Spanking Model Stats

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys statistics you may enjoy these spanking model stats taken from this website over it’s entire duration (10 years or so). So, these are the top 21 spanking models over the ten years in order of the number of times we’ve mentioned them on this website. Just cold hard stats!

  1. Sarah Gregory
  2. Clare Fonda
  3. Veronica Ricci
  4. Kay Richards
  5. Snow Mercy
  6. Amelia Jane Rutherford
  7. Chelsea Pfeiffer
  8. Lana
  9. Madison Martin
  10. Katherine St. James
  11. Dana Specht
  12. Spanking Sarah
  13. Pixie
  14. Christy Cutie
  15. Alison Miller
  16. Samantha Woodley
  17. Koko Kitten
  18. Miss Chris
  19. Chloe Elise
  20. Leia Ann Woods
  21. Sinn Sage

Readers could maybe have guessed at the top 5, but for me there are some surprises. There are some models who I didn’t think I’d talked that much about, and there are others who I thought would have been higher than they are.

Because it’s taken over the 10 years, this really is a list of some of the most hard-working models over that time. There will be very famous spanking models we haven’t featured as heavily as maybe they deserved.

Plenty of spanking models have come and gone in that time. Most of the list was not filming spanking 10 years ago, I believe. I like that it’s quite a diverse range of spanking models from the USA/UK that includes those famous for being dommes: Dana Specht, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Snow Mercy and Miss Chris… those famous for purely being spankees: Pixie and Amelia Jane Rutherford… and all the rest, who you could say are probably known equally well for giving and receiving.

Readers will know that we love ladies who switch, so the fact that most, if not all, of the ladies here have done at least some switching may reflect our tastes somewhat.

We stretched the top 20 slightly to fit Sinn Sage onto the list, but there are plenty more big names just outside the top 20. For example, Maitresse Madeline, Dane Kane and Veronica Bound, three ladies are are best well-known for being on top but who have occasional appeared as a bottom, are all in the top 30 along with the likes of Casey Calvert, Lily Anna and Missy Rhodes.

It’s going to be interesting how this list will look in another 10 years time. Sarah Gregory is going from strength to strength so I think she may still be top in another 10 years, but there will probably be a whole lot of names who we’ve never heard of yet.

I hope you found my top list of spanking models interesting.

EDIT: There is an updated “All-Time Top 10” list on Top 10 Spanking Model Stats 2016.

Depressed and Spanked

Clare Fonda spanks Sarah Gregory in Depressed and Spanked

Today’s update is a blast from the (recent) past with Clare Fonda returning to our screens on Sarah Gregory Spanking! I don’t think this is a comeback, unfortunately, but this movie might just remind you what we loved about Clare Fonda for so long.

Clare plays Sarah’s mommy and is not happy to get a call from the ER concerning her precious daughter. Sarah had been depressed and so had gotten herself into trouble and ended up having a close call in ER. Clare is scared to death and loves Sarah very much so she spanks her for scaring her. Then, Mommy Clare holds her and tells her how much she cares about her and how she needs to talk to her next time she is feeling that depressed.

It’s a familiar tale of a naughty girl scaring her mommy to death while she is experimenting with life and new-found freedoms. The mother is shocked and upset with the outcome and so a spanking is never too far away. This spanking really packs a punch with two superstars of the spanking world colliding in a beautiful, down-to-earth domestic spanking scene. The action happens on the couch in the living room and the setting is perfect for a nice, hard bare bottom spanking. Some of the angles in these photos are very nice indeed. Enjoy…

Clare Fonda spanks Sarah Gregory in “Depressed and Spanked” gallery

Sarah's panties come down for her domestic bare bottom spanking on the couch

This movie is up right now on Sarah Gregory Spanking where there are now quite a lot of very sexy episodes to browse including some very hard and real spankings for naughty, real-life spanko, Sarah Gregory.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Spanking at the Diaper Night

Kinky Clare Fonda shows Bliss Evermore her diaper

It’s time for some more kinkiness and spanko’s who miss Clare Fonda will be happy that she can still be found… Spanking is kinky to begin with but Clare takes it a little further in Naughty Diaper Girls.

Normally there is a guest every time who gets Clare’s special “diaper training” but this time Clare herself is wearing a diaper and shows it to her girlfriend, Bliss Evermore. Bliss has been married for a little while now and her girlfriends miss her. Clare comes over to show her their latest trend- wearing diapers. This is a fun scene and even has Clare getting a few playful swats on the behind…

Kinky Clare Fonda shows Bliss Evermore her diaper – gallery

Bliss gives naughty Clare some playful swats on her diapered bottom

Clare convinces her sweet young friend to try one on. When Bliss’ hubby comes home he will find his wife in a diaper.

With any fetish there are lots of special terms and abbreviations related to it that people not into it won’t know. So, with spanking we have words like OTK; in diapers they say “AB” meaning Adult Baby, “DL” meaning Diaper Lover and even, combing them both, “ABDL”. If you like ageplay, diapers, pacifiers with very sexy adult ladies you’ll love Clare Fonda’s Naughty Diaper Girls!

Naughty Diaper Girls

Diaper Dream Girl gets Spanked

Adult baby girl Sarah Gregory appears in Clare's dream

Clare Fonda is a reluctant babysitter who puts the baby to bed as she wishes she had a grown-up girl to play with. She snoozes off on the couch and while she sleeps she dreams of having a very sexy baby girl, Sarah Gregory, to play with. Sarah is very sexy with her vest showing off her big breasts and her hair in pigtails. Clare can’t resist spanking her sassy bottom…

Clare slaps Sarah's diapered bottom before fondling her lovely big boobs

This is a very sexy lesbian scene with Sarah’s lovely big, natural breasts getting freed from under her vest. Understandably Clare cannot keep her hands to herself and puts adult baby Sarah on her lap and fondles her gorgeous boobs.

