Fae Dcay

Dana Kane lectures Fae Dcay while she is OTK

Sexy new spanking model, Fae Dcay, has made a few appearances on Dana Kane Spanks getting spanked very hard indeed by strict and smart Dana Kane. While she is definitely over the age of 18, she has a very youthful look to her, as you can see in these photos from the “OTK Daughter Discipline” movie. The petite model with the greyish hair and cute little bubble butt looks amazing over Dana’s knee… and she’s really spanked quite hard, as you can see from her reactions…

Fae Dcay gets spanked hard by Dana Kane with some nice reactions

As with all hard spankings the sexy spanking model ends up with a nicely reddened bottom. Dana inspects her handiwork and all is well with the world! She just has to make sure that naughty Fae Dcay has learnt her lesson. Dana does this by holding her chin, making sure she has her full attention, and continuing to lecture her about her behavior…

Fae Dcay is continued to be scolded after her spanking by strict Dana Kane

In another scene, Fae Dcay has a fever so goes to see her doctor, who happens to be Dana Kane. It’s another very hard spanking together with kinky stethoscope and temperature-taking action. This screencap shows off Fae’s lovely round and well-spanked bare bottom…

Doctor, Dana Kane inspects Fae Dcay's lovely round, well-spanked bottom

See much more of Fae Dcay and, of course, Dana Kane in the movies at her website: Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks


Ebony amateur Erica had never been spanked before

This is a very nice punishment with an amateur ebony babe called Erica on Dana Kane Spanks! The scene is called “Brand New Ass” and is split into two parts: and over-the-knee hand spanking and a bare bottom caning.

Erica had never been spanked before, but obviously had an adventurous mind and wanted to try it out. Luckily, she chose Dana Kane as the lady to deliver her first spanking, and here are some samples from the two scenes. She starts off with what you can see is a brisk OTK hand spanking…

Ebony Erica goes over Dana Kane's knee for her first ever hand spanking

Then it’s time for Dana to select the correct implement for stage 2, as the curvy dark-skin honey watches her apprehensively…

Dana Kane selects an implement for Erica

Erica bends over the straight-backed chair and her big, ebony bottom is bared for her first ever stinging caning…

Erica's big brown booty gets caned as she bends over the straight-backed chair

And finally, it’s time to inspect the damage…

Erica inpects her spanked and caned bottom

This is a nice real spanking scene of a very pretty ebony babe with a nice, big, round booty. While the spankee, Erica, is awesome, the spanker Dana Kane is every bit as good too. She has just the right amount of strictness, good looks and hard-hitting spanking ability. See plenty more of Dana delivering a spanking at Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Big Baby Husband Punished

Dana's husband removes his jeans for a big baby punishment

This is a nice Femdom scene from Dana Kane Spanks that shows off the relationship Dana Kane has with her husband nicely. Wearing her cute housewife’s outfit she unleashes her witty tongue on her poor husband and makes him get across her knee for a very hard dose of the hairbrush.

Dana Kane wraps her leg around her husband's leg as she spanks his bare bottom with the hairbrush

The best spanking scenes are often between two people who know and trust each other. The bottom has to be able to trust that the top will not go too far (i.e. beyond their limits) and the top has to know what those limits are. So, where is there more trust than between a lady and her husband? Well, admittedly that’s not always the case with every couple and many of the spankings on her website more than hint at marital misbehavior, but you get the idea!

With legs spread that looks like one sore male bottom!

If you like girl/girl and also Femdom spanking then Dana Kane Spanks is a fantastic venue to arrive at! There are some nice, hard spankings dished out to pretty fetish models and disobedient husbands alike.

Dana Kane Spanks

Cheyenne Jewel and Fiona Murphy

Today we have a couple of very different spankings from Dana Kane Spanks featuring Cheyenne Jewel and Fiona Murphy

Cheyenne has her panties pulled down by Dana

In the first scene Cheyenne Jewel gets spanked but also gets tickled. She’d asked Dana Kane for a nice, relaxing spanking to help de-stress. That’s exactly what she gets in the first part of a sexy F/F scene that is very sensual. Cheyenne has a lovely round bubble butt and it is shown off perfectly by her lying across a pillow. Dana can be very strict and forceful but here she shows off her playful side, especially with the tickling…

Cheyenne came by and asked for a nice, relaxing spanking to help her de-stress. I was happy to oblige, and couldn’t help but admire and squeeze and play with her completely fantastic butt.

