Booty Training

Eve Ellis gets spanked by personal trainer Johnni Black in Booty Training

Here’s one of the updates from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking Classics. It’s called Booty Training and it stars Eve Ellis and Johnni Black. Johnni plays a personal trainer who gives her client, actress Eve, a thorough workout. When Eve is tired and wants to give up Johnni tells her that she needs to inspect her buttocks, one this leads to another and soon Eve is naked over Johnni’s knee getting her bare bottom slapped…

Eve Ellis gets spanked by personal trainer Johnni Black in Booty Training

…But when Eve discovers that Johnni is not quite what she seems it is time for the petite redhead to take matters into her own hands. Showing the strength she has gained from her exercise sessions she grabs Johnni by the wrists and yanks her over her knee. The personal trainer gets a dose of her own medicine, and even gets tricked into stripping naked for the finale of her hand-spanking…

When Eve finds out Johnni isn't who she thought she gets to spank the busty blonde herself

Chelsea also gives you some background to each scene, so here she says..

Eve had done one spanking video for us. Johnni was a straight porn actress, but very adventurous. We were blown away with the energy these two women had for the spanking and their video plot.

These classic movies are not only nostalgic for those that may have seen them when they came out, but they are also very sexy. “Booty Training” is a nice example of the kinds of spankings on offer here, some of the clothing can look a little dated but there is some very nice girl-on-girl spanking action, often with nudity and some switching, as there is here. As well as Chelsea Pfeiffer herself there are some famous cameos from ladies like Asia Berlin, Ashley Fires, Jewel Marceau, Lorelei and Samantha Woodley.

Good Spanking Classics is a very nice site on its own with plenty of great girl-on-girl updates but when it comes with Chelsea’s other site, Good Spanking, on her two site special deal you get great value for money.

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