Office Caning for Naughty Christina

Office Caning for Naughty Christina Lee

In “One Last Chance” Christina Lee has been driving her boss crazy by mis-filing and losing important papers at work. He has had to punish Christina several times before for sloppy and inaccurate work but the punishments have not improved Christina’s performance. He tells her sternly that it is “One Last Chance”!

The boss decides that a good hard spanking followed by some serious cane strokes should help his naughty employee to get the message and dramatically improve her work. Christina, looking nerdy in her work glasses, bends over the office desk then its skirt up and knickers down for the naughty secretary as her boss smacks her big, white bottom with his hand. When he’s done warming her ass cheeks with the hand-spanking it’s time to continue Christina’s richly deserved lesson, this time with the cane!!

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Spank Christina

Spanking Website Review: Spank Christina

Christina is spanked and paddled OTK in the Office

Spank Christina is the spanking website of curvy, brunette, Christina. Christina is English and is the definition of a girl-next-door, a nice amateur babe. What surprised me was how eager she is to get into a confrontation with the women in her life. Instead of talking her way out of a spanking, Christina shouts back and argues, often making things worse for herself and her naughty bottom.

Like Rosaleen Young, Christina is an uber-brat. Even after she’s been arrested and has spent the night in the cells she’s still got the audacity to demand to go to bed when she gets home in one of my favorite scenes. There’s also the scene where Christina goes shopping with her aunt Edna and is so rude on the way home that she gets her bottom spanked on top of the railway bridge on the way home. Outdoor spankings are great!

Christina and friends all get a good spanking. There are some scenes where Christina is spanked along with another girl, in these scenes Christina takes most of the spanks out of the two girls. There are also scenes with other girls where the spankings tend to not be as hard as the spankings Christina takes. There’s a nice mix, mainly F/F but there’s some M/F and an extremely hot lesbian shower-scene spanking!!!

Naughty Christina is spanked in the Classroom

In terms of quality of video and navigation both are good. The vids are great and you can download them part by part or all at once in the full download. The navigation is an update list with links to the latest updates and then unordered pages of clips with 3 spanking sets on each page. It might have been nicer to have it ordered in some way but I guess it would be hard to put the scenes into sections as there are often multiple positions and implements used in each scene. The overall presentation of the site is very good and makes me feel happy and want to come back.

So, Spank Christina is an excellent spanking site, in English with the main spankee having an English accent. While quite a lot of the scenes do not feature Christina there are plenty of our heroine and all come with stills, multipart downloads and full-downloads. Spankings include OTK, caning, paddling and the strap.

We give Spank Christina 8 out of 10, if the chronological navigation doesn’t bother you then score the site higher.

Spanking Models: Caning Christina

Christina's face close-up as she is caned

Christina is an English babe who is always getting spanked, in fact, most spankings turn into paddlings, strappings or canings. Even though Christina has a tender-looking bottom her threshold for pain is very high and she is often spanked to tears with a very red and sore bottom.

In this caning, the cute blonde girl spanks her butt until it is nice and red then holds poor Christina in place for a good, hard caning. The bottom warming in very sexy. The busty blonde babe is very cute and seeing Christina get spanked over her knee is awesome. It is not a light spanking though and leaves Christina’s bottom brightly colored. The initial OTK with the perky breasted girl smacking Christina’s big, round butt is a joy to watch. But then, with her bottom nice and pink and ready for the cane, the caning on her already sore behind makes complulsive viewing. Very very hot…

Held in place by a bratty blonde babe for a good caning

If the cute blonde, above, was Christina’s nemesis, in this next caning she has a friend with her. The problem for them is that they are both getting a caning by the sports teacher. The P.E. Instructor in her old-fashioned outfit and quirky English accent tells both girls off then lines them up side by side on the trestle for some warm-up strokes over the regulation knickers. Here, the girl looks on as it is Christina’s turn to get the cane on the bare. The angry teacher punishes her severely for misbehaving again.