Cheyenne Jewel gets spanked OTK and tickled

The next scene is the other side of the coin. If Cheyenne’s spanking was sensual and playful, Fiona Murphy gets a very severe punishment. The naughty schoolgirl is in detention for smoking but this detention involves more than just waiting behind after school. She bends over the desk with her panties pulled down and gets a hard paddling for breaking school rules by strict teacher, Dana Kane…

Fiona Murphy gets a severe schoolgirl paddling with a punishment board

You can immediately see how severe the punishment was by how marked Fiona’s bare bottom gets. But strict Dana carries on with the punishment, lecturing her all the while. Fiona swears that she’s a good girl and she hated smoking but that won’t help her in this punishment.

Hard standing swats from my paddle while bent over her desk should teach this naughty girl her lesson.

Fiona's bottom gets very marked indeed from the school paddle

These two scenes are like night and day, and they show two aspects of a Dana Kane spanking. But, there are plenty more different styles. Dana is a very smart and witty lady, scenes often involve humor and wit. She also performs both F/F and F/M spankings that are often very hard. Dana is a domme who can be brutal without seeming cruel or dangerous, she seems to strike the perfect balance. See more of the different sides of Dana Kane at Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Businesswoman Agatha spanked by Dana Kane

Business woman Agatha looks sheepish in front of Dana Kane

Dana Kane will spank anyone – her husband, fetish models, fans, and now, this businesswoman. She is one of many non-professional amateur models to dare to meet with Dana on her website. Some of these regular people are men and some are women. In this case, Agatha Delicious is a very sexy businesswoman. In her everyday life Agatha is in charge of everything, she is a dominant! So she wants to know what it’s like to be on the other side of the equation. She thought it would be a good experience to learn what it’s like to give up control for once, so she’s come to Dana for a real spanking!

There are two spankings with Agatha, the first is her very first proper spanking. The second is much more serious because Dana uses a large wooden paddle on her bare bottom with Agatha stripped completely naked. Even during the hand spanking Agatha struggles to maintain her composure. Soon her shouts become louder and louder as her bottom gets progressively redder and more swollen. Possibly more than she was expecting.

Dana spanks businesswoman Agatha nude on the bare bottom

But now, immediately following her first ever OTK hand spanking, Agatha must choose which implement to receive. The options are a paddle, strap, or cane. After a few test swats to get a feel for each implement Agatha chooses to have 50 strokes with the thin, stingy, evil wooden paddle for her already-sore backside.

Agatha writhes, twitches, yells, and winces throughout the paddling, but never even thinks of asking for mercy. She’s here to submit, and she does so beautifully.

Agatha's bottom gets very red from the paddle

Agatha is a smart and sexy businesswoman. She would never dream of submitting in the workplace of her businesses, but here under Dana’s control she enjoys a new experience. Dana does not hold back and this intelligent lady’s limits are truly tested twice in quick succession.

For plenty of naughty ladies and misbehaving men getting spanked hard by smart and sexy Ms Kane, including businesswoman Agatha, go to Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Fiona’s Real Punishment

Fiona Murphy's Real Discipline Request

Fiona Murphy is one of the newest spanking models buth with her nice body and girl-next-door looks she is becoming a favorite of ours already. She’s a brunette with a reddish tint to her hair. We’ve seen her in another nude spanking scene recently but this time she is asking for a “real punishment”. Of course, the lady she is asking is none other than Dana Kane so she is guaranteed to get exactly what she’s asking for… and probably a bit more.

The “Real Punishment Requests” are generally from spanking models who we all see getting spanked frequently on camera, and are also spanked a lot off camera. Sometimes these models in particular need a no-holds-barred punishment-style spanking that is harder than they may get in their other scenes and sessions. It’s probably a bit like porn stars or hookers who have a lot of sex but somehow when they have sex at work it doesn’t satisfy them, if anything it teases them into wanting more sex when they’re not working.

