Spanking “Torment” for Ebony Babe

Very cute ebony babe is spanked in Bondage Torment 9

Today’s spanking movie clips are from “Bondage Torment 9” but considering it is a fairly gentle OTK session and the girl’s going to cum straight afterwards we’re not exactly sure what the actual torment is.. 🙂

Nice scene, a black background focuses the eye on the action and the girl is very cute for her OTK spanking wearing nothing but a tiny G-string. The ebony babe, Samone, is very cute indeed and has a killer body.. she also seems to be having a great time as her round tushy is slapped and she thinks about her forthcoming orgasm while remembering to answer the guy’s questions with a “Sir”. See the sample clips here…

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Ebony Anja’s bum gets beat

Ebony Anja's bum gets beat OTK

From the feedback we’ve had it seems like people want more black girls getting their delicious, round asses slapped. Well, it just so happens that today’s update is a small sample of just that. The ebony girl’s name is Anja and we think she must have been very naughty indeed…

Black babe Anja's bum gets beat

The two photos, above, are from two separate spankings that Anja has endured. The sexy black babe can take quite a spanking so she gets pushed to the limits with her bottom smacked hard so that it is very sore. The OTK is always a joy to see and in this spanking the position over the back of the chair is also very good, especially as you can see through the chair as Anja receives each stroke. See the many full movies at…

Real Life Spankings

Today’s Spanking Movie Clip

As I write this I’ve just been watching Today’s Spanking Movie Clip (see the menu at the top of the page). The clip changes every day and sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.

The clip I saw was taken from scene 2 of the fetish movie “Affliction“. The tall, statuesque black girl is caning a pale, white girl over a trestle. By this stage the ebony spanker is naked except for a black leather thong and the sight of her bare breasts from the side and her amazing ass is pretty amazing. The white girl’s bottom is getting quite a caning and its very red indeed. The strokes of the cane do not look that hard on the small samples but the sound of the smacks and the redness in the girl’s bottom show the real story. It’s a nice scene if a little “cold” and quiet.

Anyway, just a reminder to check out that link at the top for a different free spanking clip every day.

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Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom Spanked

Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom Spanked

All bottoms are not created equal and this girl’s beautiful round bottom was created more equal than many. Her big round rump looks so hot as she asks for her spanking and while there is a lot of talking here its a nice scene that is worth checking out for that Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom!!

When thinking of a bottom to spank there’s probably not one perfect size or shape. There are small pert bottoms and big round bottoms. I like a bottom that has a curviness in it. And this babe has all the curviness you need and not only that.. she loves getting spanked.

Knowing a lady with a nice big bottom who likes her buns being spanked hard and often is like winning the lottery. It can transform everyday, mundane situations into thrillingly sexy escapades. Imagine throwing a dinner party with this girl, the party is catered for but the hostess brings out the food and makes sure everyone’s glass is topped up. Imagine, in a room full of friends how one little slip could bring her next spanking forward and lead to her bottom being bared and slapped in front of all the guests. The spanking would be loud and hard and quite long but would really be for show and a kind of foreplay for the main spanking later that night.

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Ebony Girl Spanked and Caned

Ebony Girl Spanked and Caned

I like girls of all colors. It’s nice to get the variation between white girls, asian girls, latina girls and black girls. Something I’ve noticed from watching many different girls in many different spanking movies is that some black girls are able to take more punishment than some other girls. This isn’t always the case but in this black girl getting caned movie the girl takes an OTK hand spanking and a hard caning very well, she yells after every stroke but manages to stay perfectly in place for the next stroke.

The spanker is an English woman who is frustrated that the girl has taken up her entire afternoon so tells her she’s going to spank and then cane her. The OTK is ok but for me the caning was the best part of this scene. The woman with the snooty English accent strikes her hard across her bottom with the cane leaving pale marks across her chocolate colored bottom. By the end you can just about count the number of strokes by the number of marks on her tender rear. A nice interracial punishment from the “Class of 2002” spanking movie at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View!