Arthur spanks Cheyenne

Arthur spanks Cheyenne Jewel OTK over her white panties

Cheyenne Jewel is back in the “To Spank A Super Heroine” movie at Shadow Lane. After attending Comicon alone, she returns to her lover, Arthur Sire, nursing a crush on one of the other conventioneers. Arthur notices Cheyenne texting with her new admirer, and takes the sexy redhead to task for encouraging the attentions of another man. Chey initially protests that her friend from Comicon is just a Sci-fi nerd and no threat to their relationship, but then reluctantly admits that all the packages that have been arriving for her in the mail lately have been presents from the other man. Thus begins the punishment, which continues over several parts in this feature-length movie…

Cheyenne's white cotton panties are pulled up tightly into her crack

Arthur decides to remind Chey of who her boyfriend is with a good, hard, over the knee spanking. Alluringly clad in a glove tight pencil skirt, 4″ heeled, patent leather, peep-toed maryjanes, pantyhose and a cute top, Chey goes over Arthur’s lap for a traditional hand spanking. Fairly heavy handed as a general rule, Arthur is additionally stern, due to being pissed at his girlfriend. This is a hard spanking, as Chey’s verbal and physical reactions amply prove.

We’ve watched Cheyenne in many scenes now and she remains one of our favorite models. This performance reminds us why we like her with her perfectly round bottom and sexy pouting. Arthur spanks Cheyenne nice and hard on the bare, and afterwards she shows off the results. Her bottom looks like perhaps the roundest bottom I’ve ever seen in the photo below…

The spanking begins over Cheyenne’s skirt, progresses to her sheer pantyhose, continues on her white cotton panties, which are then pulled up tightly into her crack before being pulled down and off. Once fully bared, her perfect bottom is turned rosy red.

Cheyenne Jewel's amazing round butt is well spanked

Lovely Cheyenne Jewel and her wonderfully round bottom can be seen getting spanked by Arthur at Shadow Lane now!

Shadow Lane

Cheyenne Jewel and Fiona Murphy

Today we have a couple of very different spankings from Dana Kane Spanks featuring Cheyenne Jewel and Fiona Murphy

Cheyenne has her panties pulled down by Dana

In the first scene Cheyenne Jewel gets spanked but also gets tickled. She’d asked Dana Kane for a nice, relaxing spanking to help de-stress. That’s exactly what she gets in the first part of a sexy F/F scene that is very sensual. Cheyenne has a lovely round bubble butt and it is shown off perfectly by her lying across a pillow. Dana can be very strict and forceful but here she shows off her playful side, especially with the tickling…

Cheyenne came by and asked for a nice, relaxing spanking to help her de-stress. I was happy to oblige, and couldn’t help but admire and squeeze and play with her completely fantastic butt.

Cheyenne Jewel gets spanked OTK and tickled

The next scene is the other side of the coin. If Cheyenne’s spanking was sensual and playful, Fiona Murphy gets a very severe punishment. The naughty schoolgirl is in detention for smoking but this detention involves more than just waiting behind after school. She bends over the desk with her panties pulled down and gets a hard paddling for breaking school rules by strict teacher, Dana Kane…

Fiona Murphy gets a severe schoolgirl paddling with a punishment board

You can immediately see how severe the punishment was by how marked Fiona’s bare bottom gets. But strict Dana carries on with the punishment, lecturing her all the while. Fiona swears that she’s a good girl and she hated smoking but that won’t help her in this punishment.

Hard standing swats from my paddle while bent over her desk should teach this naughty girl her lesson.

Fiona's bottom gets very marked indeed from the school paddle

These two scenes are like night and day, and they show two aspects of a Dana Kane spanking. But, there are plenty more different styles. Dana is a very smart and witty lady, scenes often involve humor and wit. She also performs both F/F and F/M spankings that are often very hard. Dana is a domme who can be brutal without seeming cruel or dangerous, she seems to strike the perfect balance. See more of the different sides of Dana Kane at Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Cheyenne Jewel

In “Nice Girls Don’t Fight” tomboy, Cheyenne Jewel, has been in a fight with a boy! Fighting is not acceptable so Dana bends her over and starts to spank over Cheyenne’s tight jeans. After a nice warmup over the denim it’s time for the jeans, and those white panties to come down and the real punishment to begin…

Cheyenne’s lovely pert, tomboy bottom gets a roasting from Dana’s firm hand as she kneels on the armchair.

Dana Kane spanks naughty tomboy Cheyenne Jewel over jeans and on the bare bottom – gallery

For plenty more naughty ladies and men getting spanked hard by smart and sexy Ms Kane go to Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Sinn’s Study Break

Sinn Sage becomes bored with her studies and coaxes her study-mate Cheyenne Jewel into some naughty spanking adventures

It feels like we’re getting re-aquainted with Sinn Sage at the moment. The cute and sexy brunette with the bubble butt and the glasses never went away but we probably neglected her for a while.

Here she is in a recent update with Cheyenne Jewel where she has lured her classmate over to her bedroom on false pretenses. The two babes are dressed in their schoolgirl* outfits which are knee-high socks, short, pleated plaid skirts and tiny blouses. Cheyenne thought that they were going to study together but Sinn’s idea is a lot more sexy than that. She wants to “study” her girlfriend’s ass. “But how do you do that?” her friend asks. “You can grab it.. feel it.. smack it..” The start of this movie is actually very funny as Sinn gets bored with her studies and turns her thoughts to her friend’s tushy…

Sinn spanks her girlfriend, Cheyenne, with a white paddle

And, of course, with this being Sinn there is also plenty of studying of her own bottom as the two ladies go through her collection of spanking implements…

Cheyenne ends up swinging a leather strap at the gorgeous Sinn Sage before they embrace together on the bed

This is a sweet and very sexy scene. Sinn Sage is very cute indeed and she plays with a lot of her friends in the scenes on her website. Sinn with almost anyone would be a nice scene but when she plays with some of the hottest pornstars and fetish models, it’s almost unbearably sexy. There is plenty of nudity and close-ups and many of the scenes, this scene with Cheyenne included, end up in some sexy lesbian touching with both girlfriends very well spanked indeed.

For a whole lot more sexy girl-on-girl spanking check out Sinn’s website Spank Sinn!

Spank Sinn

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.