Four girls spanked in detention

Two geeks, a cheer leader and the head girl are in detention together

In “Multiple Detentions” on Triple A Spanking a cheerleader, two geeks and the headgirl are all in trouble. Joelle Barros and Nyssa Nevers are two bespectacled geeks, Ashley Graham is a cheerleader and Carissa Montgomery is the head girl. All four are in detention together and have their regulation white knickers pulled down for some old-fashioned discipline…

Four girls line up with their bare, spanked bottoms on display

Four girls are given a detention punishment together at the same time. They are the most unlikely collection of naughty reprobates to ever appear together. Two bookworm types who have committed infractions in the School Library, a slutty cheergirl due yet another discipline session and the Head Girl who also has good reason to be there and give a full report on these girls – but she also gets a surprise punishment too for some poor behavior not befitting a girl of her status! This is the one and only time all four of these girls have ever appeared together for this rare multiple punishment.

Four red, spanked bottoms

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Three Seniors Skip School…

Kat St.James gets a very hard hand spanking by the teacher at the front of the classroom

When 3 ladies decide to skip their classes and spend their time drinking instead of studying their teacher is not impressed. He is so disappointed that he takes the three senior girls and gives each one a good hand-spanking at the front of the class. The three are Kat St.James, Carissa Montgomery and, of course, Sarah Gregory. Kat goes first, and the teacher begins as he means to continue by reddening her delightful bottom very well indeed as the other two look on.

The photo above is a particularly good example of a nice hand-print on Kat’s beautiful bottom. I like that picture a lot, with Carissa sat at one of the desks in the background observing the punishment. The teacher really does mean business, as you can see…

Kat's bottom is very red after the long, hard spanking

After Kat it is Sarah’s turn, and then finally, Carissa. All three girls get a very hard hand-spanking in their school uniforms with their plaid skirts lifted up and their regulation, white panties lowered for a blistering spanking on the bare. But even after each lady has been well-spanked there is more punishment to come as the 3 are lined up side-by-side over a desk for the punishment board!

Kat St.James gets a very hard hand spanking by the teacher at the front of the classroom

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Sarah Gregory Spanking

Ms Park deals with Carissa

Carissa gets spanked OTK by Miss Sandra Park
Carissa gets spanked OTK by Miss Sandra Park

Carissa thought she’d sent naughty photos of herself to her boyfriend, but she accidentally texted them to everyone on her contact list, including Dean Park. She is called into the school administrator’s office and spanked in the same sexy lingerie she wore for the photos. Carissa might not want to show her boyfriend her bare bottom after it is spanked to a glowing red by Ms Park.

Both the lovely, short-haired, blonde spankee, Carissa, and the strict domme in this scene, Sandra Park, are new to us. While new spankees are always much appreciated, it is also quite exciting to see a new top to add something new to the spanking scenes. Ms Park is very smart and strict-looking and deals with exhibitionist, Carissa, very firmly indeed. The sexy, black, lacy panties from the photos are pulled down as the strict teacher shows her student exactly what she thinks of lewd cellphone JPEGs.

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