If you like this kinky AB scenarios and diapers, Naughty Diaper Girls, has lots of very fetishy diaper-training, age-play, insertions, masturbation, diaper punishments and, of course, spankings.

Naughty Diaper Girls

Ageplay, breastfeeding and spanking

Sarah Gregory sits in a crib wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier

Here is some more kinky “adult baby” ageplay from Naughty Diaper Girls, this time featuring two of our favorites: Sarah Gregory and Clare Fonda.

As you can see Sarah is all diapered up and sat in a crib with a pacifier at the start of this scene. We’re at a fairly high level of kink already but the kinkiness level is about to go off the scale…

AB Sarah Gregory tricks Clare Fonda into letting her suckle on her breasts

Sarah fools Clare. Clare has been left to watch Sarah while her mommie is out. Sarah tells her a sob story of how she is never fed breast milk. Clare thinks Sarah is a real baby girl and feeds her some breast milk from her own tits. It feels good for both of them. She then finds out Sarah is really a naughty grown up girl so she takes her over her lap and spanks her.

Clare Fonda punishes Sarah with a good ol' OTK spanking when she finds out the truth

If you like this kinky AB scenarios and diapers, Naughty Diaper Girls, has lots of very fetishy diaper-training, age-play, insertions, masturbation, diaper punishments and, of course, some light spankings.

Naughty Diaper Girls

Kay’s Revenge on her Stepmom

Kay Richards gets a diaper punishment from stepmom Clare Fonda

In the previous episode poor Kay Richards is home from college trying to live a normal life but her new stepmother insists things be super clean. She waits until after Kay’s date, forces her to strip, checks her panties, wipes her down and diapers her then let’s her boyfriend take a look at his date wearing her nice, clean diaper! How humiliating!

But now, the tables are turned and Kay controls the purse strings in the house. Stepmom Clare Fonda is forced to strip and has her pussy rubbed clean with a baby wipe before she is spanked and diapered. The younger girl shows no mercy to the older woman with the diaper punishment.

Clare Fonda gets diapered and spanked by Kay Richards

Both sexy ladies get stripped naked and humiliated by the other. Clare Fonda especially looks very embarrassed indeed as Kay puts a diaper on her and wipes her shaved pussy with a babywipe.

If you like this kinky AB scenarios and diapers, Naughty Diaper Girls, has lots of very fetishy diaper-training, age-play, insertions, masturbation, diaper punishments and, of course, spankings.

Naughty Diaper Girls

Clare’s in charge!

Sarah Gregory is back and her daddy is away on a trip so she has her push-over mom to look after her. Only this time her long-suffering mom, Clare Fonda, decides to take charge. Clare has had enough back talk, enough attitude, and enough of Sarah doing whatever Sarah wants to do. In her husband’s absence she takes disciplining her rude daughter into her own hands and gives this brat the long over due spanking she deserves.

You’ll notice that Clare Fonda and Sarah Gregory are both color co-ordinated in this scene, especially when Sarah’s jogging pants are removed and she is spanked wearing nothing but her black vest. Clare is wearing a sexy, black dress and is looking very smart.

I liked the photos from this scene because the contrasts and the black, pink and yellow gives them an almost comic book feel.

You can see more of Sarah getting disciplined by Clare Fonda in the movie at her website Sarah Gregory Spanking, as well as a recent Flintstones parody which sees Bam Bam spanking a bratty Pebbles in Bedrock.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah gets Diapered

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in diapers

Sarah Gregory is a sexy and sassy spanking model who is exploring the world of AB play on Naughty Diaper Girls . In this diaper drama she is a young lady who is forced to dress in a very old fashioned manner. One day Sarah is teased for the “granny panties” she has on and the mean girls taunt her so much she wets! The school nurse puts her in a diaper and she walks home while we see the camera looking up her dress! Poor embarrassed Sarah finally shows her mother, Clare Fonda, what she had to wear and mom is so angry she takes Sarah over her knee and spanks her on her diaper til she wiggles and moans. Poor Sarah- mom finally puts a fresh diaper on her and promises to be more patient with her sensitive little girl.

Sarah Gregory gets spanked in diapers – gallery

If you like this kinkier side of spanking, Naughty Diaper Girls, has lots of very fetishy diaper-training, age-play, insertions, masturbation and, of course, spankings.

Naughty Diaper Girls

Clare and a Punished Brat

Momma Clare Fonda spanks Juliet on the bare after pulling down her panties

I like interesting angles.. and this is just that. You know those scenes in films or TV or whatever where the camera looks down on a row of houses but the roofs have been magically removed and we see what each household is doing as we look in house-by-house. You can imagine in one house the people are watching television, in the next house they are arguing in the kitchen, next house they’re having sex and what’s this happening in number 23?

As we pan down at Momma Clare’s house we see that Juliet has been a bad teenager so tonight there will be an evening spanking followed by premature bedtime for this naughty madam. Juliet has been called home from college by her mom Clare to be punished for her underage drinking. Even after a long talk and coming to an agreement about the issue, Clare still feels that following through with the promised spanking is necessary. On some streets Juliet may be thought of as being too old for a spanking but not in this neighborhood. Breaking the rules leads this college freshman to having her panties pulled right down as her pretty bottom is firmly dealt with.

Sample Clip

Watch the full vid at…

Punished Brats