Busty Bad Tushy Spankings…

Busty teacher Ms Law spanks and straps a naughty student

Hot chicks with cute bottoms are lovely to see being spanked, especially when they are being spanked by a strict and busty lady like in these three Bad Tushy updates. I love luscious, curvy ladies who are comfortable with their own bodies and are happy to wear a tight blouse in order to show off their ample bosoms and here we have three of the very same ladies….

Curvy ebony babe gets spanked OTK

At the top, Ms Law, a regular on Bad Tushy, is a smartly-dressed teacher at the front of the class, when she spots a student passing notes it’s over her desk for a hard spanking and strapping! Then, busty Lily spanks Felicia, her ebony housemate on her big, round and brown bottom. And finally, Kendra cannot see those bulging breasts as she bends over and bares her ass for the paddle…

Big ass Wendy gets spanked by a sexy woman in a tight blouse

Bad Tushy