Japanese Spanking

Female employee gets spanked for wearing a skirt during her retraining

As promised, today we have a whole load of Asian spanking, specifically Japanese spanking! These are all photos I like from recent updates on Cutie Spankee.

Submissive schoolgirl hands a paddle to her mother

If you like submissive Asian ladies getting spanked then this is definitely the place for you. And, not only are the spankees very cute (cutie spankees) but the backgrounds are all very clean and hygenic-looking as you’d expect in Japan. The two main types of location are an office setting and a home setting, although they do have other types of location such as medical and school.

Naughty Japanese daughter gets strapped on the bed

The concept of corporal punishment at work is very sexy indeed, especially in Japan with those cute little Japanese babes and the reality does not disappoint one bit. Pretty ladies in smart pin-striped office outfits baring their bottoms for the female superior’s wrath works very well indeed.

Secretary gets the belt after receiving an advance notice of punishment via e-mail

Sometimes the humiliation of the spanking is increased when the spankee has to wear a certain uniform for her punishment…

Schoolgirl must wear a green leotard for a paddling from teacher

As if Japanese ladies didn’t appear to be very submissive anyway, when a Japanese lady wears a sexy maid’s outfit it turns into something very sexy…

Japanese maid faces the wall with her red bottom on display after spanking

The scenes are all girl-on-girl, generally with a roleplay in which a lady in a position of authority spanking a junior colleague, daughter, schoolgirl, or maid. Below, a female doctor is spanking a naughty schoolgirl…

Female doctor spanks schoolgirl with leather paddle

There are plenty of nice, cute female bottoms in and out of white panties…

Schoolgirl lowers her white panties for mom's wooden paddle

…and panties of other colors. Here, in the office a lady in red gym shorts over her panties and stockings is kneeling on top of the desk while another sexy Japanese lady swings a large wooden paddle at her big, round bottom…

Female office worker gets punished in gym outfit on the desk

While the most popular form of punishment is for the spankee to be bending over a desk, or kneeling on the floor for the cane, there is also some nice OTK spanking. School uniforms are very popular!!

Japanese F/F OTK spanking

For Asian-lovers who enjoy spanking, Cutie Spankee is 100% F/F Japanese spanking and the scenes are very kinky and very beautiful.

Cutie Spankee

Japanese Spanking Update

There have been some more beautiful spanking updates from Japanese spanking website Cutie Spankee. Not only are all the models very pretty, with lovely, perfect bottoms, but the storylines are also very erotic indeed. Here is a sample of some recent updates…

Monthly work review ends up in a spanking for midemeanors…

Monthly work review ends up in a spanking for sexy office worker

The sexy Japanese office-worker gets spanked in her tiny, pin-striped suit, as the skirt rides up and over her bottom we can see her sexy stockings and garter belt…

Monthly work review ends up in a spanking for sexy office worker

As two schoolgirls* get paddled side-by-side their love for each other grows…

Two schoolgirls get spanked and paddled side-by-side

A series of updates follows two naughty, 18 year old lesbian schoolgirls as they fall in love and get spanked by their teachers.

Two schoolgirls get their bare bottoms paddled side-by-side

One lesbian schoolgirl spanks the other…

One naughty lesbian schoolgirl spanks another with a yardstick

Two Japanese schoolgirls spanked in class for being lesbians…

Two naughty schoolgirls hold each others' hands over a desk as they are paddled in class

When the boss has an infidelity the maid finds out and takes her revenge…

When the boss has an infidelity the maid finds out and takes her revenge by whipping her ass

A mature maid gets caned by her (younger) employer…

A mature maid gets caned by her younger employer

Whether you like the pristine Japanese cuties, or the beautiful locations and photography or the sexy storylines of the scenes, see plenty more of these movies and photo sets at Cutie Spankee!

Cutie Spankee

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Mrs Kanda shows us how to Spank!

Mrs Kanda starts off by spanking the Japanese girl OTK over her skirt

Mrs Kanda is a strict disciplinarian. She knows that in order to have a harmonious household it is her duty to rule the household with an iron fist. The ladies under her will, at the very least, respect her. Mrs Kanda is kind and caring but she understands that without discipline there is chaos. Here, in her instructional video she introduces the scene…

“Again, I would like to talk about how to discipline your beloved daughter through spanking.”

