Rich-Bitch boss punishes her with a strap

No excuse for Corinne Gonzalez, as her rich-bitch boss punishes her with a strap

This is a continuation of the domestic life of a wealthy lady and her cute maid. Allaura Shane has already had cause to give the sexy maid, Corinne Gonzalez, a thorough spanking but now there are really no excuses for her behaviour and something else is needed. Corinne bends over the grand piano with her skirt lifted up and her bare bottom on display. She sticks her bottom right out so that it looks deliciously round. Allaura straps her bottom hard. After each stroke the naughty maid moves forward, pulling her bottom away from the painful, leather strap. But, like the good obedient maid she is, her bottom returns to it’s original position before the next stroke.

This is a very nice punishment scene. Corinne is a lovely submissive maid and Allaura takes to her role as a bitchy boss with remarkable ease. You’ll enjoy seeing Corinne’s lovely bottom getting strapped as much as you’ll enjoy seeing sexy Allaura in that tight, gray top. If Corinne wants to stay in her employer’s good books she’d better cut down on those minor infringements and become a perfect housemaid…

Corinne rubs her sore bottom as Allaura looks on sternly

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Naughty Maid get her firm bottom spanked hard

Naughty Maid, Corinne Gonzalez, get her firm bottom spanked hard by bitchy heiress, Allaura Shane
Naughty Maid, Corinne Gonzalez, get her firm bottom spanked hard by bitchy heiress, Allaura Shane

Today we visit one of my favourite things in spanking, namely: one beautiful lady spanking another, especially when both ladies are used to being spanked. Here we have beautiful brunette Allaura Shane, who has herself been spanked on several occasions on Firm Hand Spanking, playing a bitchy heiress. Newbie, Corinne Gonzalez, makes her spanking debut as Allaura’s new maid in the Maid Trouble series.

It may be Corinne’s first scene but Allaura does not go easy on her and it ends up being a fast and hard debut spanking, with Allaura’s hand going into overdrive. “She spanks fast and it stung so bad,” admits Corinne, the naughty maid. Ms Shane is used to “Yes ma’am, No ma’am” and Corinne’s choice of uniform displeases her, so it’s over her knee for a rapid-fire, bottom-jiggling spanking!

And what a bottom she has! Allaura comments that the pretty little maid in pigtails has a very firm bottom, and that is certainly true. Wearing nothing on her bottom but the smallest, little G-string her luscious teen bottom is pert, round and responsive to the barrage of hard smacks!

This week on Firm Hand Spanking there is another debut spanking. You can also see another newbie, Carey Brooks, get spanked for the first time on camera when she too wears the wrong clothing to work.

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