Caught by Big-boobed Teacher

Busty blond teacher, Clara G spanks a naughty schoolgirl

When naughty student, Gina, is caught smoking in her school uniform by busty, blonde teacher, Clara G, she gets taken to the classroom for a punishment. Gina gets scolded and humiliated as the teacher undresses her and prods her with a long, wooden ruler. The teacher takes off her uniform so that poor Gina is stood in nothing but her high, white socks and shoes, then she bends over teacher’s lap for a firm hand spanking.

The slender babe looks even better naked than she did in the slightly baggy uniform. When she was misbehaving we could see that she was very pretty, but out of her clothes we can see that she also has a sexy, slender and curvy body. Gina’s bubblebutt really does look good as Clara G plants her hand firmly across it.

Note: this is an age-play scene, both ladies here are over 18 years old.

“Schoolgirl” Gina gets caught smoking by big-boobed teacher, Clara G, and punished – gallery

This is another very beautifully shot lesbian girl-on-girl spanking from House of Taboo where the spanking is joined by plenty of all kinds of fetish and kink.

House of Taboo

Lesbian threesome spanking

Stunning Zafira, Cindy Hope & Lauryn May dildo fun and spanking movies

Today we have a special treat for those of us who like smoking hot European brunettes with amazing asses spanking each other… well, that’s me anyway. One person is happy!

Stunning Zafira, Cindy Hope & Lauryn May dildo fun and spanking movies

While I hadn’t heard of the other two girls Zafira is one of my favorite euro pornstars (she may even be my favorite but I don’t like to limit myself to just one) so I was very excited to find some vids with her in, if nothing else I knew I’d like her. It turns out that all three girls look very similar in that they all have long, straight, brown hair and the most perfect bubble butts in the world.

Seeing all three perfect bottoms together in one scene is just… very nice indeed. Especially when they are all lined up and naked on the fence in the first clip. But, things are about to get a whole lot better. One girl starts slapping the beautiful round bottoms of the other two girls with a huge dildo, then the girl in the middle gives the other girl (I think that’s Zafira on the right) some very hard smacks. Soon it has turned into a mini spank-fest with all three girls trying to not get outdone by spanking the other bare bottoms as hard as they can. Then we cut to the three crawling down the lawn away from us. Very pretty indeed! With two in front and one behind the girl at the back is in a perfect position to continue to score spanking points on her two girlfriends, which she does with glee.

This is a very tasty all-girl threesome with plenty of kinky spanking mixed in with the sexy lesbian kissing and dildoing. If you like this it’s well worth checking out all the other hot girl-on-girl action at…

Clara G