There is some resistance when the skirt is flipped up

Mrs Kanda is an old, wise Japanese lady. For the purpose of the demonstration she shows us how to spank a beautiful 18 year old Japanese teen who is wearing a school uniform*. She calls the girl over from her starting position of facing the corner and brings her over her knee.

This may be a demonstration but there is nothing pretend about this spanking, Mrs Kanda holds her hand high in the air and swiftly swings it down hard and fast so as to give the naughty schoolgirl a painful shock in her cute, curvy bottom. If a spanking is worth giving, it is worth giving at full force! She starts off over the girl’s skirt, but then the skirt is flipped up and her white panties lowered for a nice bare bottom spanking. The naughty spankee tries to resist the baring of her sweet, Japanese bottom but one stern smack from Mrs Kanda convinces her not to cause a fuss and her sweet cheeks are soon bare and exposed. If the girl is a little rebellious at first she soon learns to submit quietly to her hard hand spanking…

Naughty Japanese schoolgirl getting her bare bottom spanked OTK

At last, with the girl’s panties around her thighs and her bare bottom getting spanked soundly it seems like she is learning her lesson. Harmony has been restored to the household and this young lady will think twice before getting herself into any trouble in future. Another happy ending brought to you by all-girl Japanese spanking website Cutie Spankee!

Cutie Spankee

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Japanese College Girl Spanked

Japanese College Girl Spanked

Spanking is a very physical, emotional event, but when you capture a split second in a single shot, sometimes that can be more beautiful and have more meaning and suggestion than the actual movie. This photo from Cutie Spankee is a nice example, it’s beautifully clear and crisp, both Japanese ladies are very well dressed, and the pristine, wooden paddle about to come down on that sexy, spanked bottom is almost poetic.

The photo comes from the “College Girl Spanked” update where the college girl in question comes home late too often so on this particular day is in for a punishment. She is dragged over the knee and her japanese tushy gets slapped as her tight, white skirt is pulled up.

Japanese girls are so cute and while I can’t understand the language, their high-pitched voices are very sexy and I love the squeals as they are shocked and embarrassed at their enforced nudity. Very sexy indeed and the ladies here look even sexier in their pretty panties, stockings and suspenders. Delicious!

Cutie Spankee

Japanese F/F Spanking

A teacher is spanked and caned to help her get better at her job

There is something really magical about the spanking photos at Cutie Spankee. They are always crystal cleear and give you a perfect sense of what is going on in a subtle way. Like in the shot above, a new teacher is getting a lesson from the cane and the “Teacher Trainer”.

Below, is another photo that shows a perfect big, red butt. The girl’s skirt is being lifted up and we see the spanker’s hand with the leather paddle as she prepares to slap her older sister’s big bum again…

She gets her revenge on her older sisters big bottom

In 2006 the good folks at Cutie Spankee moved to Tokyo, Japan (from another city in Japan) where the locations were better and there was also a larger pool of sub-girls to choose from. As a result, after this time the photography and movies really improved a lot and at the moment they are commemorating this by looking back at some of the best shots of 2006. Below is a pic from that..

Best shots of 2006

For more wonderful photography of naughty Japanese babes getting a good OTK in beautiful settings and videos of them with their high-pitched squeals go to…

Cutie Spankee

Cutie Spankee Update

modern spanking: japanese girl uses her sister's credit card again

Cutie Spankee is a Japanese spanking site that shows all sides of spanking in Japan. Above you have a modern scene. A naughty girl has borrowed her sister’s credit card for a shopping spree… AGAIN!! Of course, this time her sister has had enough and gives the naughty girl a good, hard lesson.

Below, in a more traditional scene, a girl skips summer school to go swimming and is caught and disciplined. The girl is wearing a sailor suit and the lady spanking her is wearing a Japanese kimono so it could almost have happened at any time since the cane was invented. I forget what this type of cane is called, it has a name, I’ll try and find out…

old-fashioned spanking: caught skipping summer school

There’s more of the cutest Japanese spanking (with some nice Japanese girls squealing) in the movies at Cutie Spankee!

