn for years and was mistreated for that whole time. There cama day where not only did she not want to be treated that way anymore but she also wanted to get her own back. Thus spawned her website: Mistress Jemstone! There is plenty of spanking along with whipping, BDSM, masturbation for the slaves, hardcore and kicking in the male slaves’ balls. Not for the feint of heart!

As Mistress Jemstone says herself…

Watch as I humiliate, degrade and completely dominate all these bitches until they wimper like the pathetic little sluts they are. Paybacks a bitch and I’m one fucking nasty bitch who you dont want to mess with!!!

Mistress Jemstone

Sarah gets the leather paddle with her girlfriend

Sarah gets the leather paddle with her girlfriend

British amateur housewife, Sarah, is always getting herself in trouble, and the more trouble she gets into the more her MILF bottom is spanked. Sarah and her friend are both in deep trouble and are going to be punished hard and long in “Punish the two“. Sarah’s girlfriend has a big, pale white bottom and she initially tells us that she “doesn’t get spanked”. Unfortunately for her that’s about to change. First the heavy strap, then the senior girls cane is used on their bare bottoms. This is sure to hurt ..

While both ladies are spanked hard it is still Sarah who gets the more punishment because she is seen as the ringleader. Her smaller, pretty bottom certainly looks very spankable and you can certainly understand why the guy would want to linger in her, letting the senior cane thud painfully against her red bottom.

Both ladies are effectively naked, breasts bared and bottoms bared, as the lean forward onto the leather sofa. They get a very thorough spanking in their nude state but I suppose that from their point of view their position leaning forward over the sofa does almost protect their boobs from view, giving them a little humility… until the punishment is over…

Sarah gets the leather paddle with her girlfriend gallery

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Spanking Sarah

Firm Hand Spanking

Analisa Devonshire is told that she will be caned to ensure her promotion

Once again we have three pretty girls getting a harsh punishment at Firm Hand Spanking: two canings and one leather paddling of the naughty and very beautiful Samantha Woodley. The two naughty girls bending over and getting their bare bottoms caned are Leia Ann Woods and redheaded Analisa Devonshire, above.

Three naughty ladies get strictly punished movies

We’ve not featured Analisa Devonshire before at Spank Bad Ass and it looks like she’s getting promoted so may not be appearing on Firm Hand Spanking any more, so here’s a brief description of the cute, bespectacled redhead’s caning scene…

Statuesque and full-figured, Analisa Devonshire bids farewell to Firm Hand with a bare bottom caning to remember. Her boss, Mr Lyons, is a strict disciplinarian. Analisa has experienced most implements, but the one she dreads is the cane! Now, to ensure her promotion, she bends over a table for a double six-of-the-best with a swishy rod of correction.

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Firm Hand Spanking

Sandy’s Revenge…

MILF Sandy gets her revenge on Erika by spanking and paddling her bottom

Following this punishment spanking where redheaded MILF Sandy gets punished by her blonde friend, there is a role reversal. Like we know from physics every action has an equal and opposite reaction, thus Erika gets dealt the exact same punishment she has dished out to her friend..

Erika’s turn for a spanking gallery

Sandy is in no mood to be lenient after the hard time her bottom has received from her so-called-friend, what is wrong with a little masturbation anyway? If Sandy thinks that her own sore bottom was undeserved she is going to tell Erika, as well as show her how she feels with a hand-spanking and paddling of her own.. Sandy’s reversal of fortune is complete when she slips off the strict redhead’s knickers and discreetly kneels between her open thighs to munch on her horny pussy. Sandy’s pussy was, after all, why this whole punishment started…

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Spanked Cheeks

Erika and Sandy

Blonde Erika spanks mature redhead Sandy

Even older ladies need to be punished and this mature redhead is no exception! When Sandy, the naughty cougar, is caught masturbating she needs to be disciplined! Her blonde friend, Erika, is more than happy to oblige with the punishment and even assists her in undressing by helping her remove her skirt. She takes off her skirt and black, lace knickers so that there is nothing between her milky-white bottom and the strict hand of Erika, who is intent on teaching the naughty lady a strict lesson.

