Claire Robbins’ Submission

Claire Robbins gets trained and punished in bondage

You don’t have to be a pain-slut and a whore to appear on The Training of O… but it helps! The name comes from the classic French BDSM movie “The Story of O” and the content is along the same lines. Sexy lady after sexy lady arrives to be “trained” into submission. With plenty of spanking, whipping and other forms of bondage and humiliation this is not for the faint of heart, plus a part of the training is always some nasty, rough hardcore sex and sex-toys are used liberally throughout.

It’s day 4 of Claire Robbins’ training.

On the first day the sexy redhead arrived in a pretty little dress. First of all she is told to strip and climb up onto a wooden desk to fuck a rubber dong fixed to it’s surface. With clamps fixed to her little nipples she is whipped as she fucks the dildo but can she orgasm through the pain? Then it is time for her punishment… She is bent over and spanked like a bad little girl until she is a good girl again. She took her punishment well, and now she is to be rewarded. Up in ropes and a vibe tied to her cunt. Pussy plunged with a fat rubber cock. Multiple, screaming orgasms ensue.

But that was several days ago and now it’s day four, Claire’s final session in which she fucks and sucks like a pro. Her training is almost complete but before she can graduate she has one last lesson to endure. Wearing only heavy chains Claire must hold even heavier rocks out in front of herself while her trainer lashes her with a flogger. There is more spanking before electrodes are attached to her rosy red bottom and she is told to suck the gimp’s cock while her master controls the voltage in the electrodes.

With electrodes on her red bottom Claire Robbins sucks cock

Finally, the kinky ordeal is almost over, her final order is to sit on the gimp’s cock and show off everything she’s learned.

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The Training of O