Christina is caned in the gym hall over the trestle

If you like British Spanking Movies you’ll love Spanking Christina again and again!!

Spanking Models: Christina Lee

A kitchen strapping reminds Christina to do her chores

Christina Lee, of Spank Christina, is a naughty English babe who should know better. Frequent spankings from Aunt Edna and other spankers do not stop her from regularly offending. The movies of the ensuing spanking are of course posted on her website.

Above, Aunt Edna spanks Christina in the kitchen for not doing her chores. Aunt Edna is particularly no-nonsense when it comes to spanking. She spanks Christina’s naughty rear with hard, rhythmic swats whilst constantly lecturing her on her behavior.

Christina bends over the knee for a good ff spanking

In the above spanking picture Christina is just beginning a long and painful spanking. A long, hard OTK spanking on the bare is more than enough to prepare her tender butt cheeks for a severe caning. The cute, busty blonde enjoys spanking Christina over her knee and even holds her in place so that her bottom is always perfectly presented for the cane. Another hot movie update!

Then there’s this diaper-position paddling movie. Aunt Edna spanks Christina for staying out all night and being a slut. A paddling in the diaper position is the ultimate humiliation for this slutty babe. Ass in the air, pussy on display and bottom spanked bright red by the harsh, wooden paddle…

A hard paddling stings in the diaper position

I love Christina’s English accent, and the accents of all the strong ladies who try to teach her discipline. Christina is a natural brunette and has a very real, girl-next-door feel about her. She has a certain naughty quality that makes there something very hot about Spanking Christina!!

Bare Bottom Strapping in the Gym

Strapping her bare bottom in the home gym

Christina has been naughty again, this time in the home gym. She’s dealt with strictly and severely as you can see in these hard strapping pictures.

Christina had been working out in the gym but the poor girl ends up getting a completely different kind of workout – on her bottom!! In this movie Christina “talks back” throughout her punishment: when she’s first bent over, when her panties are pulled down and as her bright red buttocks are spanked with that strap. Maybe she might get a easier ride if she did not talk back so much but her continued naughtiness and disobedience fully justifies a long, hard spanking. In this case she kneels on the workout bench for a hard strapping. You can tell that she’s spanked a lot because when she’s told to stick her bottom out, her back drops and her bottom sticks straight out perfectly.

The spanker in this spanking does not talk as much as some spankers do. Instead, she lets her hand do the talking for her as she spanks poor christina. She orders Christina to move into position and gets nothing but complaining from the naughty girl. A couple of words from the strict and busty lady and she spanks Christina’s pert and upturned bottom in a hard and unrelenting manner. The more ungrateful Christina complains the more the strap spanks her naughty ass until she starts to yelp.

Christina has a nice bottom. It’s a good thing her naughty behavior and foul mouth get her into so much trouble and we see her pale cheeks get reddened over and over again at her site.

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Stay-Out Babe Gets A Hard Punishment

Christina stays out all night and is punished very hard by her strict aunt

When naughty Christina stays out all night “causing disturbances” her aunt is forced to take matters very seriously. Some people have complained about her niece’s behavior so she has to be very strict with the errant girl and her hard hand turns Christina’s buttocks sore and pink in no time in these hard spanking movies.

But, naughty Christina is not finished with yet. After her panties are pulled all the way off her aunt gives her bare buttocks a full-force strapping. Aunt Edna does not mince her words as she straps some sense into the naughty girl. The strap stings Christina’s poor bottom and Christina moans and yelps. Christina’s reaction doesn’t deter her aunt, if anything the hard blows from the strap get harder as the unrelenting leather kisses her sore rear.

To make sure she has driven her lesson home and Christina remembers this lesson for a while to come Aunt Edna finishes the punishment with a good paddling. With Christina in the diaper position against the foot of the bed, she is held in position with bottom facing upwards for the big, wooden paddle to smack down on.

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