Cute Asian babe beautifully spanked by Sexy Teacher

Cute asian babe gets beautifully spanked by her sexy teacher

One of the things I love about watching a F/F spanking is that you not only get to see a cute girl having a torrid time over the knee, getting her ass spanked red, but you also get to see a sexy dominant woman spanking the naughty girl. The photo above is a perfect example of this. The no-nonsense teacher, is also a hottie in her own right. She is a feminine lady who, for the next 30 minutes, will teach this naughty student* some lessons on her bottom.

In this Japanese Girls School discipline is paramount. All the teaching instruments are neatly stored when they are not in use, all the surfaces are spotless and everything is neat, hygienic and ordered. Thus, when a girl misbehaves, she knows that her punishment will be as ordered and strict as everything else in the school. Against this backdrop of quiet and studiousness a naughty asian schoolgirl can expect to have her little, round ass spanked red by her strict teacher… and that’s just what happens here! In the empty classroom her sexy female teacher, in a strict-looking suit, takes her across her knee and the scene comes to life as each smack lands on her pretty bottom.

While this girl is naughty, she is still obedient and takes her spanking well. Take a look at the way she is positioned over her teacher’s knee for this spanking. Her toes are pointed, her hands are on the floor with her face pointing downwards. It’s a classic good girl spanking! Watch the whole scene at Cutie Spankee for some delicious caning of the girl’s beautiful ass…

If you like seeing strict F/F spankings with asian girls and white panties then Cutie Spankee is the site for you. With regular photo and movie updates that are always a high quality Cutie Spankee is a must for the spanking connoisseur.

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Asian babe gets a Good Spanking with the Ruler

Asian babe lies about having cigarettes and gets a good spanking when she's found out

If a cute japanese babe has cigarettes when she knows she shouldn’t have them she should probably own up to it and take her punishment. This sexy cutie tries to conceal the cigarettes and then lies about having them… Obviously her punishment is going to be more severe.

In detention the cute japanese babe bends over and gets her white panties spanked. The girl’s ass is amazing, the way those two round globes stretch the fabric is incredible. Her strict (and attractive) female teacher smacks her butt over her regulation panties, before finally pulling those panties down and spanking her with the hand on the bare butt.

But this naughty girl has not had enough yet. Smoking is a terrible thing for a girl to be doing.. and lying about it is even worse. The teacher has no option but to retrieve a wooden yardstick to make sure her lesson sinks in.

The wooden ruler is long, hard and powerful. In the hands of the sexy and strict teacher it is going to make this girl’s ass sting and become very sore. The no-nonsense teacher makes her student knee on the chair and bend over her desk. The girl’s round bottom is pointing deliciously upwards awaiting the punishing blows from the ruler. Her butt is already pink and sore from the hand spanking, the ruler will sting those delicate cheeks and help mold this rebellious girl into a woman.

To download this movie in either WMV or RM format join to Cutie Spankee where they have plenty of cute asian babes getting spanked.

Japanese Nurse gets a strict Spanking

Japanese Nurse gets a strict Spanking

When important documents are shredded by this careless nurse she is given a hard hand spanking by the strict doctor at Cutie Spankee. The sweet nurse wearing an all white uniform of a smart tunic, panties and stockings is bent over as the female doctor slaps her naughty rear for her sloppy mistake. Unfortunately for her this doctor does not stop at a mere hand spanking and the naughty nurse gets the hard, wooden paddle on her soft, round rear. Already nicely warmed by the spanking the nurse’s ass is primed and ready for the doctors paddle in this hot spanking movie. See the full scene at Cutie Spankee.

Two asian babes spanked and paddled

Two asian babes spanked and paddled

More hot Cutie Spankee news today is this great double spanking in a japanese tearoom. Both girls are made to bend over on their hands and knees for a hand-spanking. While they are both spanked long and hard, one girl’s bottom gets a lot redder than the others as the spanking turns her sexy ass cheeks a bright crimson. To follow the stern spanking the two naughty girls are spanked with a hard wooden spoon. The strict japanese teacher does not hold back on the paddling, striking each girl’s tender bottom sharply so that it makes a sharp crack before doing the same to her neighbor. A nice hard asian paddling movie from Cutie Spankee!