Erika spanks naughty cougar Sandy gallery

After she has begun the lesson with a hard, over-the-knee hand-spanking the punishment moves on to a variety of paddles as the well-dressed blonde really gets down to business on the naughty redhead’s big bottom. Then, as if to thank her friend for dealing with her so properly, Sandy pulls down Erika’s skirt to lick her friend’s sweet pussy. It’s a nice scene and even though these are two experienced ladies there is a kind of innocence about the spanking and pussy-licking that is very refreshing. You can see this and many more British ladies in the spanking movies at…

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Spanked For Taking Money

Spanked For Taking Money

You know when you see a movie or gallery and your eyes pop out of your head? Well, I guess everyone has a different taste, but this bare bottom spanking gallery had that effect here.

Without telling you what I like (there’s nothing really here to dislike) here’s a description:

An old guy (maybe a grandpa) is spanking a pretty blonde girls money for taking money when she shouldn’t have. First he bends her over and spanks her on her tiny denim hotpants but then he decides that its time to get her really embarrassed and he helps her remove her t-shirt and peel down those tight hotpants. The busty blonde babe is naked except for her high-heels. Her all-natural, untanned body is nothing but pure and the old man is determined to make sure her actions remain pure by teaching her a lesson. With her totally nude he continues to spank her bottom, pulling her ponytail as he slaps her rump. Then, he drives his point home by getting her on all fours and taking the leather paddle to her naughty ass. The finale, is possibly the hottest part: the girl, naked with hands on her head, stands and gets a firm lecture while the old man unashamedly stares at her big boobs before turning her around to examine her rosy red buttocks.

Very hot indeed. Watch the video only at the Exclusive British Spanking website…

Spanked Cheeks

Busty blonde actress gets spanked for her next acting role

Busty blonde actress gets spanked for her next acting role

When an aspiring British actress goes to a producer to ask him about some work, the producer looks at her sexy body and nice ass and comes up with an idea. He tells her that he can find her some work, but first he wants to give her a spanking… which he does in these spanking movies at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View!

Considering that the movies and commercials pay a lot and even a part in a TV series will mean good money so it’s a good opportunity for this hot babe so she agrees to an OTK bare ass spanking. Which the dirty producer really enjoys inflicting on her round ass. Whether or not she gets cast in a part she has certainly done her prospects a lot of good. She gets naked and bends over so he can slap her ass and in the process shows off her wonderful body. I particularly like her big boobs that are kinda perky and point outwards, wobbling as her bottom is smacked.

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Ebony Girl Spanked and Caned

Ebony Girl Spanked and Caned

I like girls of all colors. It’s nice to get the variation between white girls, asian girls, latina girls and black girls. Something I’ve noticed from watching many different girls in many different spanking movies is that some black girls are able to take more punishment than some other girls. This isn’t always the case but in this black girl getting caned movie the girl takes an OTK hand spanking and a hard caning very well, she yells after every stroke but manages to stay perfectly in place for the next stroke.

The spanker is an English woman who is frustrated that the girl has taken up her entire afternoon so tells her she’s going to spank and then cane her. The OTK is ok but for me the caning was the best part of this scene. The woman with the snooty English accent strikes her hard across her bottom with the cane leaving pale marks across her chocolate colored bottom. By the end you can just about count the number of strokes by the number of marks on her tender rear. A nice interracial punishment from the “Class of 2002” spanking movie at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View!

Interracial Lesbian Spanking

Interracial Lesbian Spanking

The story behind these OTK spanking movies is that the ebony girl has turned up at a house where there is going to be a party with lots of show biz people, she’s just going to be serving drinks but she has aspirations to be a famous singer. The hostess of the party, a tall blonde lady, tells her that the people who will be arriving later like to give the waitresses a spanking so if she wants to please them and get a recording contract she’ll have to take a spanking that night. In addition, the hostess is a little unsure the girl will take her spanking properly in front of her guests so she insists on giving her a practice OTK session.

This is a really nice girl-girl spanking scene. The ebony chick has a great body with a nice big, round ass and she gets it well warmed by the white woman. I’m imagining the scene later that day at the party with her wearing a little french maid’s outfit and bending over for more of the same. Sounds hot!!

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