Dani Daniels and Kay Richards

Dani Daniels and Kay Richards

Dani Daniels and Kay Richards appear in the latest update at My Spanking Roommate called “Episode 212: Kay’s New Boss Pilot Dani Daniels“! Kay plays a sexy flight attendant and her boss, Dani, is the pilot. Unfortunately for Kay, she has fallen foul of the company’s three strikes and you’re out policy. On the verge of being fired and exiting her job, she pleads with Dani to spank her instead. Luckily for her and us, Dani is well used to giving spankings and gives her a good OTK spanking…

Dani Daniels spanks flight attendant Kay Richards over her blue uniform

Both ladies are wearing the work uniforms and Kay’s tight-fitting hostess outfit is very sexy indeed. Dani looks great in her equally tight-fitting black and white pilot’s uniform too…

Kay Richards gets her round bare bottom spanked in uniform by sexy pilot, Dani

Dani Daniels is a pilot who also happens to be flight attendant Kay’s new boss. When Dani confronts Kay after her third offense Kay begs Dani not to fire her, but instead spank her. When Dani warms to this idea, she spanks Kay very hard – so much so that Kay pleads for her to stop and fire her instead, but Dani’s not having it. She embraces the new form of successful discipline.

Air hostess, Kay Richards, sits down on her sore bottom while strict Dani Daniels watches in her pilot uniform

Readers will know that Dani is not new to spanking, if you can’t wait there are plenty more posts here.

This is the latest update on My Spanking Roommate. Dani Daniels is the 350th model on Clare Fonda Pass, she’s spanking Kay Richards here but hopefully we’ll see her getting spanked on the websites too!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Maddy Marks

Maddy Marks chats with Jenna Rose at the sorority

Maddy Marks is currently in two of the latest scenes on Clare Fonda Pass, so what better reason than to have a good look at the sexy redhead?

The first scene is on Spanking Sorority Girls where Maddy and Jenna Rose play two pledge candidates who decide to sample spankings for themselves before their tour. Each girl spanks the other as they both attempt to find their limits. Sexy brunette, Jenna, takes her hardest ever spanking in this scene but she also gives it out to redhead Maddy’s lovely bottom…

Jenna gives Maddy a hard OTK paddling on the couch

Then Jenna gives Maddy a taste of the pledge paddle while she kneels on the couch, bending over with her ass in the air…

Sexy Jenna Rose swings the pledge paddle at Maddy Marks' bare bottom

And then it’s time for Jenna’s turn! Jenna Rose gets her hardest ever spanking over Maddy’s knee and her bottom really does look a lovely red color as Maddy uses the wooden paddle on her bare bottom…

Maddy gives Jenna her hardest ever OTK spanking and paddling

Then, on Spanked Call Girls Maddy has stolen another girl’s client, but not only that she’s also tied her up so that she could take him. Luckily justice is served and Double Dan does not fall for her lies and instead gives her a very hard hand spanking…

Maddy Marks gets a very hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom from Double Dan

Maddy’s bottom looks quite a picture after this spanking…

Maddy Rose inspects her well-spanked bottom

Maddy is what I might call a girl-next-door type of spanking model. She’s pretty with her long curly red hair and long legs. Maddy is a 24-year-old submissive girl living in Los Angeles, with a penchant for getting herself in trouble and enjoying the resulting spankings. She’s definitely the type of spanking model who would be getting spanked even if she were not on the internet, but we’re glad she’s here!

Watch both these scenes with Maddy Marks and Jenna Rose on Clare Fonda Pass (both ladies also appear on other websites in the pass)!

Clare Fonda Pass


Things are a little different at some of the Clare Fonda websites. Since Clare herself has started taking a back seat and pursuing other interests the layouts of some of the websites have started to change to reflect this. A few of the Clare Fonda websites have had makeovers… One of the main websites to have changed is Clare Fonda Pass. Clare has been replaced with a very stern-looking Gigi Allens, which is surely good news that there will be more scenes with the sexy blonde Australian porn star…

Clare Fonda Pass screenshot

Also, Spanked Sweeties is looking a bit different with Clare being replaced by Syren De Mer spanking gorgeous Chloe Amour in what it a very nice photo indeed…

Spanked Sweeties screenshot

There is also a slightly different way to login to some of the members’ areas now. When you buy a membership to Girl Spanks Girl and Spanking Sorority Girls now you login though a webpage, as opposed to a pop-up box. We think it’s a much nicer experience and it also allows the password to be saved in the browser a bit easier, especially if you have a password manager.

There is also plenty of new content getting added to the Clare Fonda websites, including a lovely scene with Gigi and porn star Alison Tyler on Girl Spanks Girl called “Sexual Harassment”!

