Charlie gets spanked by her sister

Naughty Charlie Skye gets spanked by her sister, Beverly Bacci
Naughty Charlie Skye gets spanked by her sister, Beverly Bacci

Charlie is at first very glad to see her older sister Beverly come to her aid after getting into trouble at school. Charlie is certain her dear sister will take her straight home and she’ll be spared any punishment. But to her surprise, Beverly asks to use the headmaster’s office and gives the mischievous girl a thorough hairbrush spanking herself.

These two sisters are none other than Charlie Skye and Beverly Bacci. We’re perhaps more used to seeing Beverly on the receiving end of a good spanking but here, showing off her new haircut, she proves that she is a fast learner and has become a very good spanker already. Charlie may be reluctant to benefit from her sister’s newfound maturity but she is given little choice in the matter. She’s soon upturned over her sister’s lap with her panties down around her ankles and that delightful bottom getting a thorough spanking.

I like Beverly’s new, shorter hair, but I like even better her transformation into a switch. Perhaps now that she knows the art of giving the next time she herself is in need of a spanking she will learn the lesson a bit better. Follow Charlie and Beverly through their various run-ins with authority, and subsequent punishments, at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Charlie Skye spanked hard with the wooden paddle on the bare

Charlie Skye gets a hard spanking with the wooden paddle on her bare bottom

Sexy blonde babe, Charlie Skye, has been going on shopping sprees with Veronica’s credit card. Since she hasn’t paid for a stitch of the clothing she’s wearing, she must take it all off before submitting to her spanking. This spanking isn’t just on poor Charlie’s delicate bare bottom, it’s with a very heavy and hard-looking wooden paddle. Ouch. Veronica Bound teaches her a valuable lesson in shopping etiquette in the way only she can..

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Punished Brats

Charlie Skye and Beverly Bacci in Double Trouble

Charlie Skye and Beverly Bacci are spanked simultaneously OTK for getting suspended

Charlie and Beverly have been suspended from school but promise each other not to tell what they are in trouble for. But how long will that promise last once they both find themselves OTK? Beverly’s excuse for not telling the reason for their dismissal is to save themselves the humiliation.. surely by now she must know that’s not going to happen at Punished Brats?? David and Veronica are going to get that information one way or another, but which of the girls will be spanked into submission first?

The double OTK spanking gets dramatic when the spanks get harder

Charlie Skye takes her over the knee spanking with the most noise and protest, while Beverly’s tolerance of pain is higher and perhaps she’s not getting spanked quite as hard. Maybe Beverly Bacci is just the naughtier of the two and has therefore experienced more spankings..? If she can take more of a spanking maybe she’ll be able to hold out longer and resist the temptation to break her promise..

Which girl will be the first to crack and spill the beans?

If a spanking can be dramatic, visually beautiful and exciting, a simultaneous spanking of two naughty babes at the same time is all that and more. Because the two girls are being spanked “top to tail” you can see Beverly’s bottom getting smacked by David while Charlie’s face as her own bottom is stung by Veronica.

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