Anyway, back to Fiona. After asking and being granted a real punishment, Fiona strips naked…

Fiona Murphy's Real Discipline Request

What follows is a nice, hard spanking of a sexy, slim model. I hadn’t thought about it before (or if I had I’ve forgotten about it) but Dana Kane is left-handed, as you can see below…

Fiona Murphy's Real Discipline Request

For plenty more naughty ladies and misbehaving men getting spanked hard by smart and sexy left-handed Ms Kane go to Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Angel’s Revenge

Angel's Revenge - big bottom spanking

Big-bottomed Angel is one of the main characters at Dana Kane Spanks and she is always finding new ways to get herself in trouble and get her big ol’ booty spanked. Relentlessly bratty Angel is a perfect partner for someone as effortlessly strict as Dana Kane. In this serie Dana play Angel’s step mom.

Angel is fed up with her Stepmommy’s spankings! She decides that if she’s going to be spanked anyway then there may as well be a darn good reason – so she goes about making Stepmommy’s life miserable. In part one, Angel cuts the buttons off one of her stepmother’s favorite blouses, and, although she NEVER admits it, she gets a long, hard hand spanking for the prank. OTK, standing, and on her hands and knees in the chair – Stepmommy makes sure that Angel’s vengeful bottom is cherry red.

Angel’s Revenge – big bottom spanking gallery

For plenty more naughty ladies and men getting spanked hard by smart and sexy Ms Kane go to Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Cheyenne Jewel

In “Nice Girls Don’t Fight” tomboy, Cheyenne Jewel, has been in a fight with a boy! Fighting is not acceptable so Dana bends her over and starts to spank over Cheyenne’s tight jeans. After a nice warmup over the denim it’s time for the jeans, and those white panties to come down and the real punishment to begin…

Cheyenne’s lovely pert, tomboy bottom gets a roasting from Dana’s firm hand as she kneels on the armchair.

Dana Kane spanks naughty tomboy Cheyenne Jewel over jeans and on the bare bottom – gallery

For plenty more naughty ladies and men getting spanked hard by smart and sexy Ms Kane go to Dana Kane Spanks!

Dana Kane Spanks

Real Discipline Request

Dana Kane spanks Joelle Barros's bare bottom hard in this real-life spanking

Sometimes we see spanking scenes with gorgeous models and the scenes are great but we don’t know much about the models themselves. So, it’s always nice to get some background, especially when she is a spanko!

Here, we’ve just learned that Joelle Barros is a pro switch in New York City. So, she likes being spanked and spanking is a big part of her life. But even people who work in spanking sometimes need a real-life punishment. In this case Joelle has gone to Dana Kane to try to fix some personal issues with a spanking…

Another thing it’s interesting to find out about is when someone is spanked A LOT does it still hurt? I think the answer to this is clear from Joelle’s close-up reactions…

Close-up of Joelle's reaction as she takes her real-life discipline

Our spanking scene became about the real issue that Joelle is having finding a balance between work and personal life. A long, hard OTK hand spanking which begins over her skirt, then across her full-bottom cotton panties, then inevitably to her bare bottom, again and again. Excellent close-up face shots of Joelle’s pretty face reacting to the discipline she requested.

It may only be a hand-spanking but Joelle’s bottom gets a nice rosy color…

Dana inspects Joelle's rosy red bottom after the spanking

Watch this full movie right now at Dana Kane Spanks along with plenty more no-nonsense F/F and F/M spanking action with spankees such as Joelle, Fiona, Angel, Ela Darling and Christy Cutie.

Dana Kane Spanks

One Hundred Strokes!

Dana Kane gives bare-bottomed Joelle Barros 100 strokes of the leather paddle

Today we have the first post from new website Dana Kane Spanks. You may have seen Dana Kane either on the web or in person, if you have you’ll know that she is a wickedly funny top to both men and women.

Dana’s website includes many spanking models you may have seen elsewhere, plus some that we believe are exclusive to Dana’s site. The main male bottom is called “My Bottom’s Bottom” and the main female bottom is called Angel. With these two there are lots of situations and the punishments can be very hard, you also get to know the two characters quite well throughout the many scenes. But, that’s not to say that the other scenes are not hard. Lifestyle bottoms and spanking models get put through their paces with strictness and humor. Names you may recognize are Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie and here is a scene with Joelle Barros. The scene is called “100 Strokes : Punishing Joelle”…

Joelle has been very naughty, and we’ve decided that her punishment will be 100 strokes with a heavy leather paddle. Almost immediately, she is sorry for making this deal.

I’m sure we’ll have much more from Dana Kane in the future.

Dana Kane Spanks