On a slightly different note, the last redesign of Spanked Sweeties was when we have made about 600 posts. Now for this mini-makeover we’re up to about 1100 posts which must mean we’re dedicated to the spanking cause!

More next time!

Gigi Allens

Clare Fonda spanks Gigi Allens OTK over denim hotpants
Clare Fonda spanks Gigi Allens OTK over denim hotpants

Gigi Allens is still relatively new on the scene, she was born in Australia but we are glad she has come to the US to be a part of the porn industry and… get spanked! Gigi is a white girl with a big personality and a big, round bottom. Not every spankee has a round bottom, and sometimes it may just be that it’s not presented well (protruding up into the air), but whether it be that she knows how to pose or she just has them curves. Gigi has a satisfyingly-round “white girl” booty. She certainly does know how to show it off! The three scenes on this website have her in denim hotpants (daisy dukes), a short black skirt that clings to her butt and thighs, and in the M/F scene there are some even tinier, skimpy hotpants/panties that offer virtually no protection what-so-ever before they are yanked down.

After the spanking Gigi pulls the daisy dukes up over her sore bottom
After the spanking Gigi pulls the daisy dukes up over her sore bottom

Despite being fairly new we’ve already seen her in a couple of smokin’ hot spanking scenes playing an air hostess and a call girl on some other Clare Fonda Pass websites. This time she’s the latest sweetie on Spanked Sweeties so she talks about the spankings she received growing up and gets a motherly spanking from Clare Fonda.

Clare may not be full-time into spanking like she used to be but we like her occasional cameos on her websites. This scene in particular is a nice domestic discipline scenario and Gigi with her long, blond hair, golden tan and big bottom is the perfect canvas for Clare’s maternal spanks.

Gigi Allens goes over Clare Fonda’s knee as she re-enacts a spanking she received growing up

This photo from the second F/F scene with Clare shows off Gigi’s bottom perfectly…

Gigi Allens gets a bare bottom spanking with a long, wooden spoon
Gigi Allens gets a bare bottom spanking with a long, wooden spoon

So, it seems we have yet another favorite spanking model in Gigi Allens. Perhaps it’s because she comes from Australia but she seems to have an Elle Macpherson kinda look, and she also reminds me of another blonde with a lovely bottom, Anikka Albrite. You can watch Gigi’s spanking interview movie and three scenes of her getting spanked by “mom”, “dad” and “grannie” at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

Lifestyle Submissive Alex Reynolds

Clare Fonda spanks lifestyle submissive Alex Reynold's big bare bottom with a hairbrush

Here’s a sneaky peak from the upcoming movie on Girl Spanks Girl. It’s a girl who I’d not seen before called Alex Reynolds taking a very long, hard punishment from Clare Fonda. This movie is one of the longer, disciplinary updates that sees Alex’s big bottom get a very thorough spanking with many different implements. The lifestyle submissive is obviously used to pain because her bottom can take quite a thrashing, but even she winces from the sharp smacks Clare gives her from the hairbrush. As well as a lot of OTK spanking, some nice spanking as she leans over the bathroom sink and bends over a chair for a caning, Alex also gets a mouth-soaping for added humiliation and discomfort.

Keep a look out! This new scene is coming soon to Girl Spanks Girl very soon!

Girl Spanks Girl

Two hustlers spanked!

Kat St James is the first of two naughty ladies to go over the knee

Spanked Call Girls is one of my favorite spanking websites because beautiful ladies get a well-deserved spanking in a seedy location. The ladies in question are the callgirls in Clare Fonda’s brothel. I don’t know whether it’s the sleaziness, the slutty outfits or the idea that strong, independent women (or hookers) can benefit from some discipline. Whatever it is, the cocktail of glamourous ladies, nudity and spanking is delicious.

Here, the latest update sees famous spanking model Kat St. James and new spankee, Stevie, get in trouble with the strict hookers’ madam…

Katherine St. James has brought Stevie into Momma Clare’s hooker ring and they try to hustle more money due to Stevie being so cute. All it gets is a bare-bottomed spanking for both girls which they know they have coming and end up begging for.

Both ladies go over the knee and have their panties pulled down for Momma Clare’s stinging hand swats, then she delves inside her trusty purse and eventually emerges with a hard, wooden hairbrush. Something tells me this is a painful lesson…

Kat St James is the first of two naughty ladies to go over the knee

…followed swiftly by Stevie

You can watch the full movie of naughty Lilia’s big bottom getting spanked at Spanked Call Girls and you can, of course, join along with the rest of the Clare Fonda spanking websites at Clare Fonda Pass.

