Salesgirls get a Complaint

This is a delicious spanking and caning movie of two naughty, British Salesgirls. The two sexy ladies work together calling on homes door-to-door. They are both very beautiful with lovely big breasts as well as very spankable bottoms…

Two sexy door-to-door salesgirls are doing their rounds in a leafy neighborhood when they spot a house where they had previously sold a lot of beauty products. They ring the bell where Mrs. Collingwood lives and reintroduce themselves. What they don’t know is that the products weren’t up to scratch and had brought Mrs. Collingwood out in a nasty ‘RASH’. She invites the girls in and explains her grievance and asks for a refund to which the girls fob her off with excuses why that won’t be possible. This isn’t good enough so she calls her husband down and he is in no mood to negotiate with the girls, instead placing them across his knee for some spankings before their knickers come down for some more. He continuously beats them finishing up with his favorite instrument cane. Tears are soon flowing as the welts appear leaving a nasty rash on their behinds.

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