Classic Spanking

Two naughty pupils misbehave infront of the gym mistress

Things used to be very different! Mobile phones, the internet, Facebook, Twitter, flatscreens, HD TV, central locking… the list goes on, there was a time, not so long ago when these things didn’t exist. Back then corporal punishment was the norm in schools up and down the land, and far be it for any naughty ladies to misbehave in PE. The gym mistress was one of the fiercest teachers with her heavy strap and physical power. In her no-nonsense style, she would command the full respect of her students and have them over her knee in an instant while she briskly spanked their naughty bottoms.

The gym mistress begins by spanking both girls over her knee, then straps their naughty bottoms

Then, depending on the severity of the offence she would make the girls strip naked infront of her and bare their backsides for her dreaded strap, or tawse. While one girl was being punished the other looked on or faced the wall, knowing she was next in line. What would be more terrifying, to see her girlfriend getting punished, or to just hear the sound of the strap against her bottom and use her imagination to paint a picture of the quickly reddening bottom?

See the strict, old-fashioned gym mistress at work punishing a couple of naughty students in this classic spanking scene from the movie “College Classics 6“…

Two naughty students get an OTK handspanking then bend over for the strap – movies

Of course, the punishment does not finish there. With both girls’ bottoms on fire, they are made to endure further humiliation by stripping naked. The strict teacher then makes them hold their hand out for further punishment, which she delivers with full force.

Just another day in the life of the strict schools of old where discipline really meant just that. See more fine examples of how things used to be at Classic Spanking!

Classic Spanking