Spanked Callgirls

Lilia Spinoza spanks Missy Rhodes OTK

Lilia Spinoza spanks Missy Rhodes over the knee

My Spanking Roommate is celebrating it’s 100th episode, and it is very juicy indeed! Lilia Spinoza is a new name to spanking but the curvy and exotic-looking babe has a big bottom that was meant for spanking and, as she shows here, can give a spanking too. Lilia is punishing Missy Rhodes who is a gorgeous new-ish spankee on the scene who looks so innocent, but needs some good-girl spankings incase she forgets to be good.

Veronica sent her roomate Missy to see Lilia, who is looking to hire someone. Missy thinks it is for an acting job. But it is waitress work at Cleopatras, an Egyptian styled restaurant. Lilia spanks Missy until she agrees to put on the waitress uniform and take the job. And because Missy was so bratty, she spanks her again, this time with a hairbrush. Missy can’t sit down after this spanking.

Lilia Spinoza spanks Missy Rhodes over the knee

ASwell as being cute and seemingly innocent, Missy has a remarkable bottom and it looks like she’s great fun to spank. Don’t you agree?

You can grab this scene as it comes out on My Spanking Roommate, you can also join as part of Clare Fonda’s 3, 4 or 5-site spanking pass.

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Clare spanks Alica and Nena

Alice Wonder gets spanked OTK by Clare Fonda as Nena watches from the couch
Alice Wonder gets spanked OTK by Clare Fonda as Nena watches from the couch

Nena and Alice Wonder are back at Girl Spanks Girl!

Both ladies has a girl-next-door feel about them and are slim. They also get fully nude so you can see exactly how slim they are. Nena was in last summer’s “Exclusive Education 6” (also on Girl Spanks Girl) and Alice Wonder, is a strawberry blond who has been a fan favourite for some time now.

The two ladies play lesbians who get busted by strict mommy, Clare Fonda, who spanks both of them hard. Alice says “You spank rougher now, Momma Clare!” She certainly does not hold back and gives them a good, hard lesson for their inappropriate behaviour.

Alice and Nena face the wall for some cornertime and rub their sore bottoms
Alice and Nena face the wall for some cornertime and rub their sore bottoms

Clare spanks Alica and Nena gallery

You can see this update at Girl Spanks Girl (where there is also plenty more of Nena in Exclusive Education 6). To not only get this website but all of the Clare Fonda great value websites for one price the best value spanking deal on the internet has always been Clare Fonda Pass!!

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The Truth catches up with Kay…

Clare Fonda is angry with Kay Richards and intends to spank the lovely lady's bottom

One of my favourite spanking models, Kay Richards, is back! This is a continuation of a previous storyling in which she played a prank and got another girl, Sierra, spanked. Now, the truth has finally caught up with her and it is time for Kay to take the heat for her actions…

Kay Richards had played a prank on Clare by making spanking noises that Sierra could hear, and it led to Clare spanking Sierra in a previous episode of the spanking soap opera. Now it is time for Clare’s revenge. Clare spanks Kay hard over her tight jeans, then spanks her bare bottom, then paddles Kay with a large leather paddle. Kay learns her lesson – you do not mess with Clare.

Clare Fonda is angry with Kay Richards spanks the lovely lady’s bottom – gallery

Kay is a cute brunette and here in jeans, an Armani t-shirt and her face all made-up she looks quite glamourous. Clare Fonda has a nice dress on making the scene look very homely, perfect for a spanking… especially when the spankee is fast-talking, back-chatting Kay in her slutty make-up!

You can see this lovely scene and catch up with the characters in this spanking soap-opera by joining My Spanking Roommate as part of Clare Fonda’s 3, 4 or 5-site spanking megapass

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Two spanked in PJs

Strict cousin Alicia spanks Mary Jane's round, bubble butt over her knee

Here’s some more from the feature-length “Strict Cousin” movie from Girl Spanks Girl! This is the second scene when the two naughty ladies Ten and Mary Jane are both in their pajamas and strict cousin Alicia is in her pink nightdress.

Ten watches from the sofa as Mary Jane’s lovely round bottom gets first handspanked and then spanked with Alicia’s slipper. Then, it’s Ten’s turn to go over Alicia’s lap…

Ten's pajamas and panties are pulled down as her bare bottom is spanked hard over Alicia's knee

It’s late but both girls are well-spanked by the time they are sent to the corner to do their cornertime with rosy, bare bottoms showing…

Ten and Mary Jane do their corner time with their pajama bottoms still pulled down

You can see all of this brand new spanking movie at Clare Fonda Pass. Whichever option you choose will include the website this update comes from, Girl Spanks Girl!

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