Realtor gets a Spanking!

When a pretty realtor, Ally Cole, gets reprimanded by her boss for abusing her access to a very nice property with an outdoor pool he is determined to punish her thoroughly. Ally had been sunbathing and relaxing by the pool in her bikini. “This is all about power for you,” snaps realtor Ally Cole. “Just because your dad owns the company.” Provocatively, Ally strips off her bikini top and bends over, impressive bare breasts swinging! Those bikini panties come down for a 25-swat almost nude tanning using a leather paddle.

This is another one of the three updates this week at Firm Hand Spanking. As well as this scene there is also beautiful brunette Michaela McGowen getting a harsh strapping from Cindy Wallace and Caroline Harper getting spanked with a paddle over her jeans.

Firm Hand Spanking

30 with a Strap across her Bare Bottom

Caroline gets herself into trouble at her laptop

Caroline Harper is new here so it’s with great pleasure that we welcome this sexy new babe. She is very cute but in this scene she has been messing up at work. Caroline is a graphic designer who works for a magazine. Today there is a photo shoot with some models, and… things didn’t go as smoothly as they could have. There are “model problems” that ruin the day for everyone (especially Caroline). Someone has to take responsibility and that person is Caroline, herself. She gets reprimanded at her laptop before she has to get onto the table, lying flat on her front for 30 strokes with a strap across her bare behind…

Caroline Harper gets 30 with a strap across her bare behind after problems on a magazine photo-shoot

There is no messing around as the thick leather of the strap bites painfully into her soft buttocks. This is a spanking with bite! “It was the first time I’d ever been strapped,” said Caroline, “and that thing stings!”

This is a nice spanking with a beautiful new babe. Caroline is very pretty with a cute accent, when she lies on the table with her bottom in the air it looks very big and soft. A few strokes later and her asscheeks are reddening up nicely, bringing the pain into this stinging punishment.

Caroline Harper’s strapping is one of this week’s triple-dose of spankings from Firm Hand Spanking.

Firm Hand Spanking